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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twitch Build Guide by TribalArtist

Jungle Twitch, crawling through the sewer system

Jungle Twitch, crawling through the sewer system

Updated on July 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TribalArtist Build Guide By TribalArtist 9 5 36,414 Views 15 Comments
9 5 36,414 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TribalArtist Twitch Build Guide By TribalArtist Updated on July 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Jungling with Twitch is very rune/mastery dependent and requires some skill and feeling for what you can do and what you can't. Might not work the first time(s)!

Welcome to my jungle Twitch build. My first build I am actually posting, so give me some good critics!

First of all, no, Twitch isn't the fastest jungler. It's not an easy jungler either (Warwick, Fiddlestick).
On the other hand, Twitch is a very good ganker (nearly every gank is succesful) and an epic enemy jungler counter. You can really be a pain in the *** against enemy junglers.

You might be wondering why I jungle with Twitch.
Well, he's not the best laner out there (not the worst either) and in my opinion he's just more useful as jungler. Ganks will succeed more often, you'll get a reliable ammount of gold and XP and let's face it, it's a LOT more fun!

I have to say that jungling succesful is a bit dependent on ganks working out with Twitch. You will need some money to get Wriggle's Lantern and Mobility Boots. Once you have those 2 items you'll rip the jungle very quick (AS + Wriggle's passive) and you can help your team very fast when something happens.
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Pros / Cons

  • Stealthed
  • Nice early/mid/late game damage output
  • Useful in team fights aswell thanks to Spray and Pray
  • Excellent ganker
  • Pain in the *** for enemy junglers
  • Nifty scout
  • Smell ya later! (Getting out of ganks/teamfights with Ambush)

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Runes are VERY important to be succesfull with jungling.

Mark of Desolation
Speaks for itself I guess.
Jungling works without these.

Gives a bit survivability, required for jungling and usefull overal for Twitch.
Jungling does NOT work without these.

Attack speed works great on Twitch, and helps a lot with jungling.
Jungling does NOT work without these.

Same as the Seals, survivability and required for jungling.
Jungling does NOT work without these.
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Mostly built crit/damage/as. I choose for 9 in utility to level a bit faster.
9 in defense is also possible though, helps a bit more with jungling.

Optional masteries
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I state this once, but it's highly important;


That's my item build for a scenario where everything goes well, you're epicly fed and no one can possibly kill you.

Great help by jungling, nice LS/armor/AD and very useful active.

I love these for Twitch, name says why; mobility.

Great and bad item. This is a best case scenario item.

Awesome item, AS/damage and real effective passive.

AS/MS/Crit chance, what more to say.

Epic damage increase, always nice.

Optional defensive items:

Awesome item. The massive survivability it gives is, even with it's nerf, real useful.

Little extra damage, lots of life (!) and a passive that makes you very good at chasing.

Nice armor/MR + a fun passive.

Take this when you haven't got cleanse, very nice active.

Optional other damage items:

This will rip chars with small mana pools. Combined with your AS when coming out of stealthed it drains mana like George Bush sucking at being president.

Nice lifesteal, regen and armor reduction.

Splash damage! Combined with your ult this should theoretically work in team fights. It works for sure to get down minion waves very quick x'D

I prefer banshee's over this, but this might work against Lux/Karthus etc.

Works well against tanks, I prefer The Black Cleaver over this though.

Also works well against more HPish tanks (Cho'Gath, Mundo)

Grants a lot of extra damage/lifesteal.

Cheap item that still gives quite some damage.

Nice overal item with nice passive's and actives (USE THEM!!).
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Skill Sequence

Basically it's just leveling up Expunge, thats your damaging spell early game. Jungling won't work without!
Second level your Ambush, long stealthed = epic!

It's your choice whether you level up Venom Cask at level 4 or 7 in my build. If you think it's useful when ganking on level 4-7, take it. Though mostly it works better to just stack Deadly Venom and then Expunge without slowing that early game, since your AS is quite low.
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Summoner Spells

Good option as second spell, awesome help in lots of 1vs1 cases.

Good option aswell, I prefer flash over this as get-away spell because you can combine it better with Ambush.

Not a fan of this, but might work if you like. Can also help with jungling.

You could use the die-revive-run-kill technique with Twitch maybe? Never tried it, won't try it either. Maybe if I'm in a funny mood.

Absolutely a must when jungling.

Again, if you like this spell you could take it. I wouldn't.

Very, VERY good option. Quicksilver Sash works too though when you prefer another spell.

Very useful spell, I'd prefer a personal spell on Twitch since you already have a spot 'less' by taking smite. Better leave this for chars who don't need 2 spells.

Very nice extra damage, win in most 1vs1 and nice finish off. Works great when ganking and helps you getting first blue buff down quicker.

Same as with Fortify, I'd leave this to other players.

Very good option aswell, good combination with Ambush.
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Jungling route

For the ones not willing to read all that rubbish I wrote above, a quick link to jungle route:

- Blue buff
* Health Potion
- Wolfs
* Health Potion
- Ghouls
* Optional Health Potion, depends if someone pulled or not
* Recall
* Buy Cloth Armor
- Golems
* Health Potion
- Red buff
* Health Potion
- Wolfs/Ghouls (depending on your life)
* Recall
* Buy Long Sword + 2 Health Potion
- Golems
- Ghouls

From now on you should gank/use pots whenever you feel like. Just don't forget you have to keep jungling since you werent that fast early game.

I really don't have the idea I have to explain gank methods etc.
If you don't know the basics of jungling this isn't the build for you.
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At start buy Elixir of Fortitude + 5 x Health Potion. Go to blue buff, and let your team protect you.

Someone pulling blue makes a difference of 1 health pot.

Just auto-attack the big one (pop a potion as soon as you get damage) till it has 6 stacks of Deadly Venom and then pop your Expunge. Keep auto-attacking till it's about 455 - 500 HP and finish it off with Smite.
This won't level you up unless you have utility masteries, but that's no problem.
If no one pulled, pop your second potion here.
Go to the wolf camp. Start attacking the big one, and hit Expunge when it has 5 stacks. Kill the 2 small ones, pop a potion and put 1 point in Ambush.
Now, activate Ambush (bonus AS will help a lot with ghouls), go to Ghouls and focus the blue one when coming out of stealthed.
Hit Expunge when it has 4 stacks, finish off the others and recall.
Here you can pop your 3th (or 4th) potion if you think you're going to die.

Now buy a Cloth Armor and make sure you have 2 potions.
Go to the golems (you could use Ambush here again), focus one till death (without smite). Pop a potion as soon as you get damage. Kill second and go to red buff.
Same story as with blue buff, keep auto-attacking till it has 6 Deadly Venoms. Expunge. And use Smite to finish it.
(Yes, here too pop a potion when you get damage)
Now it's really your choice whether you go for ghouls or wolfs. Wolfs is more safe, so it depends a bit on your health. How to kill them shouldn't be explained again here I guess.

Buy Long Sword and start looking for places to gank while jungling a bit more.
Since Twitch is very slow, don't wait too long with buying boots!

(best in 720p)

This looks a bit risky, it isn't though. In most ranked games I guess someone is able to pull blue for you, otherwise change one of the things below.
I could replicate this endlessly, so no, it's not luck!

Jungling here is a 'worst case' scenario (as least as possible helping you with jungling). That means:
- No one pulling
- No ignite
- Uses 4 potions
- Utility masteries (instead of
And that still works quite well. I only have to wait sometimes for potions to work a bit longer. This isn't required if 1 of the things mentioned above does help you with jungling.

Smite + Flash (or any other non-helping spell) + no one pulling:
Uses 4 potions

Smite + Ignite + no one pulling:
Uses 3-4 potions (if Ignite is used)

Smite + Flash + someone pulling:
Uses 2-3 potions

Smite + Ignite + someone pulling:
Uses 2-3 potions and saves your ignite

I'll try to post shorter video's of the other options aswell.
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I will post more. I had a lot more, but I didn't made printscreens of them.

No, ofcourse I lost sometimes aswell. But in most cases that was either because I once again lagged/disconnected because of my ****py router or because one lane excesively fed.

And again no, not the most awesome scores you can get; with a succesful jungle Twitch game simply a lot of ganks succeed. Therefor your team get's pretty wel fed, and in most cases the enemy team surrenders in 20-25 min.
That's why they're not that high.
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- If the enemy team has a Teemo/Eve/Twitch/Akali buy oracles. You're a walking Vision Ward!
You shouldn't lose it that quick, otherwise you're doing something wrong. This way the enemy team won't ever know if your team can see stealthed's or not.

- Backdoor; Twitch is very good at backdoring. With his bonus AS when coming out of stealth and his ability to sneak out again with Ambush is just wonderful.

- Map awareness (sounds obvious); Most of the times in mid game when someone of the enemy team wants to take blue/red buff it's quite predictable. For instance if someone defends a tower from a minion wave, and then walks into their jungle they often want to take blue buff before going to recall. This could be a free kill for you!

- Dragon; You can solo it somewhere before 15 minutes. If it's alive ALWAYS keep it warded!

- Stealthed recalling; Press Q, and while fading into stealthed press recall. Oh yeah!
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I want to thank Xaioli for his amazing build for Twitch. Learned a lot from that build, and you might see something out of his build in mine. For more detailed information about how to play Twitch in teamfights etc. I'd suggest his build to you instead of rewriting most of it here.
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[01-04-2011] * Finished build
[02-04-2011] * Added some results to score page
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TribalArtist
TribalArtist Twitch Guide
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Jungle Twitch, crawling through the sewer system

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