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Udyr Build Guide by resdon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author resdon

Jungling with a Blue Udyr

resdon Last updated on July 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have been playing lol for about six mounth which is not a lot, and I have learned a lot. Also I had experience playing dota for about a year. The thing I like about LoL is that you can build your Champs a lot of different ways in dota most of the champions have only the one type of playing. When I saw pros playing a lot of them had their unique own builds so I decided to create myne also. So this build started whenn I saw on a Youtube DeathProx who started his game with a doran's blade, and then to my surprise he did amazing amount of damage early game, and that gave me idea what if you build udyr high damage early game so it's how this build was created. Also I didn't like other Udyr builds and it didn't fit in my playstyle.

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Pros / Cons

1. High damage early game with your Q and Dorans Blade.
2. High sustain early game with your W.
3. Can easily gank any lane that have pushed.
4. Sustains burst damage well.
5. Champs with no gap closers can't run from him
6. Easy to play

1. Can't do burst damage
2. No gap closers
3. Champs with gap closers can easily run away from him
4. CC can be problem

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Blue Udyr in my opinion is easiest udyr able to play with your Spirit of the Elder Lizzard it will make clearing jungle easy, and with the damage it has + dorans blade it will give a huge amount of damage per second early and mid game. The most thing I like about him is that he kind off carry killer so if your enemies have a fed carry you can take him out fast. Also most of your enemies wont expect you are having such a high amounts of damage and a lot of times they will think like "ahh, maybe I will push. Anyway this slow udyr won't catch me." but they are wrong with your E and then Q they won't have any time for running. So his strongest part if you feed him early game just like WW he can change the whole game.

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Ranked Blue Udyr Stats

After playing a whyle with him I found that playstyle of Blue Udyr is like WW's

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1. Don't be scared to start with dorans with your W and doran's vamp you will have a great sustain.
1. So you get your blue buff with leash.
2. You get your W and go for wolves near the golems.
3. If bot is open to gank; gank it.
4. If it's not, then with a dorans blade I recommend you to gank their Jungler's red.
5. If you dont succeed in ganking just farm your top jungle hard until you at least get spirit stone.
6. Your early game objectives are Spirit of the Elder Lizzard, Bilgewater, and tear of the goddess.

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Team Work

Blue Udyr is kind of early game carry, and late game offtank.

1. Whenever your carries are close you should go in as a tank and focus opposite team's carries and your goal is to kill them fast.
2. If your team needs aegis you should buy it.
3. You should always get kills and resist giving it to carries.
4. You should initiate whenever you can.
5. With 4 items lvl 15 and blue buff you should go for SOLO BARON whenever you are fealing safe.

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Skill Sequence

You should go for Q first. It will give you enough damage to clear your Golems. Then you take W for sustain if your not planing to gank their jungle or E if you're ganking their junle.

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Masteries are probably part that Blue Udyr can't be played with out
First of all he really needs masteries on jungling so you should have them at all times, and masteries on Attack Damage will give you extra early damage that you need to gank their jungle and dominate the whole game, because blue build is mostly for an early game and in late game you will have problems with some champs.

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You should build him just like blue ezreal. You build Spirit stone first because dorans blade isn't enough for jungling. Then you go for your Elder Lizzard and boots. You also can take boots of swiftness if your enemy team doesn't has any CC and AP carries which is probably impossible in ranked. Then you go for tear of the goddess so you can start stacking mana for your mana for the muramana. Then you can start building aegis if your team needs it. You go for the BORK which will give high sustain/chasing ability/ and also some burst damage that you need against tanks. Then you go Aegis or gauntlet. Gauntlet will give you some armor and mana for your Muramana and also CC on the whole enemy team. So that you can now chase the whole teams. Finally you get your Muramana and at the end you get another defencive item that you feel like needing like Mallat or Omen on armor.

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You should go with basic AD Carry/Offtank runes because your role will be doing as much damage as you can and not dying. You should always have runes on magic resist against burst damage.

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You should always get smite, because it's a required spell for every jungler and with it you can steal/secure your buffs,dragon and baron. I recommend you to take ghost so that with combination with your E no one can run from you. If enemy team has a lot of champions with gap closers and ghost won't help you; you can take FLASH.