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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Just a lil Sivir

MrXbox360 Last updated on January 22, 2011
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Ok hello all and welcome to my 3rd guide!! So your interested in playing Sivir eh?? Well u came to the right place!! Sivr is probably one of the strongest ranged carries in the game and not to mention one of the greatest pushers! Since Sivir got a great buff now stacks with your AD. It use to only be AP but now Sivir is sooo much better. Well lets get onto the guide!!

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Pro's and Con's of Sivir

Amazing Pusher
Can destroy the other team in team fights
Great farmer
Perfect at backdooring
Great escape moves

Stun=death if u get ganked
Usually targeted first

As you can see there is alot more Pro's than Con's

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Early Game: Lvl's 1-5
Ok so your either in Solo lane mid or Solo for your jungler 2v1. Sivir can do either of these with ease. The 2v1 just is a little more dangerous though but not by much. All you want to do is farm farm farm as sivir. You do not want to play aggresive in the early phase. There will be time for this later. Try to harass with boomerang to hit champions and hit creeps in the same throw. Go back as soon as you have enough for either and basic boots or preferably manamume and back to your lane and continue farming.

Mid Game: Lvl's 6-11
Now you should have your manamumu and either or your berzerker's greaves depending on what you want. Ninja Tabi is good because it stacks with your Passive and your masteries both are very good choices but its up to you. Ok so now what you want to do is harass as much as possible either ending up in killing your enemy lane partner or forcing them to go back. Push down the turret and recall and pick up your and possibly . After this you want to be aware of other lanes if no one is in a lane and a creep pile up is starting Tele there push down turret and run. This is what sivir makes sivir such a nice addition to any team.

End Game: Lvl's 12-18
Ok so now its all about team fights and pushing. Keep the map well warded (Baron, Red lizard buff, Blue Golem Buff) and have your team be ready to gank a enemy at those areas because if you can pick one of them off and get in a team fight the odds are in your favor. If you ace or get 2-3 enemies down push. Work each lane at a time so one isn't extremely far pushed in but all about the same (Like where each tower is). So yeah pick up items you need depending on other team and just push and win xD!!

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Summoner Spells

Great Summoner Spells to get:

- This summoner spell is pretty much mandatory on any Sivir. Helps you return to lane faster helps you back door at creep pile ups or be a sneakinlion and ward place tele. All around great summoner spell.

- I like this summoner spell alot because since beta its allowed people who make dumb mistakes to get away xD. Helps you get last hits or reposition yourself in a team fight. Can also flash over walls for nifty escapes.

- This summoner spell is also great on Sivir either take this or flash. Can make you extremely difficult to catch with your ult and ghost spell shield combo.

Sorta Good Summoner Spells to get:

- Good for 1v1 battles and for slowing enemies down to auto them in the face!!

- Amazing spell to escape ganks and to keep yourself running strong in team fights.

Bad Summoner Spell's to get:

- Since you are so squishy if u need to use this your probably dead anyways and practically is useless end game.

- The only thing i see in this spell for Sivir is revive Tele back door combo. But since its on a 500 sec CD makes it useless to me at least.

- You don't really need this unless your new to Sivir and having problems with mana.

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Ok so Sivir is item dependent so you want the best items you can get.

Standard Item Build: This item build gives u lots of survivability and damage.

- Great for helping you farm and not running out of mana. Also converts 2% of your mana to attack damage which is nice.

- Great because it stacks with your passive and with so you get lots of dodging chance when moving around. This helps with your kiting.

- Great item for Sivir. Helps you rip down Squishy's and tanks.

- Helps you stay out in the lane longer help jungle and keep you alive longer in team fights and auro for your own team as well.

- Another beautiful item for Sivir. Since its update if gives attack speed attack damage and helps you tear through armor tanks.

- Allows you to kite people with the passive slow and gives you more hp so more survivability.

If the enemy team is composed of lots of Armor Tanks try this build:

Ok This build gives you lots of Damage and armor pen so you can cut through the tanks armor but a lot less survivability.

With This build you will cut through the enemies armor and since most people who have armor usaully have stuns/taunts (ex. ) you will be stunned/taunted for less time.

If the enemy team is composed of lots or MR or AP squishys try this build:

With this build you can do alot of damage really fast and cleanse outa stuns using

Great items but very situational on Sivir!

If theres just alot of AP or ult like ashe or garren targeting you it might be worth it to pick up because you will have double block because of your spell shield and u get more hp and mana and mr so much more survivbility so if your doing alot of damage alreday sub this into one of your slots

If your team doesnt have a tank but just alot of kinda half tanks half dps (ex. ) you can build and for more survivability.

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Tips and Tricks with Sivir!

- Always throw through walls to get champs running into there base with low hp and when just using it remember you can curve it on the backspin if they move and hit them again.

-Always pick up blue buff helps you spam so much more and stay in the lane.

- to lanes with no one in them with creep pile ups to push down turrets.

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Sivir High Scores!