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Build Guide by William#29250

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author William#29250

Kayle - The new and IMPROVED Pew Pew goes the Flaming Sword.

William#29250 Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello there and welcome to my own little guide for Kayle the Judicator. I based this build around doing about 80% of all the damage I do using Righteous Fury, and I can tell you, at around the end of a match, if everything has been going well, you can come up an about 300-450 damage on a per hit basis. That and to make it all the more fun you also have Reckoning

Just a quick clarification before we start in the terms I use.

AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
AS = Attack Speed
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
SV = Spell Vamp
LS = Life Steal
AR = Armor
ARP = Armor Penetration
ARR = Armor Reduction
MR = Magic Resist
MRR = Magic Resist Reuction
MP = Magic Penetration
Blue buff = Elder Golem
Red Buff = Lizard Elder

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Early Game

Okay lets head right into it.

In the early game you start out doing the basic thing, YOU BUY STUFF.
And to start out with, you buy a pair of . Yep, that's right, nothing else but a pair of boots. Now, at this point I think most people would question my sanity, and/or question why.

To this I answer:
SCREW YO- I mean, it's because if it's going to heck, all the way to the point where you need to heal, you can change out the for , and just heal yourself a bit. Now I guess people say "But this costs mana D:", that's why you have Clarity, it holds up well for now.

What do you wanna do at this point? You wanna go down, harass the enemy champions away using Righteous Fury, and then have you way with the minions. And by that I ofcourse mean killing them, keep doing this. And remember, keep your distance! At the start of the game you don't have all that much health, little over 500 hp.
The moment you have 570 gold, announce to your lane partner that you're going back (unless it's going uber well, at which point you use common sense and stay), and then get . Nice early in amount of cheap AS and run speed.

Now just jive your way back down into the lane, and keep lanning. If you're forced back, then don't be afraid to get a everytime you can and you're forced back. It doesn't hurt to do it.
Keep going until you can get . HURRAY, 10% CDR AND 40% AS! You know what that means? That you're on your way to hurtington! I usually also wait until I can get enough gold to buy aswell, though.

Now, what do you want to do? Well, you want to go in and start killing stuff! If it's going well for the others and yourself, keep staying in your lane. If you find the enemy is starting to gank people, go out into other lanes and try to keep farming enough gold until you can get yourself a nice little thing I like to call

At this point, it's usually where the lanes start to disolve a bit, and people go out to gank, otherwise known as (Drum roll please) MID GAME!

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Mid Game

So you're doing great (or ****), you're starting to get some kills (or dying constantly), what do we do? WE BUY MORE , because we're a dagger *****. We love them, to stab people quickly and painfully! Just keep going at what ever you might be doing, try getting a bit of jungling into your routine too to get atleast the Blue Buff (Red Buff does't hurt you to get either), that is a great way of getting gold! Just like killing enemy champions is!

Keep on, almost there. PUSH! PUSH! IT'S A ! What a beautiful and pretty thing. THAT'S RIGHT! Can you say extra damage per hit and MRR? Aswell as, did I forget to mention, 50% AS!?

That's right bud, 3 items and you already have 125% AS, can it become more awesome? Indeed it can champ. BY GETTING YOURSELF . So. Much. AD... And AP... AND AS! All the As you need! Go nom nom stuff with all your mighty might!

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Late Game

FEAST. YES. FEAST MY PRETTIES. MWAAHAHAH- Erh.. Forgot my modesty. Anyway! Uhm.. Once enough gold, get .. Yeah.. AP.. and SV.. Always nice for surviving, merite? And of course, what is a revolver without your trusty cutlass, YARR ME MATEYS! It's nothing. So of course you also aim for a cutlass. And what better cutlass is there than a genuine . But you know what's a magnificently much more awesome idea? If we duct tape the cutlass unto the revolver and call it a Gunblade, a ! It makes it all the more better!

Wait.. What.. You're telling me this ISN'T a game about pirates!?
... I've been tricked..

Anyway, enough shenanigans. Right now, we're in the late game! THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS MATES. And what do you need to be able to do in late game? YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO RUN YER ARSE OFF AND STAY AT A RANGE! So for that, we need a , furthermore, we need a ! Loads of AS, Crit, and run speed!

Usually.. This is actually the part where I've won or lost long ago.. So I got nothing to say honestly. Uhm.. DO STUFF.

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How to play

Well. You're obviously a zerger. But furthermore, you're also a darn good supporter that can save the arse of yer team mates!

So of course, you want to save your ulti for those sticky situations that you JUST don't want to end up in, but will ultimatively happen at some point. You want to use your ulti on the guy they're focusing, and then throw a heal on him to keep him up just a bit longer.

How do you want to shizz them over? By firing off your , activating , and then blasting the holy snot out of them!

No really, that is all you do. You shoot them with that stuff. Don't forget yer Gunblade if you have a hard time keeping up!

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Now, lets talk to alternatives. And I don't just means items, or summoner spell, I MEAN ALL OF THEM! But one at a time, of course.

Some alternative items you want to consider? Hmm. If the enemy consists mainly of slooooow tanky people with loads of armor and health, instead of MR.

Try using a and combo. That should chew EASILY through their health and armor. Now, what do you want to change these two out for? In my opinion, I would choose to take them instead of and , but it depends on preferences.

If they got a Jax on the enemy team, try changing out the for a , and use its active ability to counter Jax' stun for 4 secs. That should do the trick.

You're saying the enemy team is FILLED with those darn mage type champions? Consider a , once again instead of . It chews its way nicely through their mana, and adds in a nice amount of additional damage per hit.

You don't like the summoner spells? WHAT MORON ARE YO-

I mean, well here's a list of other things you can use!

All of these I would ONLY change out with ghost. Clarity is crucial for lanning for a longer amount of time.

You just want to AVOID
, I mean, COME ON. You already have a heal boy. And Heal even reduces healing done by 50% the next couple of seconds. NOT WORTH IT.
... Really!?
Meh, towers are not reliable enough. And really. You will only use it for the small amount of time you'll have the invulnerable towers up.
.. Enemies can SO easily just either kill the little flag you place, or move away from it. Can anyone say "yo dawg, i countered your buff"

You say my runes are ****? WHY YOU LITTLE WHIPPERSNAP- I mean

Well.. You could always getGREATER GLYPH OF REPLENISHMENT for the MP5.. You do run oom quite easily in the early game, I guess..

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People you want to avoid laning against.


These are just FAR too annoying to lane against, call out for a lane switch with someone else instead.

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Well, that concludes it all.