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Kennen Build Guide by Deewekoms

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deewekoms

Kennen, the solo Q carry

Deewekoms Last updated on November 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello !

I am deewekoms i play LoL since its release. I am now ranked platinum and i am maining top since S1. I started maining at the beginning of S3 and my love for this champ is still growing.
I am picking each time i am able to. As Bruce Lee said " i fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once but i fear the man who has practiced one kick 10 000 times"
Up to now i have more than 60% win over 100 matches (stats for S4).

I think is a really good choice in most solo q matches. I will tell you why quickly for the lazy ones and more in dephts afterward for the interested ones.

Why is a good pick in solo Q :

- is a safe pick : ranged auto,no mana, good mobility, got some CC. On almost whatever you face you can farm safely If the lane goes wrong. There is no lane hard counter to .

- ultimate goes on well with and against assassins. Good for us solo q is crowded of assassins as many people want to carry games by themselves with snowballing champs. More explanations below.

- can push fast/ has great escape tools and mobility . Awesome split pusher.

- AOE and CC are bread and butter in solo q. What about mixed CC - AOE ?

- : active is so effective in solo q because it causes chaos. I think this item might even be worth on AD carry (as last late game item ofc). You deal tons of damage, become the center of attention of your opponent and what if they want to take you down ? You become invulnerable for few seconds. While your opponents think of what to do next, your team can go straight in the fight. Just chaos.

Feel free to comment and give constructive feedback !
Forgive my poor English :(

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You will need some AD to help you farming and keeping the control of your lane. The AD also gives you a good poke.
As an AP carry you need some AP (no **** sherlock). I prefer scaling AP as it is better than flat AP at lvl 6-7 and you are more reliant on mid game / end game damage than early damage.

You can switch scaling AP seals for flat armor if you don't feel safe against AD champ. I would take these against / .

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I like really agressive hybrid masteries to have a nice potential harass.
The AD you get is also welcome to control your lane. (last hit/push/depush)

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: must have, you need for everything you already know, and especially to help landing the perfect ultimate.

: If you are at ease with , can help you pick some early kills. I prefer over .

: If you are not too confident against your opponent. Might give you some presence at botlane/ dragon.

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I always build + as starter. Easier to last hit, scary poke, some health to prevent lvl 2 bursts, reasonable sustain...

As you do not build necessarly to counter your opponent, you build to be big mid-end game. Generally speaking : if you feel going agressive and get some kills, is a great item early on. If you don't feel safe or you know harassing won't lead to anything prefer to stack the item and get asap. Anyway build and as early items. allow you to get some AP damage before saving your money for an expensive . While on laning phase get 3 each times you shop.

This is the best build for end game, you can evolve in or sell it to get , ...

gives you some sustain on fights/siege.

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Lanning phase

Laning phase is not where shines. He is a good laner but early on he lacks a bit of damage to do actions by himself. With practice you ll be able to dominate your lane but remember that while you focus on harassing, you are losing some farm. Error often made at silver Elo ! Keep in mind : 1 kill worth 16-20 creeps. Take easy kills otherwise focus on farming.

Keep the count !

Before harassing/ when your jungler ganks make sure you have the loaded. Helps landing the stun :)

The under turret farming guide :

With these runes you have enough AD to farm this way :

-Melee minions : wait 2 turret bolts then last hit
-Ranged minions : land an auto wait one turret bolt then last hit

Champions you want to face :

is a pretty good counter to classic melee top laner , , , ... Easy harass, easy kite , easy life.

is a deadly counter to , not much played recently tho.

Champions you don't want to face :

Even If is quite a safe pick be carefull against : , , .
can dash to you with his combo, knock you up and crush you with his . If you have no you are dead.

You can't trade with he will burn your yordle *** while you tickle his balls.

While has the worst gameplay harassing you 24/7 with his ghosts , they also protect him from your shurikens. Don't trade with him, farm all you can farm including his ghosts (worth lots of gold If he spams), don't let him push his creeps under your turret where you will lose some farm.

Facing a teleporter :

If your opponent has he might leave your lane to go to dragon/ botlane. Make sure you are a threat for his turret at any time. The dragon is often an overrated objective in solo q and it might let you some time to take one and sometimes both top turrets .

The enemy turret can be your friend :

If you are stomping your opponent top laner and he is forced to back often dont take the tower. His tower kills minions while he is not on the lane denying him gold and xp. If your opponent recalls , quickly push the lane to the tower then recall also. If you are dominating you want to be on the lane as soon as your opponent is to enlarge the exp/gold gap between you and him.

Bait the jungler :

has great escape tools, use it ! Push your lane to deny your enemy from minion gold's and expose yourself to the enemy jungle. All the time the enemy jungle spends on your lane is all the time he is not on other lanes or farming. Keep your lane warded to prevent unexpected gank.

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Mid/ Late Game

If you farmed enough and maybe got few kills/ assists, mid-late game is your glory time.

Champions you want to face :

is godlike at zoning AD/AP carrys with his ultimate so they can't get out neither get helped ... Or at expensive costs. This is effective especially against champions that have no escape as , , , , , etc.

Champions you don't want to face :

As is mostly relient on his ultimate you hate champions that bump. They will focus on bumping you and your storm out of the fight.
, , , (bump and long range escape = must ban while playing kennen) etc.
is annoying because he can make you prisoner in his which won't let you reach the others members of his team and keep your ult just for him. How selfish.

Playing you don't like really tanky teams , your ult won't be efficient. Moreover once you blowed all your spells you will be out of energy for a while and your auto does not hurt.

How to team fight :

Get in the center of the fight blow ult follow enemy carrys using / to stun them, tank as much as you can from the enemy team then when you are low.

Earn some time !

You can initiate the fight If a carry is out of position but you need your team to back you up once your goes off. Once you start ulting in the middle of their team you will be the center of attention giving some time to your team to finish the job. If you die in the process either you went too deep and that is a mistake or you died for a won team fight what means you managed to keep the enemy attention on you long enough. If you get this you get strength.

Why is good with and against assassins :

If an ennemy assassin become a big threat for your team , get close to your carrys. When the assassin jump in , blow ult / stun him. You will give some air to your carry and surely help your team taking down the assassin.

If you have an assassin in your team, when he jumps on a target follow him, ult arround him so it gives him the time to secure the kill and get back to your team as well as forcing the enemy team to step back... Or fight in your ult.

Objective compensation

When your team is fighting and either it is a lost fight or you won't have time to reach the fight you must push the top lane hard. The / combo clean creeps waves really fast. You might have time to take down few turrets and maybe the inhibitor. If you have all your abilities up , the enemy will have to send a least 2 people to take you down. What give some time to your team to push elsewhere/ get an objective.

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Match up

I will shortly talk about each match up , if you should go agressive or not and which first item you should get. Note that if a champion get too tanky it is not worth to harass him as you will put yourself on danger for poor results. Remember you do not need to shut down your opponent to carry games, farm, try to deny him by pushing the creeps.

: Nasty one , stay away from his dash . Get asap and get some health pot.

: You can abuse her before lvl 6. Get to increase your dmg.

: Harass as much as possible. You will have trouble to kill this guy after lvl 6. Get .

: You can harass him a lot however his (grab) range is just a bit shorter than the range of auto. Don't let small harass get to disaster :) Get .

: You may kill him before lvl 6 but surely not after. Farming is the good option. Get asap

: You can go hard on her , If she engage you , the trade will be terrible for her, If she doesnt you can harass her hard. Get .

: Do not let you all time or at least trade it for + and an auto. Get .

: Welcome to league of harass featuring Kennen . Don't lose farm to harass. Get .

: I am not at ease with this match up. The dmg of mega gnar form are big. Get .

: Hard to kill alone, prefer farming. Get
: Farm , get lvl 6 wait for jungler and tadaa. Get .

: You can harass a lot on the early lvls but once lvl 6 she is hard to kill. Get .

: Only farm , nothing to do here. Get .

: Abuse him , be carefull his jungler might help him a lot. Fed is not an option :) Get .

: Dodge the canon ball then you can harass him a bit. If he swaps to melee form , punish him ! Depends on how it s going. Feel dominating get , If you don't get .

: Tricky one ! She might push a lot , jungler are welcome. Get .

: He is weak to harass, it is possible to kite him a lot. Not much trouble for this one. Get .

: You can harass him but he has great escape. He will kick you If you try to ult. Don't get :) Get .

: Boring , unkillable but has no real burst damage output. Farm, get .

: Hard to kill prefer farming. Get .

: You can get a kill on the early lvls but once he get it is over. Focus on farming. Get

: Abuse him but don't get pushed. You can kill him by yourself. Don't him if he can dodge it with his . Get .

: Harass him when he has no shield, might push a lot so make sure you farm before you harass him. Get .

: As get stronger while farming, it is smart to harass him in the early lvls but up to a certain point he will have too much sustain, the best way to prevent him from farming is to push the lane , this way he won't farm easy. Be carefull junglers are never too far from . Hard to kill after lvl 6. Get for enhanced harassement.

: The new has some huge damage early game. Play safe and dodge the javeline toss. Once lvl 6 you might have a chance to kill her. Get .

: Harass and be carefull to his , true damage might happen next :) Even with his ult it is easy to kite him. Get .

: Harass with . Landing a shielded auto doesnt worth a full combo :) Get .

: Don't miss your or you will be punished. Once lvl 6 it is easier to kill her. Get .

: Hard to kill ! Focus on farming, get .

: Be carefull of these bush jumps, buy a ward to get some vision. Get .

: Pretty easy to harass/kite ... But don't get caught . The ***** hurt. Get , get If not confident.

: Feel free to harass, keep to avoid fight back. Get .

: Just farm , life is good. Bait him back and forth to land some without fight back. Get .

: Harass him as much as you can. Easy match up. Keep the lane pushed to get the tower If he ult. Get .

: Easy early levels, difficult to kill her after lvl 6. Get .

: Easy harass and kite , don't let him farm because after few items you won't be able to burst him down anymore. Go for .

: This one is a pain. His slow and his root are really effective against mobility. Once level 6 he is hard to kill due to his ultimate form making him too tanky and have too much regen to be bursted. Don't be too agressive, focus on farming. Get .

: Even match up before level 6 , easy match up once level 6. Get .

: This one is the king of 1v1 hard to kill, focus on farming he won't be able to kill you If you are bit agressive. Get seeker's.

: Really easy match up before level 6, have to practice a bit the kiting to be confident once level 6 . Get .

: If get some sustain early it is hard to kill him. Get .

: is weak early , you will win trades until he get some spellvamp. More over many use the blood pool too much. It cost them much hp and is a kind of harassement. Be carefull once get his first items. Get .

: I have not much experience against . Hard to kill anyway . Get .

: You can harass him in the early levels but don't waste any time harassing him after his first few recalls. He will get too tanky and too much sustain to kill him by yourself. Get .

: Once he get his 3 spell he can harass you with no possibility of fight back, get some armor and go agressive when his clone is on CD. Get .

: Worst gameplay. Farm , try to avoid getting harassed too much, try to last hit his ghosts. Not much you can do here. Get .

: Easy to harass and it is worth harassing him in the early levels but not after. Focus on farming , get .

: I like this match up because it is a really agressive one. It is easy to harass but his burst once lvl 6 is deadly. Keep your stun or you to stop him once he ulted you. Get .