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Rengar Build Guide by Futtbucker YOLO

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Futtbucker YOLO

Kitty Cat-[Reworked]A Complete Guide to Rango

Futtbucker YOLO Last updated on September 7, 2014
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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Singed IMO easiest lane for Rengar. You have a root, a slow, a gap closer and your W reduces his poison damage by alot, singed's nightmare. NEVER CHASE SINGED
Gangplank Easy lane. He has no damage early game just go aggressive with brush early, don't let him harass you.
Rengar What you doing playing Blind Pick?! Seriously though this is completely skill orientated. Whoever has more dorans and read this build has a huge advantage XD
Wukong Easy. You're simply better than him. Your invisibility is longer, your Q's stronger, and your CC's better. Careful not to use your empowered ability's on his clone. Fairly squishy till late game. A good thing about your ult indicator ! is that when engaging just sit next to him for a while and scare his clone out of him(You can see him in stealth!)
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Hello, and thanks for viewing my guide. I've played Rengar since early S3 and I absolutely love him and is my favorite champion in the game. He has a very special role, being able to instakill anyone isolated from their team and even in some cases in their team ;) Rengar's kit servers him best as a melee assassin, his unique ferocity mechanic giving him some of the strongest bursts in the game, and being able to go invisible to position himself for when and who he wants to fight. He is probably one of the strongest solo que champions right now. I like him as an Assassin Top, but IMO he is also viable in every single lane and every role. Even though I prefer him AD, he can also be played Bruiser, Tank, Support, and even AP, which I will briefly cover in this guide, but this guide is focusing on an Assassin playstyle. After playing a couple hundred games with him I decided to write this guide. So lets learn how to play Rango XD.

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Pros / Cons


    Strongest LV 2 in the game
    One of the strongest bursts in the game
    Strong sustain with Empowered W.
    Can oneshot people in fountain and in middle of team
    One of the funnest champs to play
    Hes a kitty cat
    You wanna eat Kha'Zix


    Can be weak without ferocity
    Falls behind without kills
    Easy to get kited
    Not many escapes without ult
    Can get targeted in teamfights
    Kha'Zix wants to eat you

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Summoner Spells

This is my personal favorite. It secures those kills for Bonetooth Stacks and keeps you ahead in lane and stronger at dueling and snowballing your game.

Best summoner spell in the game. Works great with his passive to close big distances. You can also use this while stealthed without revealing you if you don't think you can make that jump.

This is another great pick. You have more map control and it become more useful late game than ignite. Combined with ult and homeguard and you can be pretty scary. I feel like Rengar already has really strong map control with his ult alone, and I find this spell repetitive, but an excellent option none the less that many pro players get and I myself once in a while.

Obviously if your jungle.

This is also a viable pick, especially if trying support, but I feel Rengar already has strong CC and Damage Reduction with his W and E.

Some people get this and it's fun to try, but I feel that Rengar doesn't need this since he already gets movement speed out of stealth.

This is an excellent pick! Rengar really needs that mana boost!

The rest of the summoner spells are dumb and should be removed from the game since no one uses them. Excluding Heal/Barrier for carry's or Revive/Tele for trolling ;)

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Runes + Masterys

For runes I get a basic AD layout with 6 CDR Glyphs. This plus your mastery's gives you 10% CD at LV 1. Alot of players will sacrifice their MR Glyphs and AD Quints for CDR for 20% CDR at LV 1, but I prefer the early game damage, plus I will build CDR anyways.

I go with a basic 21/9/0 with my mastery's. I go CDR over AS because Rango gets rewarded for spamming his ability's with no mana costs to get Empowered Ability's quicker. I get both weaving mastery's because Rango is a AD Caster, so these go well on him. I get Recovery over Enchanted Armor because Rangos base health regen is terrible and I rarely build defensive items.

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Best starting item for Rango Top. Longsword is also an option, but I personally prefer this. I usually stack 2 of them to help my laning phase.

I sometimes get this against strong AA's or hard counters such as Tryndamere, Jax, Fiora, Darius Etc.

Get this when going bot. This plus LV2, redbuff, and 5 stacks is a guaranteed FB.


I've gone back and forth on these boots, but they've come out to be my favorite. The movement decrease in combat isn't a problem because of the movement speed boost from your ult and gap closer from your passive. These are great on any invisible champ. I didn't use to get these on Rengar because he already got move speed while stealthed, but after the rework he only gets half the amount when moving towards people, and there's now an indicator. I started getting these almost every game after the indicator range increase, so they have less time to react. Also great for Rengar's play style since you roam a lot. I don't usually get these till later in the game, since your bone tooth necklace gives you free boots I'd rather build damage, but there's nothing wrong with rushing these.

I got these right after the rework because it made Rengar's burst feel less clunky and stronger at splitpushing. With the indicator I prefer mobi's but nothing wrong with these bad boys. Great pick if your behind and wanna splitpush and don't think you'll be a strong snowballer by roaming.

I used to get these before the rework because of his hefty cooldowns. Now that I get cool down runes and incorporate more CDR in my build I don't usually get these anymore, though still an excellent option, especially if jungle.

Nothing wrong with getting these I just prefer offensive boots on Rango this is for babys ;)


This is the core of core items on Rengar. I never got this before the rework but now it's his savior item. Without this Assassin Rengar wouldn't be viable. He just simply lacks the damage to kill people quick enough without this item which makes up for all the nerfs Rango's had to his Q. On release his Empowered Q did 250% of his AD and now only does 150%. The hydra does 100%, so basically using this right after your Q makes him as strong as he used to be. Practice AA resetting with this item to maximize its damage output. Using this mid leap is key to onehotting squishy's. Also great for waveclear of course, still making Rango a decent split pusher. Just buy the tiamat and continue in your build. There's no need to finish into Hydra as the active of both items is the exact same and we wanna rush oneshotting people not lane sustain.

This item is simply amazing. This is Rango's main source of damage that makes his burst go through the roof. I like to rush this ASAP after tiamat and brutalizer.

This is another excellent item on Rengar. It gives CDR and Armor Pen, core on rango, and the active is amazing. Using this item before engaging in stealth simply makes his burst easier and smoother. The movement speed boost decreases their indicator vision time and the AS buff makes up for the AS lost from his Q before the rework. I've seen a lot of Rengar players go right into Cleaver, but I personally like this. I like to stop at the brutalizer for the cool down and buy LW before finishing this.

This is a really interesting item that I never really got on Rengar until recently. Once you have this item with Tiamat, YG and LW, you can instakill any squishy and kill almost anyone in the game out of your ult. Riot fixed the bug on his Q making the crit apply bonus damage, but IMO it's still definitely viable late game when you have lots of AD, just not to rush as a first item for hard snowballing anymore (which I never liked to do anyways because it gives no stats while on cool down). This will make your empowered Q do ruffly 500 bonus damage mid game. Not near as OP as it used to be but still an excellent pick being one of the strongest burst items in the game. Plus the base 45% AS is great for split pushing.

I absolutely love this item on Rengar. Alot of Rengar Assassin players won't get this and get BF Sword items instead. I personally like this much more though. The health from this plus Trinity makes Rengar pretty beefy, and when using your Hyrdra + Bola + Savagery mid leap already gives you 15% Armor Pen. With this item you can now also triple Q tanks and melt them within seconds.

I don't like to rush this item early on because you waste alot of money in mana that Rengar doesn't have, so I don't find this cost effective, but this item goes well on almost every champion in the game so I like to sell boots and get this for every build. This'll make your Q do ruffly 200 bonus damage late game. Pretty nice, plus all the other stats makes this an amazing item.


This is a great item on Rengar, especially combined with SOTD. I choose Cleaver over this though because I prefer straight Armor Pen so I can shred tanks along with squishes. If it's one of those long games with a full build, I'll sell SOTD and get this.

After the changes to this it's become more of an ADC item then an assassin, but I still see this picked on some Rengar players. If I were to get a BF Sword item I prefer IE over this, being more bursty compared to sustain, but nothing wrong with this item. I personally prefer Armor Pen over flat damage though. I'll usually pick this + IE up if their whole team has almost no armor (which is kinda rare).

If your going Jungle Rengar, I prefer this over Wriggles on this build for a couple reasons: One, Rengar has a very strong early game, especially with his 1.75 second root at LV 1. You should play Rengar to gank alot, not to farm up in the Jungle for late game. The wriggles is meant for champs such as Yi, Udyr, Nocturne, etc. Two, it gives more flat damage, making Rengars early game alot stronger. Three, the early CDR obviously allows him to gank more with his ult. Four, I play Rengar as a bursty ability driven Assassin, not an auto attacking dueler.

Okay, I want to point out that we are playing Rango as a bursty assassin. This item is made for sustained damage, usually for ADC's. I used to get this when I first started playing Rango, but quickly left it behind. It's good if you're building Rengar as a bruiser, but not for this playstyle. This is a good item for beginners though, if you mess up your burst you still have some consistent damage. Never a bad option, I just think there's better picks than this.

The rest of these are just good options for Bruiser Rengar or Critgar that you can have fun trying, but this build is for Assassin Rengar, not Tankgar or Magegar XD

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This ability is simply amazing. IMO this ability makes Rengar. With this ability you can chase, run, farm, jump walls, juke, assassinate, and annoy the hell out of the enemy team. Spam this ability in lane. Take paths through brush when chasing people, and try to dual people in brush if you can. Flashing into a bush then leaping to an enemy can close an enormous distance very quickly. Get good with the mechanics of this skill, and you can play Rengar any role. You can make some hilarious outplays with this. Using this ability right discerns the good Rengar players from the bad Rengar players.

Kitty's bread and butter skill. I max this first because the cooldown is decreased and it gives you consistent damage early game. Remember, this is an AA reset ability. Whenever you engage a fight always AA just before using Savagery for maximum damage output. This will also greatly increase your jungle clear speed. Sadly this skill is no longer usable on towers, slowing Rengars splitpush speed by alot, but you can still use it as a AA reset on towers and use your Empowered one on minions for the AS and AT buff, making you have faster splitpush speeds compared to that clunky Renekton.

This ability makes Rengar take approximately 5% reduced damage (if you hit someone). The cool thing about this is that after the rework it now stacks per champion/monster hit. This means that if you YOLO dive their team for their carry and use this you get about 100 Armor and MR and take approximately 25% reduced damage for 4 seconds. That's quite nice. Another cool fact is that it now gives the defensive boost whether or not you hit an enemy, so using this before that Karthus ult hits will make it do about 3% less damage and could even save a life. Always use this when starting a trade. Being that it does minimal damage, the cooldown stays the same, and that we're not playing AP Rengar, we max this last.

This is a nice skill. It's now a skillshot, and I personally like it better. You sacrifice that OP lane harass you used to have, but I feel it provides better utility all throughout the game. I'll often lead with this out of ult when ganking early game before I have my core items. Alot of people max this first, being that it does more damage then your Q and your Empowered abilitys scale off of champ level, but I always seem to miss, giving me no damage, so I max second. Plus the slow and root duration was increased, making this spell a VIABLE option besides smacking your Q key when this felt useless.

This is definitely one of the coolest ability's in the game. You can use this for engaging, ganking, running, and sometimes while dueling and to outplay people. When ever you use this LOOK AT YOUR MINIMAP because you can see other champions nearby. Who knows, you could be ganking mid but see that low health jungler recalling. Free kills. The new indicator ! was hard for Rango players to accept, especially when they INCREASED it. IMO they should completely remove this it does nothing for the game but makes Rangos life too hard, but such is life and we must learn how to play with it. Obviously you can no longer sit next to their carry in a teamfight waiting to fight. Now you have to stand in the outskirts and go in when your ready to fight, making your choices when and when not to engage alot more important on Rango. NEVER ENGAGE in a fight first unless you're a tank because everyone will target you, use all their ults and you WILL get melted and die. Usually you want to jump into a fight slightly late because the enemy team will e focusing on fighting, not your indicator, giving hem less reaction time. The one cool thing about this indicator is that when you catch someone alone, you can tease them and sit next to them for a while to freak them out as they accept their impending doom. If it's someone like: Shaco or Wukong, you could even scare out their escape ability's then finish them off(Remember, you can see people while invisible!) Theirs a few things that really counter this ability: Pink Wards, Twisted ****, Lee Sin, Scanner Trinket, Caitlyn traps, an enemy Rengar ulting, and whatever else reveals you because if you get spotted while ulting they WILL target you and you WILL die and feel really stupid. This is also a great escape while splitpushing. If they come for you just ult away, EASY!

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Early Game

I like to invade at LV1 and sit in the river brush by the enemy buff. If you don't get FB you'll at least get a stack or 2, which will help in your lane. Recall before 1:30 so you dont miss XP. Another option is to get a stack off your blue buff and fake a blue leash. This is better to do at higher elo. Once in lane, pull the first minion wave to the brush so you don't have to jump as far out. Farm with your passive, and whenever you have a chance jump to your enemy, AA + Q, run back to brush. Try to get 4 or 5 stacks and let the first creep of the second wave die to hit level 2 without them knowing and take a point in your E. At that moment you are extremely strong, so go all in with a double QQ and E + Ignite + Flash if needed. Almost always FB or enemy flash.

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Mid Game

GANK GANK GANK. Do nothing but roam now. Sacrificing a tower or two is worth getting kills all around the map. Help your teammates win their lane because Rengar falls off in his lane, and getting kill helps you to stay again because you need items cost alot of moneys and that damn shopkeeper won't give you a loan XD. Whenever you have 30s or less cooldown on your ult push your lane, recall and gank. I usually like to gank bot because they wont expect it as much and more stacks ;) Gank mid if bot is MIA. If all lanes are MIA walk into their jungle and ult and try to catch someone solo farming. Free kills.

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Late Game

You will die in teamfights try to avoid these. Noone makes fun of the kitty, show them who the alpha cat is. Your job is to oneshot any fool isolated from their team or try to kill someone in their team, mess up your combo and throw the game like I do 50% of my games XD

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Oneshot Combo!

The part you've all been waiting for! That legendary instakill combo! Obviously, the old Triple Q in stealth no longer works, so here's the new assassin combo! It looks kinda like this:
Simply mash your hands flat on your keyboard. EASY! Seriously though: Remember, this is late game after you have your core items. Early game you should use E unless you're sure you have the kill. Anyway, first, make sure you ult with 5 stacks for max damage. After you find your target and are ready to go for it, press Ghostblade first right before they see your ult indicator for that movement speed boost. Right before you jump, press SOTD and Q, and begin your leap. Here's the tricky part where you smash your keyboard. Mid leap press Hydra + Bola + W. You do this late game to any squishy, as you land they will get deleted. Mid game, just smack Q as you land because you may need to get in a second Q. If they are tanky, your ult will regen the last 2 ferocity, allowing you to Empowered Q AGAIN, doing a triple Q. Now try to flash away. I mean, what kind of an assassin are you if you die right after. It should look kinda like this:
> > > > > > > > TADA! Your enemy should know ragequit, job complete, give yourself a pat on the pack.

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Jungle Route

If I take the kitty in the jungle, I typically like to invade for FB and buff. First, I start red for stronger kill potential. Try to finish with 4 or 5 ferocity and get a point in your Bola Strike. Decide which buff they started (Depending on champion and where mid came from). Go to that buff and ward it and sit in the bush just over the wall. Patience is key! Once they come, jump over the wall with your passive on their buff, smite it, and get FB! Hope that you picked the right buff and/or their jungler isn't AFK. If that's the case, just leave and continue on your way.

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ADC Rango! This is for advanced Rengar players only. If you're really manly you can even 1v2 this lane. I start red pot and take red buff and tell my allies to invade enemy red. Have your support/midlaner tank and try to end with 4 or 5 stacks. At that point you're LV 2 with 4-5 stacks and red buff and red pot. Go get first blood! Use the bushes a lot in this lane, do nothing but jump around like a crazy kitty. I like to get a support with lots of CC like: Thresh, Braum, Leona, Alistar, Lulu, Etc. This is a great lane to duo with a friend. This is a great strategy, you can completely wreck your lane and have your bot shutdown top. If you're support, I like to play aggressive and get out of laning phase ASAP so you can free farm around. My build is usually the same, I don't build support items they're trash ;)

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I almost never go this role as Rango, but it is a viable option that I figured I'd give a brief description about. With these builds you can initiate fights without dying, and stay alive long enough to get off 2 or 3 Empowered Bola's, which could secure 3 kills for your team. Tankgar I usually take in lane, because his sustain is quite annoying. Whenever you have 5 stacks, ROAR and get free health. Alot of good top laners like Dyrus will often play this way. I usually max W first, E second, and Bola last. As a bruiser I usually go jungle and max Q first, W second, and E last. I don't often play these roles, out try them out and see how they feel!

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This is a very unique way of playing Rengar. I first thought this was a troll build, but after trying it I find it kinda viable, especially being that you can use your main damage skill twice with your ferocity, and it now does more damage. I usually don't like taking Rengar in the mid lane because there is no brush that you can reach lane to farm and outplay people, so I actually prefer AP Rengar top. I don't take this build in the jungle, the early clear speed is just too slow. I get the Lich Bane and DFG first cause you need that burst! Coming out of ult with DFG + Lich Bane Proc + Double Roar is really strong. I like Lich Bane alot because it gives you consistent magic damage apposed to just relying on your 12 second CD W. Obviously max W first, then Q, then E. One cool thing to point out in this build is that if you press ult, then press Zhonya's right after, when the active goes off you'll instantly go invisible. This means that if your in trouble, just remember to ult + zhonya's to instantly stealth like you used to back in Season 2.

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If you see defeat at the end of your game you're a real man because you didn't give a **** about your team and did nothing but eat people like a good kitty cat ;) I'll continue to update this guide with pretty visuals and good videos of my demonstrations because I know it's nice to see what I'm talking about.