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Rek'Sai Build Guide by zxcllvbyjuj

AD Offtank Learn How to Rek With Rek' Sai [AD Brusier-Jungler]

AD Offtank Learn How to Rek With Rek' Sai [AD Brusier-Jungler]

Updated on January 15, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zxcllvbyjuj Build Guide By zxcllvbyjuj 12,718 Views 4 Comments
12,718 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zxcllvbyjuj Rek'Sai Build Guide By zxcllvbyjuj Updated on January 15, 2015
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Hi guys and welcome to my Rek'Sai guide! I will be talking about her strengths and weaknesses, why she is so good at jungling and just a basic overwiew on what she does. This is my first-ever guide so please give me feedback on what I can improve on and please don't expect much.

Rek'Sai is a mobile, tanky-ish jungler that excels at ganking from unexpected angles with his tunnels. She is awesome at counter jungling important buffs and providing surprising amounts of damage and crowd-control to teamfights.

This guide is aimed at people that are experienced with League, but are completely new to Rek'Sai.
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Rek'Sai's abilities can be confusing, with 2 different 'forms' that she can be in.

Lets start with her passive. Her passive is Fury of the Xer'Sai. Every autoattack or damaging spell increases her fury by a flat amount and by burrowing with her W, she comsumes her fury and is healed. Her fury completely replaces mana and thus her abilities have no cost.

In her un-burrowed state her Q is Queen's Wrath. It is a auto-attack modifier that hits 3 times. When activated, her next three autoattacks have increased damage and damage all enemies surrounding her. (Kinda like Nocturne's passive) This ability resets the auto-attack timer, so if timed right she can do a surprising amount of damage. This ability increases her passive for EVERY ENEMY HIT, so if positioned correctly, this is her best 'get mad' ability.
In her burrowed state her Q is Prey Seeker. Prey Seeker fires a linear, colliding skill shot that reveals the first enemy hit and all around him. This ability is completely useless. It deals 180 damage at Rank 5. The only useful things you can use with this ability is to scout out enemy jungle camps and to snipe ridiculously low enemies. (Seriously, this deals less damage than Ignite at level 9)
I'd max this first for optimal jungle clear and high damage while unburrowed.

Rek'Sai's W is Burrow/Unburrow. The name literally says it all but I will go in further into what it does. When unburrowed, W makes Rek'Sai burrowed, gaining a flat amount of Movement Speed and reducing vision but gaining Tremor Sense. Tremor Sense allows you to Sense Enemy and Neutral Movement but if they stop moving, you stop seeing them.
When burrowed, her W is Unburrow. After unburrowing, you knock up all unfriendly units above you and lose the burrowed effects.
I'd max this last because it mainly provides utility and has no offensive damage increase

While Unburrowed Rek'Sai's E is Furious Bite. She bites a target, dealing more damage the more fury she has stored up, dealing true damage at full fury. This, paired with a fairly long cooldown sums up where Rek'Sai is most tactical. Do I use it now? Or do I wait and risk dying but get higher damage? This gives Rek'Sai plenty of single target burst and can easily out-smite many junglers with an E-Smite Combo.
While Burrowed Rek'Sai's E beomes Tunnel. Tunnel is a fixed-distance dash that can cross walls. When activated, she makes a tunnel at the start and end of the dash. She can then re-use it to cross the same path over and over again. The cap of tunnels Rek'Sai can make is 8, with an entrance and exit being 1. This, combined with W - Unburrow, can provide the team with a 18-second Maphite ult that has reduced AoE. Use your tunnels whenever you can to make an immense underground network below the surface of your jungle. You can also use this to make swift counter-jungling possible. You cannot cast abilities while tunneling but you can cast Smite, Ignite, Heal, Barrier, Clarity or Clairvoyance. Remember that you are NOT UNTARGETABLE while tunneling and anything will still hit you.
I'd max this second for the high single-target burst and Cooldown Reduction on Tunnel

Rek'Sai's ultimate is Void Rush. It has a passive and active effect and can be used in either the burrowed or unburrowed states. The passive effect increases Rek'Sai's attack speed. The active, after a brief global scream courtesy of Rek'Sai herself, begins rapidly dashing to target tunnel and then emerging, always burrowed. When I first saw Rek'Sai, the first thing I thought was how in the hells name were we supposed to use her ult except for a teleport-like spell? But then I realised that that is the only way to use it. Use it to re-locate after a recall and easily counter-jungle active enemy camps by ulting in, clearing it and tunneling out. Teehee.
I'd max this whenever I can for more Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction so I can move around quicker.
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Skill Sequence

I take Q at level 1 and max it first in order to clear camps faster. I then take W to heal up before my back. I take E last because in the jungle you don't need the single-target damage until you back and gank. My reasoning for why I max what is in the section above.
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I take Flash and Smite because you don't need teleport when you got your ultimate and Smite because this is a jungling guide and in S5 you need Smite to buy Machete.

• You could take Ignite for the extra damage but you've already got such high damage you proably don't need more unless you're dealing with a really tanky enemy team.
• You could take Exhaust for the slow and damage reduction if you're going Glass Cannon but I don't recommend it as Rek'Sai is best built as an AD Bruiser.
• You could take Clairvoyance but nobody does and you can just use Tremor Sense if they're doing Baron. Or Blue Trinket. Blue Trinket OP.
• You could take Heal/Barrier but you already have the heal from your W and lifesteal from the Hydra so it's really not useful at all.
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You should build Rek'Sai either as an AD Bruiser, which is best, or an Offtank, which is also good if your team is in need of a tank. I will quickly go over why I chose these items for Rek'Sai, starting with his core. Just a forewarning this is my RECOMMENDATIONS. These are not the best items for Rek'Sai but these are the items I feel that are the best for her.

For Hydra it's obvious. It goes perfectly well with his Q (The useful one) and makes for some excellent splitpushing. It also gives you the active which gives EVEN more burst and can be used while burrowed.

Jungler Item
For the jungle item it's quite debatable on what to get. I chose Stalker's Blade as you can use it for ganks and extra stickability when chasing. Other possibilities will be the Ranger's Trailblazer. Even though Rek'Sai is a counter-jungling champion, I don't reccomend the Poacher's Knife as you can just tunnel out of the camp after stealing it. Skirmisher's Sabre is totally impossible to use as you don't need the extra damage and it's no use revealing the champion when you've got your tremor sense.

For the enchantment there are 2 you could use. Warrior or Devourer.
I chose Devourer because it gives you Attack Speed that is needed for stacking your passive as it scales off the number of autoattacks, not the damage it deals. It also allows for faster dispensing of your Q's and in the lategame, provides much more damage then Warrior. Finally, it also gives you a mix of damage types, making armor less useful but still very strong against her.
Warrior is a good early to mid game option as it gives you immediate AD and some much needed Armor Pen. Take this if you're deciding to get another Attack Speed item such as Statikk or Youmuu's.

Frozen Mallet
This gives you a nice bit of health while also giving you that excellent passive effect that further enhances your stickiness and makes it so that if you catch an enemy, that person is dead.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's gives you some health and armor, making you tankier and also giving you yet another slow for you to catch up to people.

Banshee's/Spirit Visage
The reason I picked Banshee's over Spirit Visage is that you need that ever so important spell shield to defend you from hard cc as you go in to fight.

Mercurial Scimitar
Again, for chasing, assassination and to drop hard CC like Warwick, Skarner, Urgot or Malzhar ult. Basically a 2nd Banshee's that provides a more chosen spell shield & Movement Speed.

For boots I'd recommend either of the 2 defensive boots, Lucidity boots, Mobility Boots or Swiftness Boots. Pretty obvious as to why I chose these and you should know what to buy when.

I'm not going to write about all the items I've listed down because that'll take up tons of my time and I think, if you have enough experience with League, would know what to get and when.
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Pros / Cons

• Quick Jungling
• Nearly undetectable counter-jungling
• Amazing gank potential
• Reliable CC
• High damage, even when built offtank.

• Vulnerable to high amounts of CC
• Fairly squishy
• Sucks when behind
• Useless burrowed Q
• No effective ult
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In the Jungle I start Red with my Q and a hard leash, then at level 2 I take my W for the heals. I then take the Raptors and then Blue after my Smite is off cooldown. I then take my E, take Gromp and then try to sustain while farming.
After Recalling, I get my Stalker's Blade, a Dagger or two, some Health Potions and some Wards if I can afford it. I then look for lanes that are behind and gank. Counterjungle whenever you can see the enemy jungler and steal camps. Make sure to ward the camps you've stolen in order to see the enemy jungler's rage or to witness the 'killing' of the camp if you've left a creep.
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In a teamfight you have 2 options
Initiate it with Tunnel and Unburrow
Or follow up an Initiation with the same combo.

In teamfights your aim is to try and kill the squishy enemy targets like the ADC and the Midlaner if it isn't a tanky one like Ryze or Swain. If you get CC'd after your Banshee's has popped, use your Mercurial Scimitar and keep fighting or run using burrow to get your *** out of trouble. Luckily for you burrow lets you ignore unit collision.
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Rek'Sai is an excellent champion. You might hate her or love her, but she will be my favourite jungler for many months to come. I hope you've enjoyed this guide and I'll see you around! Bye!

IGN: zxcllvbyjuj
Server: NA

Edit: Thank you for 2k views!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zxcllvbyjuj
zxcllvbyjuj Rek'Sai Guide
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Learn How to Rek With Rek' Sai [AD Brusier-Jungler]

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