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LeBlanc Build Guide by Haris Pilton

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haris Pilton

LeBlanc, The Classy Huntress

Haris Pilton Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide Top

Introduction to LeBlanc

LeBlanc is arguably the most amusing champion to play. You can do wonders with her Distortion (blink) skill, make your enemies feel distraught and stuffs. Definately the fun pew pew champion! Now, there is her official role I have to explain so you can grasp the idea of her.

First of all, her name is pronounced as if she were French, Le-blaughn. And I believe the -c is silent. Second of all, her role is a mage assassin. How many mage assassins can you think of in League of Legends? Definately not much! She's here, shoulder to shoulder with Kassadin. What is a mage assassin supposed to do? TO HORRIBLY MURDER! She's probably the greatest punishment to newbies, and a decent opponent to decent players. Especially after this guide :D She is a lane dominator, a perfect ganker, she completes her performance in a matter of seconds, everyone wants to be with her in a team, while no one likes to play against her.

Well, except when she's in rotation, then everyone who is clueless picks her. *facepalm*

DON'T watch the champion spotlight, it's terrible! It ruins the champion! And she was HEAVILY nerfed after the champion spotlight post, so the things Phreak does there is not trustworthy as she's weaker now. PLUS I believe you will all agree that his spell sequence is AWFUL. Ok, enough with the negativity.

If you pick your Le-blaughn after this guide, they won't see you coming, but they will definately see you leaving. *huehue Nagrand cloak quote*

FUNFACT: LeBlanc's real name is Evaine. She has partially disowned her real name after taking the mantle of the matron of the society called The Black Rose - Emilia LeBlanc.
For more info try finding the observation of LeBlanc (LeBlanc judgment)

Guide Top

Pros / Cons

First of all, let's take a look at benefits that come with LeBlanc and her drawbacks.


    -She can rip out the hearts of most champions with a correct skill sequence, hence she's heavily strong
    -She can easily escape with her W skill (distortion), and if needed, double distortion (+ her ultimate)
    -She is a great counter to bruisers (powerhouses, whatever you call them) such as Renekton or Irelia, meaning she can't kill them, but she can constantly hold them at distance with Ethereal chains and distortion.
    -Her distortion skill is superfun. When running away, you can jump over the cliff and when they continue hunting you, you can click it again and return to your jumping position. That way you can easily PLAY with your opponents, and LeBlanc is all about playing and jeering :)
    -She has a great snowball potential (Buying Mejai is, in most cases, not a bad idea). I've seen tons of awful LeBlancs throwing the spells randomly without any order and still having a decent score afterwards. So Mejai all the way!
    -Upon activating the Q debuff (Which means if you damage an opponent with ANY other skill after you have already damaged your target with Q, they become silenced), you can keep your target silenced for up to 5 to 6 seconds. A real murder to Cassiopeia, Karthus, Urgot or any other ability-spamming champion.
    -She is a lane dominator. Among the best I've ever played. She basically pushes the enemy beneath the turret.
    -LeBlanc can assassinate a target that's recalling beneath the turret with ease. Although she's squishy, she can distort beenath the turret, throw Q+R and press W again to return.
    It's that easy!
    -She is one of rare AP champions that are good in Twisted Treeline (3v3). She can distort EVERYWHERE and no one can run from her. Try it!
    -Very strong at the beginning of the game and in the midgame.

    -LeBlanc is easy to learn, but hard to master. To grasp the gist of LeBlanc ,you should play more than 50 games with her - to see which opponents are weak towards her and which opponents are a threat.
    -She is generally very squishy. Double distortion+recommended flash should be enough :)
    -She is mostly useless against a health-heavy team. She then has to change the perspective and start using the utility of her spells instead of damage - meeaning she has to keep enemies at bay, or in teamfights, silenced.
    -She is not so strong in the end game.
    -Loses her potential in teamfights.

What do you think? Her pros really outweigh the cons :)

Guide Top


- Always take these for your red runes. Why do you need magic penetration? Because every champion has a couple of Magic Resist initially at the beginning of the game, so it will help your damage to pierce through the MR.
greater seal of replenishment - Since you won't have clarity, YOU WON'T, because when I see clarity on Leblanc, I go bleeeurrgh, you will need some mana regain, which combined with one or two doran's rings will fit perfectly to Leblan's eboliant charm.
This is the best glyph because a single glyph gives 1 AP. 9 of them give total of 9 AP combined with quintessences with flat AP - this will give your enemy chills and terror!
Arguably the best quintessences on her! Makes your early game FUN!

These are the runes I recommend. You can take if you think you are too squishy in the early game, but at the cost of your killing potential. That's the only alternative I recommend, I stick to these runes and all is good.

Guide Top

Evaine's spells

mirror image sigil of silence

mirror image Her passive basically creates a LeBlanc's clone. You see the clone in different color but the opponent can't tell the difference between you and the copy unless they attempt to check the inventory, wheather yours or the clones, but during the teamfight it takes time and can be really dreadful. Your clone DOES NO DAMAGE, it is here to decieve the enemies. You CAN control it by hitting the right mouse click along with ALT. It saved me countless of times. You wouldn't believe how many times the opponents casted on it, or . And it can swallow the bullet of and therefore save your life!

Q SPELL sigil of silence This is your strongest ability. It's your first spell because you might want to harass the enemy early on. It is a simple pew pew, target-to-hit spell that deals much damage. It's not like Kassadin's , it doesn't initially silence, but you have to throw another spell to silence an opponent. Upon silencing, the target will recieve additional amount of damage, so it's a waste to throw a Q without the following spell unless you are level 1. Having full mana on LeBlanc sucks, you always have to keep it regenerating, because it's a good feeling :D

W SPELL This used to be a really strong spell, but they nerfed it. First of all, the utility of this spell must be considered. You can jump over walls with it, meaning it's a great escape tool, BUT it's your early game harass tool!
Now, most Leblanc players do the following: They blink into the enemy area, throw a Q and then return back. I will explain now why I HATE THAT! It's terrible! Why? I'll tell you now. Because you waste mana for 2 spells, Q and W, and all you do to opponent is a simple Q damage without the trigger effect. Doesn't sound really potent to me... But what should you do? You should do this - Don't stand too far from the opponent. Keep him in your Q range. Once you throw the sigil of silence, instantly distort into the target. Your damage output is OUTRAGEOUS with that skill order. Q+W that is. I'll explain the combos afterwards.

E SPELL This skill doesn't have the damage potential, but it still blends pretty good to your combos :) Single chain does initial damage, and it's not much. Yet, if the enemy stays in range, they will become snared and take additional damage. If you throw a Q on a chained enemy, the following snare triggers both the sigil's silence and additional damage.

ULTIMATE The idea of this spell is to copy the last-casted spell in a more potent version (dealing the +percentage damage). You will always be aware of your last spell because the icon of it will be the purple version of the last-casted spell. For example, if your last spell was , you will see it in purple version instead of yellow. It's always good to cast mimic: sigil of silence and mimic: distortion, but DO NEVER USE mimic: ethereal chains. You will use it in the MOST extreme cases, against a team of bruisers where you have to keep them away with no ability to kill them because they are too strong and you didn't make time to buff up (I'd really like to picture that situation, I've never been in it, honestly)

So, basically, double distortion is ALWAYS for running away (defensive utility)
double sigil of silence is always for pew pew nuke (offensive utility)
double ethereal chains is a sign you still have to practice your Leblearrrugh.

And one more thing - the damage output your ultimate will do is based off its rank (which is logical) BUT with the rank of the previous casted spell also.

The final advantage of this ultimate is short cooldown, with a decent CDR you can keep it at 20-ish seconds.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

I strongly recommend these:

Flash is a good spell on her as your double distortion+flash makes you the unstoppable!
It can be used both defensively and offensively, altough, based on my experience, using flash as your offensive ability is mostly a bad idea. You wind up beneath their turret with distortion on cooldown (if it werent on cooldown, you wouldn't use the flash but distortion).
So use flash as your defensive spell only!
Ignite is a good compensation for the last 200 health you miss after you performed a full combo. Ignite is usually your finishing spell and you will see that you gathered more than 50% of kills with it. A great first blood tool also.


This will keep you in your lane and prevent you from being underleveled. Besides, if your team is using wards (I hope they do O_O), it's a good idea to teleport to the ward and surprise your enemy. The peak of the bloody harmony is probably when your team warded the jungle and their jungler looks too curious and simply stumbles upon you - Yea, well, jungler no more :D

This spell fits her playstyle well as you don't want your opponents to escape. The duration of exhaust is also long enough to finish your combo, so go ahead and try it :) I personally never used exhaust in any of my games, I'm just used to flash+ignite.

Ghost is a good spell also, BUT you should never pick ghost over the flash! So pick ghost instead of ignite of you like, but don't sacrifice the power of flash!
Ghost is good on LeBlanc to players that run away in linear direction, but you should always be aware of the environemnt. Teamfights in jungle are the best for you, that's why you should sometimes be camping there. You can chain someone over the wall, you can distort over the wall, you can flash over the wall, and ghost, well, ghost will keep you alive if you run over the lane, but you should be careful you are not in that position.
If you can't focus on walls, if you can't master the art of wall escaping, then stick to ghost, you won't be any less pro :)

This spell is worth to substitute with flash. Now I rarely use it, and never on LeBlanc, but i've seen a couple of good LeBlanc players who had cleanse. Cleanse followed by double distortion secures the immunity to ganking :)

I have no negative arguments for this spell, it's kind a annoying to your opponent when you heal after they thought you are definately dead, but still, there are better summoner spells than this - still, if you are used to heal, then pick it, or if you are harassed heavily. Still, teleport would be better then. Aw, I don't know, pick it if you want.


NO, JUST NO! You can effectively harass and still have no need for clarity. With mp/5 seals and doran's ring you will NEVER be in need of clarity. If you notice you have 20% of mana, just chill for a couple of moments, calmly continue last hitting with your basic attacks and that's it. Your mana is back. If you still have problems for some reason, ask someone to help you with blue buff - if you have no junglers and other 'I MUST HAZ BLUE BUFF' champs.

Other summoner spells aren't even an option.

Guide Top


For masteries I've picked regular mage masteries, 9/0/21 (scroll up - details) with 3 points in Quickness (very effective, you run towards the enemy faster :D) and, sadly, a point in greed. You need that money, believe me. That with Kage's lucky pick brings you Rabadon in under 30 minutes for sure.

Guide Top


Her build is very simple to my mind. Now some of you might disagree, but this is what I like to do:

I always start with . it gives me everything I need. +100 health is also a good idea as starting with 400 health makes you your opponents' favourite target. Basically, if you start with a tome, you lack the health, and since LeBlanc is very fragile, that 100 health is EXTREMELY essential. You will feel it if you neglect this advice.

You should return home when you have enough money for , and if you like, a couple of potions.

Now comes the dividing path of your items: you choose a path and your choice must be based on how your enemies look like.

If they have at least 2 squishy champions, then you should include...

You should include mejai soulstealer. You will get the stacks by killing the squishies. You should also keep Kage's lucky pick in your inventory to have another resource of cash. LeBlanc is not an endgame champion and you don't have this item to finish your build as soon as possible. You have this item to get A FEW essential items for your godlike killing spree such as and . Basically, the first expensive item you should finish is . Having mejai with it gives you tons of AP in early/mid game, giving you ability to terrify your opponents. You can, if you effectively farm and have a couple of kills, you can finish your Rabadon by 25-30 minutes. Don't upgrade Kage's lucky pick into right away, give it time to farm some cash. Still, having in your inventory is a good item, giving you the only CDR source you'll have (with blue, I guess). If they don't have in team, buy as your last item. This will give you much AP + the respected Zhonya's effect to survive the dangerous situations. Buying sounds good too.
To look in-depth guide to this path, scrool up to see the item sequence, it will be there.
If you perfomed well, your opponents will be weakened by 30-40 minutes and possibly surrender so endgame items are not to be discussed, but I still listed them if you reach that extent.

If they have less than 2 squishies in team, your build should look like this...

You will feel that this is another champion - really. LeBlanc is no one without the squishies. The huntress is nothing without her prey. Just don't buy Mejai because you can't effectively kill tough opponents. Still, you might want to spam as much as you can, so in that case you might want to finish as soon as possible to get the CDR, item ability (very useful against the non-squishies) and the mana regain for the ability spam.
You should include in your guide too to reach the CDR cap and you get even more MP/5 for more spell spamming!

Against such teams you will probably be forced to use the ultimate version of ethereal chains to control their positions, and also silence them as much as possible. That makes you perfect in non-squishy teams. Unfortunately, LeBlanc is kind a useless against these teams, that's why you wouldn't pick her in ranked matches if you see they have no squishies. In normal matches, however, you don't get to see your opponents so it's a gamble, really.

All being said, if you play against non-squishies, your build should be looking like this:

I also recommend in many cases, it's very useful. There is no AP on it, well that sucks, but still, survivability ftw :D Especially against karthus :D

As you may have noticed, I haven't mentioned a couple of mage-essential items, and now I will clarify why I haven't_______________

If you rush this item in the beginning, and you are probably doing that if you are willing to buy it so you can finish the passive on it, you are losing your AP bonus. YOur first item should be rabadon, really. Yes, you are getting health out of this, but LeBlanc is a champion of high agility, moving in and out of combats freewillingly. You are here to kill and get out, they shouldn't make time to damage you at all. Still, if you are total newbie for LeBlanc, do buy rod of ages. This will save your life :)

I don't recommend this at all. Rylai's passive won't be useful to LeBlanc in most cases, yet AP bonus and health bonus are quite attractive. But don't buy it because of the passive - it's useless to LeBlanc. She slows her opponents with her chain, also snares them and she has a potency of silencing her opponents, besides she is killing her targets almost instantly, hence, Rylai is a big no-no.

These boots are good on LeBlanc, but the magic penetration ones are better. You will get the CDR out of / , and magic penetration coming only from is just not enough.

I've seen this on couple of LeBlanc players. Congratulations to those who really manage to use the damage proc by basic attacking the enemy after each spell - seriously, when I play my leBlanc, I pop all the spells in a second or two. There's no time to basic attack, really.

Guide Top


LeBlanc has a weak basic attack, so it's slightly harder to last-hit with her. Don't use your spells to last-hit. Even though your greatest resource of cash will be the kills, you will still need a minion feedback. Still, if you find yourself farming somewhere in loneliness, that is probably not the best place for you to be. LeBlanc doesn't like to be lonely. She always needs company. Now go in another lane and find it - you might score a double kill :)

If you find yourself in a situation where you come to your turret and it's being overrun with minions, it's good to perform a double distortion to kill them all in a matter of seconds. Your ultimate is on low cooldown. Remember that the cooldown of your distortion spell and your mimic: distortion spell starts ticking once the 3-second ability to return expires. You can skip it by simply returning to starting position, and that's exactly what you should be doing when you distort to kill minions. True, you'd save 3 seconds with that, but what do you know, it just might save your life :)

Guide Top


If you play LeBlanc, you have to do everything with style. Therefore, her playstyle has to be stylish. This happened to me - I throw each spell on an opponent and he dies and I get paranoid that he still didn't die and I throw into nothing hoping I'd get that enemy. Doesn't look cool! You have to be cool and elegant!

First off, her classic skin looks great, but in my honest opinion, prestigious LeBlanc is the best and that's the skin I've got.

Ok, we settled for that :D

Once you arrive at the summoner platform, you buy your and head to the middle lane (preferably, of course, don't fight with your teammates if they want to go to middle lane.

Who should go to middle lane instead of LeBlanc?

Karthus - - It's essential that he reaches level 6 to get , his ultimate, if everyone's playing defensively, this skill can secure a first blood easily to your team.

Ezreal - - It's about his , ultimate that can also secure a first blood to your team.

Twisted Fate - - if he wants the lane, let him. He gives you nice passive (2 gold+ per minion kill), show some respect! Actually, you would do better probably, but still his ultimate can prove to be also a key to first blood - you never know.

Katarina - - she's pretty much like you. A good ganker, lane dominator and stuff. Let her if you wsnt to.


Who shouldn't go to the middle lane instead of LeBlanc?

Twitch -
That little rat! He is just too squishy.
He is a good ganker because he can go
into stealth, but you are way better.

Morgana - Orianna - Lux -

Morgana, Orianna and Lux are a type of champion called the light mage - or a supporting mage. They all three have the shields, hence they are effective when in team. This is the reason I'd rather put them in lanes than in the middle one. I hope you agree.

Caitlyn -

Heavy lane dominator! She will do perfect
job in top or bottom lane, enemies will
be forced to ask for a gank. That means
the laning phase is over, which is
a suicide because LeBlanc is set loose
from the middle lane in the wilderness!

Anivia -

Anivia is a good lane holder. But that's it.
She's a pure mage, having a great potential
in teamfights - and also in 2v2 fights.
That's why I'd recommend her for side lanes.
Besides, we have grown to a point where we
are interested in putting a ganker onto the middle lane.
Hence, Anivia is bad for middle lane. She has
the advantage of reaching the both lanes quickly,
but seriously, she can't do anything with that benefit.

Mordekaiser -

This guy is a beast at the moment of writing this guide,
but he's better off to the solo top lane to farm
and leave enemies clueless. BUT if your team another LeBlanc
and you find it difficult to fight LeBlanc with LeBlanc (That's not odd),
send out your Mordekaiser. I'm sure LeBlanc won't be able to do anything.

Other middle-lane champions have somewhat the same potential as LeBlanc, although it's highly debatable. I'll leave that to you.

- Now that we've seen the lane order, we head to whatever lane we are assigned to with our .

- Throw one snowball at the most vulnerable opponent in lane just so your mana starts regenerating (Having full mana means you took no action). After you reach level 2, you will get the opportunity to harass your enemies with combo VI., you will later see what I'm talking about - in-depth described combos you can pull off with your champion! Very useful!
Anyway, try to perform harassing combos as much as you can, but still keeping safe from the opponent. At level 6, if you see no possibility of killing your enemies or they have for some reason recalled, it's time you went to another lane and ganked.

OR if you were forced to recall due to 100 health left, you MUST go to another lane because they will most likely not report you missing - perfect chance to gank!
You don't need your ultimate to do a perfect gank, but it's still a good secure. I never gank before level 6. Real LeBlanc players gank! This way you can score a couple of kills in early game, having an extra source of cash during the game.

Don't forget to last-hit minions, but only with basic attack. You don't have clarity so you can't spam your spells. Besides, you can't afford long cooldown on Distortion.

What to do in teamfights?

When you feel teamfight will happen, always hide nearby in a brush or behind the edge - somewhere where your opponents won't see you. You are doing this so they have no idea you are there, thinking it's a good thing to engage a fight. Once they do, you jump out immediately and take down their weakest target - Teemo, Twitch, Ashe, Caitlyn, Lux, Orianna, Cassiopeia, Katarina etc. - they all are your target.

If there is no squishy target, you will have to focus on silencing them. There is a nice way of silencing 2 champions right away. Throw a snowball at one and another snowball at another (they have to stand near to each other, and they probably will because its a teamfight after all), and then blink into them. They will be silenced for a duration - you can also throw a chain at one champion.

Guide Top

Creeping / Jungling

LeBlanc can't jungle.

No, you can't try it.

Guide Top

What combos can LeBlanc pull off?

We all know that champions in this game are divided on fighters and non-fighters. Definition is clear. But I like to look at LeBlanc as a fighter. True, she's nothing like Lee Sin or Irelia, but she's a fighter with a new definition. Picture her as a Tekken character. Every character in Tekken has an unique set of moves they can pull off in order to acheive a certain combo. LeBlanc has been given 3 moves herself, and of course the fourth being a copy of a previous move. There is a challenge presented to a LeBlanc champion - you have to investigate combos she can do. NAW YOU DON'T, I'm here to tell you!

(On the sidenote: don't you think LeBlanc is kind a like Anna Williams?)

So, combos are skill sequences with different results.

If LeBlanc manages to pull off a whole combo, she just wasted


of mana.
Think twice if it's time to recall or stay and farm. I'm talking about the early/mid game, of course.

So here's the list of the combos I can think of, I'll also describe what are the results and are they worth doing. :)


+Sigil of silence++ and if needed +

If you perform this combo, you used LeBlanc to the fullest potential. There are few positions you might want to pull this off...

1) in a lane chillin and enemy champion gets into your range. What do you do? You try to get him with your chain. That should be the first thing to do - your E skill. After you did that. Throw a Q and R. Don't do it fast. You want him to feel a looooong silence duration! And then, when he has a handful of hit points, just distort into him and murder him beneath your high heels! If he still manages to crawl away, ignite him and do the catwalk back to your turret. Aw, aw, I'm enjoying this!

2) You should do this more often! It's too fun. Try to foresee where your enemy might pass. Always keep your looks on minimap and see if silly Twisted Fate went to middle from top lane. If he did, you go to a camping middle brush on a river. Once he arrives, fling your chains at him, and then perform that combo. After he's grasped by your chain, throw a snowball and another ultimate snowball on him. Then blink into him, make him suffer! Finally, if he doesn't die, throw an ignite on him.

Let's do a short damage revision.
-initial damage from
-initial damage from sigil of silence
-additional damage from sigil of silence
-initial damage from which was actually another sigil of silence
-additional damage from
-additional damage from which is actually another sigil of silence
-damage from
-damage from

I know you like it :)


sigil of silence+++ and if needed +

Ok, let's explain the situation where you'll use this combo. If you are a mid champion, and you should be in most cases, your opponent might find himself hiding behind his minions. No way you'll grab him with chains there because unfortunately, the chain grabs minions as well. So what COULD you do to use LeBlanc to her fullest again but avoid the minion barricade. Easy peasy!

First you throw your snowball pewpew at him, and then another snowball pewpew but this time more potent, and then you blink into the opponent and chain him. After the chain snares him, congratulations, you used her right. Damage is the same, but you might wonder why do I prefer the previous combo over this one?

Because if I catch an enemy with a chain as my first ability, I'm more aware I'll do the full combo. If I miss my chain, I'll wait for 5-8 seconds and it'll be back from cooldown, and i'll try it again. BUT if I do this combo and in the middle of it I MISS with my chain, which is a skillshot if you hadn't noticed, I lost the battle. It's only because of that silly chain!

If we do a damage revision again, you will see that the damage, supposed you didn't fail with the chain, the damage is equal as in the previous combo - meaning your opponent is DEAD.


++sigil of silence+And if needed+

So you find yourself again in the middle and your opponent is playing TOO defensively. You can't perform either of the previous combos. They are out of your chain and snowball range. There is only one way to reach them - by blinking into them!
Yes, that's exactly what you should do. If they don't want to come to you, you will come to them - right on their terf! You will blink into them and throw a chain almost instantly right at them so they don't get away. Then you do Q+R, but you have to do it fast because R's additional damage must pop from the snare chain will do. I sincerely hope you are following me, because the explanation is not so simple. You have to throw 2 snowballs while your opponent is on the chains so they take the full damage. When the combo is over, your opponent MUSTN'T have the debuff saying 'If this target takes damage from one of Leblanc's abilities, it will take additional damage and be silenced for xy seconds'. That debuff MUST be consumed by the chain proc. It's the last damage resource.

Again, the revision of the damage will say that it's equal to previous 2 combos. It's just, again, about the chain, it's always about the chain.

There are also a couple of combos that should be mentioned...


+sigil of silence+ And if needed +

Let's see this one. You find yourself in the middle surrounded with your teammates, and on the other side is their group. They have weakened Ashe with -let's say- 400 health. She's not afraid because she has her teammates around her. She keeps the distance so no one can actually harass her - well, she didn't hide from LeBlanc. Everything is silent, everything is careful, each person is carefully looking at the screen, watching out for the first step into teamfight, waiting for initiator. LeBlanc is out of the plan. She's going all around behind their team, distorting INTO their terf, quickly throwing 2 snowballs and returning back to her position. Ashe is dead, and their Taric never made time to cast a stun on LeBlanc. Now that's funny - but that's what LeBlanc does.

This combo needs tons of skill - you have to have fine reflexes when jumping into them, you have to carefully plan it so you don't get stunned, hence killed on their terf and stuff. It's invented to murder low health targets from the safe distance - my favourite!


++sigil of silence

Soooooo you chase Mordekaiser. You can't kill him and he doesn't want to kill you because he knows your team is on their way to reach you and Mordekaiser. It's a waste to dish out your combos on Mordekaiser because you simply can't harm him at all, so what do you do... You chain him and then quickly chain him again. You will notice that at a certain moment he will be held by two chains - at that moment you throw your snowball and finally silence him. Result? Two snares and a silence - this will keep him at his place long enough for your team to come and murder him. Congratulations!

This combo is all about utility and nothing about damage - there are certain champions LeBlanc can't confront.


sigil of silence+

Your favourite early game harassing tool. You get in a snowball range, throw your snowball at the foe and then suddenly jump on your opponent. It will do a massive damage. Since your opponent is silenced, you can throw a few basic attacks and then return to your position.
Best to use at level 2 - great punishment and sometimes secures a first blood. Well, mostly.

NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER try to do the opposite.
Never distort into their range and send out a single snowball. Your mana is basically wasted for a single initial snowball damage - that isn't even much, but you find yourself on long cooldown of distortion and without mana. Don't do it. Only when you're sure it will kill your opponent.


sigil of silence++

You send out a single snowball and then distort right into them, silencing them for a couple of seconds. Then you grab them with your chain and basic attack them to death.
It's mostly used at level 4, because that's when you pick your first chain skill. You can pick it at 3 if your opponents are too hard to kill - all up to you.

This is a simple harassing combo - nothing special, at early levels or at higher levels when you don't want to waste your ultimate.


+sigil of silence+

Your enemy approaches the range of your chain. What do you do? You chain him! And then throw a ball at him and blink into him to death! Simple harassing tool invented for aggressive foes. Useful when you don't have your ultimate, or you don't want to waste it.

1st combo is for camping (when you wait for someone in brush) and for aggressive opponents who approach right into your chain range without any minions nearby.

2nd combo is for opponents that are aggressive, yet they stay behind the minions in fear you will catch them with your chain.

3rd combo is for cowardly opponents who are afraid to come anywhere close to you - you might feel like your opponents are like that most of the time, and if you do, then it's a success! They have no idea you've got another ace up your sleeve, and it's this combo!

4th combo is for low health opponents who think they are safe at their positions. How foolish!

5th combo is for holding your enemies at the position and keeping them silenced at the cost of your damage. Worth doing when you know you won't pull off much damage, consider the utility for this combo, it can be trustworthy in thousands of situations.

6th combo is for harassing in the early game. My favourite combo as it can bring the first blood. The damage is outrageous, after you do it, many opponents write in /all chat 'oh-em-gee leblanc op'

7th combo is a neutral harassing combo with no need of wasting your ultimate. Useful against champs who hide behind the minions, meaing you can't grab them with your chain.

8th combo is also a neutral harassing combo with no need of wasting your ultimate. Useful against aggressive meelees.

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Other champions when confronted by LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a real huntress. A whole set of LoL champions represent her prey.
I will make a list of champions that are surely dead after her combos (labeled with red letters above) if they don't have a health or MR item. (even those items don't gurantee they will survive). You have to focus them and make sure they don't focus you (in teamfights mostly), because for example Morgana can put on her spell shield and that will decrease the damage output. Also, Zilean's ultimate will save his life. It's important they don't notice you and target you.

There are champions I recommend not to go in 1v1 battle with...

- Once he throws his silence, he basically shuts you for the time you would already cast your full combo. Hence, you are extremely weak against him. It's not good if he goes to mid against you.

- She's a big thread on level 1 and 2. It's somewhat hard to stop her from harassing you with her , but at level 4 when you have your chain and thousands of ways to keep her silenced, she's a dead meat.

- Probably the weakest champion LeBlanc ever fought with. Still, he's a threat at level 1 and 2 because of the harassing spells.

- he's a threat all the way. Tough to kill with a constant damage source. Dodge his bombs.

- If fed, your is casted in vain because she can jump on you. And you can do it again, but she can jump on you again. You can't run away, unfortunately. Best to keep yourself away from fed Akali.

- He's the best mage-confronter. If you are playing against him, you should build some MR. Most probably , because he'll pick you as his ultimate target. His ultimate, as a reminder, does damage based on his AP + his target's AP.

- you can't kill him because he's not fragile and he has the shield that will consume your damage and do absolutely nothing to his health - so don't throw your spells at him.

- He's too tanky. Obvious reasons.

- run away if you suspect he will cast his ultimate on you. You don't want to get stunned because his team will most likely nuke you instantly afterwards.

- He's unable to kill by you, but still you can hold him on chains and silenced. If he casts his ultimate, you can easily distort out, leaving him trapped in it.

- He can jump on you and stun you and everything else you know. Still, if he doesn't see you, you can kill him with any full damage combo (first three mentioned above)

- Sivir has the shield that can consume one of your spells. Don't waste it!

- you have to be careful when confronting him. If you send out your ultimate snowball and he turns into a pool of blood at the same moment, your ultimate will go on cooldown while doing no damage to him. Still, if he's on your chain and he pools, that won't release him, he will be snared anyway.

- if he casts his ultimate, that will spare his life so don't waste your combos.

- same as Nasus.

- Too tough. Besides, if you blink away in danger, he can fly right to you because of his abilities. I'm not a Lee Sin player, but I've seen him do that and - yeah - can be fatal.

- if he casts , blink out of the area immediately and chain him. Throwing Q will silence him after the snare.

- for some reason I always had trouble fighting this fella on middle. His turrets and his missiles can be really strong. Still, in teamfights, you can devour him.

- don't jump to her turret if she didn't waste her passive egg. It's a waste. Once her egg is on cooldown, you jump in to score the kill!

- you just hate having her with her heals and her passive MR, oh and her silence!

- he's always sooo tough, I hate this guy!

- Her passive, , reduces damage from each of her abilities because each snowball takes more than 10% for sure. Distortion also.
But if she casts , show her that she picked the wrong target :) After the combo, if she's not dead, run away and let your team finish her off or wait for your cooldowns nearby in the safe area.

- because of his constant heals and his possible spell vamps, you don't want to waste your combos only to take a half of his health bar.

- Don't let him approach you. Keep him on your chain away from you, otherwise you might wind up dead in 3 sword swings of his. You can damage him because he probably won't have any health or MR items, and once he turns his ultimate, wait for 3 seconds (you can help yourself with the chain), and then drop the , that will kill him if Soraka doesn't suddenly heal him.

- Although he deals percentage of the damage, he's among the best 1v1 champions. Lifting you up in the air will most likely kill you, or at least disable you from running away. Keep him at the safe distance.

- keeping yourself at the safe distance against this champion might be pretty suicidal. He has two skills that will enable him to damage you on the distance. If you suspect he plans to kill you from the wide range, blink into him and share the justice.

- deal the full combo only when you are 100% positive her ultimate is on cooldown. Otherwise it's a waste.

- His disable can prove to be deadly to LeBlanc, as the target he picks is most likely picked by the rest of the group. His saplings can harass LeBlanc in lane also, and , his ultimate, can reduce your damage greatly. Don't nuke anyone inside the ring.

- She is really tanky even without the tank items. Her passive, , will reduce the duration of your snare, + she might build . That means double snare reduce.

- Garen is nowadays more of a bruiser than a tank, so you have to be careful with his damage output on you. If he silences on you and starts spinning and following you, you can't blink out because you are silenced. That's why you have to keep him away.

- She has longer range than you, so you might want to throw spells rather than let her basic attack you. If she happens to cast , move your LeBlanc copy in the line to block the bullet. (Already mentioned that tip but in case you missed it)

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The conclusion

I sincerely hope this guide helped you in your LeBlanc doubts. Of course, the item build, the masteries' build as well as the runes' build is not fixed, it can be customized depending on your own playstyle and habits.

To my mind, she's the champion I play the best, she satisfies me because she's fun and strong. Of course, a real punishment to newbies also.

As my signature to all being said, I'll post my match history list as well as my LeBlanc triumph the other day.

First score is not so wow, but I'd like to point out that I occasionally play her and I'm usually on a killing streak :)

This is by far my best score with her, I've heard many people saying they had even better scores, but I didn't. :)
Take a look...

As you can see, I was being a newbie when I scored this, and then I thought I really was a fine LeBlanc player. My build was hideous, I would change it now if could, but when you are overfed, you start building silly things out of happiness. Only two hundred victories back then.

I hope you like my guide. I tried to pierce into details so you get really familiar with my playstyle, and base yours on mine. I would be honored if someone actually said they used my guide. I always wanted to be a tutor!

This is my first guide, I gave my best in making it. It's not perfect in aesthetics, but be gentle on voting.

Have a lovely day, and a lovely killing streak with LeBlanc.
It's all smoke and mirrors.