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Lee Sin Build Guide by ImVengeance

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImVengeance

Lee sin my way the basic guide

ImVengeance Last updated on November 13, 2013
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Welcome to my guide on lee sin, now after playing lee sin for the last month I've decided to make a guide on the way I like to play lee sin, with him being such a versatile champion I'll try to leave options and will Improve the guide upon feedback.

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For my lee sin runes I run 9 ad marks, 9 Armour seals, 6 MR glyphs, 3 MR per level glyphs and movement speed quits.

9x AD Marks

I run standard AD marks for faster clear in the jungle, If you want to go for more early game kill potential you can run armour pen.

9x Armour Seals

Standard armour seals for physical resistance and to survive in the jungle at early levels.

6x MR/ 3x MR per level

Now this is a combination I've had good success with now when it comes to jungling you will spend most of your time early game in the jungle farming. So mr per level runes allow you to have more mr later game and since you won't be using it a lot early game it is a good option. Now I've got 6 flat mr as lee sin because his early ganks are really strong so for ganking mid you'll need some flat mr. MR per level runes only pass flat mr in stats after level 9 so I find a good mixture of both nice on lee.

3x MS quints

Although a lot of junglers are currently going for defensive boots (ninja tabi/merc treds) I find when it comes to lower elo that much action happens you need to be really mobile and with the tenacity from spirit of the ancient golem it allows for me to purchase boots of mobility and with movement speed quints and lee sins mobility you can pretty much be in every fight as long as you aren't too far away.

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I'm taking 4 points in CDR because if you utilize lee sins passive you will have enough attack speed and the CDR will allow for faster clear times. I also take 2 points In butcher yet again for fast clear time. The other 12 points are in the standard AD tree taking damage/AD/Armour pen.


Taking 4 points in Durability (hp per lv) So I can get access to veteran scar's which gives us an extra 30 starting hp for more hp and we get the hp per level from Durability. Taking the points in tough skin and bladed Armour for more tank in the jungle for easier clear times. Taking summoner's Resolve (improved smite) for 10g every time smite is used for this exact reason I suggest using smite whenever it is up apart from When objectives are about to come up (blue/red/dragon/baron) and my last 2 points in hardness for some extra early game defense.

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Items Explanation

Starting Items
Using a standard jungle start of hunters machete and 5 health pots.

Early game/first back
I will usually go for spirit stone for faster clear and depending on how much money I have if i can afford a ruby sight stone I'll buy one of them if not boots of speed + 2 wards

Mid game
Usually aim for spirit of the anceint golem + boots of mobo + sightstone in early mid game then randuin's.

Why randuin's over sunfire?
For new lee sin players the reason you get randuin's on lee over sunfire cape is when you play lee in teamsight you should be either peeling for your carries which the active or randuin's helps with or using your ult to kick one of the enemy carries into your teams and you jump into there team you can use randuin's active to slow them then Q (sonic wave) onto there carry then R (Dragons rage) and them leave the enemy team and rejoin your team with resonating strike

Late game
If you manage to get to late game with lee sin it's better for you to peal in these situations so you have the option to buy more tank items which I have suggested a few I can't predict what teams you will play against so you'll have to use your brain on this one if its there ad that's fed get more armour in is ap more magic resit.