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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ss95

Leona - The Radiant Dawn

Ss95 Last updated on June 28, 2013
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WARNING: This guide contains tons of text which is necessary to cover every aspect of supporting. If you're looking for a quick read, then find another guide.

So I guess by the time you look up this guide you have decided to play Leona as a support. This mean you're gonna support. Do I recommend supporting? Yes, but not for the reasons why most players play league of legends. There is no glory in supporting. You get 0 credits for anything. Your ADC gets fed? He'll get all the credit. You're the man in the background, the backbone of any team. You carry, make plays, take the blame if the game goes wrong. I guess you could say, if you feel a little dramatic, that you're "the dark knight" of league of legends. You're not the man your team deserves, but you're the man they NEED. So, why do I love supporting? Because I know, that if I don't do it, other people will do it wrong. People tends to think that supporting is easy. They are delusional. Supporting is hard and if your support is bad it means your bot lane loses. If your bot lanes loses 2/5 people on your team will fall behind and feed. So better to do the job right yourself.

So now I made support sound all ****ty and boring right? It can be, but I also believe it is the role in the game which will improve your mechanics the most. When you start playing support you'll notice that your map awareness will get better, your game sense will get better, your calls will get better, your communication skills will get better, you will land more skill shots and your decision making will be faster and better. You improve in every way when you play support so even if you main something else like mid, it is still good for you, as a player, to play support for some time. I believe you should be able to play every role decently or atleast have an understanding of the lane if you want your skill level to increase.

Who am I? I am a gold 2 dude (ignore what mobafire says.. check me up yourself), who just tries to have fun, win a couple of games and get better. And no, elohell doesn't exist.

Oh well that was my golden words. Now lets get on with it. But first lets listen to some wise words:

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So lets talk about my runes. What do I get and why. So I believe there is four viable ways to assemble your rune page as Leona and it depends on your playstyle. So lets talk a bit about them all:

Greater Mark of Armor x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Greater Quintessence of Health x3

I play a very high risk - high reward kind of Leona. This works very well for me. I push early, hit level 2 before my enemies and engage. Then I wait for level 3 so I have all my abilities and I engage again. I keep looking for moments of opportunities. I play very ballsy. Because of this I need the tankyness. Even though Eclipse makes you tanky I still find that the extra armor and HP works wonders for me.

Greater Mark of Armor x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Greater Quintessence of Gold x3

Here we go for a little bit more of a passive play I guess. We get a little bit more income (3 more pr. 10 seconds) because of our quints. I am not a big fan of those because I don't think they're important after the passive gold income got increased with season 3. But I guess you can use them if you want to. You lose a bit of tankyness but Eclipse is still a powerful ability to keep you alive so it is still possible to play aggresive with these runes. I don't like them but some people do. Try it out.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Greater Quintessence of Health x3

This is another variant of the aggresive play style. Here you go for increased damage output but lose tankyness. It is very viable but I don't think it is worth. You only get 8 magic pen which I don't really think helps that much with your kit. But try it out and see if it fits your play style.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Greater Quintessence of Gold x3

I hate these runes and I find them terrible, but I know some people prefer them so I thought I would just add them. You sacrifice A LOT of tankyness for damage and income. I really don't like the trade you make and I find that you rely waaay too much on Eclipse. If someone manages to dodge the proc so you don't get the double tanky duration then you're pretty much screwed. I don't recommend these, but try them out and make up your own mind.

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This is the only mastery page I ever use.

This mastery page increase my offensive summoner, my tankyness and the utility I can offer my team. It doesn't increase my offensive stats which would be decent as an aggresive support but I still think this page is superior and the only effective way to assemble your page.

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As a support we need items which makes us tanky and boosts our team. But some items are more important than others. I will show you which support items I consider tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.

These are the boots I get the most. They are cheap and makes us tankier. Most teams consists of either 2 or 3 AD's so these boots are pretty good most of the time.

If the enemy team has a lot of CC or magic damage I get these. They are slightly more expensive than Ninja Tabi but still pretty awesome.

This is a very powerful support ítem. It buffs up your entire team with a lot of regen and magic resistance and a little bit of armor. It also buffs your minions, making a siege a lot easier. This item makes both you and your team incredibly tanky. A must have on most teams unless you don't face any AD champs. Very usefull against AOE comps

Of course you are going to get this. I mean, duh, you are playing Leona with the Iron Solari skin... right? RIGHT? Joke aside, this is a very good item too, especially vs. aoe combos and full AD comps where Aegis of the Legion isn't that effective. I would say that 90% of any team needs both an Aegis of the Legion + an Locket of the Iron Solari. Talk to your jungler and find out who gets which item. Because often he'll want to pick up either one of them or even both.

This items is very good at certain things. If you rely on disengage or engage this item is amazing. The build path is also pretty good because it builds from Philosopher's Stone. I don't always get this item, but it is really really good.

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone is NOT a must on supports which many believe. Not after the passive gold income got increased. But it is still really really really good. Especially if you plan on building Shurelya's Reverie. Get this if you're equal or ahead of your lane opponent. If you fall behind DO NOT get this, because it will just make you too squishy and the bonus gold is not worth it.

This is a must get on ANY support. It is a much better item than Philosopher's Stone because it grants more gold pr. 5 sec, in the form of wards, than Philosopher's Stone (you save A LOT of money on wards), plus it makes you tanky. I rush it vs. most botlanes.

They are actually pretty good for soloqueue because Leona can be a pretty good roamer. You HAVE to put them to good use though, because in lane they're pretty useless. I get them sometimes, but I am more of a laner than a roamer when I play Leona so not that often.

They're all right if you need to get more CDR fast. Not a huge fan of them on Leona though. But they are viable enough.

zeke's heraldzeke's herald
This item is decent if atleast 3 members on your team relies on attack damage and lifesteal. The build path is also pretty horrible.

A pretty good item to get mid/late game if you can afford it. In mid/late game ADC's starts to hurt and if you CC them and get in their face they'll be forced to focus you which will reduce his attack speed. A pretty good item on Leona.

Normally I consider Frozen Heart a really good item. But not that much on Leona because of the stats. The mana is wasted and if I need to be more tanky I could get Randuin's Omen. The passive on it is pretty good though. I prefer Randuin's Omen but it is VERY situational.

Kage's lucky pickKage's lucky pick
An additional source of gold. It's alright if we choose to build Twin Shadows. But I find it pretty bad on Leona because we waste the stats.

I don't like this item on Leona. You waste a lot of the stats and I just feel that you could find a lot of other items which would suit you better.

This item is not worth it in my opinion. It removes CC from a person on your team and heals him but the stats are mediocre and the CD is pretty long. I don't think I have bought this more than once on Leona.

You don't need any of the stats so they're basicly wasted. The aura is alright but I have never in my life bought this item on Leona and I don't think I ever will. I can see why it COULD be useful, but not worth it.

Worst item in the game. Waste of gold. It disables towers for 7.5 seconds and it costs 3k gold. For the amount of money you spend on this, you could have bought a Randuin's Omen and tanked the tower for 7.5 seconds plus slowing the enemies movement speed and attack speed.

Three words. Not. Worth. It. It is just as bad as Ohmwrecker. The stats are pretty ****ty and it has a 3 min cooldown. I only get this if.. I have no idea when I would get this to be honest.

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This is my favorite summoner spell on Leona. I know I put Exhaust up in the cheat sheet but that was mostly just to not get instant downvoted because of the 90% of supports who thinks Exhaust is superior in any way. So why do I like Ignite so much? Because of my playstyle. You have two times in lane where you can attack with a HUGE advantage and I use them to the fullest. Level two and level six. Level two is when you hit level two before your enemy and you then make a quick engage. Level two ignite will deal 90 TRUE damage. Combined with your full burst you alone can burst up to like 360 damage (with your passive procced). Here I take standard early game armor and magic resistance into account. A standard level one ADC has like 400 hp + barrier which means you have a little more than 500 hp. This means that if your ADC can deal 140 damage you'll have first blood or he'll have blown both his long cooldown summoner spells. Level 6 is the same story. You hit level 6 before them and make a quick engage and burst them down before they can react. Exhaust is decent for this too, but with almost 100 Leona games in ranked (and a lot of games in normal) I really prefer Ignite. Also Exhaust only reduces damage and attack speed for a low amount of time.

Another pretty good summoner spell. I pick this against assassin's where I HAVE to reduce their burst (like Zed and Kha'Zix) or bruisers who relies on attack speed and will dive in for my ADC (like Xin Zhao and Jayce).

Only reliable secondary summoner spell. You can use it flash and engage or flash and disengage. A very powerful summoner spell and a must have on Leona.

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There is two ways to level leona. R>W>Q>E (which is what I do) or R>W>E>Q. Both are viable and depends on your playstyle so don't comment something like "you should really go e after w it is sooooo much better". Yes, it CAN be better but only in some situations. Even high elo LCS players disagrees on this topic. I prefer Q unless I am in certain matchups where my leveling might change a bit. Oh well, more about that later.

Leona's passive Sunlight. It is very powerful and very good at most stages in the game. When you use an ability it places a mark on the target. When an ally attacks or uses an ability on that target he procs the mark and it deal damage. You can not proc it alone which is why you never see Leona anywhere but support. This passive wins lane. If you manage to get all your abilities marks proc'd you'll deal insane amounts of damage. A really really good passive and it is really effective if you have an aggresive playstyle.

Leona's Q Shield of Daybreak. It is a 1.25 stun which procs when you hit. This is what I max second. I like the peel it gives and the Flash- Shield of Daybreak combo is pretty sick. Rank 5 it has 7 sec cooldown, and it gets below 5 seconds with CDR. A very strong peeling tool. So why do I max this second instead of my Zenith Blade even though Zenith Blade deals more damage? Because I like the additional peel a low CD on Shield of Daybreak gives. But it is just my personal preference. I have tried both and I find maxing Shield of Daybreak second superior to maxing Zenith Blade second.

Leona's W Eclipse. This is what makes me able to have the ballsy playstyle I have. It damages a lot and it gives you 70 armor and 70 magic resistance rank 5. I max this first. It procs every enemy it hits. Either use it right before you jump in with Zenith Blade for a fast damage and mark, or use it AFTER you used Zenith Blade for a longer self-buff duration. Depends on how long you think the fight will be. Often a bot lane engage takes around 3-4 seconds so most of the time you use it before you use Zenith Blade

Leona's E Zenith Blade. This ability marks every enemy it goes through and you jump to the last enemy it hits. It snares for 0.5 seconds. This is what you'll use most of the time as an engage. Pretty good for locking down targets. I max this last. Can max it second though.

Leona's R Solar Flare. This is what gives Leona such a high skill cap. This is one of the hardest ultimates to land perfect in teamfights and it craves a lot of fast decision making. It stuns anyone caught in the center of the ultimate and slows anyone caught in the edge of the ultimate. This ultimate can win a fight alone if you hit the right, or enough, people. Not that you will ever get acknowledged for winning a team fight. It also marks anyone it hits.

  • Try to hit as many people in a teamfight with your abilities to spread the mark, but don't tunnel vision on this. Your main priority is to CC key targets and keep your team alive.
  • When you combo try to make sure you don't combo too fast so your marks go to waste.

  • When you use Zenith Blade to an enemy you'll auto-hit the closest enemy. If you manage to hit a target behind the one you were aiming on you'll end up stunning the wrong target.
  • You can clear wards with this ability because it resets auto-attacks. Just auto-attack - Q - auto-attack and you can clear a ward alone before it goes invisible.

  • Use it to help your ADC push when needed. Great at getting all the creeps low without taking them.
  • Great baiting tool. You can turn fights even when you're low on HP because it makes you incredibly tanky.

  • You can dive through the enemy's front line and CC their key targets if your own carries are safe.
  • A good tool to help pushing because it marks all targets it hits. E an entire wave then have your ADC proc them.
  • A great ability to navigate team fights. Are you out of position? Zenith Blade to a target and get to a safety. Are they zerging your priority targets? Zenith Blade to them and stun them
  • When you aim, aim so that Zenith Blade hits them on the edge of the skill shot, and the rest hits either to the right or left of the person. This means, that if they try to dodge they might just walk right into it.

  • Always try to aim a little bit behind your enemy then instantly run forward. People will react to you running forward and will step back right into your ultimate. Works more often than not.
  • Think about when you use it teamfights but don't hesitate too much! Use it to disable their carries or keep your own alive. But don't wait too long. You want to land it BEFORE they use their abilities.
  • Don't be afraid to try. If you miss it is a relative short cooldown and everytime you try your aim gets better. If you're scared of missing you will always miss.

--> -->

This is your standard combo. You use Zenith Blade as an engage then immidietely use Shield of Daybreak to stun the target so he can't react. Then you use Solar Flare right after. the moment he gets out of the stun from Shield of Daybreak he will get stunned again. Basic, very safe combo. But because it is so basic your enemies knows it and expects it. Atleast they should

--> -->

This combo is a little more surprising because you might not expect the Solar Flare. It is also a little bit tricky because if you miss just a little bit with Solar Flare you only slow and you might never get in range of Zenith Blade

--> --> -->

This is the best Leona combo to do. You surprise your enemy which is always good. You
also combo him without using Zenith Blade which is even better. Because if they chooses to Flash you can just Zenith Blade after them and you ADC might be able to catch up. I have caught soooo many ADC's and supports who thinks they're safe out of position by doing this. It is a risky move because you use a long cooldown summoner spell but if you do it properly it is worth it.

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Laning is one of the most important aspects of league of legends. It is where many games are decided especially in yoloqueue. In this chapter I will talk about how you'll apply pressure to a lane, who you'll want to lane with and who you'll want to lane against. I will write important cooldowns you HAVE to remember when you lane, and some tips. So lets get started. This is going to be a lot of text. I will try to make it easy read BUT it is still going to be A LOT of reading.

Aaaaaalrighty. Bot lane contains 2 bushes. When you are in a bush you are invisible. Basic knowledge, I know, yet still important. When you invisible you apply pressure WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. When you are in a bush the enemy ADC can not go past that bush. He knows that you can Zenith Blade to him if he steps too far out. So he has to stay away. This is called "zoning". But what if the enemy support wards the bush where we're hiding? Then we either try to remove the ward with the combo I explained earlier or we simply pink ward it. Now you have succesfully zoned them. Have your own ADC step forward to prevent their support from simply standing in the bush and being "a living ward". If he face checks the bush simply just stun him and chunk him.

Another way to zone is to pink ward river/tribush depending on which side of the map you have. This gives the illusion that a jungler could come and gank. They'll be scared now and if you suddenly engage they might run off without counter trading because they think that there is a jungler. This is how you apply pressure in bot lane. Also remember to keep lanes and river/tribush warded and try to think WHERE and WHEN you would gank X lane as a junger. This gives you the idea if you can play aggresive or not.

Also remember minions. Minions are an amazing zoning tool in botlane. DO. NOT. FIGHT. IN. MINIONS. Minions deals A LOT of damage early game and will kill you if you screw up. Minions are the greatest zoning tool in the lane. If you are hiding in a bush, but minions are pushing past that bush you'll have to fall back because you can not fight or straight up tank the minions. So ALWAYS watch the minions. When my duo partner and I stomp bot 4/5 games it is mostly due to people ignoring minions. SO REMEMBER THE MINIONS! Pheeewww that was a lot of text. More incomming!

Lastly remember to push early. XP is EVERYTHING in lane. If you fall behind on levels you fall behind on stats and on abilities. So push early to get an xp advantage, try to hit level 2 before them and then engage. Just NEVER get shoved into tower. Leona is useless under tower because if you engage your ADC loses A LOT of minions to tower. So try to hold the minions in the middle of the lane. Not too close to either your or their tower.

So when should you pick Leona? And when should you NOT pick Leona? Let us start looking at when we SHOULD pick Leona:

: 2/5

Ashe is bad with Leona. Really bad. If there is one thing she lacks it is early game damage. Her level 1-2 is great but unless you manage to get a kill there you will lose out. Her damage output is simply too low till she gets items. It can work with the CC you get level 6 but the damage just isn't high enough to make up for it. I would recommend picking something a little bit more poke heavy with Ashe like Lulu or Zyra.

: 2/5

Caitlyn is alright with Leona but lacks damage just like Ashe. It can still work with small trades and such, but overall it is a weak lane, because Caitlyn WANTS to push, push, push and that makes you pretty useless. It CAN work but it is kinda meh... Again I recommend something with a little more poke.

: 2/5

For a looong time ago this lane was amazing because Corki's Gatling Gun would proc your passive so you could just spam your abilities without having to time them withyour ADC's auto-attacks. But Corki is pretty useless right now due to his mana cost being way too high. IF someone picks Corki, Leona might be the best pick to suit him, but it is still kind of ****ty.

: 5/5

This lane is stupid. The only lane which is stronger might be Draven + Thresh, but I am not even sure on that. This lane is insanely strong. You outdamage ANYONE at ANYTIME in lane. You can make the worst engages and come out ahead simply because Draven hits for 100+ at level 2. An early engage with Leona is often first blood. I don't know how the change to Draven's passive will change the lane but we'll see. Just make sure that you'll use this lane to its fullest potential because most ADC's outscale Draven HARD.

: 4/5

This lane has a lot of potential due to Ezreal's high ability burst. Especially from level 6 you can deal some serious damage. Try to engage away from minions to make sure Ezreal can land his abilities.

: 4/5

One of the highest burst lanes in the game. From level 6 you can pretty much one combo anyone. Very easy and straight forward to play. Not a very big fan of Graves but I know his potential with this lane is huge. Still I find that if the burst fails to kill someone you have 0 followup damage.

: 1/5

Do not play this. Like ever. Leona wants to engage. Kog'Maw wants to farm. This lane is bad and should be avoided at all cost. Against any decent bot lane you'll get destroyed.

: 5/5

This lane is a bully lane. Miss Fortune trades really really good early game so you'll destroy most lanes early game. At level 6 you can lock them down while she uses Bullet Time. Overall a very powerful combo.

: 3/5

Tristana is a late game hyper carry, but she still has some decent early game burst. Use this to your advantage. You also have very good disengage and can both jump in. It HAS some potential, but it is not that good.

: 5/5

My favorite lane in the game. This lane is amazingly powerful. In my opinion it even beats Draven with Leona. Early game your damage output is really high, and when you hit level 6 ENGAGE. You will beat anyone. Sometimes it is even possible to win a 2v3 if you play it properly because of the CC you have. To play this lane from level 6 just wait/ask for Varus to use Chain of Corruption then use your combo. If you chain CC perfect none can survive it because they won't even be able to Flash or Barrier. This is the lane I play the most.

: 2/5

Another late game hyper-carry. From level 6 you have SOME potential but early game it is pretty meh. I don't like it and think you should pick something a bit more protective like Alistar or Lulu.

Now lets take a look at their bot lane.

: 5/5

This guy hard counters anything which engages. Which means you. Zenith Blade to his ADC? Nooooop, get Headbutted away. Manages to use Solar Flare on his ADC? Nooop, Headbutt's your ADC away. This lane is a pain. And it has sustain.

: 1/5

Squishy ADC, no abilities which can dodge yours. Pretty easy. Just make sure that WHEN you engage you go in hard. Because if you misplay you'll be kited to death. But that shouldn't happen if played properly.

: 2/5

The lane is annoying but nothing more. Leona has the potential to shut down Blitzcrank in lane because you can easily afford to get grabbed. He moves in to grab your ADC? Just stand between him and your ADC while your ADC chunks him. You get grabbed? Use Zenith Blade to his ADC. He now lack one of his strongest protection tools. And if he finally manages to grab your ADC you have the right abilities to disable their ADC and prevent your own from getting destroyed. Play it right and it's pretty easy. Learn his grab cooldown and remember it. It has a 20 sec cooldown at rank 1 and goes down to 16 seconds at rank 5. That is a pretty long window where you can easily engage on them.

: 4/5

Long range ADC who pushes all day and shoves you into tower... She will dodge your Zenith Blade with her 90 Caliber Net so the only real way to engage is to force her to use it then use Solar Flare where she dodged to. Her net has 18 sec cooldown rank 1 and goes down to 10. Your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds rank 1. That is a 5 seconds window where you can engage before level 9.


As I said earlier I find him pretty underpowered because of his mana cost. Should be a pretty easy lane. Just engage a few times early on and force him to trade. BAM, he's oom and you can engage and poke for free. His Valkyrie has a 26 seconds cooldown rank 1. Your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds. That is a 13 seconds window where you can engage.

: 4/5

On one hand he has no way of escaping when you engage. On the other hand he might just kill you both because of his early game damage. If you CC properly you might be able to win a fight. I have found that it is pretty effective if you engage while he is trying to catch an axe and forces him to miss it. This lowers his damage A LOT. Also his Stand Aside can cancel your Zenith Blade mid air. Which sucks.

: 5/5

A very tough matchup. He can dodge your Zenith Blade with his Arcane Shift even though you manage to hit him. The best way to deal with this is to Flash --> Shield of Daybreak --> Solar Flare him, then Zenith Blade him when he Arcane Shift's. His Arcane Shift has 19 seconds cooldown rank one and goes down to 11 seconds at rank 5. Your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds cooldown rank 1. This means that before level 9 you have a 6 seconds window to engage. Sometimes I put a couple of additional points into Zenith Blade early so my engage windows get bigger.

: 3/5

This is a decent matchup. Graves is very tanky which makes it hard and he can dodge your Zenith Blade with Quickdraw. It has 22 seconds rank 1 and goes down to 14 second rank 5. Your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds cooldown rank 1 which means you have a window of 9 seconds to engage.

: 5/5

Her Howling Gale prevents any kind of engage from your side because it cancels your Zenith Blade mid air. So you have two ways of playing this. Either engage with the Flash combo or with Solar Flare. You can not wait for her Howling Gale to be on cooldown because it has 14 seconds cooldown and your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds. That gives you a window of 1 second to engage which is not really reliable. And if you finally manages to engage from level 6 she just uses Monsoon. An interesting matchup though because it REALLY tests you.

: 1/5

No ways to escape and no early game damage. Leona eats this guy.

: 4/5

She kites you, she whimsey you, she shields her ADC and she Wild Growths her ADC. Soooo annoying to deal with. One good engage can do it, but when you engage you HAVE to go all in else you'll get kited to death.

: 3/5

On one hand you can cancel her ultimate and she doesn't have any way of dodging your abilities. On the other hand she trades VERY good so she might be able to turn it. If you screw up your CC and CC before she uses Bullet Time you'll lose the trade.

: 2/5

She is squishy and one engage and you can melt her. Just don't get engaged on or kited. Because you'll lose that horribly.

: 1/5

Sona is meat for Leona. She is the squishiest support early game and one engage and she will go down. This matchup is very easy. If played properly this Sona is going to have a baaad day.

: 3/5

Purely skill matchup. You're both tanky and you're both looking to engage. Who can make the right engage at the right time? Who can bait the other one to engage badly or force them out of position? That is what determine this lane.

: 2/5

Her burst early game is alright, but nothing which can touch you. Remember her cooldown on Rocket Jump. It is 22 seconds at rank 1. Your Zenith Blade has 13 seconds cooldown at rank 1. This gives you a window of engage on 9 seconds. Shut her down early game because she outscales most ADC's.

: 3/5

His damage output is pretty decent and from level 6 he might turn the fight with Chain of Corruption. But overall you should be able to CC him to death.


: 2/5

Vayne is a hyper-carry which means you have to shut her down early or she'll destroy you later. She is also low range which makes it easy to Zenith Blade her. Just keep on fighting her early game because she is pretty weak.

So that was all of them.. I think.. If I forgot someone just comment and I will fix it ASAP.

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In teamfights you have two jobs. Peel for your team, or CC their team. It all depends on your comp and what is needed situational. But mostly you should try to keep your AP and AD carry alive with your Shield of Daybreak and Zenith Blade while using Solar Flare on their AP carry BEFORE he uses his abilities OR on their ADC. But it is very situational. I will upload some videoes soon when I manage to get ****ing lolrecorder working....

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So I guess I could show you some kind of picture of where you should ward and stuff... But you know what? That is stupid and useless. There isn't any "must" ward sections of the map. Ward in areas you contest, you WANT to contest, they contest or they WANT to contest. An area where you contest could be to ward your own jungle to prevent them from contesting your jungle camps and catch you off guard. An area where you WANT to contest could be to ward the entire mid area so you have 100% vision of everything when you engage. If you want to contest dragon, ward the area and so on. You might want to keep dragon and baron nashor warded at all times because those are objectives that both teams WANTS to contest. Use your wards to get objectives. Objectives wins games. Also make sure to get an oracle from around 20-25 mins when you start to roam around because when you deny them vision you deny them the opportunity to contest an area. WARDS. WINS. GAMES.

Now, if you REALLY want me to pinpoint locations then I will do it.. Just ask me in the comments.

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Objectives is the most important part of league of legends. These are the only things that matters. Let me list them for you here, then we can talk about them
  • Red buff
  • Blue buff
  • Dragon
  • Barn Nashor
  • Turrets
  • Inhibitors
  • Nexus

These are the objectives you'll be fighting for. Now lets talk about them

Turret: When you destroy a turret you give 150 gold to all members of your team. You also get a lot of map control, because you now can roam the enemy jungle and escape much more easily. So try to take down turrets whenever possible mid game. It gives a lot of control. A tower won't respawn. Remember to lane ward when you take down turrets so you can see when and where they enter their jungle. Information is power!

Inhibitors: Inhibitors only gives 50 gold when destroyed but you will spawn super minions which will push in a lane and all your other minions will also become stronger. This makes splitpushing much easier, because they will be forced to defend all their lanes. Inhibitors repsawn after 5 min. The bot inhibitor is often the best inhibitor to get if you can because it is far away from baron which means the enemy team needs 1 to def that lane. That will make any baron attempt you do a 5v4.

Blue buff gives a mana/energy regen buff and a CDR buff. Very strong to have and when possible you should try to steal the enemy blue buff. If you kill an enemy having this buff, you'll get the buff for its full duration. The duration of the buff is 2:30. The spawn time of the buff is 5 min.

Red buff gives a buff which slows and deals damage. This buff should also be stolen whenever possible and you'll recieve it yourself if you kill an enemy who has this buff. The spawn time is 5 min and the duration is 2:30.

Dragon gives 190 gold for your entire team. You should keep dragon warded at all times, and when your team is ready you should tell your top laner to push in the wave and then come down to dragon. This will give you a 5v4 advantage. The team who last hits the dragon gets the gold.

Baron Nashor gives the strongest buff in the game. You get a lot of regeneration and 40 AD and 40 AP. The first spawn time is 15 min and after that it spawns each 7 min. Each member of your team gets 300 gold if you kill baron. The duration for the buff is 4 min but if you kill an enemy with this buff you won't get the buff yourself. The team who last hits baron gets the gold. With this buff you should look for sieging a lot. The huge regen buff makes you able to continue spamming your abilities and ignoring the enemy poke while you keep poking them.

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So that's it for now. I hope you learned something. Feel free to vote and comment and ask me anything. Regardless of what you ask me I will give you a serious answer. It can be about league of legends, supporting, Leona or whatever you feel like asking. The guide will be worked on for a loooong time. I still need to add several sections and edit some of them. But it is a work in progress. Peace my friends!


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If I forgot to credit someone I apologize and would kindly ask you to tell me so I can correct it.

Thanks to YayaFTW for answering a few questions!

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for her Making A Guide

Thanks to JhoiJhoi, Matt and Bryun for BBCoding

Thanks to Bannerfans for making it easy to make banners!

Thanks to Astrolia for her guide about custom table of contents

Thanks to SivHD for his video

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