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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blubbles

Let's Play || Twitch (6.14)

Blubbles Last updated on July 15, 2016
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Threats to Twitch with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lucian His dash is near useless since most of your damage will come from your E. Q doesn't do much as long as you stay out of range. Ult is the most dangerous since he can still drive by if he predicts you're movement while stealthed.
Sivir Can only block your W, not good at trading, and not a ton of early game damage. Food.
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Twitch is a ADC / Assassin whose kit is built around being able to sneak up on enemies quietly and blast them out of the (sewer) water. He is unique in his ability to blow up a single squishy in a moment, while also possessing a extremely strong team fight presence, dishing out loads of long range burst damage. In other words you have to play like what you already are: a rat. Personally I enjoy his play style a lot, since I can both hunt down and assassinate squishes or participate and be a valuable member of the team when fighting or taking objectives.


  • Dual Purpose : Assassin and Teamfighter
  • Good trades
  • Sneaky
  • Amazing late game
  • Long Range damage
  • A Reset Ability
  • Attack Speed Steroid

  • Squishy as all hell
  • No CC ability
  • No flash-farming ability
  • No reliable escape
  • Can't really deal with tanks
  • Gangster Twitch's splash art looks terrible
  • Someone always complaining about how "op" you are


This is my first guide here at Mobafire, however I have written some well-received guides over at Dotafire. I've been playing Dota for about four years (1.3k hrs), and League for roughly one (200 hrs). Yeah I know thats not exactly the kind of qualification you guys want to hear from a guide but the years of Dota translated over to League well. I switch between the two but I have been focusing on League as of late just because I haven't really been giving it enough love. Poor thing.

Right now my main is Twitch! Hence why I'm writing this guide, to try and create a quality guide for one of my favorite, and one of the most enjoyable champs there is out there. I'm working very hard to make the guide look as good and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If you have any criticisms, advice, suggestions, or anything else of that sort feel free to tell me in the comments! Enjoy the guide!

I am currently a Level 6 Twitch, working on Level 7

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These are just basic ADC runes. Gives you defensive stats since you're so squishy, and then some AD and Attack Speed for sustained damage throughout the game. I wouldn't recommend using scaling defensive runes since you are soooo squishy. However you can replace one of the reds with a critical strike mark. Since crit uses pseudo-random distribution, the more you don't crit, the more likely you are to crit. So it can get you a lucky trade once in a while.



  • Wanderer is great for roaming between lanes faster. So if you are planning on doing more assassinating that farming, this is the way to go.
  • Savagery makes last hitting alot easier, and thus makes farming easier. Take this if you're going more ADC than assassinating.
  • Fervor of Battle is more of a typical ADC keystone. It gets progressively better the more you are fighting. So in a prolonged teamfight it will give you alot of bonus damage.
  • Thunderlord's Decree is the typical assassination style keystone. it provides alot of burst so that you dont have to fight a lot. It scales pretty well with your AD.


FLASH - I really should not have to explain this to any of you but I will. This is the omni-purpose spell. You can use it to close a gap, escape over a wall, get away from an enemy, dodge a skillshot, or even make outplays by flashing around an enemy. Note: If you have ult activated, you can flash away from an enemy and continue to attack them from the extended range, possibly killing them.
HEAL - The average ADC summoner. It does have quite a bit of utility between the movement speed bust and the actual heal. It can get you out of many sticky situations. Too many times as twitch I survived by the skin of the flea-infested neck by popping a last minute heal. You can also use the movement speed to close the gap when chasing.
CLEANSE - You might pick this up like 5-10% of the time. If you're going up against some hard CC like Swain's Nevermove. Heal is better in most situations, and has more utility. But this is okay too.
TELEPORT - Twitch has come incredible puhing power between his attack speed steroid and the waveclear he gets with the ol' Runaan's Hurricane / Contaminate combo. By taking teleport you can go basically anywhere on the map, racking up CS and tearing down towers. One of my favorite things to do as Twitch is splitpush, and then when the enemy comes for you, confuse them with the Ambush-Recall combo.

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This is the most basic of combos, and is all-purpose. Most of the time it's used for trading in lane, or to quickly chunk some enemy health. Open with an auto attack, cancel the animation with W, auto attack again, and cancel with E. This way you get the highest amount of damage in as short a period as possible. Over time you will get speed with this combo.


So you see the entire enemy team is in one place. This might be while they're taking Baron ,Dragon, or a Tower. You're Twitch so now is the time to strike. Bring along someone with strong peel and just go ham on them. Go stealth so they don't see you coming, pop your steroids, and rat-ta-tat-tat they're gone like that. Execute enemies with contaminate. Choose your targets carefully and pay attention to positioning. If you see enemies are in a rough line, go to where you can hit as many as possible. Ideally you will catch 3 with the ult and the other 2 with Runaan's bolts. Change positioning frequently if you can, to avoid getting killed. Your RH bolts get the extended range, AD, and apply your passive, but do not pass through them like the main one. With ult active you are allowed to chip away at tanks, because if done correctly you can also hit their backline at the same time. We exclude venom cask here because casting it waits the precious window you can use Ambush's attack speed, Youmuu's Ghostblade's attack speed, and Rat-ta-tat-tat all at the same time. throw it in to slow fleeing enemies after the initial spray.


Roughly same thing as the kill everything combo except you have time to use venom cask, which will make it easier for you to kill the enemy you're assassinating, and you don't open right away with your ultimate. Use regular autos at first, and then if it looks like they're getting away use rat-ta-tat-tat and Contaminate to finish them off. Use the staggering and canceling of animations like you did with the Chunking Combo.


Poison Refreshing is a very underused technique that can improve your mechanic tenfold. It makes your laning very strong if performed correctly. Basically you apply another stack each time the old ones are about to expire. This will increase the amount of damage you do significantly. Each time you apply stack(s) do a little count in your head. Once you reach about 5, apply your venom again, either thru an auto-attack or Venom Cask. Lets do a little math:

Max Damage : 72 / 108 / 144 / 180 / 216
Damage After 5 Sec. : 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 190
Damage if you stack 300 / 450 / 600 / 750 / 900
* Scales up at levels 1/5/9/13/17

Keep in mind this is true damage, meaning it won't be affected by armor or MR. It also can't be blocked by magic-shields. It is however blocked by regular shields. So in the late game, you will be able to deal up to 900 damage by attacking a enemy every 5 seconds, five times.


Ambush can be a very strong skill if used correctly. This is the primary reason I recommend picking up a Sweeping Lens rather than a Warding Totem. If the area in which you're activating stealth is warded, then you will not be able to sneak up on enemies effectively. Leave the wards to the supports.

Most of the time it's as simple as going stealth somewhere where your enemies can't see you and popping out of stealth to kill them Make sure the bush / path isn't warded with your trinket. Walk up behind them, perform the combo.

For an easy escape, especially when split pushing, activate Ambush. Then during the delay before you go stealth, recall. You will be able to recall in stealth. Even if they know where you recalled, they can only cancel your recall and not your stealth. So if they do manage to stop your recall you can still use stealth to hopefully run away to a safe location.

Ambush resets every time you get a kill, so when team fighting and you know you will get another kill very soon you can activate stealth mid combat just as an attack speed steroid for the rest of the fight. However if you're low on mana it might not be the best option. You can also use the reset to disengage after assassinating a lone target before a nearby enemy comes to avenge them.

In order to shake someone off your tail, right after entering stealth walk in the opposite direction they believe you to be going, enter a nearby bush, and recall. They'll never see it coming. This is the most effective way to escape.

Don't forget to combo with allies. Activating stealth when under the influence of invulnerability like the ults of Bard, Kayle, and Taric we guarantee you a free escape.


Many of you probably already know what kiting is, moving then attacking, moving then attacking, in order to chip down a foe whilst running or chasing. But a portion of you may also be doing this entirely by right-clinking which is rather difficult as it requires a certain degree of accuracy with your mouse. Instead, right after you move, press your hotkey for "Attack Move Click". This will then make you turn and attack the nearest enemy. Repeat this process over and over: running, hitting A.M.C, and running again. This ability is far improved with a Frozen Mallet. Do not attempt when there are minions, monsters, or other enemy units nearby.

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Items and Abilities

These items are your essentials. You'll be buying them every single game. No exceptions. They provide everything you want in items: a decent amount of attack speed, good AD, some critical strike, and a farming/team fighting tool. Note: basic farming strategy is to auto every minion in the wave once, so that about 3-4 stacks of venom are on each minion. then use contaminate to blow them up. I've already written how and where to use Youmuu's in your combos. Use these items to splitpush hard. Since you can back easily.

Throw what you need into your build. Everything here is your choice. Analyze yours and the enemy team and buy the items that compliment it. For example choose Lord Dominik's Regards vs. high armor/HP targets to make them easier to kill. Need assassination dueling power? Phantom Dancer. Find you;re not lasting as long as you'd like in team fights? Death's Dance / The Bloodthirster. they are all completely situational and flexible. Never just stick to one build. You need to adapt based on what you;re up against.

I'm not going to explain what any of the skills do because you can get that yourself by hovering over the ability icons throughout the guide. But I will tell you why and when we level abilities when we do. Max your let first as always. Big steroid and essential to team fights. No reason not to get it. Contaminate second because it is your primary source of damage besides auto attacks and does a lot of damage with levels. Ambush is maxed third because we like the reduced cooldown and extra attack speed we get with levels. Last comes Venom Cask because it doesn't have scaling damage or anything, just a basic CDR.

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Outro and Some Videos


Thanks for reading my guide everyone, I hope it helped you to become a better Twitch player! If you liked +1 and if not please tell me what I can do to make it better.