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Volibear Build Guide by tebladez03

Jungle Live forever builds Volibear guide (Formerly all items Volibear guide)

Jungle Live forever builds Volibear guide (Formerly all items Volibear guide)

Updated on February 17, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tebladez03 Build Guide By tebladez03 6 1 23,313 Views 0 Comments
6 1 23,313 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tebladez03 Volibear Build Guide By tebladez03 Updated on February 17, 2024
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Runes: PTA(For jng and ranged matchups)

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+2% Movement Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
Jungle spells, Flash is also good
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

Live forever builds Volibear guide (Formerly all items Volibear guide)

By tebladez03
Greetings, old and new Volibear players, I am a bronze Volibear player, making this guide to help other Voli mains know what items Voli can build. This isn't a guide on how to jng or how to lane with Voli, since there are people way better then me at that. This is a guide for items.

Season 14
With the new items that came with Season 14, comes new builds. I will show off some builds and items I managed to test, but unfortunately, won't be able to test them all, so post a comment if you got any builds or items you want to ask about.
Ability tips
This is just tips about Volibear's abilites you might not have known, since I am assuming you already know the basics of what Volibear does.
  • Thundering Smash: Volibear's Q is a auto-attack enchancement that gives him movespeed, doubled when running towards a visble enemy, and lets him stun on his next auto. For this ability, the tip I'll give is that this counts as a dash, so if you try to stun someone in Taliyah's or Poppy's anti dash ability, then you will get stunned, but your stun will go thru since the auto can't get canceled. Try and hold off on using Q since the enemy might be too far away, or use their slows to prevent you from reaching them.

  • Frenzied Maul: Volibear's point and click heal. My favourite ability in the game. This ability heals you based on your AD, HP, and missing HP. Plus it also applies on-hit effect like Sheen, crit, AP from Volibear's passive, Nashors, and Lethal Tempo.

  • Sky Splitter: Volibear's shield and dmg ability. This ability will save your life so many times, which will become a reacurring fact later on in the item section. If you landed this ability, you basically win any fight. Plus, the slow it provides helps when trying to escape, or reach your target.

  • Stormbringer: And now, unto Volibear's ultimate, the best tower diving and tower taking ability in the game(In my humble opinion). If you ever try to jump a wall with it, make sure the ult goes over at least over half of the wall, as I have sometimes just faceplanted my self into one, thinking I'd make the distance.
Mythic items(Null)
Mythic items are no longer a thing for Season 14.
AD Legendaries
Haven't tested many AD items besides Titanic Hydra, which is still one of Volibear's best items, even without the AD to HP ratio, as the on-hit and Cleave active is amazing.

Gonna test out Sterak's Gage, Sundered Sky, and Eclipse at some point, but from what I have heard, [Sundered Sky]] is really good.
AP Legendaries
Onto AP items, these are mostly taken to enchance our current build, Zhonya's to help dive, Demonic if we have a lot of HP, so we will go over my 3 favourite AP items, starting with

(S14 edit: It got the HP back)
This is the bee's news for Volibear. Even without the HP it had, it's still a really good item. In fact, you could go this second after Iceborn, to help with either kiting opponents, or people with Stridebreaker, which is a lot. And it has ms, and we love MS as Volibear. Makes it easier to get those little bastards we call adc's, but I call, free meal. Now onto the tooth of the Baron-

Do I need to say anything? It's Nashor's Tooth. THE ap item for Volibear. It gives us everything we could want, AP, attack speed, and it's on-hit passive. Plus it got that AH, which makes it an actually good item to get. If you are going AP Volibear, or some kind of AP hybrid, Nashor's Tooth is a solid pick. Hell even if Nashor's is your only damage item, it's still solid.
Armor Legendaries
When it comes to armor items, we typically want something that will either
A. Helps us get closer to the enemy or
B. Gives us more effective HP so we can squeeze out one more W
And for armor, we got quite a few good ones, starting with

Allow me to make it simple. Do you need to go fast? Do you need more ms to catch the enemies? Then go this. Plus it's getting some more selfish changes in preseason, when that support DMP comes out, so it might be even better on Voli.

If you are ever against any form of healing, this is your go to item for tank and AD Volibear.
MR Legendaries
HP Legendaries
With the preseason coming soon, this guide will remain uncompleted until I can try out all the new stuff. In the meantime, whoever is reading this guide, the build options that can be found at the top should suffice until I can expand on this guide further. You can also check out Artheo's Volibear top guide for all your topbear needs. You can also check out my friend DracoChimera jng and off-meta Volibear guide for some funny builds.
Until we meet again, may your battles be bloody, and your fangs sharp Valhir enjoyers.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tebladez03
tebladez03 Volibear Guide
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Live forever builds Volibear guide (Formerly all items Volibear guide)

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