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Volibear Build Guide by ARTHEO



Updated on November 28, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Build Guide By ARTHEO 389 45 1,027,407 Views 52 Comments
389 45 1,027,407 Views 52 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Volibear Build Guide By ARTHEO Updated on November 28, 2023
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear

Runes: GRASP

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite




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Champion Build Guide


Hey guys! My gaming name is ARTHEO and my real name is BEAR. Welcome to my SHRINE BREAKER guide where I will always try my best to keep it up to date! Follow me on to watch me play LIVE full gameplays.

Who am I? I am a 2 million + Volibear one trick that has been playing the bear since he was born in Season 2. I am also a father of 2 and a freelance illustrator/artist who has a passion in animation.

I love adding one tricks and especially Volibear one tricks to my Discord community. Feel free to join and make some friends with a wide range of skilled Volibear players from Top lane to Jungle as well as rank from Bronze-Masters or beyond. I welcome you all as we can learn from each other as well as play together!

My goals? My goal is simply play the best Volibear in the way that I know how and grind in ranked as far as I can go given to the limited time that I have to grind as being a father of 2 is a lot on my plate. I hope to continute to grow my community on Twitch and YouTube as well as my artistic talent producing cam skins, streaming packages, and etc for small time or big time streamers.

The biggest thing you can get out of me is my knowledge and skill on the Volibear in terms of testing every item and playstyle, but there is only one playstyle that I love to play and that is the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle! I'm here to guide you on how to play it my way!

"Your shrines will fall!"


Riftmaker is the most powerful mythic for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle, which earned the name "RIFT BREAKER" as in Volibear's lore he becomes corrupted after the Void was released from being frozen in time at the ARAM bridge turning him into his final form known as the Thousand-pierced Bear. Utilizing the Void creatures on the Summoner's Rift, rift herald and baron nashor to tear down shrines.

Riftmaker grants omnivamp and AP, which scales with Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm allowing him to heal off the minion waves or enemies that he is fighting. The more AP he has, the more attack speed he gains.

Iceborn Gauntlet mythic symbolizes who and what the Volibear is as he is from the lands just north of the Freljord. Volibear is all about true ice and lightning. This is the birth of the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle, which earned the name "STORM BREAKER" as in Volibear's lore he made a vow to tear down all civilization and false idols they call shrines, marching his way towards the ARAM bridge growing in size and power!

Iceborn Gauntlet grants health, tenacity, and slow resistance, but most importantly Spellblade with a slow ice zone that provides crowd control along with Q Thundering Smash, E Sky Splitter, and R Stormbringer.


Doran's Ring grants mana regeneration, but also Volibear's passive will gain 1% attack speed at level 1 and once you have E Sky Splitter, he will deal so much burst damage. With Second Wind, W Frenzied Maul, and Grasp of the Undying healing in combination with Doran's Ring will help keep Volibear healthly in both his health and mana plus the 2 Health Potions.


"THE MIKE TYSON" I call it that because Volibear punches the shrines and with Titanic Hydra its a BIG PUNCH as well as with R Stormbringer. Once you have Titanic Hydra, this is a huge power spike for Volibear. Not only you have the wave clear, the upfront damage with the delayed damage, the attack speed, but the most important part of all is his R Stormbringer gains health, which means you will deal bonus damage because Titanic Hydra scales with health. During the 12 secs, Volibear's basic attacks and Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul deals more damage. This item also deals damage to towers, which is why we want to always rush this item first for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle!

This item is also important to have in case the enemy team has taken down an inhibitor, Volibear will have the ability to push even against super minions and still take towers down in that lane.

This in combination with Demolish will deliver a BIG PUNCH to the tower and it only requires a few hits. This increases the more health you add on, which is why you want to consume Elixir of Iron, which gains health and increases Volibear's size.


"THE SHRINE BUG" I call it that because it basically crashes into shrines. After Titanic Hydra you want to siege the rift herald and use the Eye of the Herald in combination with Demolish and Titanic Hydra's tower damage to take out at least 1 tower and damage another one to make it easier to take down the next time you push up.


"THE JACKED SUPERS" I call it that because Hullbreaker applies a buff to the cannon/super minions, but the super minions are what we want to destroy the Nexus shrines. We also want to seige the baron nashor buff to apply the another buff onto jacked super minions, and push them all the way to the double Nexus shrines to deliver the BIG BOOM! Stormbringer, Demolish, and Titanic Hydra will PUNCH these 2 towers down so you can end the game while everyone is busy at the Dragon.


"THE BARON TOOTH" I call it that because Nashor's Tooth is literally baron nashor 's tooth. At this time of the game when baron nashor spawns, you want to start building Nashor's Tooth because the baron nashor buff grants increased AD/AP and by this time, you want more attack speed utilizing Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm to quickly BREAK the Nexus shrines with Titanic Hydra. Nashor's Tooth will scale from the bonus AP from Elixir of Sorcery, which deals true damage to enemies and shrines, Gathering Storm will keep scaling AP every 10 mins of the game only making Volibear stronger the longer the game goes on.


Craft your SHRINE BREAKER build

The first thing you need to understand before creating your own SHRINE BREAKER build is to first understand each item and how it works on Volibear. After understanding my guide on how to play this playstyle with many different SHRINE BREAKER builds to choose from and the countless YouTube videos showing me BREAKING the Nexus shrines, its time to explore other items to fully understand how incrediblly versatile Volibear is when it comes to items and matchups.

Before we get into itemization, the first thing I want to explain to players about the game of League of Legends. When you play Summoner's Rift, the game is like playing chess. A game of trading abilities with other champions. You either get ahead or fall behind. There are counter matchups that are extremely difficult and easy. Knowing what champions Volibear is really bad into or good into is important, but that's not the only factor. The real factor is the player's skill. A lot of times, you can win difficult matchups simply because the player isn't experienced with that counter champion, but some champions don't require much skill. Taking this into consideration, itemization against certain champions to help you counter them, is important, but also sometimes useless when you fall behind. If they have a 2 or 3 item lead, items aren't really going to make much of a difference. However, getting a lead with those items that counter them will put them even further behind.

I'm going to list a couple of champions that Volibear is really bad into and maybe you should consider banning or dodging a game to save you LP.

These are champions that I would consider dodging or banning

Illaoi Jax Vayne Varus Rumble

These are champions that are straight up annoying to play against

Aatrox Kayle Teemo Gangplank Renekton

I'm going to talk about other items other than Titanic Hydra, Hullbreaker, and Nashor's Tooth since I already explained that in my guide above. Let's move onto the items that I use above in my builds that can also be used to dive towers and help your teammates.

Frozen Heart an armor/mana/damage reduction item. The Rock Solid passive is why this item is very good on Volibear. When he uses his R Stormbringer, the health that he gains from it makes him tankier. This means when he dives towers, he will take less damage from champions, minions, and towers. While Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm scales with AP gaining attack speed, Frozen Heart is reducing nearby enemies attack speed including the minions. This gives Volibear use 1v1 potential and crowd control in team fights.

Demonic Embrace an Ability Power scaling item based on health that deals % health damage burning enemies struck by an ability. This item works with Volibear's R Stormbringer when gaining health, he gains more AP, which means more damage not only on his ULT, but also with his passive: The Relentless Storm that scales with AP increasing its attack speed the more AP it gets. It also works with his E Sky Splitter that has a shield that scales with AP. E Sky Splitter also does % health damage to enemies struck by the lightning. His passive: The Relentless Storm travels through Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul applying a hybrid of magic and physical damage. W Frenzied Maul has a small cooldown, which allows Volibear to spam Demonic Embrace burn damage onto single targets.
Sterak's Gage is an AD item that gains a lifeline shield based on how much health you have. When Volibear uses his R Stormbringer when low on health the health gained from his ULT will apply to the shield amount during those 12 seconds. This gives him the ability to dive and tank damage from champions or towers inbetween his E Sky Splitter shield to block damage.

Serylda's Grudge an armor pen slow item with 20 ability haste. This works incredibly well with Volibear's W Frenzied Maul that has a low cooldown allowing him to spam his W slowing targets. This item also adds 1 sec more of CC onto his Q Thundering Smash, E Sky Splitter, and R Stormbringer making it easier to apply a couple of basic attacks between each ability applied. Rylai's Crystal Scepter works the same way. These items are extremely good with other mythic items other than Iceborn Gauntlet. Items like Divine Sunderer, Riftmaker, Heartsteel, or mythics that do not have slow. It provides him a little bit of anti kite.

Fimbulwinter a mana scaling health/ability haste/shield item applied when you CC a target. This works with Volibear's Q Thundering Smash, E Sky Splitter, and R Stormbringer. This also works on his W Frenzied Maul if you apply a slow with Iceborn Gauntlet or Serylda's Grudge or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This gives you a shield upfront when you stun a target with Q Thundering Smash while waiting for the delayed shield E Sky Splitter. This helps you take less burst damage upfront and allows you to survive engaging a bursty enemy comp.

Sunfire Aegis is a health scaling armor item that burns nearby enemies, minions, and monsters. This is great on Volibear because when he gains health from his R Stormbringer he increases the burn damage from Sunfire Aegis. Early game before completing the item, Bami's Cinder does the same thing just a bit less. This provides Volibear decent wave and monster clear, armor to tank their damage. You will have to becareful attacking towers because this item will cause the tower to turn on you once an enemy is burned. However, you can dive targets under tower and deal bonus burn damage and tank more shots because of the armor. Scales well into health items or mythics.

Morellonomicon an anti heal item that applies when dealing magic damage plus it has magic penetration and health. This item works with Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm and his E Sky Splitter. It also applies through Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul when the passive is active traveling through those abilities. You can use the lightning chain from the passive onto the minion wave to apply the anti heal from a distance multiple targets in range.

Thornmail an anti heal armor item that deals magic damage back to the attacker. This works against champions that do a lot of basic attacking or have on-hit effects. Also works against minions. Volibear can abuse 2 anti heal items Thornmail and Morellonomicon because they both work in different ways. So while Volibear is being attacked from a range, Thornmail is doing its job and also when he uses Q Thundering Smash, he applies grievous wounds. Then when he is applying his passive to minions or champions, Morellonomicon is applying to multiple targets.

Chempunk Chainsword is an anti heal item that applies when dealing physical damage so this works with Volibear's W Frenzied Maul and Q Thundering Smash, but the W is what makes this very deadly since this item provides a lot of ability haste and some health. Every time Volibear bites under 5 secounds, he heals as he decreases the target's ability to heal.

Anathema's Chains is an active item that is great on Volibear when diving a strong/fed champion under tower reducing their damage and tenacity making it difficult to kill you or get away.

Gargoyle Stoneplate an armor and magic resist active item that allows Volibear to have an extra shield when diving enemies under tower, but he gets to press it whenever he wants either early or late between his E Sky Splitter shield.

Zhonya's Hourglass an armor ability power item that has ability haste and stacks a bit of armor per unit/minion. It has an active that puts Volibear into a stasis AKA a golden bear similar to Bard's R Tempered Fate. This item allows Volibear to turn off tower after using R Stormbringer. Best time to use the active at the tower is when minions are in the area. Works even better with the Hullbreaker buff or baron nashor buff on the cannons or super minions that are tanky enough to keep attacking the tower. Volibear's E Sky Splitter can be received while in stasis, which gives you a shield to protect yourself coming out of the stasis.

Spear of Shojin is an item that deals 8% bonus attack damage, has high ability haste, and health. When Volibear immobilizes his target with Q Thundering Smash, his basic abilities get reduced by 50%. This allows him to spam his W Frenzied Maul quite often and if he gets stunned, his Q Thundering Smash gets a reset, which is pretty broken with Spear of Shojin if you think about it. You also gain up to 15% bonus movement speed based on missing health. This just synergizes well with Volibear's rebite W Frenzied Maul that heals him based on missing health.

Statikk Shiv is an item that generates energized stacks based on movement up to 100 stacks applies a lightning chain dealing magic damage to minions. This in combination with Volibear's lightning chain passive: The Relentless Storm makes it a deadly combo. What's nice about Statikk Shiv is all you have to do is move up to the wave and get 100 stacks and hit the wave with just 1 basic attack, which Volibear's passive isn't even active until 5 stacks so you get a head start on wave clear or bursting down the target before more lightning kicks in.

Cosmic Drive is a super high ability haste item that grants % bonus movement speed stacks. This is one of the best high ability haste items that you can buy on Volibear. 30% ability haste allows Volibear to spam his abilties quite often, which means he can sustain himself longer with W Frenzied Maul's heal and E Sky Splitter's shield, but also control his target's movements with Q Thundering Smash along with the bonus movement speed.

Black Cleaver is an armor shredding item that is obviously great into tanky comps with lots of armor, but what is also great is the super high ability haste. Like Cosmic Drive, it provides 30 ability haste, allowing Volibear to spam his abilities and sustain in fights longer with W Frenzied Maul and shield himself from E Sky Splitter. The only difference between Cosmic Drive is that his W Frenzied Maul will deal more damage because of the high health and AD it provides. Black Cleaver also grants movement speed per stack of carve, which allows him to stay onto targets.

Warmog's Armor is an regeneration item that has the highest health in the game other than Heartsteel that stacks health. This item allows Volibear to regenerate back to full health in a matter of seconds out of combat. This is very useful when you escape a fight or a gank and can go back in to fight or put more pressure on the map in the side lanes. This scales probably the highest amount of damage to health scaling items or runes like Titanic Hydra, Sunfire Aegis, Demonic Embrace, and Demolish.

Spirit Visage is an item that increases healing and shields from all sources, which means from an ally, self heal/shield, or items. This increases Volibear's W Frenzied Maul's heal and E Sky Splitter's shield allowing him to sustain or tank more damage when diving towers.

Dead Man's Plate is a health/armor item that generates stacks of momentum up to 40 bonus movement speed that decays when immobilized. At 100 stacks Volibear's basic attack will consume the stack into % bonus basic attack damage, which also applies with his Q Thundering Smash dealing a wombo combo of damage when chasing down a target. This movment speed allows Volibear to roam the map quickly to be on time for objectives or to rush up to a lane to putt pressure on the map.

Force of Nature is a health magic resist movement speed item that grants bonus movement speed and magic resist when taking magic damage from enemies. This is great on Volibear against range mages or AP users that he cannot reach. This item allows him to gain movement towards them as they use their abilities including immobilization.

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