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Volibear Build Guide by ARTHEO



Updated on August 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Build Guide By ARTHEO 235 25 594,840 Views 16 Comments
235 25 594,840 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Volibear Build Guide By ARTHEO Updated on August 3, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear


1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide


This is basically nerfing the runes and sustain from the potions because of the durability patch. It may not be as big of a deal, but it does make me want to consider taking Riftmaker for more sustain in certain matchups.
Sunfire's damage has been nerfed, but it is still very good. They made it scale more so on health scaling champions. Volibear is still one of them. This nerf is to try to pry this item off of other champions that don't really scale off it, but use it for the Flametouch passive as it works extremely well with attack speed.

As for the Potions, its fair game as everyone is using the nerfed potions. I don't see a problem here, but I might consider as I mentioned taking Riftmaker for the omnivamp for more sustain.
I don't use Biscuit Delivery, but these tank runes are an adjustment to what I will be talking about next. They are buffing the objectives mostly the dragons, which is why they are applying the nerfs as well as the durability changes. The only threat I might see here is Second Wind has been dropped from 6 to 3, but since Volibear scales with health, the 4% is what makes it strong. They may be trying to limit it on champions that don't really scale off health much similar to how they nerfed Sunfire Aegis.
Dragon buffs are almost double so this slightly changes the way I have to play the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle. The rift herald s are very critical in the early game because since the Dragons have even more health, the first dragon will likely be taken later in the game. This means, you have a high chance of capturing the rift herald while they focus on the first Dragon.

The 2nd Rift is a challenge to get since after the Dragon, the jungler s will be there for it, but if you can make use of the first rift herald , you have a high chance of getting the 2nd. This increases your chance of ending the game before everyone scales off these dragons. Remember if you pressure the lanes, you will give your team the chance to get these dragons.

The down side to this is, if you do not get the rift herald s then you will need to try to help your team get these dragons. If you cannot, you will need to take down the Bot lane towers in order to try to give your team the advantage of getting the Dragons.

For this reason, Frozen Heart will be the most valuable item to build so that you can tank more damage from towers, minions, monsters, and champions if you are forced to apply more pressure early or to help your team with the Dragons.

As always if Volibear has the baron nashor buff in combination with the Hullbreaker, he can end the game any time.
Hey guys! My gaming name is ARTHEO and my real name is BEAR. Welcome to my SHRINE BREAKER guide where I will always try my best to keep it up to date! Follow me on to watch me play LIVE full gameplays.

Who am I? I am a 2 million + Volibear one trick that has been playing the bear since he was born in Season 2. I am also a father of 2 and a freelance illustrator/artist who has a passion in animation. Stop by my stream and check out my Volibear web cam skins!
You can get these Volibear cam skins for free for a limited time. The more I grow on YouTube, the more I release the rest of the cam skins. Check out my illustration/art website gaming section: VOLIBEAR CAM SKINS

I love adding one tricks and especially Volibear one tricks to my Discord community. Feel free to join and make some friends with a wide range of skilled Volibear players from Top lane to Jungle as well as rank from Bronze-Masters or beyond. I welcome you all as we can learn from each other as well as play together!

My goals? My goal is simply play the best Volibear in the way that I know how and grind in ranked as far as I can go given to the limited time that I have to grind as being a father of 2 is a lot on my plate. I hope to continute to grow my community on Twitch and YouTube as well as my artistic talent producing cam skins, streaming packages, and etc for small time or big time streamers.

The biggest thing you can get out of me is my knowledge and skill on the Volibear in terms of testing every item and playstyle, but there is only one playstyle that I love to play and that is the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle! I'm here to guide you on how to play it my way!

"Your shrines will fall!"

Welcome to my most popular playstyle known as the SHRINE BREAKER, which utilizes the Volibear's R Stormbringer damaging the Nexus towers at the same time + Hullbreaker + Demolish + Eye of the Heralds + baron nashor destroying everything in your path!

I play my SHRINE BREAKER playstyleTop lane and jungle . The key is prioritzing the rift herald early game because eventually the pressure that Volibear can put on the map diving towers with the rift herald will make it easier to get the dragons AKA drake later if your Bot lane is not doing so well early game. This will help them recover and catch up on farm.

The most important is baron nashor , which is usually when Volibear should have Hullbreaker to utilize the double buff on the cannon or super minions to end the game with Stormbringer at the Nexus towers.
Capture the Eye of the Herald from the 1st rift herald that spawns at 8 mins and use it on any lane's first tower to collect the rest of the plates in combination with Demolish. Crash the rift herald to the 2nd tower to make it easier to take down next time.
Utilize the 2nd rift herald after taking down the 2nd tower in any lane with Demolish, crash it into the gate tower, and into the inhibitor. Doing this puts a ton of pressure on the enemy team and sets Volibear up to get the baron nashor buff.
Volibear has the ability to actually solo baron nashor himself, but it would take a long time. This shows how strong Volibear is because of the amount of resists he has.

(mostly armor because the baron nashor does AD damage)

He also has the ability to sustain using the W Frenzied Maul heal and the E Sky Splitter's shield. He can take it faster with at least 1 or 2 champions with him.
Utilize the baron nashor + the Hullbreaker buffs on the super minions and BREAK the Nexus towers with R Stormbringer in combination with Demolish.
This is the ability order you want to take for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle whether you are in the jungle or forTop lane. I will explain why for each ability of why we take this in this order below.

Generally the goal is to start with sustain of E Sky Splitter for the shield and use the damage radius to keep the target away while you clear the wave with his passive: The Relentless Storm. Then we take Q Thundering Smash 2nd to help land the E Sky Splitter combo for a first blood attempt.

Since the 12.13 patch nerfs to Volibear's Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul, we want to balance out the points. The first ability we want to keep 1 point ahead of the other abilties is W Frenzied Maul because it has the least cooldown as you want to spam this damaging the target as well as heal yourself. After that you want to have Q Thundering Smash 1 point ahead of E Sky Splitter because this is the fastest combo of damage you will apply in combination with his passive: The Relentless Storm that travels through his Q and W dealing a hybrid of magic and physical damage when building Titanic Hydra, which deals AoE shockwave damage with his Q and W in combination. Then max E Sky Splitter because into the late game when you have Demonic Embrace or Nashor's Tooth and baron nashor 's buff + Gathering Storm + all of the health, your E Sky Splitter shield will be stronger.

At level 6 when the Volibear uses R Stormbringer he gains health, which increases the damage because of Titanic Hydra that scales with health. During those 12 seconds, he will deal damage with his basic attacks, Q Thundering Smash, W Frenzied Maul, as well as E Sky Splitter all because of the increased health.
The reason why we want to take E Sky Splitter 1st is because of the the AoE damage + slow if the enemy gets too close, but also you gain a shield which protects Volibear from taking any damage from the enemy as well as the minions. If the enemy is struck by the AoE damage + slow, Volibear will be able to apply his passive: The Relentless Storm's on-hit magic damage. This gives him more of a wave advantage int heTop lane as the lightning chain travels through minions. Often this is the best choice for jungle since you can block the monster's damage while your Bot lane leashes for you and if they decide to go for an invade, having the ranged AoE damage + slow is very effective at getting first blood.
When stacked, Volibear deals magic damage with a lightning chain to nearby enemies, minions, and monsters. His Passive can also stack when hitting towers. The on-hit magic damage scales with AP-ability power and the more it has, the more attack speed Volibear gets. His passive travels through Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul that count as an attack/on-hit effect dealing hybrid damage of physical + magic.
The reason why we take this at level 2 is because it will help land E Sky Splitter for a first blood attempt. Q Thundering Smash + E Sky Splitter are Volibear's 2 CC-crowd control abilities that help him land the marks from W Frenzied Maul. Q Thundering Smash deals damage to towers, smashing them when they are low.
The reason why we want to take Frenzied Maul 3rd is for the sustain combination of heal from the 2nd W Frenzied Maul bite and the shield from E Sky Splitter. We want to max this first because it is has less cooldown than your other abilities and the interaction with Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm.
R Stormbringer is another CC-crowd control ability that slows enemies in the area similar to E Sky Splitter, but the Volibear can become unstoppable dodging the enemy's CC, gaining 200, 400, 600 health over the course of the game, and dealing AP + AD converting into physical damage to them. R Stormbringer disables towers and deals damage to them espeically into the late game scaling with his damage items.
I like to prioritize the scuttle s on both sides of the river when I clear either from the blue side or the top side of the map. The scuttle grants vision in the river, gives a lot of gold, and boosts your movement speed when you want to gank lanes. The most important part of why scuttle s are priority is because the enemyJungler will likely not challenge the drake or the rift herald as taking objectives are extremely important for not only the Jungle role, but also for Volibear to put pressure on the map.
On the blue side of the map, I like to start red buff crest of cinders > raptors > wolf > blue buff crest of insight > gromp > prioritize getting the scuttle > gankMid > scuttle > gank Bot > krugs > raptors > wolf > gromp > scuttle > gank Top if you see the opportunity to otherwise move onto the next objective.
On the red side of the map, I like to start blue buff crest of insight > gromp > wolf > red buff crest of cinders > raptors > prioritize getting the scuttle > gankMid > scuttle > gank Bot > gromp > wolf > raptors > gank Top if you can > krugs .
Volibear has the ability to pressure the wave with his passive: The Relentless Storm and also with E Sky Splitter forcing the enemy to stay back. The magic damage is really strong at level 1 with a Doran's Ring so use this to your advantage!

The 1st and most important thing about being successful Top lane is how to avoid ganks from theJungler, so in order to do that, you need to know when the Blue crest of insight or the Red buff crest of cinders spawns depending on which side of the map you are on. Placing a ward there will grant you that vision so that you know when to back off or to prepare to fight 1 vs 2, having your abilities ready for the fight.

Another reason why you want to ward those spots is because it tells you the next time the Blue buff crest of insight or Red buff crest of cinders spawns. This information tells you that the enemy Jungler will be on this side of the map. This also means the enemy Jungler will be trying to challenge the rift herald , which is the most important objective for Volibear.

The 2nd thing that is important is that you need to help your Jungler secure the scuttle or take it yourself. The vision in the river helps a lot and keeps them from challenging the rift herald .

the enemy Jungler can still walk past the scuttle vision and gank you. That is why I like to ward those spots by the Blue buff crest of insight or Red buff crest of cinders depending on which side of the map you're on and the reason why we want to secure the scuttle is because it helps Mid avoid getting ganked from that angle, which as the enemy Jungler will have nothing else to do, but go to Bot side of the map. This gives you the advantage to be more aggressive in your lane knowing the enemy Jungler is not around.
This is how I like to set up vision from the Blue side of the map, warding the Red buff crest of cinders and the route towards krugs .
This is how I like to set up vision from the Red side of the map, warding the Blue buff crest of insight and the gromp .
This allows Volibear to snowball the lane and find the confidence to 1 vs 2 when the enemy jungle ganks your lane. True damage/grievous wounds make it easier for Volibear to execute the target with W Frenzied Maul or R Stormbringer when diving. You may find this benefical against champions that have a lot of healing.
Teleport allows Volibear to protect towers on the map, help his team get the dragons ( drake ), rift herald , baron nashor , and put pressure on the map.
Ghost is very underrated on Volibear. In my opinion Ghost is better than Flash. Flash is good with the Q Thundering Smash + E Sky Splitter combo or even a quick W Frenzied Maul execute, but he reason why Ghost can be better for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle is because we are executing with R Stormbringer baiting out the enemy's Flash then SMASH them. This is excellent for chasing the target down to their tower and diving in to execute them because once you get a takedown, the duration continues, which means you can still have movement speed to get out of tower range or move onto the next target!
Flash is a really good spell on Volibear in most situations inTop lane and jungle because his R Stormbringer can also go over a wall. This gives him a great chance of catching champions that also go over the wall with Flash or an ability. Volibear's E Sky Splitter + Q Thundering Smash + Flash combo is a great way to catch a quick kill.
Chilling Smite slows the target and does true damage, which allows Volibear to easily land his AoE-Area of Effect damage E Sky Splitter and R Stormbringer when ganking or diving towers.
The most important rule when it comes to the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle for runes is that no matter what runes you use, Demolish is the most important rune for this playstyle. Whether you run my advanced runes or beginnner runes. We want the break as many shrines as we possibly can in the game!
These are my advanced runes that I use from the Domination tree using the keystone, Predator. As a Jungler, this keystone allows Volibear to quickly gank lanes, dive towers, and single out targets.
Predator is an active on your Boots giving Volibear ramping movement speed towards targets, which makes it easier for him to quickly gank, and most importantly dive towers with Q Thundering Smash + R Stormbringer combo.
Cheap Shot is great on Volibear when singling out a target with Q Thundering Smash allowing him to deal true damage to his target. This is really good at handling anyone who is building resistances.
Eyeball Collection grants Volibear adapative damage after a takedown, which scales with his abilities. The most important ability we want to scale towards late game is his R Stormbringer when we dive towers.
Ultimate Hunter after collecting all 5 bounties, reduces Volibear's R Stormbringer cooldown, which allows him to always have it ready for fights, but most importantly ready to dive and destroy towers.
These are my advanced runes that I use from the Precision tree using the keystone, Conqueror. As aTop laner, this keystone allows Volibear to stack adpative damage with his abilities, but most importantly his R Stormbringer when diving towers. For this reason, this is why we want Conqueror over the other two really good optional keystones, Press the Attack and Lethal Tempo.
Conqueror stacks adaptive damage so in this case we want to use this to stack damage on the Volibear's R Stormbringer for a bigger execution and tower damage. This increases in combination with items and into the late game.
Triumph restores health on a takedown even from your allies and grants gold, which is very useful on Volibear. The faster he gets his core items, the earlier the game will end! Presence of Mind is a good alternative since Volibear uses mana and in theTop lane, you're constantly making trades during the lane phase, which you want to keep Volibear's mana healthly for that he can remain in lane longer. This is also great for diving the enemy and still be able to cast your abilities without running out of mana in combination with Doran's Ring.
Legend: Alacrity grants attack speed for every champion, minion, or monster takedown. Attack speed is one of the most important stats on Volibear because he needs to be able to deal damage quickly to his target and towers. Legend: Tenacity is a good alternative if you need it.
Coup de Grace Deals damage to low health targets, which makes it easier for Volibear to execute targets with his W Frenzied Maul or R Stormbringer. Last Stand is a good alternative if you feel that your enemy will burst you down before you can burst him/her down.
These are the runes that I always encourage beginners to use when trying to learn how to play Volibear for the first time. Resolve keystones and runes give him the survialability you need to be able to have a little bit of room for mistakes to improve your skills before jumping into advanced ways of playing him. Aftershock forJungle and Grasp of the Undying for Top lane.
Grasp of the Undying is best usedTop and it procs every 4 seconds as long as Volibear is attacking minions, monsters, or champions to activate it. His Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul are both attack abilities that proc Grasp of the Undying. The most important ability is W Frenzied Maul because it has a 5 second cooldown, which is about the same timing as Grasp of the Undying. He can deal double damage + heal with just the W Frenzied Maul every 5 seconds and gain 5 health every time he uses it.
Aftershock is best used inJungle and it only procs on Volibear's Q Thundering Smash gaining bonus armor + magic resists and then exlodes dealing magic damage around him. This works well in combination with E Sky Splitter's shield and burst damage as well as diving in with R Stormbringer.
Demolish's damage is increased during the Volibear's R Stormbringer when he gains health because it scales with health, dealing physical damage to towers. This allows Volibear to collect gold from the tower plates, quickly pressure a lane with the rift herald , and utilize the baron nashor buff in combination to quickly end the game.
Second Wind is great with the Grasp of the Undying keystone as it has healing in combination with his W Frenzied Maul. Whenever Volibear takes damage, he regenerates health so when you are kiting out the enemy for 5 seconds until W Frenzied Maul is up again, you are constantly healing in-between.
Conditioning is great with the Aftershock keystone because it scales with resistances. During the increased resistances from that keystone, Conditioning increases it by 5%. This makes him mitigate damage even more when diving towers.
Overgrowth is an important rune for Volibear because it grants bonus health, which scales well with his abilities, items, and most importantly Demolish. Revitalize and Unflinching are good alternative options.
The STORMBRINGER is the birth of the SHRINE BREAKER, living up to his vow to tear down the shrines of false gods and idols.

I like to use Absolute Focus, which gives Volibear a ton of early damage scalings before Gathering Storm kicks in, which scales no matter how late the game gets. However, the original rune I used was Nimbus Cloak, which gives Volibear a boost of speed with Q Thundering Smash + Ghost as it activates when using summoner spells. It allows him to quickly dive and catch enemies off guard by his instant boost of speed. Really good against champions that have dashes on top of Flash and Galeforce.

Volibear cloaks himself in storm clouds, which resembles Nimbus Cloak granting him bonus movement speed when he uses a summoner spell. This is great for diving or chasing down targets in the jungle with Chilling Smite or Ghost or Teleport fromTop lane to run down a target in team fights.

Gathering Storm grants him adaptive damage over the course of the game representing the storm that only grows stronger, which makes his R Stormbringer deal more damage when he dives towers dealing damage to them as well as enemies in the area.

After his brotherly rivial with Ornn to cultivating a deep hatred of civilization and the weakness it brought with it, he now fights to return to the old ways-when the land was untamed, and blood spilled freely-and eagerly battles all who oppose him, but this time without armor. Just tooth, claw, and thundering domination.
The Volibear was known for his lust for battle, but his hatred for civilization grew over time. He made a promise to tear down the shrines of false idols and bring back the old ways before the mortals where blood spilled freely.
This is the story of the SHRINE BREAKER!

IMMORTALITY: As a demigod, the god of war and storms, so long as those two elements exist in Runeterra as well as warriors that still believe and remember him, Volibear will continue existing.

His brother Ornn made him rune-inscribed armor, but it was stripped away after being denied to make armor for his army.
IMMENSE STRENGTH: Volibear posses immense, godlike strength, it is said that his battle with Ornn lasted days and destroyed a whole civilization. The people of Hearthblood were slaughtered underneath the battle of Volibear and Ornn.
STORM MAGIC: Volibear wields the power of storms capable of many feats of strength and magic.

The splash resembles the battle of this image and the aftermath of what Volibear becomes.
CORRUPTION: After living up to his promise, he unleashed a terrible power that courrupted him into this form, but his power has become unlimited.
The Thousand-Pierced Bear in the Silenced for the Damned, Udyr's story of how he saw the Volibear after his transformation from his primal form that everyone once knew.
This is the story of the fallen one, the corrupted Volibear, and the long history between theFreljord and the Void.
On his way to the Howling Abyss bridge to destroy civilization and the shrines of false idols
Frostfire Gauntlet slows the target every 4 seconds and works on Volibear's basic attacks, Q Thundering Smash, and W Frenzied Maul.

The AoE-Area of Effect slows work in combination with Volibear's E Sky Splitter and R Stormbringer's slows giving him a lot of crowd control in team fights and when he's alone fighting multiple champs at once.

Mythic passive: grants 100 health per Legendary item and 6% increased size.
Over the course of the game, the more items Volibear has the bigger he becomes as shown with a full build + Elixir of Iron + Stormbringer.
Riftmaker'sVoid corruption symbolism under the ice of purply-void colors as well as in-game symbol below the Volibear when Riftmaker is stacked.
The destruction of the bridge unleashed a terrible power that corrupted the Volibear into what he becomes known as the Thousand-Pierced Bear or the fallen one, emerging his powers with theVoid below from the Frozen Watchers that were imprisoned in ice for enternity.
Riftmaker when stacked Volibear's damage is dealt as true damage. The more ability power Volibear has the more attack speed he gains with his passive: The Relentless Storm. The more ability power he has also grants Volibear a stronger E Sky Splitter shield. Volibear's R Stormbringer converts both attack damage and ability power into physical damage.

Mythic passive: grants each Legendary item 2% omni-vamp and 8 ability power.
Immortality & true damage of healing from omni-vamp from Riftmaker as well as the true damage in combination with Elixir of Sorcery's true damage on champions or towers. Omni-vamp works with his passive: The Relentless Storm healing off minion waves or enemies nearby as well as dealing damage with his abilities.
Build this every game
Build this every game
Follow this item purchase path
No matter which playstyle you choose to play, the core build focuses on building the mythic options of Riftmaker or Frostfire Gauntlet (you can also choose other mythic options: Trinity Force Sunfire Aegis Divine Sunderer Turbo Chemtank) into Hullbreaker for sustain and resistances plus tower damage. When Volibear gains health from his R Stormbringer, Titanic Hydra increases the damage because it scales with health. All you need is the rift herald or baron nashor buff to end the game!

Frozen Heart will be the most common item you will need to build after mythic item, but if you are ahead, stick with the core items. Eventually you will need this item to increase your ability to survive damage from towers, minions, monsters, and champions. If you are forced to team fight for the Dragons, this item is a must have.


RIFTBREAKER is unique to the THOUSAND-PIERCED BEAR, the SPIRIT WATCHER as well as elements on the Summoner's Rift such as the rift herald , Eye of the Herald, and baron nashor , which are all from theVoid creating rifts throughout the earth. This playstyle is ideal against tanks or any champion that will have armor and magic resist in their build or abilities. Champions like Garen, Sion, Ornn, and etc. The true damage from Riftmaker or Cheap Shot will shred right through their resistances.

STORMBREAKER represents the STORMBRINGER, the RELENTLESS STORM, but also connected to the Volibear's former selves throughout time. The RUNEGUARD, BATTLE SPIRIT of the Freljord and the THUNDER LORD, MYTHICAL GOD of Thunder are the 2 Volibear skins before becoming corrupted by the WATCHERS from the Void. This playstyle is generally good and extremely good against champions that move or kite such as Irelia, Riven, Yone, and etc.
What makes Titanic Hydra very good on the Volibear is the shockwave damage synergy with his passive: The Relentless Storm dealing a combination of AoE-Area of Effect damage since his passive travels through Q Thundering Smash + W Frenzied Maul in addition to more AoE damage from his E Sky Splitter and R Stormbringer.

Titanic Hydra is one of the most underrated items on Volibear and that is because not a lot of people realize what it does with his R Stormbringer.

When the Volibear gains health from Stormbringer his damage is increased because Titanic Hydra scales with health to deal damage. This means he will have a bigger "BOOM" with his R Stormbringer + during the 12 seconds, his Q Thundering Smash, W Frenzied Maul + his auto attacks deal more damage during that time.
The most important part for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyles is the tower damage combination from Titanic Hydra, Stormbringer, and Demolish. All 3 of these deal damage to towers and benefit each other in every way.
Titanic Hydra scales from health to deal more damage, which can scale well with any AD or AP health items such as the mythic options of Riftmaker and Frostfire Gauntlet. This means the more health he has, the more damage is applied to champions, minions, monsters, and towers.
Stormbringer's damage is increased by Titanic Hydra because when he uses R Stormbringer, he gains health, which that number increases by a certain level over the course of the game. This means bigger damage on to the towers and enemies in the area.
Demolish scales with health and deals physical damage to the towers, so in combination of the amount of health Titanic Hydra has + health items + Stormbringer's increased damage will make towers disappear instantly.
Hullbreaker works well in combination with Titanic Hydra dealing bonus damage to towers as well as with Demolish and his R Stormbringer because of the health the item provides.
Nashor's Tooth works well with Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm that is basically like Nashor's Tooth. Scales with AP and the more AP he has, the more attack speed he gains. We take Nashor's Tooth after core items so we can end the game quicker with the on-hit tower damage from Titanic Hydra + Hullbreaker combination. baron nashor buff and Gathering Storm rune will grant bonus AP for both his passive and Nashor's Tooth plus elixir of sorcery, which grants more AP and deals true damage to towers.
Sterak's Gage gives Volibear a health shield, which scales really well with the Frostfire Gauntlet build giving him a massive shield plus his E Sky Splitter's shield when diving in destroying towers and anyone in his path.
Frozen Heart reduces attack speed and damage. The Rock Solid passive scales with health, which allows him to take less damage from towers, minions, monsters, and champions. One of the best tower diving/team fight items you can have on Volibear.
Demonic Embrace burns enemies of their % health, which works extremely well with Volibear's E Sky Splitter which also deals the target's % health. Scales off health, which synergizes with his R Stormbringer like Titanic Hydra does. When he gains health from R Stormbringer, he gains damage. The more health he has, the more AP he gains.
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ARTHEO Volibear Guide
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