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Volibear Build Guide by ARTHEO



Updated on July 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Build Guide By ARTHEO 91 9 192,521 Views 4 Comments
91 9 192,521 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Volibear Build Guide By ARTHEO Updated on July 31, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear


Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role Ranked #7 in
Jungle Role
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Champion Build Guide




Hi guys! My summoner name is ARTHEO (God King Bear). I am a Volibear one trick. Welcome to my guide where I will always be updating my latest runes and builds forSolo Top and jungle based on whatLeague of legends makes each patch this season.

I have 2 favorite playstyles for Top and Jungle that I have narrowed down during Season 11 with all new items and brand new items. I will talk about those playstyles in my guide below in this order:


The Power of the Volibears shares alternative runes that are tied to the different Volibears throughout time. I also share other runes that are great on him as well if you are curious about that.

You can follow me on Twitch:ArtheoBear

I have 2 playstyles, 1 for Top and 1 for Jungle. Both very similar to following objectives to tear down towers, but in very different strategies. Top is a solo split pusher while Jungle is a team player. Basically Top crushes towers on his own, while Jungle crushes towers with his team. The reason why is because Jungle requires to be there for objectives like drake while Top does not have to be there. Hullbreaker is an item that requires to be alone for the passive to work, which is why Top will be running that item and Jungle will be focusing on being mobile and tanky enough to dive with his team.

SHRINE BREAKER playstyle is all about breaking every tower in the game until there is nothing left! Early game taking down the first tower and collecting those plates for gold will allow you to buy these items to deal more damage to towers. After that you want to focus on getting the 1st Eye of the Herald and run it down Bot lane with your Support and ADC. Ask Jungle and Mid to tag along too. The bigger the numbers the better to plow the entire lane. Goal is to take both towers Bot lane. After that you want to use the 2nd Eye of the Herald Top while they are busy with drake and plow down the 2nd tower and the gate tower. At this point in the game, you want your team to force baron nashor while you split Bot with Hullbreaker and crush the Nexus towers with Stormbringer!
Scales with health increasing the damage, but also granting each legendary item 100 health thanks to the mythic passive. This will increase damage with Demolish and Titanic Hydra allowing you to land more on-hit damage because of the slow.
The more health you have, the more damage you will deal in a cone hit to towers and targets. This is the most important damage item to scale with to split push, break towers, and kill anyone who tries to stop you.
This makes it extremely easy to break towers with Demolish and Titanic Hydra thanks to the passive, but also increased health and physical damage. The resists that it gives you while no allies are nearby synergies well with Frostfire Gauntlet's resists makes taking damage and diving towers much easier.

STORMBRINGER playstyle is all about diving in with Stormbringer with your team, disabling towers and using first Eye of the Herald crush the 2 towers bot lane and the 2nd Eye of the Herald to crush Top lane towers. At this point of the game, ask Top to split Bot lane while forcing baron nashor . At this point we want to use the buff to get 1 inhibitor and push the super minions at their nexus towers to dive in with Stormbringer crushing both towers for the win!
Slows target makes it easy for Volibear to dive or chase. Even easier with Frostfire Gauntlet, Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost.
Boosts movement speed after using a Summoner spell. The best with Ghost, which skips the ramp up time for it to reach its max movement speed. Also works well with Chilling Smite, slowing the target as you boost up. This makes it easy to dive and chase down ranged champions in the back that usually have lots of mobility or dash.
Chasing down enemies after they use Flash or quickly diving in with Nimbus Cloak limits their ability to kite Volibear. All of these movement speed and slows synergize well with Volibear's Thundering Smash, Sky Splitter, and Stormbringer, which all have immobilizing / slows. After a takedown, the duration will continue, allowing Volibear to stick to the next target.

Help secure kills and snowball the lane and collect tower plates with Demolish. Also increases your chances to win 1v2 when the enemy jungler decides to gank your lane giving you the perfect opportunity to gain buffs, crest of insight + crest of cinders to increase your sustain and damage. Killing the enemy jungler will not only give you buffs, but allow you to gain level advantage over top lane making it extremely easy to kill and snowball.

Increase your ability to chase and reduce kiting, which pairs well with Frostfire Gauntlet + Thundering Smash + Stormbringer. Nimbus Cloak ramps up the movement speed a the start of using a Summoner Spell, which can cut the time that Ghost needs to ramp up to its full movement speed, making it very easy to reach ranged champions with dashing actives or abilities. The most unique is Ghost's duration is continued after a takedown, which allows Volibear to move onto the next target with ease with no interruption. This pairs even better with movement speed items such as Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature giving you the ability to chase a target or escape multiple enemies coming for you.

Slows synergize well with Volibear's abilities of being able to immobilize / slow targets as well as slow them with Frostfire Gauntlet. Nimbus Cloak movement speed synergizes well with Chilling Smite's slow allowing Volibear to easily chase or dive targets with Ghost + Thundering Smash + Sky Splitter + Stormbringer.

I use this Top for the bonus permanent health and heal combo with Frenzied Maul. The bonus health will increase the damage with scaling health items Frostfire Gauntlet and Titanic Hydra as well as the rune, Demolish.

I use this for Jungle as it increases Volibear's resists every time he dives in with Thundering Smash + Stormbringer with an all in using Nimbus Cloak and Ghost. Pairs well with resist items such as Frostfire Gauntlet, Dead Man's Plate and Force of Nature. Also synergizes well with Thornmail as the bonus armor does more damage and also has immobilizing effects. Abyssal Mask is another immobilizing item that increases damage if you are looking to swap items.

Health items increase the damage to towers, which synergize well with Titanic Hydra and Hullbreaker that deal increased damage to towers. health + physical damage will destroy towers fairly quick and only gets stronger as the game goes on! Diving is the best thing with Volibear because of Thundering Smash + Stormbringer + Titanic Hydra to kill enemy under tower with ease.

The more health you have, the more you will regenerate and heal while kiting out then charge back in with Thundering Smash + Sky Splitter combo and heal with Grasp of the Undying + Frenzied Maul combo.

This will keep you relentless with tenacity and slow resistance, which increases the less health you have in fights making it difficult for them to control you as you will always be able to stick to them with Frostfire Gauntlet, Thundering Smash, Sky Splitter, Stormbringer, Ghost, and Nimbus Cloak. Even more with movement speed items such as Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature.

Increases movement speed when using a Summoner Spell and the best spell is Ghost giving you the ability to move through units aka minions allowing Volibear to easily stick to multiple targets with Frostfire Gauntlet, Thundering Smash, Sky Splitter, Stormbringer, or movement speed items Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature.

Scaling adaptive damage, which increases your damage towards the late game. This will give Volibear more damage with his auto attacks because of his passive: The Relentless Storm, Thundering Smash, Frenzied Maul. Most powerful with Titanic Hydra for the on-hit auto attacks. This power increases as the game goes on! Very powerful with Nashor's Tooth, the adaptive damage will be AP, which will give Volibear scaling AP for Nashor's Tooth's passive as well as The Relentless Storm, Sky Splitter, and Stormbringer. This means he deal more on-hit effects with Titanic Hydra and increase his shield power with Sky Splitter since it scales with AP and Health.

Best used in the Jungle. Gives bonus movement speed in the river and adaptive damage, which is helpful to deal more damage to drake or Eye of the Herald when kiting it out to the river. Also great to chase down anyone in the river as well as ganking lanes. This synergizes well with Nimbus Cloak when using Chilling Smite or Ghost with Thundering Smash. Really good with mobility items such as Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate, and Force of Nature.

Slows synergize well with Volibear's Thundering Smash stun, Sky Splitter, and Stormbringer's slows with movement speed allowing him to always stick to enemies when he applies a basic attack in-between Frostfire Gauntlet's cooldown, burning targets nearby, which increases with health items. The magic damage aura synergizes well with The Relentless Storm dealing damage to secondary enemies around him. The slows also increase his chances of always being able to execute his target with auto attacks, Frenzied Maul, and Stormbringer.

Staying mobile will allow you to keep applying slows + burn damage with Frostfire Gauntlet as well as apply on-hit damage from Titanic Hydra. Sitting on a Winged Moonplate will grant you slightly more or less around 419 movement speed early game, which will be built into Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature into the late game. Also goes well with Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost if you are looking for maximum chase, dive, dodge, and escape.

Slashing Volibear claws deals lots of damage with his auto attacks to targets and towers with Demolish. Synergizes well with his passive: The Relentless Storm, Thundering Smash, Frenzied Maul, and Stormbringer landing big cone hit auto attacks. With all of the movement speed options of Boots of Swiftness, Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost as well as slows from Frostfire Gauntlet will allow you to keep applying this devastating damage that scales with health that will only get stronger as the game goes on! This also gives Volibear the ability to clear waves with ease.

Increasing damage to towers synergizes well with Titanic Hydra + Demolish's damage to towers and Frostfire Gauntlet's resists + Frenzied Maul's heal making Volibear very tanky to dive targets under tower with Thundering Smash, Sky Splitter, Stormbringer, Nimbus Cloak and Ghost.

Physical damage and health scales well with Titanic Hydra + gives an extra shield with Sky Splitter. Opposed to Hullbreaker, you can still deal a fair amount of damage to towers with Demolish with your team. You can swap for Spirit Visage if you wish to increase heal / shield power with this item. Every time you attack a champion, you will heal, which synergizes well with Second Wind. I tend to take this when I am Jungling since I am more involved in teamfights that involve burst damage.

Having the ability to roam the map and chase down enemies with Q Thundering Smash + Ghost + Nimbus Cloak, no one will be able to kite Volibear. Dead Man's Plate allows him to be where he needs to be in order to pressure a lane or help with objectives and most importantly gives him an easy way to quickly dive targets under tower with Stormbringer.

Synergizes well with The Relentless Storm because of Nashor's Tooth's passive dealing bonus on-hit magic damage that increases with more AP. The extra AP is from Gathering Storm into the mid-late game. On-hit damage synergizes well with Frenzied Maul and mostly Titanic Hydra. The AP also increases Volibear's shield from Sky Splitter as well as the burst damage. You can swap for Spirit Visage if you wish to increase this shield power.

Extra movement speed synergizes well with all of the mobility from Nimbus Cloak, Ghost, Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate, and Thundering Smash. This gives magic resist, which gives a good balance with Dead Man's Plate's armor and Frostfire Gauntlet's resists. Your movement increases when struck by abilities, which makes Volibear very relentless into the late game.

"Feel the power of the Volibears!"


What are Volibear's primary runes? Precision? Resolve? Sorcery? Domination? Inspiration? Well, Volibear is from the Freljord, but he is actually from what used to be, Vorrijaard before he created the 5 Fjords with one mighty swipe of his claws.

Resolve is listed as the primary home of southern Freljord, but Volibear is from the very northern part of the Freljord.

With that being said, he doesn't have any native runes to his region like Garen does with Precision, which represents the golden cityscape of Demacia. It also represents other cityscapes like Shurima, but most importantly legends and warriors. For example, Darius is from Noxus and the primary runes is Domination, but Darius is a warrior so therefore, his primary trait is Precision.

Volibear's biggest trait that represents him is that he is a warrior at heart, which is what Precision represents, legends and warriors. This is what the Volibear was known for, his lust for battle. Resolve represents the very lands he created, the harsh cold bitter Freljord, known to survive and withstand tough conditions of nature and of war. Precision or Resolve is his primary runes. Conqueror, Press the Attack, Grasp of the Undying and Aftershock are the best keystones on Volibear because he deals on-hit damage ,has the ability to immobilize his target, and scales with health.

Conqueror works well with his passive: The Relentless Storm, which gives him magic damage and more attack speed. This keystone can work in 2 ways dealing adaptive damage. If you go AP, you will gain more AP damage, which increases the passive's damage and the more AP you buy, the more attack speed you will have to easily ramp up Conqueror's stacks. If you go AD, you will deal mixed damage, which is what Volibear's kit is all about since it has some physical damage as well as magic. Divine Sunderer is the mythic that is really good for mixed damage and most importantly armor and magic pen. Trinity Force and Riftmaker are also very good mythics to run with this keystone.

Press the Attack works well with his Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul, that can proc that keystone pretty fast delivering a huge burst of damage in a single combo making his target vulnerable to all sources. This is another well-grounded keystone that can be played top or jungle, which has been considered the best keystone for Volibear, but mostly used in the jungle because you have buffs to sustain while top Grasp of the Undying or Conqueror is better for sustain.

Grasp of the Undying works well with his W Frenzied Maul if timed together on 2nd mark, the bite, you can deal massive damage and get double heal combo. As every time you use it, you gain health, which gives W even more damage. This keystone also can proc from Q Thundering Smash and basic attacks. This pairs well with Divine Sunderer, Trinity Force, Frostfire Gauntlet, Riftmaker, and Titanic Hydra. The most well-rounded keystone for Volibear top lane.

Aftershock works only on Q Thundering Smash giving him bonus resists during his all ins. This is really good for diving towers and teamfights. His Q Thundering Smash combo with E Sky Splitter will allow him to apply the Aftershock damage. Even more so with items like Frostfire Gauntlet or Trinity Force. This can also work well with Riftmaker + Nashor's Tooth since it depends on landing those 2 combos. This is also great against heavy AD Top where they will not be able to deal as much damage to you during your combo.


Secondary runes represent the Volibears throughout time.
Using either Resolve or Precision with these secondary runes.

"Thunder roars. Wind howls. Only fools ignore the call to battle."

The Battle Spirit of the Freljord represents the warrior side of Volibear that his followers worshiped and called down to battle. His brother Ornn forged his rune-inscribed armor aka the Runeguard skin and won countless wars along side Volibear. This also represents the time of Winter's Claw, which Volibear was asked to join and fight with them. Using either Precision or Resolve as primary or secondary is the best combinations of runes for Volibear.

"They call me Valhir. The Volibear. Greatstorm. My true name is mine alone."

The Mythical God, the Volibear, the greatstorm, the Thunder Lord skin! This represents him as the cosmic-being, worshiped by his followers and also the time when his brother Ornn refused to forge his followers (Ursine) anymore armor, which caused the 2 demi-gods to clash, which was known as the greatstorm that shook the Freljord.

"Vrestrom consume you!"

The Stormbringer represents Volibear's vow to tear down all evidence of civilization. The aftermath of fight with his brother Ornn, he casted off his rune-inscribed armor. The Relentless Storm skin as he would fight from then on with just tooth, and claw, and might, and thunder. Volibear found his full power was now unleashed.

"Darkening clouds. An omen to those who stand against the wild!"


The Spirit Watcher represents Volibear's determination to return the Freljord to its ancient state as a true wilderness. Tearing down the Howling Abyss where the Watchers were frozen in time by Lissandra, unleashing the Void, which corrupted Volibear. However, this gave him immense power than what he had before. The Thousand-pierced bear skin, the Eldritch Horror, which Udyr described the Volibear in the lore Silenced for the Damned. The immortal spirit of the bear still lives with a watchful eye over the wildnerness.

Q: Who or what inspired you to play Volibear?

A: Well my real name is Bear so, that didn't take much for me to fall in love with Volibear at season 2. I learned and became inspired by learning from Trick2g on how to play Volibear when I wanted to get better playing against other players and eventually when I graduated college, I decided to test my skills in ranked. I still have a long ways to go mostly because of my lack of knowledge of other champion's skills and damage. I am currently working on learning other champions to improve my Volibear gameplay. After years of watching Trick2g, I never thought he would ever notice me or host my stream! It was unreal and I hope he does again someday. He's a legend when it comes to the Volibear.

Q: Why do you not use Press the Attack or Conqueror?

A: Those are great keystones on Volibear, but for my play-style, to me, Volibear is an all in diver so I get everything I need out of Grasp of the Undying and Aftershock. The reason for taking Grasp of the Undying over those 2 keystones is simply because it gives him permanent health and a heal combo with Frenzied Maul that have a very similar cooldown that you can jab at the enemy. Another reason is I like Demolish on Volibear. It is just too good with his R Stormbringer and it scales with health, which is why Grasp of the Undying is good. Aftershock gives bonus resist at the start of engaging teamfights without getting blown up. Your damage comes from Titanic Hydra that scales with health.

Q: Is AP Volibear viable?

Q: For Top lane, a big fat YES! Riftmaker Volibear with Nashor's Tooth is a hell of a duelist to beat. The omni-vamp synergy with his passive: The Relentless Storm and AP scaling that increase his attack speed is what makes it great. More AP also means more shield power with E Sky Splitter. I love this with Titanic Hydra and Hullbreaker. Absolute solo split pushing monster! Follow my original SHRINE BREAKER playstyle with this build and you will dominate.

Q: Why do you not use Spirit Visage in your playstyles?

A: Spirit Visage to me is more useful for the AP Riftmaker Volibear or Divine Sunderer or you run Conqueror, Triumph, Revitalize, Ravenous Hunter. My playstyle is more of a diver full movement speed all in kind of playstyle. Also Volibear heals from the 2nd mark of his Frenzied Maul, which can be difficult to land in teamfights than it is in a 1v1 fight and most champions out kite him with his shield power on E Sky Splitter. This is one of the reasons why AP Volibear is not as viable for teamfights, but best for 1v1. For these reasons, I see no purpose to have Spirit Visage and much rather increase his movement speed with Nimbus Cloak, Ghost, Dead Man's Plate, Force of Nature, and sticking power with Frostfire Gauntlet since kiting is his weakness. However I do consider Spirit Visage as a situational item to swap for in some matchups.

Q: I notice you don't buy Thornmail in most of your games, why is that?

A: I only buy Thornmail if I am against Riftmaker or Blade of the Ruined King. Most of the time, I usually win my lane and dominate with Titanic Hydra + Frostfire Gauntlet combo. There are some matchups where I do need Thornmail, but I am a very strategic player. I play off the objective timers and where I should be at times + the items that I use help me get those objectives done in order to win the game early. In most cases, I only get Thornmail if I am behind, which usually is when I am against an ADC top or losing the lane. Basically when my plan goes south, I tank up.

Q: What do you think of Balori's Immortal Volibear?

A: I actually tried his Immortal Volibear playstyle and it is a lot of fun to play. The only downside was having mana issues because of not having Doran's Ring as a starter, which I recommend highly! If you want the Doran's Shield and Second Wind combo, you can buy that on your first back for both combinations of mana and regen sustain. Sunfire Aegis is wise considering what he has for runes. He does not have any tenacity in his runes and he also builds Mercury's Treads, which means he is loaded with not only tenacity, but also slow resistance, the more legendary items he buys for the mythic passive to grant that. My favorite Immortal build option that he has is with Dead Man's Plate simply because Volibear needs to be able to chase and with all that tenacity + slow resistance, he will be truly unstoppable immortal! I love the synergy of Revitalize + Ravenous Hunter with a tank build. The one thing I love about Volibear is he is so versatile when it comes to playstyles. It is up to you to find which one suits you the most!
League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO
ARTHEO Volibear Guide
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