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Lucian General Guide by cignet

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cignet

Lucian - Glass Cannon Build

cignet Last updated on August 24, 2013
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Greetings Internet:

I have been playing around with Lucian the past day, and wanted to provide a more balanced build suggestions than what I've seen to far.

You're more than welcome to add any suggestions below - just as long as they're looking to inform and not troll.


This guide is primarily designed for this build - it has a few different ideas in it, but I encourage you to give it a try and see how it does for your play-style.


From gathering some feedback from friends (and the discussions page), this is what I think is more of a usual ADC build for Lucian. There are still some differences than that other guides suggest, but it's firm and is a very good path at getting kills fast.

Please note: This is my first (and probably only) guide, but I wanted to keep it to the point and compressed - I find many other guides on here too wordy and difficult to navigate - if you want to learn more about Lucian, check the LoL Wiki here.

Please note the notes: I've typed in additional notes for each section - just hover over the word for the individual pop-up descriptions.


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What This Build Does

Early Game

  • Pressures champions away from lane, and not get drained of Mana by over-using skill shots.
  • Ensure that Q (Short-range AD) and W (Long-range AP) are balanced as threats.

Mid Game

  • As high AD as possible in a fast buy order that tries not to waste any gold early on.
  • Starting obtain faster Attack Speed.
  • Initial Armour Penetration to compensate for enemy champs buying +Armour items.

Late Game

  • Max AD.
  • High Attack Speed.
  • Critical Strike Chance & Damage so initial hits are high in bonus damage.
  • As much Armour Penetration as possible.

Note: This is a squishy build ... so keep on the ready to skill dodge + manoeuvre away fast.

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Summoner Spells

The "expedient escape / quick pursuit" button.

You'll be chasing enemies quite a bit with Relentless Pursuit and The Culling in order to get that important kill - so it's great to have that burst of protection if you're running past turrets, or if a gank unexpectedly shows up.

Ignite can really help drain the last bits of a Champion's health, but you need to be in range + it takes away from focusing on hitting with Lucian's QW and R's skill shots - which will do much more damage.

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Item Build Notes


Long Sword
a - +10 AD that builds into early game items, and does not waste gold.

Health Potion + Mana Potion
Obtain as needed. At the start I usually only have 1 of each, just in case. Again, not trying to waste too much gold.

Note: Mana will drain quickly for Lucian - as you'll find that you'll need to be liberal his abilities in order to get quick kills - so always have a couple of Mana Potion's on you until you find it's not necessary anymore.


Boots of Speed
Staple early item.
Also, since Lucian's abilities are skill shot heavy, being able to quickly position is important.

Get Lucian's attack speed up as soon as possible.


a - Quickly makes Lucian a threat if enemy champions get too close.
b - The +40% attack speed greatly benefits Lucian's Ult, The Culling (R)

The Brutalizer
a - The additional attack damage (+25) is great to get as early as possible
b - Early +10 armour penetration is great against champions that build armour early.

a - The Culling (R) greatly benefits from the +18% attack speed
b - +5% move speed helps for positioning for the Q & W skill shots.
c - +10% critical hits = more possible damage.

Berserker's Greaves
+20% attack speed = better The Culling (R)

Pickaxe OR B. F. Sword
CHOOSE ONE - If you recall and don't have the 1550g for the BF Sword, then I'll get a Pickaxe first ... both are great +25/+45 AD

Elixir of Fortitude
OPTIONAL - You can get this around now as it's +15 AD once the early game items are setup, and it does not lock in an item slot as it's consumed.
Note: I usually leave this sitting in an item slot until I'm just about get into a champ fight.


a - +%50 Attack Speed = excellent for R
b - +10% Cooldown
c - Ignores Unit Collision = excellent for positioning skillshots.

Infinity Edge
Very much a core item, but even though there are suggestions to build this first, I go with Bloodthirster first because of it's +AD and LS Gain from champion and minion kills.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Ghostblade is what The Brutalizer builds into.
a - Good +30 AD, +15 critical strike chance, and +10% cooldown
Unique Active ability; the +20% Movement Speed and +40% Attack Speed can be really helpful once b - Use just before triggering The Culling (R) for a deadly burst.

Trinity Force
Everything about Trinity Force is a great for Lucian:
a - +30 AD is great, and the +30 AP is a nice added bonus damage to W (+90%) and R (+10%)
b - Movement speed is greatly enhanced from attacks.
c - The additional damage provided by Unique Passive Spellblade is fantastic when Lightslinger is triggered by casting Relentless Pursuit.

Last Whisper
+35% armour penetration now as enemy chaps will surly have +Armour items built.

Berserker's Greaves + Alacrity:
+15 movement speed for better skillshot positioning.


The Bloodthirster
a - Highest +AD damage item in game.
b - Increases +AD and +% Life Steal with every champion AND minion kill

Frozen Mallet
I usually bypass this because there is usually another friendly champion who slows enemies down for me, and my goal is to concentrate on +AD and attack speed ... BUT I would say is probably the more 'necessary' of the optional items I propose.

Phantom Dancer
a - +%50 Attack Speed = excellent for R
b - +30% Critical Strike = excellent for QWR
c - Ignores Unit Collision = excellent for positioning skillshots.

Runaan's Hurricane
+70% Attack Speed is fantastic for THE CULLING, and a great substitute if have a slot free by deciding against either building The Brutalizer into The Black Cleaver or bypassing Last Whisper.

The Black Cleaver
Normally I still have The Brutalizer equipped because of it's early armour penetration and cooldown bonuses, to which The Black Cleaver one of the two different options to build it into ... but I pick this because
a - The armour reduction per hit will (unexpectedly) help to melt tanks that have built up +armour, especially once THE CULLING (R) is blasted at them.

(note: the below item is a recommended option to leverage Ardent Blaze W better with +AP Damage)
Hextech Gunblade
a - Remember that ARDENT BLAZE has a +90% AP damage bonus, which is usually forgotten (and also THE CULLING is +10% AP per hit). If enemy champs build really high +armour against you, relying more on W than Q with a high +AP might confuse them.
b - The UNIQUE ACTIVE slows champs down, which is great in general - but it's in a range cast, rather than ON HIT (like Frozen Mallet), and ideally you want to keep Lucian at a distance from champion fights.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
This will require you to use Q, E, and R to build up the item in order to deliver a deviating W


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