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Lulu Build Guide by Kialdash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kialdash

Lulu: the Sorceress of Growth

Kialdash Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Welcome to my very first League of Legends build, I hope you enjoy it.

This build is based on supporting specificly, so don't expect a lot of damage from Lulu. If you're looking for a Lulu which you can make kills with easily, just don't use this build.

Lulu is a champion with many tricks, which, if you use them correctly, will earn you a lot of assists, and your teammates a lot of kills.

In this build I will explain my chosen items, spells, and other things.

As it is my first build, don't hesitate to comment and give me advice.
There need to be done more changes to this build, they will be done during the process. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

Like every support champion, Lulu has both positive as negative sides.

Nice CC
(Good slow, capable of polymorphing enemies)
Can shield allies
Can get vision of fleeing enemies by using
Help, Pix!
Can boost ally AP
Pretty good at saving allies
( Whimsy can save them from several ultimate's)
Can enlarge allies

Lulu has no healing spells
Lulu can be squishy
(especially in early game)
Lulu is pretty slow, especially early on.
(So use Whimsy and Glitterlance to your advantage, by polymorphing / speeding up, and slowing!)

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Like many champions, there are many rune combinations that could be good for Lulu.
These are the ones I favor:

Greater Mark of Armor:
These runes give you a little more armor, which can be extremely useful when facing of against strong AD champs. (As you would usually be facing off against an AD Carry.) These marks might just provide you that amount of armor that leaves you at 5 health when you escape.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration:
These runes give Lulu more mana regeneration during the game. This might be of great importance for you and your team, as Lulu is quickly out of mana in early game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist:
Unlike the Marks, these runes give you a little magic resist. These runes can be very useful when facing off AP champs, such as champs from the mid lane, junglers like Fiddlesticks or some of the supports that can deal a good amount of damage in the early game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
As you might have seen, this build actually has zero AP. This is because Lulu's support skills just get minor boosts from AP. This pretty much means that items like Soul Shroud can help your allies much better than the minor boost the AP will give. I've chosen to put these Quintessences in, because a little AP boost in early game always is nice, as Lulu can deal a decent amount of damage in the early games, which can easily result in a First Blood for your team. This makes me decide to take at least a couple of these.

Greater Quintessence of Gold
You don't see this kind of Quintessence used that often. I've chosen to put one in, because as you are the support of the team, you shouldn't be farming minions at all. A little extra gold, however, can come in handy for the support as well.

Like I said, there are different 'good' rune combinations possible. I've chosen to put these in because they suit my style. If you have a rune combination that suits your style better, you should just use that one. Here are some alternatives for runes, though:

You could Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction to drop down your cooldowns a bit more, which results in you having less cooldowns earlier on. As you'll have enough cooldown reduction from your masteries and build during the game, and as you would (probably) be out of mana too quickly, I would not recommend these runes in combination with this build.

It's possible to use Greater Seal of Armor instead of the marks, as the seals give you more armor than the marks would give you. I'd chosen to use the marks instead, because seals give the most mana regeneration. As your need of mana decreases near the end of the game, and as you might be able to catch a blue buff during the game, it's possible to forget about the mana regeneration seals though.

You could use Greater Mark of Attack Speed, to give you some more attack speed. These marks would mean that your attack rate increases, which would also trigger the effect from your passive, Pix, Faerie Companion, more often. I've chosen not to use these myself, because I play full support instead of higher damage.

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As masteries, I've chosen to go 0/9/21, focussing on armor and health in Defense, and Mana regeneration, Gold per 10 seconds, and cooldown reduction in Utility.

It would also be possible to replace the part of the Defense tree for some of the Offense tree, and make your masteries 9/0/21 or 8/1/21. (Depending whether you'd want to have AP, CD reduction and Magic Penetration, or AP, CD reduction and Summoner's Resolve .) This tree would be useful if you wanted to gain more CD reduction quickly, or if you'd want to do a little more damage.

Personally I favor the 0/9/21 though, because this makes Lulu a little less squishy in early game.

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As you have seen, I've got a couple of items in my build that I will explain. I'll also give some more options if you're not sure whether to use or not to use them.

Core items

There are a few items that you certainly should have early in the game.

Philosopher's Stone and will provide your gold in the early game, as you shouldn't be busy with killing minions, as that's what your carry should do. Philosopher's Stone will also provide you with the early mana and health regeneration.

This is an item I'd certainly have early on in the game, as it'd give you even more mana regeneration, so you can cast spells more often. The effect is also nice for your other team members, as it'd provide them as much mana as it would give to you.

Sight Ward
These are pretty much the main items you should buy during the game. As you are the support, it's your duty to ward the dragon, baron, as well as the minor buffs and the path the enemies jungler would possibly take to gank. You should buy wards every time you go back. Don't forget, though, that the baron, dragon and your own lane are your main tasks. The lane on the other side of the map, for example, could better buy their own wards for early game.

Use this early on to destroy enemy wards, and to protect from enemies capable of stealth. Be sure to protect the baron and dragon with vision wards as well.

One of the most important items of the support is the Oracle's Elixir, as it'd give you stealth detection, protecting your nearby allies from enemies that stealth, as it would make you capable of destroying all enemy vision and sight wards, destroying the money they bought them for, as well.

As Lulu will be a squishy champion in early game, it'd come in handy to have a few of those for the first few minutes, as you wouldn't have to recall immediately.


I've chosen to use these in my build. Not just because they give magic resistance, but mainly because of the Tenacity , which will decrease the effect of enemy CC at you. These are the ones I use most, but of course, you don't have to copy every bit of the guide. As you've seen I've placed it after getting Shurelya's Reverie. If your lane pushes hard, though, I'd recommend taking it earlier because you are a easy target without boots if you're to deep in your lane.

Other possibilities:
As you'd have no CDR from the runes if you use this build, this is still a nice item for Lulu to have, as it will provide the main CDR in early game. As you'd have enough CDR from my other items during the game, though, and as you might be able to get a blue buff for example, you won't need them necessarily, though.

These boots are excellent if you're facing off against strong AD teams, and when you don't need the Tenacity or MR from the other boots. You'd also save some money, as these are the cheapest available.

These boots provide you with the speed you otherwise wouldn't have. These will come in handy while warding and then to quickly return to your lane or to a teamfight. In combination with Whimsy and Shurelya's Reverie's active, these are good boots to escape your enemies as well. Keep in mind, though, that next to the speed, these boots won't give any extra's.


As you've seen, most of the items I've chosen for this build are aura items. Here I'll explain what they could be used for, and why I chose them.

Shurelya's ReverieThis is an item which you be easily upgraded from the Philosopher's Stone. It will boost you with mana and health regeneration, as it's active will give you and nearby allies a boost of speed, which could either help you to chase an enemy if you want to kill it, or to flee for it.

This is one of the cheaper items, but a very rewarding item, though. It'd give you some health, MR and armor, as it will also provide an aura that will be used to provide your allies with some MR, armor and damage.

This item will provide you with some armor and health, and also will grant an aura for you and your enemies that will boost the health regeneration. The active of this skill will grant you and nearby allies a shield to absorb some damage. In combination with Heal and possibly your ultimate, you're almost certain to save some lives.

I've chosen to include this item as it'd provide you with some health, and in combination with the other item's above, will make you a lot less squishy. It will also provide you and your allies with an aura of CDR and mana regeneration, which would be very useful as well.

Here are a few other possibilities or extras for your build:

Zeke's HeraldThis is an excellent item if your team has many AD players, that will provide you and team with some extra life steal and attack speed. In addition, it'd provide you some health and CDR, so it's a good replacement for Soul Shroud, as well.

I've not included this item in the build, but it's a useful item to boost your and your team with some AP and spell vamp. The reason why I chose not to include it is as you are the support, and no the AP carry of the team. It's a good sixth item or replacement for another item, though, as long as your team has many AP players.

Defensive items

This is an excellent item that will provide you with extra armor more CDR and some mana. You shouldn't be buying this item in combination with CDR runes or boots, though, as it'd eventually exceed your CDR cap too much. You could use it as a replacement for either Soul Shroud or Shurelya's Reverie as well, as long as you don't need the extras these items provide.

This is a good item when playing against AP teams, as it will boost you with some MR, mana, health and a shield that blocks an incoming enemy ability every 45 seconds.

Not used often for support, but gives you a armor and major AP boost, though. This is an item I'd recommend while winning easily, as you then wouldn't have to be going full support, and it's active might be able to save you as well.

Might be a handy item, especially versus close-combat enemies, as it'd slow their movement and attack speed. Easy to get as you'd have the Heart of Gold early on. It'll also provide you with some armor, health, CDR and health regeneration. I don't use this item myself, though, as I think Locket of the Iron Solari size is a much better support item for Lulu, as it'd boost your allies more than Randuin's will.

Nice AP boosters

This is a item that will give your AP a major boost. This is a good item to finish if you may farm, as it would boost both the damage dealt, as it would boost the effects from your shield and health from your ultimate.

This gives you a nice amount of ability power, boosting your damage, shield and ultimate, as it would cause your spells to slow when being cast on enemy champions. An extra from this item is the bonus health you're granted from it.

Mind that the items that I didn't include in my build are yours tho choose. Also, I haven't included a sixth item in this build, as it should be your main task to ward. These will take an item spot as well. If your team is doing well and they think that Oracle's Elixir alone would be enough, feel free to choose one of the extra items or another item of your own choosing as sixth item.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Pix, Faerie Companion: Pix is your little faerie helper. Every time Lulu shoots her basic attack, Pix shoots 3 little ones of her own that deal a little magic damage on the target they hit. Lulu's passive can be intercepted by enemies between you and your target, though. When using Help, Pix! on an ally, the person who's got Pix also benefits from this passive. The damage dealt by Pix is then a part of the total damage dealt by your ally, though.

Glitterlance: Glitterlance is your damaging and slowing spell. If you cast this ability, both you and Pix will both shoot an identical bolt that will slow and deal magic damage to enemies that are hit. When using Help, Pix! on either yourself, an allied unit or an enemy, Pix will be attached to them for a few seconds. If you cast Glitterlance while Pix is attached to somebody else, Pix will shoot a bolt from that position, instead. When chaining Help, Pix! and Glitterlance, there is a great chance that this will be rewarded. As seen above, I'd take Glitterlance first because Lulu deals a great amount of damage in early game, but max it last, because your main objective is supporting.

Whimsy: Whimsy has two different effects, depending on it being cast on an ally or on an enemy. When cast on yourself or an allied unit, Whimsy provides them with both AP and movement speed. This skill is excellent to boost the AP of ultimates, such as your own, or for example Karthus's or Nunu's. It can also provide you or your ally enough movement speed to flee from an enemy, so use it wisely. When cast on an enemy, the target will get polymorphed, reducing their movement speed, and disabling their ability to attack or cast spells. This used in the right way, can result in either a kill, or successful fleeing. As seen above, I'd choose it early, at lvl 3 or 4, and max it second, at lvl 13. The AP boost shouldn't be needed earlier, as you are probably teaming with an AD carry early on. The movement speed buff is the most important early on, and won't change while upgrading this ability.

Help, Pix!: This ability, too, has got two different effects. When cast on an allied unit, Pix will both shield and deal damage for them. When cast on an enemy, Pix will follow them for a few seconds, dealing magic damage when cast, and granting your team sight of that unit during the following process. Glitterlance will be cast from the place where Pix is at. I'd take this ability second, immediately after Glitterlance, and max it first, at lvl 9. This is the most important skill in early game for a support Lulu, as it can shield either you or the ally you're teaming up with, allowing your lane to take a bit more risk earlier on, which can be very rewarding.

Wild Growth: Lulu's ultimate will enlarge the ally where it's cast on, knocking of enemies, and providing the ally both bonus health and a slowing aura. Use Wild Growth wisely, not specifically on the biggest champions to make them even bigger, such as Cho'Gath, but use it on allies that need them, (with low health,) instead. While laning, pick the AD carry rather than yourself when you're both low on health, as the AD carry would have a better chance of survival, and might even pick up a kill or two. As with every ultimate, take it on lvl 6, 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

While playing Lulu support, you've got a few choises of summoner spells. Here, I'll give both recommended, possible and do-not-choose spells.

As Lulu, I'd definitely take Flash, as it's the best escaping skill possible. It'd give you a little more space between you and your enemy, as it will nearly be certain escape combined with Shurelya's Reverie and Whimsy.

Heal is the second spell I'd take myself, as Lulu is a support champ, which doesn't have any healing spells. To provide enough healing for your ally, Heal is the perfect spell you'd want to have.

Of course, CV is always one of the better options for a support, but like I said, Lulu doesn't have any healing spells, so I'd prefer Heal above CV. With proper warding, CV is unnecessary as well, but it still might come in handy, so do as you wish.

Exhaust can be rewarding for your team, as it will slow your opponent's movement speed and decrease their attacks. It's not necessary for Lulu, though, as Glitterlance can slow your enemies, while Whimsy can disable their ability to attack.

Cleanse is a spell which removes all disables and debuffs from affecting your champion, in Lulu's case, it's not recommended, as you are capable of absorbing a pretty amount of damage in late game, and as well can save yourself pretty easily.

Teleport is a very useful summoner spell if you want to return to your lane quickly after recalling, to push when your minions are near a turret, to protect a turret of yours or to come to the aid of an ally quickly. Usually though, you should be able to be there before it's too late.

Clarity may come in handy, as it will restore some of your mana. It's a good spell when teeming up with mana bursters as well, but I've made this build focused on teaming with an AD carry. Clarity is most useful for early game, and less in end game, though, as you'd gain more mana regeneration and mana near the end of the game. It may come in handy, but as long as you play defensive enough in early game, you won't need it.

Ignite will burn your enemy, dealing damage over time. It's a great spell if you want to kill an enemy, but since you're the support, you should get the assist instead of the kill. If you're allowed to get kills, take it, but it's not recommended since you just shouldn't take kills.

If you want, promote is a possible option, as the minion will fight for you, and you could boost the minion even more. It'll deal more damage, though, and your team would probably be pushing too hard for ganks, as well as making yourself vulnerable for enemy ganks.

do NOT choose:
Simply don't choose this one since Whimsy can boost your movement speed higher and more often, as well as Shurelya's Reverie. You just don't need Ghost.

Surge will boost your attack speed and ability power, which come in handy for Lulu. I've got it at the NOT-list though, as you are the support, so you shouldn't deal damage, you should just make your allies feel safe instead.

Fortify is a spell for tanks, as it will protect your turrets. As playing Lulu you should focus on protecting allied champions instead, so don't take it.

Revive has got a huge cooldown, and even when your team gets aced, a supporting Lulu isn't the champion capable of saving your turret from 5 hungry enemies. Also, when playing defensive enough, you shouldn't have that many deaths, either.

I don't have to tell why, just don't take Smite... It's for junglers.

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This is pretty much how to build a nice support Lulu. Like I said before, if you expect kills, don't take this build, you should use AS and AP instead. I hope you all enjoyed my build, and want to try it out.

I'll be adding screen-shots later on, and keep updating this build if you like it :)
Don't hesitate to comment or advice me, as it is my first build.

Also, feel free to add me on League of Legends, my name is Kialdash on EUW.

Always remember: Playing as Lulu support, focus on your allies, and not on AP and damage.