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Lux Build Guide by kaanon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaanon

Lux, Lighting the Way Up the Ranks

kaanon Last updated on August 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi I am Kaanon on the NA server, a plat Lux main. I have carried myself from low gold to mid plat solely from my Lux. I do play other champions, but the majority of my wins are from lux due to her ability to get the entire team fed and her control of the neutral objectives there is always an opportunity to maintain a lead or trigger the comeback.

Lux may not be the most overpowered or easiest champion to become obscenely fed and carry the team with, but she is a champ that can easily stay relevant in the game and when you are doing well it carries over to the rest of the team as well due to your AoE damage and range.

In terms of the lane itself, Lux is a skill reliant champion. It is not hard to play her, but learning the ins and outs of laning against certain champions who supposedly counter Lux and how to carry the game is what many people lack. Due to Lux's kit, she is able to effectively poke down any champion safely with good positioning and timing.

Essentially when you choose Lux, you are picking her for her long range snipe, AoE damage, nuke potential on the carries, catch potential over walls, and AoE cc.

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    LONG ult range
    AoE CC and damage
    Ability to catch champions over walls
    One Burst potential on squishy champions in late game
    AoE shield
    Safe lane phase with good poke ability
    Can steal Baron/Dragon/Buffs effectively

    Very squishy
    Some idle time in fights after initial burst due to cooldowns
    No escape abilities, reliant on snare and slow to evade enemies
    All skill shot
    Spamming spells will use mana very quickly

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Tear + Morellonomnicon Start

Item build is up in the shortcut for this build route

Rushing Tear of the Goddess and getting morellonomnicon immediately after to get the cdr and mana regen needed for early to mid game is a viable option if you are playing more of a farm lane than a poke and kill lane. Say you are against a Morgana or Heimerdinger who will keep you pushed in lane but aren't necessarily a real threat to kill you. Since you need to be at tower otherwise you will take a lot of damage on it, might as well build preparing for a later power spike in Seraph's Embrace. I wouldn't recommend going this approach if you are intending on roaming or being aggressive for the kill early since you will run out of mana fairly quickly, with Chalice of Harmony even if you are low on mana you will still recover enough to make an impact as you head into another lane.

After testing

There is a noticable delay in the power spike with this. While you can poke a bit more in lane, you are essentially squishier without the magic resistance and you get your AP a little later than when going Athene's Unholy Grail into [Rabadon's deathcap directly. With that said, I feel there is a greater power spike with the items following Rabadon's Deathcap, getting Seraph's Embrace and Void Staff. I used the Seraph's Embrace in place of Zhonya's Hourglass due to the shield it provides. Just to leave that last item free for what the situation entails. Of course that last items sometimes is Zhonya's Hourglass but in this case I get it last if that is what I want.

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SItuational Items Explained

Doran's Ring with 2 pots - Provides a good alternative start, I personally do not use this start but I can see why people would with the health, ap, and mana regen per creep. Just don't like that it doesn't build into anything so you have to back a little later than if a double Faerie Charm start to get your chalice. On my particular playstyle that would hurt a lot due to once I hit 6 is when I start solidifying a lead with a kill in my lane or roaming since a lot of people won't be expecting a solid gank until the jungler hits 6

Mejai's Soulstealer - Best used if you can tell you will get fed early. Grab this after chalice if you managed to pick up some early kills. Getting this item mid game isn't bad either since you do AoE and have the range to snipe from far away, you should be able to rack up assists if not kills quickly. Also you will be fighting in the back line so with a good front line peeling you shouldn't lose stacks often. I'd say while lux is a better champ to keep stacks up, it is still a risky purchase due to the nature of the item in that dying and losing fights will hurt more than if you had built a different item. As well as if your team doesn't peel and the stacks are below 6 or so it will not be a cost effective item.

Zhonya's Hourglass - My typical go to defensive item since it gives good AP stats while giving armor and a brief invulnerability. This is useful when the other team decides to all in you or if you need a little bit of time to get abilities off cooldown and are in a sticky situation

Void Staff - The magic pen from void will help you get through the magic resistance the other team will be building when they realize your ult takes half their health and is on a 30 second cooldown.

Lich Bane - The passive gives another ability to burst someone down with, you should be able to instagib the carry in a catch assuming they didn't build a massive amount of MR or a banshees veil. Lich Bane also really helps in pushing towers and securing objectives like Baron. The range of your Auto's is shorter than the abilities so don't force procing the Lich Bane if you aren't in position to do so. Only use it if you can do so with minimal risk.

Morellonomicon - This item will help against champions with healing and sustain abilities/items such as Swain, fiddle, tryn, any AD, ect. Consider building this early after chalice if you are laning against a high sustain champion.

Guardian Angel - Sometimes hourglass isn't enough and you are a high enough priority target that the team is willing to blow a lot to kill you. In that case, a GA will make the enemy think twice in tunnel visioning to kill you.

Banshee's Veil - Solid choice to replace Zhonyas in the case of a champ like Veigar who can one burst you in an instant

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Enhancement and trinkets

Not really anything too specific for lux on there. It's more of a personal preference.

I could see going with furor for better positioning for boots enhancement but I typically grab homeguard just for defending the base

In terms of trinkets I usually keep the ward trinket just to keep some amount of warding around since vision is pretty helpful for lux in sniping and catching enemies out of position.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Definitely take this, it'll be your main source of escape if get in trouble.

Heal I like heal because of the movespeed it brings and the due to lux's squishyness it can save you if you are about to get bursted or sniped.

Barrier Similar to heal in saving you though there is no move speed boost

Teleport I grab this if I want to have a strong presence around the map. I take it when I go against a TF just to minimize the amount of pressure he has

Ignite Because of the range I don't take this as much, since it is smaller than the range i typically fight in with my abilities. But if you are against a high healing champ like swain definitely go for it

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I get max points on each of these masteries.

Offensive Tree

Sorcery - gives a little bit of cooldown reduction, which while you need to manage your mana well early you will be able to harass a bit more.

Mental Force , Arcane Mastery, Archmage , Devastating Strikes , Havoc , Executioner - These all simply add to the damage that you put out

Spell Weaving - Works with your passive, so if you land a Light Binding auto attack and go into your Lucent Singularity after to get a slight damage boost to it.

Arcane Blade - also adds to your passive damage

Expose Weakness - improves on your ally damage following up on your burst

Utility Tree
Meditation - gives a bit of mana regen

Scout - gives some extra range on your trinket, makes it a little safer to ward without getting caught

Strength of Spirit - Gives a small amount of health regen. It isnt the strongest mastery from the tree but it helps fill up a spot to continue down the tree

Summoner's Insight - Reduces the cooldown on your summoner spells, these are helpful in securing kills and escaping death.

Runic Affinity - Lux really shines with blue buff since she can poke whenever the abilities are off cooldown, so if you can keep blue on just for a bit longer this mastery is definitely worth it.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Maxing Lucent Singularity gives you the most control over lane and maxing Light Binding afterwards is to maximize the amount of damage you put out. Don't forget to take your Final Spark as well!

Illumination - Lux's damaging spells mark any enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her autoattacks or Final Spark will consume the mark, dealing 10 + (10 × Lux's level) magic damage to the target.

This passive is strong in the early phases of the game, and deciding when to use it and when not to is essential for gaining control of the lane. When laning, only go and proc the passive if the enemy cannot trade damage back to you since you can usually hit your spells from a far enough distance it is free damage. The exception is of course if you are securing a kill or procing with your ult.

Light Binding - Snares 2 targets, the second target will receive reduced damage and snare duration

Primary form of CC, when trying to land the snare people tend to habitually dodge to one side or another so if you can pick up on that anticipating movements and such will be easier. In lane try to lead the enemy with E before snaring, this will make the shot much easier with the slow and holding onto the snare could make the enemy panic flash.

Prismatic Barrier - throws your wand shielding everyone it hits and shields as the wand returns to you

Try to get the shield on whoever is getting focused while hitting as many people as you can with it. When running throw towards the direction you are running in to get the second shield up quicker.

Lucent Singularity - Puts an AoE slow down, that can explode for damage when triggered or after a set amount of time.

This is your primary method of poke in lane, and you want to max this first to get the most poke damage. Also since the ability grants sight it is helpful for checking the bush and over walls.

Final Spark - KAMEHAMEHA

Lux's ult is what makes her lux, with it's absurd range and damage you can snipe kills and get assists from a good distance. In team fights try to hit as many people as possible, but be sure to hit the carries as it will take off a good half health from them.

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Chaining skills together

Lux's damage sequence is always Light Binding - Lucent Singularity - Final Spark, if you can proc the passive after q you can maximize damage but it's not something you want to force yourself in a bad position for.

Setting up the snare
Many times you want to lead with your e for the sight and slow, but do not immediately pop it. The value of your Lucent Singularity is in setting up for your Light Binding this is especially important in roaming as you should come in from behind the enemy, you want to go in after the wave starts fighting to minimize the creeps that could block your snare as the enemy retreats. If your team does not have a hard cc that will give you an easy snare, put your Lucent Singularity down between the enemy and their anticipated escape route. The slow will give your team time to catch up, snare once they are almost out of the slow and go into your damage combo, also if they have a movement ability wait for them to use it then snare, your team should have time to catch up and the kill should be secured even without the Lucent Singularity damage.

Over the wall catches
In catching champiions over walls, lead with q rather than e because they typically won't juke and will move in a straight line as it isn't something most people expect. If you build zhonyas after deathcap, you should have the damage to kill both the adc and mid in one burst. If they escape, do not chase unless you know where the other team's champions are. Lux lacks a good escape mechanism so it isn't worth the risk of getting yourself killed, since you will have plenty of chances to make catches throughout the game.

When kiting a champion, snare first then put your e between them. Don't go in for the passive proc unless you have teammates coming or think you can get the kill since it puts you at a dangerous range

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Lux offers pretty good cc for a level 1 fight, so if accompanied by another form of stun or snare (or pull) a successful invade can be pulled off. If there is a non skill shot cc available on the team such as ryze or a pull like naut or blitz, let them lead and follow up with your snare. If you are familiar with the cc durations try to snare right before the other cc is ending to maximize the length of the lockdown. The enemy will most definitely be spamming their flash to get out as soon as the cc lets up.

Always check with the jungler before calling an invade, if they aren't comfortable with invading and it falls apart they can get pretty annoyed with you and may leave you on your own in mid. So just on the safe side always ok it with them, don't just rush over there forcing the jungler to come with you.

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Level 1
When you start level 1, be careful in how much you spam your abilities. Even if you hit most of your pokes you will eat your mana up very quickly if you don't keep an eye on it.

Before 3, don't throw your Lucent Singularity too much since the damage isn't strong enough at least for me to be worth the mana cost. After wards I try to more actively poke the enemy with the Lucent Singularity. Try to toss the Lucent Singularity out with the center of the circle behind the enemy when they come in for a last hit. Be sure to watch where the enemy tends to dodge to as they will likely keep dodging in that direction. For Light Binding, save it for if the enemy engages into you or if the enemy jungler comes. You want to be sure not to fire it to early since it is your main source of cc for escaping. When your jungler comes to gank use your Lucent Singularity to make the enemy move towards the jungler, so put it so the enemy is between your Lucent Singularity and the jungler. Fire Light Binding once you are out of the cluster of enemy minions so they don't accidentally block it and that should be a dead mid laner.

Post 6
After 6, try to take advantage of your pushing power and push your minions to the enemy tower and roam out to either top or bot if there is an opportunity for a kill. If you have poked mid down enough however, be aggressive and go for the kill instead of a roam.

Against an AD Mid
If laning agianst an AD mid, you will want to grab armguard either before or right after chalice. This will put you behind a little in finishing your core, but it is worth it so that you don't die in lane. Also it is noted for rune changes in the cheatsheet

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Baron/Dragon/Buff control

Lux is a champion who has a really strong steal potential. Keep enemy buffs and neutral objectives warded so you can make the play that can seal the game or begin an epic comeback.

Don't sit back and wait to try your Final Spark, if you can see the enemy going for the objective, go behind the wall of the objective and poke with your Lucent Singularity . This will pressure the enemy since they know you are there and creates more of an opportunity for mistakes. When you go for the steal, for baron/drag throw your full burst as fast as possible into Baron AND the enemy team. If they manage to get the buff you can be in great position for a team fight if your team is there due to the weakened enemy team. If your team is not there, retreat immediately after throwing your burst out regardless of a successful steal or not. I throw my burst out when the drag/baron is near 1000ish. But it is something will get better at with more practice and attempts at stealing.

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In team fights try to focus the carry and get your burst onto them as fast as possible, but do not move into a compromising position. If you cannot reach the carry, still say behind your front line and just make sure your ult hits them when you throw your burst.

If your team has cc, preferably AoE CC as that gives the easiest time in landing your burst, let the cc go down before you burst.

Before the fight begins poke with your Lucent Singularity, you should be able to do so safely with the range. Also try to make a catch with your Light Binding, you should have enough regen at this point in the game to not need to worry about mana as much. If you successfully catch the carry, IMMEDIATELY BURST! Then the enemy will either have to retreat or it will be a fight very much in your favor.

After your burst, be sure to shield the team and reposition for when your abilities are back up.

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Maintaining a Lead

How a fed Lux works
Once Lux Begins getting some kills and assists, she will gradually get stronger since a fed Lux should spread wealth among the team and not be too selfish in taking the kills. Since you are all burst you need your team to be strong enough to clean up and finish off the enemy while you are on cooldown.

Laning with a lead
If you have picked up a few kills, you may be tempted to become aggressive in zoning the mid laner and push too far up the lane or get too close to far past your own minions. Don't deviate from your poke and farm strategy, as if you play safe you will likely be able to secure a kill capitalizing on a desperate enemy champ trying to catch up in CS. If you lane does push, take the initiative to help out a losing lane or establish a firm lead in the other two lanes. Also keep a ward in the entrances to both red buff jungles. This will let you know if the jungler is approaching, the enemy is roaming, or the enemy is reacting to your roam and is trying to flank you.

Roaming the jungle
Do not under any circumstance begin roaming around the enemy jungle alone, especially if you have a kill streak on you. Chances are if the enemy is losing they have already started to group and getting caught out is a very common mistake to throw a lead. Use the buddy system if you have map control and are going across the river. Also make sure this buddy has the ability to disengage the enemy and is not as squishy as you are, so basically don't roam with your ADC when the rest of your team is at base. The exception to this is if you have sight of the enemy team and you know they won't be able to kill you.

Pressuring Towers
Lux has a pretty good siege ability due to her Lucent Singularity poke. And she can also wave clear pretty well. Ideally you should be with your team and not be pressuring towers alone, but if you are split make sure you have sight of the enemy team and they are not on their way to kill you. If possible use the buddy system, while you can push to the tower quickly, the damage you do to towers is not enough to really warrant a split push, so if you are alone push the creeps to tower and push it, but when you see the enemy send someone to defend the tower immediately go regroup with the team as it will be an ideal situation to team fight with one champion off defending the tower.

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Personal favorite synergies

Top Lane
Jayce If you run both Jayce and Luxthere is so much poke and siege capability for your team, by the time you actually fight the other team will have to back if you are poking them at tower

Fiora She doesn't add much of a front line which is definitely helpful for Lux but combining your ults together will apply a lot of AoE damage onto the other team which should let your adc clean up after.

Maokai He has such good peel and at the moment he is pretty strong with the new patch. Having him adds a lot of protection to yourself and your adc

Jarvan IV His ult synergizes well with your own combo since he keeps em all in one place. Also you get the double DEMACIA yell what more could you ask for?

Tristana Vayne Kog'Maw I really like ADC who scale into late game well and can clean up after my combo. This is purely my preference on ADC's I am sure there are better ones to fit Lux's kit

Leona Her ult can set up great Lux combos with the lock down it provides

Nami I like her ult because of the range it has, if you need help ulting an elusive champ like say Riven who could probably dodge your ult. Nami Can set it up nicely for you

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This matchup, at level 1 you want to take advantage of the fact you can trade a lot more than she can since she will typically start shield and if she does start the ball movement you still win out if you hit Lucent Singularity and passive proc. This should let you hit two earlier than her since she will be afraid to come into last hit knowing she will take e damage for it. When you hit 2, try to force her from the wave and be aggressive. This lane is all about establishing dominance in the poke battle. If you are effectively poking she will need to use Command: Attack to take minions, she will try to hit both you and the minions so bait it out by running to your wave you know she is about to go for it then juke to the side. After she has moved her ball you have a free opportunity to poke and be aggressive as it will take time for the ball to return and shield her. Back off when the ball is about to shield, you should be able to hit your passive before this if you react fast enough. This is a skill matchup, but I feel it is in your favor due to Orianna's predictability

Zyra is dangerous because if you get snared you will take a lot of damage. Winning this matchup is about dodging those snares. Max your shield second in place of snare in this lane, keep maxing e first though. This is because you can soak all the plant damage with your shield. Keep your distance in the lane, going for max range Lucent Singularity so you don't get baited into a snare. If you know your jungler is coming, simply run towards her and bait her snare. Typically you can shield most of the damage and should have a line for your own snare. This will leave your jungler free to go in without worry of unless she has her ult. Overall play safe and let your jungle come in and make plays

This matchup is a harder one to play, this is a skill matchup and depends on you juking her skills since she outranges you and has a power spike going in on 6. A lot of her abilities if you walk near your minion that is about to die you can bait her abilities like Orianna. This lane is not very forgiving and if you give up an early lead she will likely get shut out due to how much burst she has, so play safe enough to where you can make sure you can survive the trade. You will need an early gank to get control of the lane, so ask for one. After 6, just try to keep the lane pushed and go for roams. While 1v1 she can beat you if she hits her skill shots, you can definitely outroam her, since if she follows you have a lot of cc to slow her down as you head to help your team out and your ult range is absurd.

A pretty common pick against lux. Pre-6 with armor blues and yellows, you can out exchange him by shielding his shurikens. Save your snare for if he switches to his shadow and tries to auto you or is attempting to escape from a gank. If he hasn't swapped to his shadow in a gank, aim your snare to hit both him and the shadow if possible or hold you snare until he swaps so he can't escape.

Once he hit's 6 you want to poke with your e, but save your whole burst for when he ults into you. If he is getting ganked he will try to take you with him, so snare point blank after he sets his deathmark. Take a few steps back so he cannot auto and put your burst out. Be sure to shield the damage from his ult or heal/barrier if you are about to die from it.

I like to take Zhonya's Hourglass early, I get it before deathcap unless i have taken tower really early to negate his ult.

Overall not a hard lane, since you win out in poke exchanges there is no reason to be overly aggressive. Just stay out of his shadow range so his only option is to shuriken you. He will likely try to dive you, which comes down to if you can snare him under tower or not. Basically land your snare and you wont die haha.

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Thanks for reading! I play a good deal of lux so I hope this helps some people who are interested in getting better with her haha.

For matchup information, let me know which matchups you want tips for and I can add it in!

If you have any questions feel free to message me in game or though moba!

IGN: Kaanon