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Lux Build Guide by MoonEdge12

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MoonEdge12

Lux- Maximum Rainbow Power!

MoonEdge12 Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Utility: 21

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This is my first guide here and I'm happy to present to you my main support character, Lux. Lux is my favorite support in the game for the simple reason she can deal great damage, harass, and support very easily. Once you master he skillshots (every ability is one), you'll be a great support for your team. My only warning is to beware- you are pretty damn squishy. Lux

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Pros/ Cons

Lux is insane when played correctly, so its good to know her advantages/ weaknesses.

Godly range
can snare
Passive provides extra damage
Shield ability refreshes on one cast :)
Can clear minion waves pretty fast
Great support damage, with this build
SHE HAS A GAINT Lazer ULT. with a rly low cooldown

Squishy as hell
Mana problems
Pretty useless when abilities are on Cool down
No natural escape mechanism

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Summoner Spells


Allows you to set up kills, get in position, run away, chase, be sneaky, etc! Flashing will get you out of many dangerous situations, this or Ghost is essential on Lux


Used instead or with Flash for maximum safety in running away. Perfect for sustained chases, catching up, etc.

Lux's mana issues can be managed with careful management, but it really sucks when you need to do something but don't have the mana. Great in the clutch for a quick mana boost. I know heal and clarify can be a bit nooby to some people, but as a beginner Lux, it helps a lot! If not this, get some sort of Mana regain such as Morello's Evil Tomb. (See situational items0


You are the support! Great for checking the map. A great thing on any support.



Your HP sucks, sure. But the little HP you do heal won't help anyone else effected by it. Your health goes down really fast, this won't make the difference. Heal is only useful early game anyway


I don't find an extreme amount of usefulness with this on someone like Lux. Have a carry take this. When learning some new characters, this does have use. Not so much on Lux


Hey! Maybe if you had a real summoner spell you wouldn't have died in the first place.


LOL Lux doesn't jungle.


I don't think this has much use to you


Sure, it could get you first blood. Not ideal on a support or Long range AP character.


Has the potential to work rather well. I'd much rather take ghost or flash. Sure, you can remove the CC, but you won't be getting very far afterwards.


I personally hate being the one who has to take this.



I've never seen anyone use this on any character. And let's keep it that way.



Similar to fortify, I haven't tried this out yet. Could possibly be useful


I've used this a couple of times and was very happy with the results. Great for assaulting a point that is being guarded!

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Runes/ Masteries


These are more of personal preference. The magic pen and Mana regain is very helpful.


9/0/21 basic caster spread. Make sure to pick up the magic pen in Offense.

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Illumination - Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 20-190 (depending on Lux's level) magic damage to the target.

This passive seems pretty useless at first, you have to auto attack on a caster! However, it does add to Lux's damage output, more so in the early game. Its good to combine with your harassment, and your general attacking combo for max damage. Make sure to utilize your light charges!

Light Binding

A great support move. Use this to set up kills, get away from a threatening target, or harass in the lane. Its important to note this passes through two enemies, allowing you to harass right through a minion when laning. You can also use it to pause the enemy for an easy ULT. skillshot. You can max this second for damage, or just keep it at level one for utility. Learn to lead them into this, into shoot this into the enemies' faces. Throw it to the side, or where they don't expect it. That's the rule of skillshots!

Prismatic Barrier

This is the kind of spell that will make your teammates go "<33333!!!" Using this skillshot shield at the correct time can easily save you or an ally. Important to note: The is casted on you twice, once when cast and once when the shield returns to you. This allows for double the protection. Aiming this for allies is important too, try to let the boomerang hit them twice. When running from an enemy, aim the spell in front of you if you want the spell to refresh quicker. Learning to use this will make the difference between a good and bad Lux. Save your allies!!


Lucent Singularity

This is your bread and butter harassment tool. The range on this is insane, you can hit your opponent without them having a hope of countering. This is also your bush checker and slowing ability. Use it on an enemy, and detonate it as soon as they almost leave the radius to get the most out of the slow. This ability allows you to quickly push through minion waves quite easily, if you aim in between the casters and melee minions. Also great for setting charges off of your passive. You can farm and harass like a mad-woman in lane.

Finales Funkeln -

Super range, supper damage, super low cooldown, Super high KS. This ability is simply amazing. Is an enemy getting away with low health? Fire your lazers!!! This ability will give you a nice bit of complaining from the other team, but just be happy you have a giant lazer :). Use this to damage, or to harrass, or maybe even clear a minion wave in a rainbow- like shot. Using your Q to freeze them can be helpful, because the ability takes a second to channel, and a line will appear within its whole range. Aiming this takes practice and a little but of luck, but it all pays off when your enemy is killed by a giant rainbow :D

UR ULT IS AWESOME> SPAM THE SH** OUT OF IT. (OR SAVE IT FOR A FLEEING ENEMY) The low cooldown will do wonders with your cooldown reducing equipment and ruins. Just be careful not to ks too much.

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Battle Plans

Wanna fry some faces?

Using the right combo is important. Here is the general attack combo.

E- Auto attack- Q- auto attack or Ult.

This works pretty well in terms of damage dealing. You wont always get the chance to pull the whole thing out, so simply harass with E or Stun and auto attack with Q. Dont just fire your lazor down the lane and hope it hits an enemy, try to finish things off with your ult. YOUR MANA IS SH**, so be careful of that. If Clarify doesnt solve your problem, incorporating a tear of the goddess may be necessary

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Roles in Battle

WHEN It comes down to it, Lux is a support who can still do a lot of damage. Make sure you be smart in the different phases


Harass, farm, then harass some more. Try not to waste all your MP too quickly, and dont be scared to use Clarify. Make sure you watch other lanes for MIA, because you are extremely squishy and CC will erase all your hopes of escaping alive. Stay cautious. In my experience, not dying will make you an amazing asset. Kind of obvious, I KNOW, but its really important. Not being careful will get you killed a lot. This might cause you to curse, wonder why you bothered to be Lux, and then rage quit League of Legends ( :0 naa chill). Being careful in lane is important, so here are some tips

    Don't solo. You are a support

    A good lanning partner is key, one that will protect you and create pressure so your enemy doesn't just walk over and kill your sorry ***

    Don' t go out alone if you dont have to, you are very gankable

    Don' go to the front lines of battle, stay back

I know its simple but not dying it very important. A lux who doesnt go down is a good, annoying, harassing and simply a good Lux.


Your role is to support and damage. Shield your allies, snare a troublesome target, Lazer a weak enemy, you shouldn't need much help figuring out what to do. JUST STAY BACK

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Core Build

Doran's Ring

HP, ABILITY POWER, MANA REGAIN. What else do you need for the start?

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Cooldown Reduction is important on Lux for spamming. You can take Sorcerer's Shoesif the enemy team has decent Magic Resistant, so it varies from game to game.

Mejai's Soulstealer

You will get plenty of assists, so its important to get stacks for ability power.IF you manage to get 20 stacks, you will be in CD heaven. Get this quickly for maximum damage

Rabadon's Deathcap

Lux needs AP, and this gives a giant boost to it. Really important for her to have good damage output.

Void Staff

Good AP and magic pen. Helps very very much in terms of damage.

Zhonya's Hourglass

The acitve on this is great for avoiding burst damage. This makes Lux quite less squishy, Plus gives her more ability power. Amazing

Lich Bane

You will fall in love with the extra damage this will give you. You probably wont get to this in a 3v3, but in a long game, this item will make Lux amazing.

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Situational Items - Item "Do's and Do not's"


Banshee's Veil

Great against casters if one is getting troublesome. Never be reluctant to get one

Morello's Evil Tome
Very nice! The cool down reduction is sweet, a nice alternate source of Cooldown reduction if you are going for Sorcerer's Shoes. Every bit of this item is perfect for Lux.

I Don't recommend
Will of the Ancients
I'm not in love with this item, but the Spell vamp does provide a little lane stability. I only get this If I'm laning with a caster or have a AP based team, which i rarley do. Besides, spell vamp isn't great on Lux anyway.

Archangel's Staff

If Lux's MP problems seem to daunt you, getting a quick tear of the goddess should make it all better. This item gives decent AP, I usually don't get this. If the lack of MP is really bothering you, Or you would rather not take Clarify, go ahead and use this

Abyssal Mask
Works well by giving AP and magic resist. Not the best item for Lux, nothing special for her.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
You really don't need the snow. Your snare if enough. The HP is pretty nice and all, but I think a defense item would do the job much better in terms of usefulness. This item never worked for me very well, it never seemed extremely useful to me on Lux. (Where as its AMAZING on someone like Akali who needs to chase).

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Closing Comment

Thanks for reading the guide :D. Comment/Rate and please give your feedback on it! Don't down vote before trying, etc. If you have a suggestion, feel free to say so. THANKS!!!!