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Warwick Build Guide by NightReaper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NightReaper

Magic damage Warwick????? GODLIKE!!

NightReaper Last updated on October 15, 2012
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Hello summoners! My name is NightReaper, and i´m going to show you how to play with Warwick in the Top lane.

At first, you´ll want to know that Warwick should not be played like an AD Carry or a Tank, that builds does not help him (or it), they just don´t fit correctly. Warwick is an AD offtank, which can maintain a lane with his high sustain and, post level 6, gank another lanes, or supporting the carry to get a kill.

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Pros and Cons


- High sustain
- Very powerful post level 6
- Good chasing ability
- Natural life steal
- Can play as a jungler


- Bad early game
- No natural escape abilities
- Ultimate can be cancelled

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Runes and masteries

I choose this runes for my magic damage Warwick:

Greater Mark of Desolation This runes help Warwick on early game, he can do more damage with basic attacks, and can also maintain some dominance.

If you plan to be aggresive to AD carrys, this runes are the way to go, they help more than what you think, if you jungle, these are a good option too.

I got criticised for using this runes, but, if you plan to create a magic damage Warwick, these babies are awesome. In addittion, Warwick passive does magic damage in every basic attack.

Armor penetration is good, but it alone won´t finish an enemy, you need some damage to make it better. Also, Warwick ultimate stacks with attack damage

I use a standard 21/9 in the masteries page. Focusing on AD (attack damage), armor penetration and HP (Health points)

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Summoner Spells

The spells I use on Warwick are:

Incredible spell, you can escape, pass thrpugh walls, finish off and enemy that is escaping (Love this, specially when combining with your Q xD)

Good if you do not want to risk your life in a turret dive, change thing in a 1 vs 1 fight, or stealing a kill :D.

Optional spells

Great on ganking, teamfights and chasing, also works in 1 vs 1.

If you are jungling, you have to pick this one.

clarity strike Not a good spell in my opinion, but if you waste mana like **** use it.

Useful in teamfights and in laning phase. Better if you´re laning with a carry.

Spells you do not want to use:

This spell is only useful if the enmy team is about to win and you had just died.

We´re not building AP Warwicks in here. I tried that build once, it isn´t as bad as I thought, but lacks in damage output.

Your E is a free Ghost, also, if you want to escape or chase down enemies, use Flash.

You´re not laning against a Mage. This spell only works for stuns, snares, ignites, etc. IMO waste of a spell, because you can buy Mercury's treads

In my point of view this spell is useless.

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How to lane with Warwick

Warwick has a lot od sustain due to its passive and Hungering Strike. So, when the enemy is following you, just use this ability on one of them and run towards the nearest turret.

A champion with a slowing or silencing ability will turn Warwick into a killing machine, as he can even dive into enemy turrets and survive with his Q.

If you are in a solo lane, always play offensively, even if the enemy is a Darius, your high sustain should keep you alive, WW (Warwick) is one of the best 1 vs 1 champions in the entire game.

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My items, obviously, are focused on attack speed, magic damage, armor and MR (magic resist)

I don´t start with potions, they are almost non sense in Warwick, he has natural life steal with his Q and passive.

NOTE: If you´re new to Warwick, or you have a very difficult lane, buy potions.

Magic penetration is very important, and these boots make a wonderful job.

Incredible item, it gives you a high attack speed bonus, lots of magic resist and 42 bonus magic damage on every basic attack!

After getting Wit´s End, this item will just destroy every enemy champion you encounter, a bit of AP for that Q, attack speed and bonus magic damage and enemy Magic resistance reduction

If you though you were godlike on mid game, this item garaantees you the ability of killing every enemy champion, even a +3k hp enemy tank. It gives you a lot of magic damage with it's incredible passive, attack damage, attack speed and armor.

If the game is getting long (over 50 minutes), the enemy AD carry will have got a lot of attack damage, so you need some kind of strong armor to counter that, and this item is porfect: +100 armor, magic damage counterattack and a very low price of ony 2k.

If the enemy AP carry or mage is getting strong, i'd strongly recommend you to buy this. Is that Teemo very powerful? No problem, FoN will keep you safe, with loads of MR and HR.

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Your role in a team

Warwick is a Ad offtank, he has strong spells, good chasing ability and an incredible late game. You should want to get a lot of gold, you'll have to farm minions, also, post level 6, go gank mid or bot, and try to help the AD or AP carry or killing. Late game Warwick can do almost everything, but the best option would be to play like an assassin, if you see someone defenseless, go supress him with your ultimate, and follow him with your autoattacks and E spell.

Always remember, if you have your ultimate, you are capable of killing anyone if you build correctly.

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This speel is amazing, it does a lot of magic damage, and it heals you for a 80% of the damage dealt. It also has a little range.

NOTE: This spell is very mana-hungry, so use it when finishing an enemy or in 1 vs 1 situations.

Great in teamfights, destroying turrets or 1vs1 fights, it gives you a big attack speed boost, not only to you, but to your teammates (50% effect reduction)

Very good to chase down enemies, or to escape if 1 enemy is in low health. It turns you into a rocket, no one can chase you, or escape... :) Deactivate this if you plan on ganking.

Supress, life steal, high damage, what more do you want? Is a friend champion being chased? use this on the enemy champion. Do you want to gank? Take the inciative! Do you need to focus someone on a teamfight? No problem.

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Normal AD warwick problem

Well, some friends of mine build Warwick like Master Yi, but they finish dying or not doing too much damage. The problem is, that, if you focus on AD, armor by itself can counter you, but if you focus on magic damage and attack damage, the enemy will have to buy MR and armor, the cost will be almost the double, so they will be more vulnerable.

That's why AD warwicks loose vs my Warwick build.

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AP Warwick????

A friend of mine once tried to build Warwick as a mage.

The problem with AP in Warwick is that only Hungering Strike uses it, so when you´ve already used it, you don´t have that much damage to finish the target.

Also, you´re more vulnerable, although that a big life steal from Warwick´s Q can sustain him, this is not enough.

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Warwick synergizes well with a champion that can take the damage when he destroys the enemy. That´s the definition of a tank. A support can also help.

Great, he can pull back enemies and rush onto them. He´s also very strong and not easy to kill.

He can taunt enemies, and help you while in danger with his ulti.

Lots of CC, poison and a pull back ability just like Volibear. This champion will turn Warwick into a machine gun.

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Can evade all basic attacks with his E, and his high attack speed beats Warwick´s on early game.

He´s impossible to follow due to his Q, Powerball, that makes him almost untouchable. Also cancelles Warwick´s ultimate.

His stun and health recover spells makes him too tough in early and mid game, late game Warwick could beat him.

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Hope you enjoyed this guide!!!

Greetings from Argentina.