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Lucian Build Guide by BlueMoon01

AD Carry Make Lucian Bolt Great Again !

By BlueMoon01 | Updated on April 20, 2016

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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This Lucian Build > AP Lucian / AD Lucian

This a simple guide to Lucian and this build allows him to kite infinitely with his Relentless Pursuit with 45% Cooldown Reduction. Its like URF Mode, but its not.
Never seen Lucian Bolt before ? Here you go mate .

Do take note this is a fun build and recommended to play and have fun with it in normals, I do not have any responsiblities if you lose using this in ranked's.

You only able to dash faster when you're attacking champions, because they reduce your dash cooldown by 2 times compared to when you're attacking minions / monsters.
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Summoner Spells

Why are you asking me not to take Flash? Bruh

More to aggressive playstyle and able to hook you some kills early, get against healing enemies too if you need it, or just get Mortal Reminder

To help in kiting, literally, or escape. I don't know.

Great lifesaver but if you want the movement speed buff, get Ghost instead

Good for roaming and helping your side lanes
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Frequently Asked


Q: Why Tear of the Goddess on Lucian? // Lucian is a caster marks*cough*men and tend to spam his skill a lot during early to late game phase. By getting Tear of the Goddess, you can spam your spell the whole laning phase and free poke with your Piercing Light.

Q: But seriously, why Muramana? // From my answer in the previous questions, and Manamune stacks upon AA (when you farm you get the stacks) and also by casting spells, this makes you poking enemies with Piercing Light + autoattack gives you stacks of manamune in return too! Combined with Frostfire Gauntlet you get really tanky and get a lot of AD based on your maximum mana. Once you reach Muramana, your passive procs it twice making your all-in really brings out unexpected damage output and result and getting a lot of cooldown reduction makes your passive goes on faster so your damage output is a lot. Its optional to go Muramana though.

Q: Why Frostfire Gauntlet then? // Tankiness, get Sheen early into the laning phase can help in poking too, but I recommend rushing Manamune ASAP. Building Frostfire Gauntlet is obvious, to make you tankier, get more mana pool that will boost your damage with Muramana's passive and helps you in kiting enemies. The slow is AoE, not single target like Frozen Mallet so you can help a lot in teamfight for slowing enemies. The downside is that Lucian will be spamming his skill very fast with 45% CDR that you proc Frostfire Gauntlet's passive almost every 4 spells due to Lucian's low cooldown.

Q: Isn't this the same build as Blue Ezreal ? // No, its Lucian bolt.

Q: Is this OP ? How many ratings would you give to it ? // If tank Ekko's is 9/10 in terms of OP, I think this Lucian build is only 4.5/10, its quite balanced and you get countered hard by CC and hard engage tanks. But its really fun to see yourself dashing around in teamfights, being slippery and tilting enemy that tries to catch you off guard. His early game as an ADC in Mid is definitely weaker than Jhin or Corki unfortunately. I don't recommend playing this in bot lane because you gonna lose a lot damage when building Tear of the Goddess and you stack it slower than Ezreal does, bringing it to Mid is better choice and let you make decisions to go aggressive or just passively farm and push the lane.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueMoon01
BlueMoon01 Lucian Guide

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Make Lucian Bolt Great Again !
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