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Ezreal Build Guide by julianpwnz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author julianpwnz

MASSIVE DAMAGE! Your guide to hybrid Ezreal

julianpwnz Last updated on February 6, 2012
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NOTE: my old intro which i liked got deleted and replaced by my laning section and i have no idea how. I'm pissed.

Hello! And welcome to my first guide on mobafire! Ezreal is a very fun champion to play and is very powerful in the right hands.

We all know AD Ezreal is the most common way to see/play Ezreal, and don't get me wrong, he is great, but he is not without his faults. The best example is his ult falls off late game hard because its much harder to stack AD then it is AP. But he is an autoattacking beast! Especially with his passive.

AP Ezreal, in my opinion, is just as viable as AD. He has strong burst, and a low cooldown AOE spell that can hit every enemy for excellent damage! And with a Lichbane, his Mystic Shot becomes a 1.2 AP ratio! Note that it will still deal physical damage. And because his ult has a .9 AP ratio, it will deal great damage throughout the game.

But I believe Ezreal is also very viable as a hybrid hero. Why? Well the clues are everywhere! His passive is obviously AD oriented as is his Q, but his W, E, and R are all leaning towareds AP. So combine his best traits, and you get a hybrid hero! :D And he does a fantastic job of doing so.

edit: fixed my masteries. but i dont' think its just to not get an upvote, and even get a downvote, just because it was off by one point.

edit: i have been using build two more when we need an AD carry. Build two focuses more on a dps build for most of the game, as it is pretty difficult to get to Gunblade since most games end then.

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Pros / Cons

*hes fun
*skill shots
*hybrids are always fun (when viable)
*built in blink
*has good burst
*is a mean autoattacker (though not as much as AD [with builds 1 & 2])

*can't be good with him if you suck with skill shots
*has a ****py basemovement speed
*thats all I can really think of

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9x Greater Mark of Desolation- because you will be autoattacking and it makes your Mystic Shot hurt more. These are a must.

9x - these are great for him since you will be using all your spells and Ezreal has mana problems. Since you'll be grabbing Essence Flux in mid game, you'll be using it more which will drain your mana, unlike AD builds that aren't as reliant on mana. These scale nicely into late game too.

9x - Your early game is mostly AD, but mid/late game are the more Hybrid phases. These will scale nicely into late game to make sure you have some nice Ability Power. If you're going to switch out any of the runes, these are the most flexible. You can always grab Flat CDR/Scaling CDR glyphs in place, or even Mag Res!

3x - You are Ezreal! You are squishy! These help your early game immensely when combined with a Doran's Blade. You almost get an extra 200 health early game! You can always switch these out too, these are just my preference. Armor Pen quints, Flat AD, or Magic Pen quints and just as fine.

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These is pretty self explanatory. Since casters can now go 21 in the Offense Tree, you can go 21 in a hybrid Fashion!

You want the usual caster 9 in offense to start because the AP is always nice, CDR is GREAT, and Magic Pen is needed for W, E, and R!

Then after that, go the usual AD route, grabbing any Damage, Armor Pen, and increase-in-damage boxes.

9 in utility because you need the extra mana and mana regen! Good Hands is excellent late game, don't doubt it, its worth the three points.

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Items- Builds 1, 2, & 3 (in other words, the items they all share)

*note: don't be afraid to stack Doran's Blade if you feel you need to. Personally i don't with this build. but that's just a matter of personal preference.
You want this as your first early game item. It procs your Q so it does some great early/mid game damage with it. And it provides some AP and mana for early/mid game so this item is a must since it also build into Trinity Force.

It is important that you pick this item up after sheen because you need the attack boost. AD Ez has the better early/mid game because he is so strong. This is why. Like when a Cait picks it up after Berserker Greaves.
EDIT: in build two, I take BF Sword earlier because i find that the damage boost is extremely nice, since it adds to Mystic shot and autoattacks. NOTE: at the time I pick up my usual BF Sword, i'm usually level 6-9, which means that the added base ad from sheen is just a tiny bit more than a BF Sword, while not adding to your AD.

I like grabbing these because you need the magic pen. It is much easier to counter armor than it is magic pen, plus your ult does magic damage. Can't forget about Essence Flux and Arcane Shift though! Plus with Black Cleaver and Armor pen marks, you don't really need anymore.

You might think, "Why this item?" This item deserves it place for a few reasons: 1. Its passsive coupled with your need for AP and Ezreal's passive makes his AS pretty beastly. 2. some much needed early game AP 3. it gives decent attack speed.

This item is great for Ezreal because he can use all the stats! Whats especially nice is the passive that procs effects just like Sheen, but now its even stronger and has a chance to slow at the same time! Don't forget that the slow will also be applied by your autoattacks. Although its only 25% of the time, with all the AS and Qs you'll be dishing out, its very likely you'll be able to abuse it.

More AD and AS. Except it REDUCES armor. Reduction is different from armor penetration because reduction can make your enemy go to a negative value, doing EXTRA damage!

You know what would be really great? If you had some lifesteal to compliement all that AS. OH WAIT! YOU DO! Once you at least grab Bilgewater Cutlass :b
I have not reached so far in a game as to pick this item up or even start it, but this would be my next choice. The lifesteal, spellvamp, active (which gives Ezreal a source of CC outside of Summoner Spells!), and stats are all excellent! If only this item gave more AS... lol.
EDIT: I have gotten this and it was everything i could hope :')
This is your standard antiCC/ anticaster item. Great for obvious reasons, not much explanation is needed. Since this is your defensive item (*NOTE* DOES NOT NEEDED TO BE GRABBED LAST. Buy when needed). This item can be switched out for anything you see fit, whether more damage or another defensive choice like Quicksilver Sash

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A quick summary of the most recent addition: Build 3

i've been testing this alot recently, and i've had some really awesome games with it; dare i call my new favorite??

it is definitely more burst oriented than the other builds, and is also more ap based. but your auto attacks aren't weak. and you're Q is probably the strongest it is in any of the builds (par a late game ap build).

i grab this for the same reason i grab bf sword in the other builds. plus it has cdr and is cheap.

after you've purchased , and , mystic shot is chunking them.

it is these two items (and boots of course), that are your core early game items, getting guinsoos rageblade in mid game.

rush this after you buy NLR, if you want Q to hurt more. otherwise grab the hat for more all around damage.

great for all around nuking, just a matter of personal preference when to grab (either before LB, or after.)

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Situational Items

I find this item to be of use in extremely prolonged games. you can always grab it instead of Black Cleaver, but i prefer the BC because its cheaper, and its passive, and AS, when with Gunblade is really nice. But then again so is the lifesteal from this and GB.... your choice!
i have yet to actually get this item, but grab it if you desperately need the Hp and power to kite.
great if you want straight up power as it gives you more AD then BT and BC right off the bat, but it is more expensive.
get this when you still want AD but want some Mag Res. I got it during a game with karthus and he ulted right through the shield ._.
i've been thinking about getting this, but not sure when to. it'll give you nice AP, and a little Mag Res, and that really nice passive, and you don't lose out on much AD from Trinity Force either. I need to experiment with this more. You can too and tell me how it goes!
when you're being focused hard and being behind your team isn't enough
AS! CDR! AP! OMG! this item is awesome! Or so it seems. definitely not a bad item, but I didn't throw it in the main build because its expensive, gives measely AP, and the items it builds from aren't strong at all. But if you feel like you could use this, then I would suggest grabbing it after Rageblade.
If you want kiting power, then this is a good option. Gives nice Hp, nice AP, and is cheaper then Frozen Mallet. BUT NOTE THIS!: Mystic shot DOES NOT apply the slow because it is physical damage!

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Skill Sequence

Levels 1-6:

This is the standard AD skill level up that works great for Hybrid Ez. You can farm with your Mystic Shot efficiently and you'll have your other skills to gain stacks on your passive when going in for the kill. I think grabbing Arcane Shift at level 2 is important in case you ever get level 2 ganked, which can happen. You'll be able to just blink away safely, no problem.

Levels 7-11:

This is where you become more hybrid oriented. You'll have Essence flux at rank 4, so it does a nice 230+.7 of your AP (usually about 30 extra damage without Rageblade stacks).
Another level in Arcane Shift at 10 for shorter CoolDown.

Levels 12-18

Pretty self explanatory. Round off Essence Flux since it has a high base damage. Then Arcane Shift because you want the shorter cooldowns per level on it since you'll never know when you need it. Always grab the Trueshot Barrage when posssible, this is a no brainer. By now, this should be late game and should be tearing sh*t up so the last two level orders are really personal preference. I like finishing Arcane Shift first because I like knowing its at its shortest cooldown, so I don't have to rely on Mystic Shot to lower ability cooldowns.

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Summoner Spells

I'll keep this short:

To give him some sort of CC throughout the game. Great to shutdown enemy carries, especially if AD, and especially if AD melee. Can help you secure first blood.

DOUBLE FLASH FTW! This and Arcane shift can make you mobile as F*CK. You can escape almost anything with this, and to top it off, this is your ace in the hole. It can secure kills, repostion, go over walls, all that good stuff. But always try and use Arcane Shift first since that has a MUCH shorter cooldown than this.

You can grab other Summoner Spells! I would also recommend these:
If your enemy team has alot of hard CC, grab this for whenever you're caught out of position.
A great alternative for Flash, just a matter of personal preference.
Can secure First Blood and kills in general. Great if you want that extra damage
For map awareness, and sniping. Enough said.
For map mobility, teleward ganks, pushing and defending.
Obviosuly for Hybrid heros, definitely worth trying, but i haven't tried it myself.

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Ezreal is a viable mid and laner. I suggest taking mid because Ezreal does need the levels to increase his damage. It also allows him to farm easier. But of course you can always go bot with a support and let your AP caster mid.

This section will be on who is dangerous in mid, or dangerous in general. Red, the most dangerous, orange, not as dangerous as red, but still scary, yellow, you can handle them, but still be wary, and green, easy to mid against.

Ahri She can push harder than if she spams her Q, which you don't want to get hit by because it does good damage. Just keep your distance from her, and if she tower dives you while you have decent health, remember, you have 2 blinks and exhaust to deal with her ;)
Akali stay away from her and poke her from distance as much as possible. She can be dangerous because she can sustian herself fairly well and even before she hits 6 her Q-autoattack can hurt.
Anivia The only reason why she isn't red is because there are people who are better at dodging skill shots than me and can do fairly well. Watch out for her Qs slow and and follow up of E, because that will HURT. 3+ of those with no trips back and you're dead. Ask for ganks from your jungler or roamer, as it is almost impossible to get first blood on her on your own.
Annie I mark her as yellow because you can poke her faily well, and she is squishy so your Q will hurt. Stay away from stun. Keep track of it.
Ashe Shes pretty easy to to lane against. Poke her when possible, but don't let her get off hits without you at least trading back. Beware once she hits 6 because you might get ganked/ she can probably kill you herself if the conditions are right. But i label her green because you can easily stay outta range and dodge her ult easily with [icon:arcane shift size=48]Arcane shift or just sidestepping it.
Brand Simply put, he can be a ****. He hurts like hell and his damage can add up fast. You can poke him, but its hard to since he stays behing his minions. I suggest taking boots and 3x pots to dodge skill shot champs like him.
CAITLYN I HATE HER. ESPECIALLY MID. Shes an AMAZING laner because she has excellent zoning power with her traps and amazing range. Your Mystic Shot outranges her autoattack but her outranges your Q. If possible, just farm, or shes still too much, then ask for a possible lane switch.
Cassiopeia She has high burst and can zone you out if played properly. But it is possible to lane against her, poke and follow with an autoattack when possible. Don't get hit by her posion. If you do, get out of range quickly. Ask for ganks.
Chogath The best you can really do is farm. Hes too beefy to kill on your own most of the time, so ask for ganks. His Rupture Feral Scream combo can be annoying and do good damage since your squishy. Watch out for when he hits 6, because he can Feast you.
I have not faced a Corki mid with Ez, but from what experience I have agaisnt him, I want to label him yellow. I'll edit this later when I have faced him.
Ezreal May the best Ez win!
Fiddlesticks Hes not orange material, but he is stronger than yellow because he can out sustain you with his and silence you with his . Don't forget his fear either.
Galio Galio can be a tough mid because his damage is noticeable and hes beefy, but you should be able to farm against him fine. Boots are best to dodge his resolute.
Gangplank Keep him at a distance and hit him as much as possible but don't get in range of his . Hes squishy early game. Farm as much as possible of course.
Gragas He is the anti-Ezreal. He out sustains you and his barrels hurt you like motherfuror. Its even difficult to just farm against him. Ask for a lane switch.
Graves I, personally would mark him green, since I've done very well against Graves, but his damage still hurts to be careful for that. That smokescreen he has is his most dangerous tool since it forces you to lose vision while your in it and it slows you.
Heimerdinger I mark him red because he pushes much faster than you can, making laning phase a *****. Ask for ganks. Outside of laning phase, he isn't too much of a problem. Hes still strong against you.
Karthus You easily outrange him, so use that to your advantage. Dodge his Lay Waste, and don't run through the Wall of Pain.
Kassadin Kass was my first champ, and I have faced Ezreal mid before. I turned him into my *****. His hits like a truck and silences. You must not forget you're a caster. and since he'll probably have minions infront of him, you won't be able to trade most of the time. Once he hits six, you're most likely dead. Ask for a possible lane switch.
Another champ I haven't faced mid as Ezreal. Will update later.
lol. Have not faced Kayle mid either.
Kennen He can be pretty dangerous. Watch for his Thunder Shuriken, since thats also a skillshot, but with shorter range. Beware of his rushing ball thing.
Kog'Maw He has great range, but he is squishy. I've personally done ok against the few Kog'maws I have faced mid. Beware of his range and his ult.

I'm tired, will work more on this later.

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Red/Blue Buff

Get it as much as possible! Thats about it... lol

EDIT: Blue is always good, but you can always forego that one if you have an AP caster. Red Buff is GREAT on Ez because it gives him CC from the slow, and you can always kite people with Q!

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Grab this as much as possible to have some nice AP and CDR when you have the extra gold. IMO, it is THE best elixir.
This is alright, i don't grab it much, but there are times when i just narrowly die because i didn't have the extra damage or health needed to kill ane enemy. Still worth the purchase.
I only grab this late game because I'd rather spend my extra gold on blue elixir, or save it up for another item. Still great when backdooring or needed to kill an enemy as fast as possible.

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Not much else to say except to try it out! Its fun, and probably my favorite way to play him. I have played AD and AP Ez and have done very well with both. They all have strengths and weaknesses, and this without exception since it can't burst as hard as AP Ez nor be as mean of an autoattacker as AD Ez.

read the freakin guide!

Hope you liked it!

p.s. if you have any suggestions for another chapter I should put in, or any suggestions for changes, leave me a comment down below