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Master Yi Build Guide by SwedeBeans

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwedeBeans

Master Yi BRUISER?!

SwedeBeans Last updated on April 18, 2012
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First of all i want to apologize for my spelling mistakes.
This is my guide for Master Yi as solotop , or actually it's more of a build than guide since i dont feel like writing a buch of stuff that most ppl know about.
But just to clear up some things, The build isn't in a special order or anything, as long as you start with Boots of Speed and then get a Chalice of Harmony everything should be okey because after that you gotta buy what you need. And the goal of this build is to get atleast an Warmog's Armor , The Bloodthirster and an Atma's Impaler .

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Pros / Cons

+Great farmer
+High mobility
+Great pusher
+Awesome joke
+Feels amazing getting those awesome stats with such an underrated champ.

-Horrible in teamfights if you play him like most ppl do
-He's not very tanky until you get the items you need
- hard CC's (for example stun, snare, blind) shut's him down. (like it does with everyone <.<)
-Ugly dance :( .

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Do not!

Do not follow this build exactly, Buy what you need/want to buy and use what runes you want to use. The big idea is just that you get the core items which is Warmog's, Atma's and Chalice (Yes Chalice is a core item even tho you sell it later on).

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Summoner Spells And Masteries.

Summoner spells to use.
Exhaust For being able to win most 1v1's (since ur gonna stay top for farming a while) and being able to chase better.

Teleport Amazing for ganking or going back to lane when you have gone back for buying.

Flash I don't really like this Summoner Spell, but the only way to counter Flash is with Flash.

Since they changed the masteries i have no idea anymore, i just threw somthing that seemed good together <.< .

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Why i get the items.
Boots of Speed i get them for speed obviusly?
mercury treads i get theese if the enamy has strong cc's or heave AP team.
Berserker's Greaves atkspeed and movement speed?
Chalice of Harmony It let's me dominate my lane! :)
Warmog's Armor Gives me a ton of hp and health regen, plus i need that hp for my Atma's.
Atma's Impaler Gives you some nice armor plus crit chance and the passive is amazing!
Phantom Dancer even more atkspeed and movementspeed, also more critchance! :)
The Bloodthirster gives you that very much needed lifesteal plus 100 AD! :o
Infinity Edge Amazing item that has amazing synergy with Phantom Dancer and Atma's Impaler, this is the item you need to get those 1k crits! those 50% more dmg is really huge so never underestimate this item.

With all the lategame items + runes + elixirs you should have ~460 AD(while Wuju Style is activated) and ~3597 HP. (i may have calculated it wrong, but i think the +40AD from BloodThirster and 2% of max hp from Atma's isn't calculated in the build)

WARDS! Don't you dare to forget those Sight ward's or Vision Ward's!

Other items that works very well.

Ninja Tabi If they have alot of AD's you will probably need theese.

Mercury's Treads If you need that extra MR or if they have alot of CC.

Wriggle's Lantern Great for sustain and grabbing some stuff in the jungle and icreases your awesome farm even more, but since you want to get Chalice you probably won't get it tho.

Zeke's Harbinger Amazing item, Armor debuff and lifesteal+atkspeed buff! nice :) (They removed it :c)

Banshee's Veil I don't like it, but it's an extremly good item.

Wit's End Attackspeed and MR is nice.

Trinity Force Really good for Yi but i don't like it. The slow is also great.

Frozen Mallet If you don't need as much hp you can get this instead of Warmog's, the slow is amazing on Yi.

Guardian Angel Alot of defensive stat's + free revive!

Youmuu's Ghostblade gives you alot of good stats, i don't like it since i always forget about it's activate -.-, plus it doesn't really fit in my build.

The Black Cleaver Amazing item, i don't like it and it doesn't fit into my build.

Last but not least!

Tiamat Tiamat is an extremly underrated item, it gives you splash damage which means that you can farm even better plus you can attack alot of ppl at once! and plus it gives you some nice health and mana regen! and don't forget the 50 AD! :)

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But y u not buy 6 Phantom Dancer's?!

The reason about my items and runes and skill sequence will be explained here.

Items: Chalice of Harmony is just amazing for Yi, since then you will always have mana for Meditate and Alpha Strike . Alpha Strike will be used for harrasing and easier lasthitting and Meditate is for being able to stay in lane forever. And the reason for Infinity Edge is for those massive crits.

Runes: I like having a bunch of AD in low level since you can gain a huge amount of AD very fast thanks to Wuju Style, and you will need the extra Armor and Magic Resist from Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Skill sequence: as i explained at the items, you will harass/lasthit with Alpha strike and you will become immortal with Meditate.

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Unique Skills

So why this build instead of glasscannon-yi and all those builds that exists for Yi?
Cuz whith this build you wont just be backdooring all day, and with this build you can lane against those tougher champs without problem.
Just try it out and you'll see! :)

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Not really. Just that you maybie dont like to play Yi this way?
With this build you can easily beat an Yorick or even an Udyr at the top lane.

You will be able to win your lane easily and you can still be in teamfights more than 3 seconds without dying, and you will still be able to dish out tons of damage since you get +70 AD from Wuju Style and a bunch of attack speed from Highlander .

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Well now i wrote a ton of stuff anyway ._.

Here's and tl;dr version:
Try it out, You will easily win your lane if you don't **** up completly.

Well now imma go eat something so i'll stop writing for now, if the build get's liked (which i don't expect) i'll make a full guide when i have time.