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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss


Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 0

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Its time for another Chaotic Bliss build. This time I've gotten my hands on one of the more infamous champs in LoL.

Instead of the spell spamming AP/OT Morde we all know and love, Ive come up with an AP/AS Morde that has great lane pushing power along with powerful Auto-Attacks. There is still power in his spells, but he is getting a boost to his melee game.

Ladies and gents, I give to you my MELEE-KAISER!!

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Pros / Cons


Great for pushing a lane and his Auto-Attacks are very powerful. And when you have the proc from +, its even better.

Since this is a hybrid, you are able to deal great dmg even if your spells are down.

Strong late game and fairly cheap to build.


Weak early game unless fed.

Not as tanky as normal Morde.

Must play cautiously.

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Summoner Spells & Masteries

Well I like to take and . When it comes to laying waste to someone, is best. Why? Well they are slower, take more dmg, and they deal less to me. All are good so this is a great spell. I like for mobility.

Some other combos I found to be effective are,

and they improved versions of these can help you deal insane dmg through out the game. You need to go way down to the bottom of the Offense tree to get Imp Rally, but its worth it.

and if you want to be more mobile. Very well on Summoners Rift.

/ and if you are a lil skittish about using Melee-kaiser.



Tier 1 Improved and Archmage's savvy. Love the bonuses to the summoner spell and the AP per lvl is always good.

Tier 2 Sorcery for the CDR

Tier 3 The 15% Mpen. Thats always good since I have no Mpen in my runes.


Tier 1 I like to take Armor and MR. Its nice since this isnt a bulky build.

Tier 2 I take the dodge since there is no reason to take HP regen based off mana

Tier 3 I take reduced dmg and the movement when I dodge. Both as simply fillers.

Tier 4 Vet Scars for more HP. Again not a bulky build so this is nice.

Tier 5 Ardor is great. AP and AS as I lvl. Lovely. Makes this build much better

Tier 6 4% less dmg is great again. Not a tank or bulky so this is good.

Masteries for +


Tier 1 Improved summoner spell and AP per lvl

Tier 2 Sorcery for the CDR and AS.

Tier 3 The 15% Mpen. Thats always good since I have no Mpen in my runes. And I take the passive ArP. And slightly more dmg to minions as a filler.

Tier 4 more base dmg for more AA power

Tier 5 nothing

Tier 6 for the extra dmg. This build needs all the dmg it can get.


Tier 1 Higher regen is good since he is a health based champ and less time dead as a filler

Tier 2 I take more XP. Lets face it.. Morde is a great farmer and this only make it better.

Tier 3 Greed as a filler or Longer buff duration. Up to you.

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Skill Sequence

Now this is the fun part. Like any build I follow my 3/5 rank rule at lvl 5. For Morde, I take . This is his bread and butter skill I think. Great for farming and harassment, but also the best way to get more out of .

Next to be lvl'd is . This is where his AAs become extremely powerful. Its a great way to deal extra dmg to creeps and if you can land this against a single target, you will deal increased dmg. Like I said before, + for great dmg.

is a nice skill since it can be cast on any ally. Minion or champ. Now I use this to help me farm or harass if Im in lane against a ranged champ. I cast this on a minion and as long as said minion lives, I can do dmg to my opponents creeps and not risk being harassed. When that creep dies, a quick Siphon for some easily farmed gold.

is on of the more sinister ults in game. It deals a lil burst dmg, than is a dot that heals you. If you kill the target before the ult wears off, you have a minion. With this build being as bursty as it is, killing shouldnt be an issue... Ulness they are more mobile than you.

Passive is A personal bubble if you will. When dealing dmg with his skills, he gains the shield. This is great for survival. With low CDs and a target, he is able to keep this up. More shield the more targets you hit.

Engaging Sequence

I find that its best to for the >AA>> for LB> Repeat.

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More Chaos.

The runes I use are standard for the way I play tanks.

Marks I take ArP. This is an AA build for Morde, so these make sense to me. True his skills deal magic dmg, but combine high magic dmg with heavy physical dmg, you got some nastiness.

Seals HP per lvl. HP is good since his skills use HP not mana or anything like that. So these can be very useful. Ive given thought to maybe Armor per lvl, since this isnt the tanky build that is common.

Glyphs I take Flat MR. This helps make him a lil more tanky. Thats always good for anyone that isnt building tanky.

Quints I take ArP again. Wanting to get more dmg with his AAs.

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The Chaos begins to run rampant now.

This is a great item for this build. It giev him AP and AS. That give his skills some power and he is able to push lanes faster as well. The really good thing bout this item is it shreds MR. That also gives his skills a lil more power. Its also cheap to make so getting it isnt a problem.

for the CDR to help him have his skills up when he needs them. CDR if always a good thing for Morde

is great since it helps give survival and some power. It also give 20 Mpen. That helps since I have no Mpen runes and I dont take the Mpen boots. Cheap to make too ;)

is another great item to save. Lifesteal and spell vamp to make sure you can spam your skills and not die from it. The stats are great and the active makes sure that no one gets away.

is another item that makes his AAs and skills powerful. Its passive to increase AP and AS means more AAs, more AP for your skills, and just raise some hell. >:)

is the key to the burst. This brings so much power to Melee-Kaiser. Combine the proc to mace, and you are capable of dealing 700+ dmg to a single target.

These items can be a lil expensive, but morde is a great farmer. You do have to play cautious though.

Items that can be swapped out

No some people might say that Guise is not a late game item. Thats true to an extent. But here are some items that you may feel free to swap out.

is great if you need to up your Mpen. If you feel that you need a lil more AP, sell the guise and get this. Great stats and the selling the guise can give you the 1k gold you need when you have the smaller items.

for those that like the slowing ability, HP and AP. A standard item, but nevertheless a great thing to have.

for those of you that want a lil more AD and Lifesteal. After all, you do have the AS to make this a powerful item.

if you wanna shred armor along with MR, and more AS wouldnt hurt.

if you want to be a lil more tanky, and rise again to raise a lil more hell >:))

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Starting Item and Build Order

To start take This is a typical item and it helps a lot for laning and early game mitigation.

Recall 1 You want and
NOTE! If you have enough to get more items, get more items

Recall 2 Get your and a [ruby crystal size=40].

Recall 3 , and

Recall 4 and than you choose where to go from here.

Recall 5 When you recall this time, you must choose which item you want next. You can build , , or .

Personally, I choose to get > > > > >

That is how I do it, but if you think gunblade would be best, get it. If you wanna get rageblade, get it. I give you the items you need, but its up to you on when you get them.

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When it comes to farming, Morde is one of the better champs for it. Able to clear creeps and the jungle with only a few clicks, take advantage of it. If you have a slow early game, farming is the only way to turn it around for you.

When it comes to farming, its best you get all you can. All buffs work great on Kaiser so take them if you can. But never put your-self before your team.

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Team Work

Many times a team sees Morde and think that Morde can 1v5 or 1v3 the enemy. That be true if this was a tank build. Buts its not, its a DPS build. When it comes to team fights, you want to be in the middle, but you dont want to start the fight. You want to come in after the tank or initiator, and burst down the carry or the target of the tank. Remember that you can hold your own as long as you have multiple targets for Siphon or a single target for Mace.

One thing about Morde that you must know, is its ok to use your ult to get a kill. If you get the killing blow and someone rages, tough luck for them. You having that minion will give you one more person in the fight. So if you lose someone, you have replaced them with and the fight goes on.

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So lets wrap this up by saying that Ive taken another tanky champ and made them DPS. Like all the chaos Im showing the world, you must be open minded to the madness. Take the time to play cautious till you can WTFPWNROFLNEWBSTOMP!!

Ive given two sets of masteries. One for a more tanky build and one for those crazy players that just want to HULK SMASH. Pick your masteries and dive into the battle. Spread the chaos of MELEE-KAISER!!