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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreatlan

MF the A-10 and Caitlyn (5v5/3v3)

Dreatlan Last updated on March 9, 2013
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Hello Mobafire and League of Legends community my name is Dreatlan. I am still new to this guide creation thing. I don't make fancy guides but, I do the best I can. I learned from my mistakes when I made my Kayle guide.

My goal with these guides is to help others be as successful as they can with their champions. With that in mind I wish to show you how I build Caitlyn and Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune Introduction

Miss Fortune is an interesting champion. Her range is shorter then champions such as Caitlyn, Vayne, Ashe, Varus and others.

She makes up for it in Team Fights by overwhelming the enemy with damage and her ability to reduce their healing by half ( Impure Shots). Impure Shots is deadly to champions such as Warwick. She is also good at escaping or bailing her team out if needed. Her Make it Rain ability ensures that by slowing everyone in the radius briefly.

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Miss Fortune Tactics

Lane Phase:

As mentioned in the introduction she is short ranged. This makes the lane'ing phase difficult when up against a longer ranged attack damage carry. The safest way to poke at an attack damage carry at that range is by using Double Up. The goal is to find a minion at the edge of your range and use Double Up so the bullet will bounce off and hit the attack damage carry.

If your lane partner provides you with enough cover or a way to bail you out (such as Thresh) then use Strut to your advantage. You will have enough movement speed to use "hit and run tactics". Hit the attack damage carry and run back. If a minion hits you wait a few seconds for Strut to recharge then repeat the hit and run.

Don't forget to return the favor! Bail them out too if you can by using Make it Rain to give them a chance to run away from the enemy team

One last thing.. I see Miss Fortune's use Make it Rain on enemy champions to do damage. It does not do a lot of damage for the mana cost. Don't waste your mana. Use it on Double Up.

Team Fight:

When it comes to team fight it is usually an "all in" battle for Miss Fortune. Due to her short range and slow movement speed when Strut is off you may have to stand your ground and fight to the death. A Miss Fortune kamikaze is very lethal though. Never underestimate a Miss Fortune who is determined to see you dead.

During a team fight communication is vital. Before the round starts look at the enemy team to see what they have. Devise a plan, and focus on the best targets. While planning keep in mind they may be able to kite you.

For example.. If they have Sejuani guarding a Vayne this may not be a good situation for you. You will get slowed to the point where you can't escape and you will be kite'ed.

In this case there might be another champion who is squishy enough to take down easily. I know Master Yi and Fiora (and champions like it) are quite squishy and melee'ers. This makes it easy pickings for me usually. Once I see that I tell them who I am going to target.

If the team has other ideas then work with it but, remind them of your situation.


The item set up I have for Miss Fortune is based on her auto attack capabilities. It does give you a lot of armor, magic resist and hit points for an attack damage carry but, don't get any silly ideas like going toe to toe with champions like Xin Zhao at melee range (unless it is a last resort). Champions like him will mess you up with their knock ups (and quite possibly kill you).

The The Lightbringer and Wit's End work well with each other for auto attacking. It is why I picked it. Wit's End adds up to 42 magic damage to your auto attacks. Impure Shots adds to this damage due to it's passive ability. The The Lightbringer adds a 20% chance to do 200 magic damage to this already beautiful combo.

The The Lightbringer does more then give you burst damage however. It's ability to see traps means that Teemo shrooms will show up for you. This means if you are chasing Teemo you will have a split second to decide if it is worth chasing him into the shroom fields. If it isn't come back later and take some shrooms out for next time.

The other part to The Lightbringer is it's stealth detecting mist. If you suspect the enemy is in a bush use it on the bush. It will take a minute to come back so use wisely. You can also use Make it Rain to check.

This mist is good in team fights. If they have an Akali wait until she uses her stealth move then throw it on her and watch her run like the little rat she is. The same method applies to Twitch, Shaco and others like it.

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Caitlyn introduction

I think I talked about Miss Fortune enough. It is time introduce Caitlyn. She is commonly referred to as the Piltover Sniper. This is very true. She has an impressive auto attack range and is not an easy attack damage carry to pick on. A good Caitlyn will give the enemy hell and make it more trouble then it is worth to kill her.

Her ability set is very unique. Unlike most other champions she only has one damage dealing ability in her kit ( Piltover Peacemaker). Her passive Headshot and auto attack does give her some burst damage capabilities to make up for it.

Even though she does not have as much offensive skills as other champions she does have some defensive skills. Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap is a good early warning system. Place this in strategic areas where you know the enemy will be walking (and not in the same place as a ward). When it triggers you will hear a sound and see a champion pop up on your radar and you will be like "he wasn't there before!". That Lee Sin just magically appeared!

If it doesn't trigger don't worry. As long as you are arn't distracted by a hamburger and can see an enemy champion advancing on your position aim the 90 Caliber Net at them to slow them down and send you flying backwards. That is what is so great about that skill.

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Caitlyn Tactics

Lane Phase:

Caitlyn's long range makes it easy to pick on other champions. Unlike Miss Fortune you will be a lot more aggressive early on. Be careful though. She does not have Strut so her movement speed with Boots of Speed is only 350 movement speed. It is very easy to get caught early on. Her 90 Caliber Net at that stage does not have the cool down it has later on. This means you can only use it every now and then.

When you are in the bottom lane of Summoner's Rift stay more towards the river (if there is a ward). The enemy team likes to try and attack from the bushes. Use you range to force them out of hiding to attack you and make em pay for it.

If they end up getting close 90 Caliber Net it out of there. You should have Yordle Snap Trap in the bush in the river and one in the bush by it (the one before you enter the forest). With that set up just run to the traps and your tower.

At that stage they won't take the risk of running through the tower to get you.

If the enemy is not saying " Caitlyn get off my nuts" or " Caitlyn is hard to catch!" by the end then you didn't do your job!

Killing the enemy:

When it comes to chasing the enemy down to kill them you may have to do a combination of 90 Caliber Net, Piltover Peacemaker, and Ace in the Hole. Or just 90 Caliber Net and Ace in the Hole. If the enemy is just outside your range 90 Caliber Net yourself forward then quickly use your Ace in the Hole. The amount of hit points they have will be the factor for determining this.

Keep in mind that Ace in the Hole can be blocked and won't guarantee you a kill. In some fights it may not be worth it to use it. It may be worth to save it for later on.

For example.. If you see a Diana or a champion who can shield themselves they could survive the hit rendering it useless.

If they are traveling with another champion who is not low on health all they have to do is walk in front of the bullet and again it is useless.

Team Fights:

Due to Caitlyn's long range she can target anyone she wants to. Try to focus on the target that your team is after. Be cautious though. She can't take a lot of hits and odds are they will try to focus on you all the time.

Position yourself so you are at the edge of your range and hit them from there. Place a Yordle Snap Trap at your desired location to fire from. If they all start going for you use your 90 Caliber Net on the person that IS NOT effected by the trap. Run away a little and when they stop chasing go back and pick on them some more.

While they are busy chasing you, your team should be using this to their advantage and kite'ing their team.


The above kite strategy will not work unless you get some movement speed. That is why I have Phantom Dancer, Zephyr, or Trinity Force.

I know that Mercury's Treads and Zephyr do not stack. I did that so if you want some cool down for 90 Caliber Net, and Ace in the Hole then you can get it.

I use the Phantom Dancer build for when I want maximum critical strike chance. Trinity Force has 20% less critical strike chance then Phantom Dancer.

If you want more hit points and to do some burst damage after using Piltover Peacemaker then Trinity Force is a good option.

If you feel that your team is capable of preventing the enemy from getting to you, you can use the Executioner's Calling build if you want to.

When looking at my builds.. Keep in mind that in a 3v3 the equivalent of The Bloodthirster is Sanguine Blade. When looking at my builds remember to purchase Sanguine Blade instead of The Bloodthirster in a 3v3.

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I hope that I did a better job of making a guide this time. If I didn't I will get some help in the future and have my builds edited. For now I hope this gives you enough ideas to make a Caitlyn or Miss Fortune to your liking (if you don't like the way I build). I feel that I did a good job with all of my builds and I gave you a lot of build options.

Feel free to either message me in League or Post here if you think I should change something, have a suggestion or question.

I will always listen to your comments. I am not easily discouraged and I am capable of understanding where you are coming from. Honesty is the best policy in my book. If you need to post a comment that you feel would offend me do it anyways.

Thank you if you read this and comment. Good luck and see you in the game fellow Summoners!


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