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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreatlan

Quinn the dive bomer and Caitlyn the Sniper

Dreatlan Last updated on March 17, 2014
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Hello Mobafire and League of Legends community my name is Dreatlan. I am still new to this guide creation thing. I don't make fancy guides but, I do the best I can. I learned from my mistakes when I made my Kayle guide.

My goal with these guides is to help others be as successful as they can with their champions as there is many different ways to build items. Finding a build that works with your play style is one of the hardest things to do. With that in mind I wish to show you how I build Caitlyn and Quinn.

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Item Builds, Runes, Masteries, Spells

I thought it would be best to write about why my build is different from the others before I talk about lane tactics. This way you can better understand where I am coming from.

I am a defensive player. It is what I feel comfortable playing. I do not agree with some of the other Quinn builds out there. The only Author that I can agree with some is Astrolia. I did message Astrolia earlier in the year asking about my build, and got feed back. I do not share personal messages unless I have permission. I do not have permission right now so the most I will say is Astrolia did not like my build method. You are welcome to view that guide (or any other) if you feel I am too defensive.

At any given rate let us get on with this.

Caitlyn Items

Double Debuff: This is a new build that I am proud of. I recognized in team fights that having a "Grievous Wounds" debuff is too valuable to pass up. This is because almost every champion I have been up against has a heal, spell vamp or life steal. Champions like Dr. Mundo can be especially annoying with their heal capability.

I decided the best way to deal with this was come up with a build to work with Executioner's Calling. When I started thinking about it I recognized that the base is Avarice Blade. This helps you get gold for expensive builds. When it's made in to Executioner's it gives you Damage and Critical Chance. I was sitting there thinking "I got an idea" when I noticed that.

This build is a result of a beautiful combination of damage (about 300), critical chance (45%), and two debuffs (Grievous Wound and Icy). It is an easier build to acquire thanks to Avarice Blade giving you 2 extra gold for every minion you kill PLUS 3 gold every 5.

Anti Tank: This is the exact same build as "Double Debuff". Only one item is changed. Avarice Blade can turn in to Executioner's Calling or Youmuu's Ghostblade. In this build we are building in to Youmuu's Ghostblade because your team can handle themselves.

With this build we are going for maximum Armor Penetration. Last Whisper will reduce their armor by 35% at all times. The Marks, and Youmuu's Ghostblade will give you 44 Flat Armor Penetration to go with that. If the enemy is not wearing armor you will shred them hard. If they are wearing armor, you will still do a lot of damage. This makes it great for attacking Tanks with the team!

Scout Caitlyn: This is a very expensive build but, it is a nice build as well. This build was designed with Back Door'ing in mind or Kite'ing. With Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net you can push yourself back, slow them and run if you need to with the 410 move speed of this build.

It also serves as an Anti-Mage build. In my time playing League of Legends I have noticed that Magic Resist is harder to build then Armor. There is items with more Armor built in, then Magic Resist in some cases. This proves a problem as there is a lot of Mages that can C.C Caitlyn hard, and try to nuke her. Luckily the Maw of Malmortius can shield you if you get low on health.

If you want to with this build you can get a Mercurial Scimitar instead of Maw of Malmortius. The reason I build the Maw is because Hexdrinker is an in-expensive item and will get you the damage and Magic Resist sooner. The shield is nice as well. Mercurial Scimitar is nice because it removes a negative effect. If you are Back Door'ing, or Kiting and are trying to run away and get hit by a stun or something, you can proc it and get away easy. The choice is yours.

The only other note I have with this build for the readers is about the Trinity Force. The reason I build this is because it is the only item with Hit Points, Attack Speed,Move Speed, and Critical Chance. It is a truly unique item and it is hard for me to think of a way to replace it. It gives Caitlyn all the stats I need to make the build work. Plus the Spell Blade buff is nice. After casting a 90 Caliber Net or Piltover Peacemaker the next attack you hit the enemy with, is increased by 2x. That is a lot of damage.

Quinn Items

I believe I gave enough short notes to know what I am doing with Caitlyn. We will talk about Quinn now. Quinn is an odd one. She has shorter range then Ashe, Caitlyn or the other A.D.C's. Her ultimate makes her a melee unit. Her close range makes defensive builds ideal. I recommend her for Top and not Bottom.

Off Tank Quinn and Rapid Assault Quinn: When you make a Quinn build without Zephyr or Guardian Angel you get negative reviews fast. This was my attempt to appeal to the Quinn's who are stuck on having this in their build. Rapid Assault has more damage, and Off Tank has more defense.

Vanguard Quinn: This is one of my own builds. I made this build to deal with a mostly Attack Damage set up. If the enemy team has a lot of Magic I would not recommend using this build. Why Mercury's Treads and not Ninja Tabi? Some champions that are pure Attack Damage like Darius do Magic damage through the bleeding. It is to help with that.

As for the other items.. I combined Atma's Impaler with Infinity Edge to give you 40% Critical Chance and 250% Critical Damage. I then added Warmog's and the Juggernaut passive in the Defensive Tree to give you more damage (Atma's passive gives damage based on health). The other items I think are self explanatory and do not require further writing with this build.

Community Least Fav: This is my original Quinn build. I named it as such because I have received horrible reviews for this Quinn build. I am always getting told that Randuin's Omen should only be used for situations where you are getting hit a lot. It also does not have Zephyr in the build.

My defense to these very negative comments is that I let my Quintessences handle the cool down. Zephyr is only 10% cool down. I can get 9% at the start using the non-scaling Quints. I can get 11% if I use the scaling Quints. I have no need for Zephyr. Why would I sacrifice my Armor and Magic resist for it?

The other thing I try to point out is that my build uses items that can be easily purchased. Randuin's Omen is made from Warden's Mail. If you look at Warden's you will see it's two Cloth Armor's. One Cloth can be purchased at the start. Maw of Malmortius is the exact same. It's base is Hexdrinker which needs a Long Sword. Another item you can purchase at the beginning. This unique flexibility allows you to choose your starting item based on who you are against in Top Lane.

Randuin's Omen is not an item I can change for that reason, and for the reason that there is not really any other high armor, and hit point items out there. There is Sunfire Cape but, I am not in melee range all the time so it is useless to me. The only other item is Locket of the Iron Solari. It has 200 less hit points, and 50 less armor. No point in that.

Haters can hate. My build is strong enough to take champions like Renekton head on. It's a proven build and I think it is far better then some of the other Quinn builds.

Masteries: With Caitlyn I have it set so there is 2 points to get a little extra armor from Defense. I have the Mana Regen to assist with the use of her abilities. The 10% Cool Down on Summoner Spell is to help me get my Barrier and Flash back sooner. Feel free to change this for the style that fits you.

With Quinn I have the Juggernaut passive to help with the Vanguard build and to give more hit points at all times. If you want to, you can take the points from Warlord and spend them in to Resistance. This will give the Vanguard build 94 Magic Resistance instead of 89.

If you choose to go Offensive with Quinn use my Caitlyn Masteries.

Runes: This does not require a lot of explanation. The Scaling runes will give you more as the game goes on. The non-scaling runes give you a head start, but, late game will not keep up. I chose to use Scaling Armor and Scaling Magic Resist for my defensive build because the games I have been in, last a long time. I choose to be patient and go for a late game design.

As you have figured out by now I play defensive, not offensive. My build will not have Attack Damage Runes. I have played hundreds of games at this point, and have been fine with my build like this. If you want to use those runes for your play style go for it.

Summoner Spells: Caitlyn and Quinn both benefit from Flash. I always have that. Barrier is there instead of ignite because you will be focused on. Ignite helps with one champion. Barrier helps you get out of sticky situations. A barrier can be used to save yourself from bleeds, ignites, or even ultimates as you run away. I get a lot of satisfaction out of watching the enemy team rage when they try to tower dive me and I barrier. I live they die most of the time. Another great time is when Lux tries to laser me and I live because I barrier at the last second.

As always the choice is yours. This is my choice.

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Caitlyn Tactics

I don't think I need to do a Caitlyn introduction. Everyone knows she is the Sniper. The goal of Caitlyn is to be a pain in the but for the enemy team.. Standard A.D.C stuff. Let's skip that because I am lazy and don't feel like writing an additional chapter :)

Caitlyn has a unique ability set. She only has one Attack Ability Piltover Peacemaker(other then her Ultimate). The other abilities are utilities. Yordle Snap Trap is a great early warning system. If placed in strategic locations it will warn you when an enemy is coming. This is great in the Tri Bush, or the Bush in the river (at Bottom Lane). Listen for that classic snap, then check the radar. You will be like "That Lee Sin was not there before!" and know to take action.

If you are about to get ganked then you 90 Caliber Net it in the direction that will get you to safety. This ability will send you flying back sort of like a Flash. If you are not in immediate danger save the 90 Caliber Net. It can be used offensively as well. If the enemy is running you point the 90 Caliber Net behind you to send you flying forward instead of back wards. If the enemy is low enough for an Ace in the Hole then you [90 Caliber Net]] in and cast it (or Piltover Peacemaker if ultimate not available).

Be careful with Ace in the Hole as this skill can be "blocked" by another enemy champion.

Those are some of the more advanced tactics. If it is a normal lane phase use your Auto Attack, and Piltover Peacemaker to poke at the enemy while you wait for a minion to last hit.

I can finish this by saying that you are doing your job if the enemy is saying "Caitlyn get off my nuts" or "Caitlyn is hard to catch"

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Quinn Tactics

Like Caitlyn, Quinn has some utility abilities. The difference is her utilities also do damage. Vault is like Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net in the fact that it can be used for defense or offense. It sends her back ward in the direction it is facing. It also triggers her passive Harrier. It has a long cool down at the early levels so be careful and know when to use it do damage the enemy, or use it to get away.

Blinding Assault is a direct line skill shot. This means that when it is cast it goes in a straight line. It does splash damage and will blind anything near the target. This makes lane harassment easier. Point the bird at the enemy champion so it will blind them and the minions. Shoot the champion while the minions are blind, and then back off so you don't take too much damage (early on).

Later in the game be sure to use this ability in combination with Vault. Jump in, use Harrier then [Blinding Assault]] them.

Heightened Senses is the other utility. If you trigger it, it will reveal a large area around you. It's passive gives you Speed when you trigger a Harrier. Due to it's long cool down try to use it only when you think there is an enemy champion waiting to do a Bush Assault.

Tag Team is one of the greatest ultimates I have worked with. If you trigger this, Quinn becomes Valor. Valor has the equivalent of Strut. If Valor is not attacked, it has a lot of movement speed. This makes it great for chasing down champions. If they are about to die click the ultimate again and Sky Strike will cast doing A.O.E damage based on health.

It also makes it a great initiation. With Randuin's Omen you can take a lot of damage while you wait for your team to help. There is nothing more glorious then a Valor pop up on the radar all the sudden and watching them run. The enemy will know the fear of that bird screech right before getting dive bombed.

It paves the way for another strategy that I call "Towing Lee Sin". Lee Sin can dash to a friendly. If I have a good Lee Sin on my team I tell him to follow me when I use Tag Team. When I dive in to an enemy champion, and start taking damage.. Lee Sin dashes to me to give me that shield and to start hurting the enemy team. If timed properly with my Vault and Lee's Safeguard / Iron Will we can dash to an enemy, and attack within seconds of each other.

The same strategy applies to Shen and others. Shen teleports to me a few seconds before I Vault so when he lands on me, he taunts them and we proceed to nom nom the champion.

Who would of known Quinn had so many uses?

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Team Tactics

I talked about individual tactics in the previous Chapters. Let us talk about what to do when in a team fight (5v5). This will be the shorter of the Chapters as there is not a lot to explain.

Caitlyn should be at the very edge of her range. She should not be close to the enemy team if it can be helped. Know when it is safe to get in close. Do not let the team Rage or peer pressure you in to changing that tactic. As the A.D.C you must stay alive and put the damage on the enemy team. If you die your team will more then likely fall apart. Remember to use 90 Caliber Net to achieve that goal.

You can only have 3 Yordle Snap Trap's placed at any time. Try to reserve one for team fights. This is so if a team mate has to run away you can slow down the enemy team. An example of this, is if you are in the river by Middle Lane/Baron having a team fight. If you place a Yordle Snap Trap in that one bush in the middle of the river, or the thin long bush on the path.. It will prevent an enemy from advancing in that direction thus giving your team mate more areas to run to, and less for your enemy.

Ace in the Hole can be "blocked" don't forget. Use this only when their team is low, and on the run. If you use it in a team fight, it could get "blocked" and will not kill the intended target. It also takes a couple of seconds to channel. This is time better spent Auto Attacking or using the Piltover Peacemaker.

Quinn is straight forward. She can't dance around like Caitlyn. If you are using one of my tank-ier builds, use your range and Blinding Assault to poke at them. If they advance on you Vault back and shoot some more. If you are on cool down do not panic. My build can hold for quite awhile. When the skills come back up, rinse wash and repeat.

Use Tag Team if their team runs.

Easy right?

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My builds are different then that of the pros. I wrote my guide in a way that can only be understood by people who know the game. I also recognize that my guide is not as fancy as the others. I did use Highlighted Text and other means to separate my paragraphs though.

I ask that if you vote, or comment please keep that in mind. I ask for honest opinions, and not ones based on "I am giving this a negative review because you don't build like the pros". Judge me based on my ability to think of a new build, that is uniquely my own, and not a copy of other builds.

Thank you for any comments and reviews. Vote for my build to be in LCS? :P (Joke)


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