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Aphelios Build Guide by MouayadD

ADC Mido's Personal Aphelios Guide

ADC Mido's Personal Aphelios Guide

Updated on April 13, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MouayadD Build Guide By MouayadD 11 4 20,227 Views 5 Comments
11 4 20,227 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MouayadD Aphelios Build Guide By MouayadD Updated on April 13, 2023
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Runes: Scaling

1 2 3 4
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order Default/carrying

1 2

Attack Damage

Attack Speed


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Mido's Personal Aphelios Guide

By MouayadD

  • Hello! your average Platinum Aphelios otp here, i have been making a notepad since his release on him, this guide however is gonna cover Weapon Orders details and use
  • To understand my personal guide you need a strong background on phel and practice so i suggest to check koog's guide first and having at least 50 games on him
Content of Tables
Aphelios summery
can flash Moonshot in 0.4s cast, mark proc won't use ammo, relate to AS and range, has synergy with Runaan's Hurricane Precision Onslaught procs Press the Attack easily, and has punish after kiting Binding Eclipse sets up for a guaranteed Moonshot and Moonlight Vigil hit a huge wave and a champ with Precision Duskwave then Mark Proc that champ for extra damage Precision Sentry's position is most important to control teamfights and objectives, it can be set as a trap in a bush
Resurgent Moonshot mark proc uses severum aa, fast, unpredictable, and pierces windwalls Runaan's Hurricane uses severum's passive, Onslaught reduces range to 410, taunt doesn't alter targeting might wanna use Binding Eclipse before Onslaught because it has shorter range than an auto attack Resurgent Duskwave has the same healing as Moonlight Vigil if not more use Resurgent Sentry when threatened from crowd control for extra heal and damage, also pierces windwalls
Binding Moonshot can loop with Binding Eclipse early game if timed right Binding Onslaught is the best gap control ability, however avoid Rammus Runaan's Hurricane uses gravitum's passive, Binding Eclipse cast mid aa pierces Highlander if you hit multiple targets with Binding Duskwave line up the root to land a perfect Moonlight Vigil Binding Sentry *peashooter* is incredible for objective control, creates gaps to escape bad situations, can be set as bush traps
attacking Incediary Moonshot mark uses infernum projectile that deals damage on the way and behind the target use Incendiary Onslaught as back up to kite when attacking with infernum as a main weapon auto attack multiple targets and use Binding Eclipse for an easier aa + Duskwave landing Runaan's Hurricane uses mini-infernum passive, Duskwave has calibrum's range on angles use Incendiary Sentry with Lethal Tempo for the sentry big damage late game
attacking Arcing Moonshot mark uses Crescendum aa, increasing your mirrors by 1 and life span refreshes use Arcing Onslaught with Guardian Angel late game, instantly Phase crescendum in melee range pair Moonlight Vigil, Crescendum with Sentry and Binding Eclipse use Arcing Duskwave on huge waves for instant mirrors, huge spike early game mirrors are destroyed if cres hit a windwall, Sentry can block skillshots, can't bypass windwall
cast Moonshot with Moonlight Vigil, Calibrum then aa twice as a surprise combo Moonlight Vigil, Severum can bait opponents when you are low health use Moonlight Vigil, Gravitum when fights last longer, or set up picks/combos mix Moonlight Vigil, Infernum with Duskwave using Flash for burst damage Moonlight Vigil, Crescendum gets the fastest mirrors, it's great when you are dived
Orders introduction

if you've read koog's guide you already know that there's an optimal weapon order, which is:
calibrum gravitum
infernum severum crescendum

but you still don't use everything Aphelios can offer with a *single specific order*
so i am going to cover up all 5-weapon loop orders aphelios can use

Why this guide? i did this guide out of passion for aphelios' diversity and the OTP pick up potential he has:
"if you wanna Master him you wanna master every double/triple weapon combination"

Not convinced? well, when you are using only 1 order you get stuck in a lot of scenarios because of a sub-optimal weapon combo, that means you wanna drop the weapon you don't want which can break your order.
when that happens you are already using a different playstyle/order and you crossed your territory of sticking to 1 order.
knowing how to play all of these weapon orders will help expand your knowledge on how to use 1 order in several ways.
General rules

double weapon combos

-you want to think about what set of main/off hand weapons you want in a game situation

for example: the enemy team is mostly an attack comp, so you want combinations that excel in peeling and safety to survive their hard engage, that means you want to pair calibrum with crescendum or severum for the safest combos, you can also itemize accordingly

another example if the enemy team makes best out of splitting then you want catching pairings like gravitum with severum to follow up on catching, or calibrum with gravitum to potentially burst a target, or at least set it up for your team.

The most important double combos to exist in a weapon order are in order, and with or

early-mid-late game weapon usage

in early you want to drop your weapon according to what the match up is and how the lane is going
(it doesn't have to be always severum first)

-how to know what weapons you wanna drop ?

you have to study the lane match up and use the gun that is safest or strongest in that match up, dropping them according to what combo is better next
or you want to set up a powerful weapon combination that you are going to benefit from against a certain matchup like or the triple combo

in mid game you start crafting a rotation that fits in that game's fights

late game you'd wanna drop weapons that don't benefit your survivability and play around fights when you have or

-the triple weapon combinations you want in a game shapes your order

ult usage

- Moonlight Vigil is essentially Alune being your 6th weapon when you are "disarmed" during dropping a weapon
-this means this is going to enhance triple combos' execution or keeps your damage consistent.

These are situations to know where to aim your ult when you drop a weapon:

- if you are getting severum after a drop it's good Moonlight Vigil timing if you are going low or in 1v1
- gravitum surprise Moonlight Vigil timing is the best when chasing down a target or multiple targets
- infernum surprise Moonlight Vigil timing is the best in teamfights to make your damage skyrocket
- crescendum surprise Moonlight Vigil timing is best for single target DPS and against dives
- calibrum surprise Moonlight Vigil timing is best for last tick damage on your opponent, or when you stack crescendum before it
Best Loop Orders

The Optimal Order Is the aphelios otp order that is rotated to every game, you either go with it or change only a little bit on it, you use it by getting rid of combos you absolutely don't want in future fights

(Signiture combos are the efficient key triple combos in an order)
(the names i put for the orders are not official, only for me)

1- Starting/Default Order:
|Neutral Loop|
calibrum severum
gravitum infernum crescendum
description: this is the order you start with on Aphelios every game, has a strong early lane control
you lose some damage when you have severum but gains sustain and chasing/kiting
Signiture Combos:

3- Safety Order:
|Perfect Loop|
calibrum severum
infernum gravitum crescendum
description: This is basically switching severum and gravitum in the Optimal order
provides the best self peel throughout the order for Aphelios and whole team peel with Sentry
Signiture Combos:

7- Sub-optimal Order:
|Good Loop|
calibrum gravitum
severum infernum crescendum
description: you get this rotation if you switch severum- infernum in the Optimal Order for balance
separating and creates a breathing room in the order that allows retreat or better kiting
Signiture Combos:

8- Mirror Barrage:
|Perfect Loop|
calibrum gravitum
severum crescendum infernum
description: The one and only weapon order where you make the most out of Crescendum Stacks
Signiture Combos:

9- Optimal Order:
|Optimal Loop|
calibrum gravitum
infernum severum crescendum
description: a well rounded order that works everywhere and has the best weapon synergies
you can play for seige with sequence, and split with sequence
you can combo in fights with , and front to back fights with as the carry
Signiture Combos:

13- Gravitum Order:
|Good Loop|
calibrum infernum
severum gravitum crescendum
description: Optimizes using to attack with as a main weapon with and supporting it as kiting weapons
Signiture Combos:

14- Ruler Order:
|Perfect Loop|
calibrum infernum
severum crescendum gravitum
description: Specializes in front to back fights with the sequence, and in combos with
funfact: this rotation's name was inspired by a pro player who uses it
Signiture Combos:

15- Damage Order:
|Perfect Loop|
calibrum infernum
gravitum severum crescendum
description: Increases the damage of Optimal Order for front to back fights with sequence
the order gets safety with the best peel combo that also specializes in catches
Signiture Combos:

18- Warlock Order:
|Good loop|
calibrum infernum
crescendum gravitum severum
description: feel like a warlock and summon minions (sentries) on your side to attack with you
nice with LT (not limited to it), good in front to back fights, has decent peel over all
Signiture Combos:

21- Alt Gravitum Order:
|Good Loop|
calibrum crescendum
gravitum severum infernum
description: this is an alternative way to play Gravitum Order by switching and places allowing for LT usage
Signiture Combos:
check out my supreme average aphelios playlist


-edit the guide graphically
-otp aphelios to challenger one day


patch 11.12:
tested and included all 24 orders
tweaks on the summery and the format

patch 11.17:
edited the items according to comps
changed the purpose of the guide

patch 11.21:
edited some items, changed runes, added a special build

patch 11.24:
preseason changes applied
updated runes, changed the special runaans first build situations

patch 12.6:
major changes to runes and items (perma cutdown with longsword)
major changes to playstyle and matchups (using better match up formula)
major changes to the purpose of knowing various orders

patch 13.7:
minor changes to runes and items
major changes to what makes a good loop order
removed terrible loop orders
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