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Thresh Build Guide by Areu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Areu

Mighty Protector Support [5.18]

Areu Last updated on September 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Volibear A not traditional matchup, and usually a strong one. His passive is really good, the combo Flash+throwing your adc behind him is deadly. But he requires to get closer and as a Thresh you will prevent him to. You counter his kit hard (I tell you that as a Voli main jungler, Thresh is a pain for us poor bears T.T) so no problem here for you.
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Hi guys, the name's Areu24, I'm a gold IV player on EUW server. I decided to do this Thresh build because of how much fun I have playing this champ and because Thresh is a rich champ, that can be build in many ways. This build aims to create an unkillable CC/utility machine that will literally thrash around all the enemies during teamfight.

On a more personal note I'm not a native English speaker and this is my first build so feel free to signal me any English mistakes and also comments/suggestions on the choices I make in this build.
Enjoy your reading and kick some a*s with the ghostly warden!
P.S. Please take note that this build is not entirely finished, I plan to add a fun build for ADC Thresh and polish a bit the main parts (synergies incoming)

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Pros / Cons

+ Hard to kill
+ 4 CC and 2 shields!
+ Incredible carry protector
+ Works well with any adc
+ Able to turn a teamfight
- Very position dependent
- Hard to master at the beginning
- Long Cooldowns :-(
- Grab has a stupidly long animation
(Blitz grab >>> Thresh grab)

Overall this build will give you a heavy presence in teamfight, being able to protect your carries and have a really strong mid/late game, the only weak part of it is during the laning phase, even though it's not that bad. Play it safe, wait for a hook opportunity and you shouldn't have much problems ,except with a "yolo" adc (yeah I look at you, Tristanamikaze and Div Ezreal!)

***Important notice!***

Please note that this build can be really hard to use if you begin in the game, Thresh is already a complicated champ with many mechanics, and I add 2 items with an active effect which means you have to compose with 6 keys instead of the 4 basics one. But if you are not afraid to take on a challenge, go ahead, I strongly believe that by playing Thresh you will learn a lot, about supporting, positionning, teamfighting, skillshots, etc...
And always remember: THIS IS A GAME! No need to rage, and if your adc flames you, just enter the magic command /Mute Nameoftheflamingadc in the chat to enjoy the game calmly.

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Patch Changes

Here's some changes induced in patches that impact Thresh directly :

- [5.16] Really huge patch for tanks so let's get started :

Direct increase of Health gain per lvl, +4 Health per lvl.
Creation of Dead Man's Plate and Sterak's Gage.

Modification of existing items :

- Warmog's Armor gets 250 golds more expensive, replace the 1% of max health regen by a 200% of base health regen. And the regen after 8 seconds outside of combat became insane.

- Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil (and other MR items) got slightly better and cheaper.

- Locket of the Iron Solari got nerfed pretty bad, hence some changes in the build about it, not really core anymore. The aura lost 5 of MR and 75% of health regen. The shield is a bit stronger but last 2 seconds when it lasted 5 seconds before... Those changes definitely hurts.

- Frozen Heart got nerfer too, lost 10 of armor and cost 150 more golds... The aura is what interest you here so that's not THAT bad.

- Thornmail got hurt pretty bad, it went to 30% of reflection to 15% + 1 point of damage per 4 point of armor. The math are a lil bit complicated but since your armor is mostly bonus armor it ain't that bad for Thresh. Still, take it only against an AA oriented team.

- Randuin's Omen got a bit nerfed, lost 100 of Health, 10 of Armor but cost 150 gold less and is the only item in the game to reduce crit damages by (10%) which is quite nice.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Armor

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We start by upgrading our Flay for more lane pressure (see details in this chapter), follow by Death Sentence and finish with Dark Passage. As usual put a point in your ulti ( The Box) when you can.

Souls appears at Big Minions and Champions death and sometimes at regular minions death. Each soul you pick increase your AP and Armor permanently.

  • This passive compensate the fact that you don't gain any armor with your lvl.
  • The enemy won't see the soul if they don't see you, keep that in mind if you are planning to ambush them.
  • Flay scale with the number of souls picked, the more you have the stronger your poke is.
  • All your abilities scales in AP, this gives you a small nice overall boost.

More details:

Death Sentence:
After a small animation, Thresh throws his scythe in order to grab an enemy unit. The unit caught will be attracted towards Thresh and if you push Q again Thresh leap to your chained opponent.

  • This ability is a nice gap closer to use your low ranged abilities ( Flay and The Box).
  • The enemy you grab is disabled for a short time, use it to peel enemies off you carry efficiently during teamfight.
  • This is a strong tool to stop someone fleeing: grab him, jump on him, Flay him, add The Box and your Randuin's Omen if needed, give your Dark Passage to an ally to make an enemy disappear (This magic trick has the Shaco seal of approval).

More details:

Dark Passage:
Thresh throws a lantern that gives a small shield to allies that goes near it (once per ally). If an ally right click on the lantern he will be send to Thresh directly, taking the lantern with him.

  • This ability gives a weak shield but it can be applied to your whole team in teamfight.
  • The lantern can be send to the other side of a wall, use it to save an ally in a pinch or help your jungler to come faster during a gank.
  • The lantern gather souls around it, but don't abuse it since it cost some mana.

More details:

Active: Thresh sweep his chain in a lane, pushing the ennemies hit in the direction of the pushing.
Passive: Your auto-attack (aa) gets bonus magic damages up to a maximum of the number of souls collected + up to 200% of your AD.

  • Multiple enemies can be hit by the active part, are either attracted or repulsed from Thresh, bumped and then slowed for 1 second, making this skill a really strong CC in teamfight.
  • The passive part makes you a real lane bully, as long as you make one-hit trades.
  • It works in synergy with your Relic Shield by allowing you to creep easily (since the "spoil of war" effect doesn't work for ranged champs).
  • The damages are charging when you are not using your aa, don't spam it on minions when you want to poke or last hit.

More details:

The Box:
Thresh creates 5 walls around him with a small delay. When an enemy hit a wall, the wall is destroyed and he gets damaged and slowed by 99% for 2 seconds for the first one. The other walls deals no damage and only slows for half the duration.

  • Do not underestimate the damages, the first wall deals 550 + 100% of AP damages, a nice way to weaken an enemy coming after you.
  • Your Death Sentence and Flay can be used easily on enemies inside the box and are also a good way to send an enemy in a wall.
  • Using it BEFORE the enemy reaches you will give you and your teammates an easy escape, making this skill a strong anti-gank tool.

More details:

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Your role in the game

Your principal role will be to keep your allies alive while hindering the enemies during fights. Let's see more in details what you will have to do during the 3 stages of the game.

Laning phase

The beginning of the game, you will poke your enemies with your E's passive and put some pressure on them with the threat of your grab. Be careful, you have to do some mindgame here, spamming your Death Sentence will only let you with no mana and few chances to actually grab them. Go into bushes, position threateningly, try to increase the pressure when they try to get their own big minion to makes them miss it (or grab and kill them if you can).
You will use your Stealth Ward in the river's bush around your lvl 3, except if the enemy are overpushing, in that case keep it for the moment YOU will push the lane. As Thresh, like for Blitz, being under your own turret can lead to a Death Sentence , followed by a Flay and a low level enemy adc under your turret tend to disappear fast.
You will want to use your gold item to share the money of big minions or melee minions with your adc. A good point to never forget: when you share the gold, both your adc and you are healed. If you can, try to always keep one charge for that gold bag of big minion.
That's pretty much everything, in case of enemy gank be ready to flee toward your turret and Dark Passage your adc to save them. In case of ally gank you can bring your jungler faster with the same trick.
Overall laning phase with Thresh is not much fun, but don't worry, you will really shine when teamfight starts

Mid/Late game

The transition between early and midgame is always subtle, it often correspond to the loss of a turret on botlane (yours or theirs) and the fact that one of duo bot will start roaming, to avoid the incoming ganks linked to their turret loss.
It's important to make sure you and your adc don't stay too long in lane, because at this point you will probably get rushed by the enemy midlaner and jungler if you overextend alone. If your adc want to stay afk farming on botlane even if the enemy left then join your team in midlane where the fights will start.
Your role has many aspect, you can be the initiator of a fight if an enemy comes too close to you to poke (give him some Death Sentence to teach him that noone mess with Thresh). You can also prevent a fight ( Dark Passage on the ally that got caught alone and The Box to prevent the enemy to chase you if needed).


During a teamfight, your role is to provide an (almost) unlimited amount of CC and utility. You will Flay the enemies away of your carry or prevent them to flee (hello LeBlanc :)), Death Sentence the high DPS enemy to neutralize him, The Box in their whole group, Dark Passage to shield a maximum of people and that's just your abilities there ^^.
The actives from your items will help you to keep everyone alive, keep the shield of your Face of the Mountain for your squishy teammates (ADC, APC) since this shield is very potent (10% of your max Health, that's often close to 30% of your ADC max Health). And last effect, the one I like to use to complete my Flay , Dark Passage and The Box : Randuin's Omen. Imagine you have been grabbed (and neutralize for a short moment), flayed around, walked into this crazy 99% slow wall that appeared everywhere on the battlefield and now you can finally rush to the enemy's adc... And this crazy ghost just slow you one more time, for the fun... Yup, you have reasons to get mad at this point XD (And i'm not even talking about the "I'm guna kill u squishy adc" and the fat "NOPE" that you will say with your 2 shields on their face. Yeah that's just how AWESOME Thresh is in teamfights).

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Items Core

I already explained your role during the game, so these choices should seems logical by now, but just in case let's explain the core of the items I choose and why I choose them.

Starting Items

Standard start for Thresh, the gold item for tank having nice synergy with your E's passive, which compensate that the execution effect won't be triggered since you are ranged.
If you fear your adc won't let you creep (sadly it happens sometimes), go for Ancient Coin, it's not as efficient but the Talisman of Ascension speed boost is nice

First Back

Upgrade your Relic Shield for more gold and regen in lane, boots to position easier and ward to prevent gank. In this build we want to take Greater Stealth Totem at lvl 9 without buying any Sightstone but until then buy wards everytime you back (we will discuss about the interest of this in the "Vision section")


An important point here is flexibility, don't buy those item in the order they are presented, always try to adapt to enemy team. The enemy APC is overfed and destroy your team? Go Locket of the Iron Solari (this item used to be core, and it's still efficient against fed APC but way more situationnal know. And yes, before this build had 3 shield in core, I am still crying over this Solari nerf). An assassin is bursting your carry? The Face of the Mountain have a nice shield for that. Too much CC go Mercury's Treads, enemy ADC snowballed, go Randuin's Omen, you get the idea. The order I put those items on is what I tend to build, finishing your Face of the Mountain is cheaper than buying a Randuin's Omen from nothing, same thing with your boots, but I insist, always think of what you should buy and do it according to enemy's team.

Logical upgrade of your gold item, it gives 10% CDR, 500 Health and a nice active that give a shield to 1 ally equal to 10% of YOUR max Health, which means that going full tank allows you to shield more effectively. A nice item for any tanky support.
A little bit of MR, some movement speed, and Tenacity, a must have to reduce all the CC you will take as the tank of the team
Health, armor, a passive that reduce the attack speed of people attacking you and an active to slow all the enemies around you, what else do you want?


At this point of the game your items give you : 900 Health, 60 Armor, 10% CDR and few things like a shield, a slow, a crit damage reduction, tenacity.... What you want now is to take some MR and your last items accordingly to your opponent, your team situation (you are wining? take some luxury items to make sure they won't make a comeback) and what you feel is a right choice considering how teamfights are going. Just one thing to remember: your passive already produce armor so don't stack it blindly, armor and MR lose a lot of efficiency after 200 points.

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Items Choices

Regular Choices

Fat huge chunk of Health, and insane regeneration outside of fight, all for a (used to be) cheap cost. Really good to complete this build, but I prefer to chose Frozen Mallet, even more know that it cost more gold than before...
Health and some armor, the main interest of this item is the damage aura that will be effective since, once again, you will often be sticking to your enemies. Not a bad item but when you really need armor there is usually better.
Huge amount of armor, some nice mana, 20% CDR to bring you closer to the almighty 40%. But what you really want this item for is the attack speed inhibitor aura that will reduce the damages of this nasty snowballing adc that crush your poor carries mates.
Armor and a cheap cost. The changes made in the last patch made it quite weak, except for few champ, like Thresh. Since Thresh only have bonus armor (yep your armor doesn't scale when you level up, your passive is here for that) it is still a good item to use on him but keep it for AA relient team.
Health, MR, and 10% CDR. The stats are good, even if the passive regen increase is not really useful here, you're not a Garen or Mundo type tank. I take this as my MR item most of the time.
Health, MR, and some health regen. The stats are good, and this time the passive can be quite good, depending of the type of enemies you are facing. A good alternative for the Maw of Malmortius when you are not obscenely rich.

More CDR, more Health, and some MR. The real interest of this item is the abilities, a passive aura of MR for your teammates and the active that can shield MULTIPLE allies and you. Since you will rush in the heart of the battle often you can easily shield 2-3 allies at each teamfight. Be wary though, the shield only last 2 seconds now and the aura got really nerfed. Take it for ennemy team with 2 fed APC or more, else consider Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage.
MR and 10% CDR... I really don't like this item, the stats are really poor but if the enemy team have strong CC that always shut down your carry it's something to consider taking, just remember you will have to deal with 4 items with an active effect.

The luxury choices

The items of this section are strong on Thresh but cost a lot and can be situational, take them on specific situations.
Only 100 Health less than a Warmog's Armor but a passive way more useful, plus some AD on the side. Chose this over Warmog anytime if you got rich somehow, it gives you some more CC (even Leona is jealous at this point) and the loss of Warmog's passive is not such a big deal usually
Some MR and... AD? YES! Because with a 200% of scaling in AD with your E's passive you will have some nasty damages on your aa. And you get one more shield for the cases where a mean APC tries to burst you down, isn't it awesome? YES IT IS!
I know, I know... This is not an ADC Thresh build... But sometimes you will end the teamfights all alone versus 3 or 4 members of the enemy team and maybe having more DPS during teamfight could make a difference. This pick is more a fantasy that I indulge myself on sometimes but I don't think it's a completely stupid idea, it's just an unorthodox choice


There is no fixed rules for the enchanting of your boots, you take it when you want (usually when you have some gold and you want more movement speed). I think that only those 3 enchanting are useful for Thresh supp. So if you want more movement, go Enchantment: Alacrity, it's pretty self explanatory. The Enchantment: Captain is also really good, a bit more expensive but since you will often take the lead when chasing or fleeing it will help your allies even more. To finish Enchantment: Homeguard is useful when the enemy is trying to take down your inhibs turret and you are under siege.

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Sighstone vs Greater Stealth Totem

In this part I want to expose why I think that Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone are sort of obsolete with the trinket system. Let's do some comparisons:


If you buy the Sightstone:
Considering you might buy your Sightstone around your second back, you have to buy a Stealth Ward at your first back. So overall you had to spend 875 gold

If you buy the Greater Stealth Totem :
Let's say that before Lvl 9 (lvl at which you can buy the Greater Stealth Totem) you will back 3 times (being pessimistic). You buy 1 Stealth Ward each time and on the fourth back you take your Greater Stealth Totem. You spend a total of 475 gold. But you have 150 less health, equivalent to a Ruby Crystal, 400 gold, so overall you had to spend 875 gold for the same amount of life and approximately same vision.

But that's not over. Okay the gold is the same. But only the total you had to spend, without considering WHEN to spend it. The Sightstone build will require you to buy it early, and 800 gold is a lot early on, while the Greater Stealth Totem will let you spend the gold little by little, in a longer amount of time, which let you buy your Targon's Brace and your boots without having to get those overpriced 150 Health.

Result : WIN (ok that was a tight call)


Now we can compare the vision given :
The Sightstone gives you 4 wards that last 3 minutes, that you can place at anytime, but this amount will only refill when you back.

The Greater Stealth Totem gives you a ward every minute, you can stock 2 at the same time and they last 3 minutes. So if you don't back every 4 minutes you have potentially more wards than with the Sightstone.

Result : MEH (no clear winner here)

Real Differences

The first 2 points were just a way to show you that there is no real loss in using Greater Stealth Totem instead of Sightstone. But of course I didn't considered some points on purpose:
The Sightstone let you take any trinket you want, even a Greater Stealth Totem if you want more wards than what you will use (of course you will take the really practical Sweeping Lens).
On the other hand, the Greater Stealth Totem let you have a sixth item slot that won't be filed with the awful Ruby Sightstone (400 health for 1600 gold... really?).

That's the main point that interest me. Everyone in your team have a trinket. Everyone can upgrade his (for the ridiculous amount of 250 gold so 1250 gold to equip the whole team, less than a Ruby Sightstone that cost lots of money for the position that earn the lowest amount of gold of the game). This makes everyone able to ward where they pass and cover the map better (yeah because having a Sightstone won't allow you to ward everywhere without roaming half of the time... And you still can't put more than 3 wards against 9-12 if you have 3-4 Greater Stealth Totem and the rest of the team with an Oracle's Lens ).

That's my conclusion : going for Greater Stealth Totem is the best choice for your team, it gives a best vision on the whole map, cost less, and the main point: it will let the support with the possibility to use a sixth item slot during the game.

I know this part of the build risk to be where the most people will disagree, do not hesitate to send me your own point of view or calculation on this matter, if what I exposed need to be corrected (or is false, everyone makes mistakes after all ^^' )or if you simply want to discuss it I will gladly answer you.

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Match History

Here you can see some results I obtained with this build. I know you can think that I took only the best results (and you are right ^^) but I get scores like those on a regular basis (7 games on 10 on a average, which is a nice overall score).

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So I have nothing more to say about Thresh (for now). In the future I plan to add a synergy section, a little ADC Thresh build, which is a fun way to play it. If you have any question, comment or ideas of things you want me to increment to this build do not hesitate, I will try to keep it updated as much as possible.
Thanks for reading me and have a lot of fun on the Summoner's Rift!