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Evelynn Build Guide by Drakkiron

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkiron

Misery Loves Company: AD/Tank Evelynn [S4 Jungle]

Drakkiron Last updated on April 18, 2014
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Feral Flare


Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

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Legendary Guardian

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What's up all, I'm Drakkiron, and you may or may not know me for my Wukong guide, Godkong. Anyways, I main Top and Jungle, and I wanted to do give a unique guide of one of my favorite junglers, Evelynn. With fast clear time, good ganks, and potential to carry, she puts a spot on my favorite list. However, I play her differently than a lot of other junglers. The way I play jungle is I like to farm my jungle, then carry through mid to late game. Now, with Evelynn, my style of play with a Wriggle's Lantern is not shunned. I emerged a new style of play with Evelynn.

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Pros v. Cons

-Great dueling potential.
-Can be played many different ways.
-Provides great ganks.
-Always delivers consistent damage.
-Can be played tanky.
-Good Teamfighter.
-Stealth and mana regen with passive.
-Can Carry.

-Can be squishy without ult early/mid game.
-Hard to catch up if you fall behind.
-Compared to other carry junglers, she lacks control.
-Can't duel high damage junglers aka. Kha'Zix
-Only provides damage in ganks without red buff.

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Quintessence of Attack Damage: You'll want 3 of these for extra damage in your pocket. This will help in early ganks and getting through your jungle quicker.
Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: the reason why I take 9 Scaling MR Glyphs is for the fact that mages usually only get a lot of power in their AP abilities late game, such as Lux. However, some AP champions do a lot of damage early, I say steer clear of those i.e. Sion.
Seal of Armor: This will be for more initial tankiness when you play Eve. Normally, you would do this on almost every champion, with the exception of some.
Marks of Hybrid Penetration: The reason I get these is because even though you are AD, Your damage from your Q still does Magic Damage. I'll get further into detail with this later.

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Offense Tree
Double-Edged Sword : 2% more damage to deal with only taking 1% more? Hey, it's a deal!
Fury : I believe that Evelynn is more of an attack speed champ with this build. 3 points here.
Butcher : Just a little more damage to creeps.
Brute Force : You want more damage? Take some, I got plenty.
Feast: This will give you a little more sustain.
Martial Mastery : No, Really, have some damage, I don't mind.
Executioner : Dude, just take the damage, I'm serious!
Dangerous Game : This mastery saves lives. And it's happened plenty of times.
Devastating Strikes : Gives both Armor and Magic Pen. In other words, TAKE THE DAMAGE.
Havoc : I'm going to shoot myself in the face if I have to say it one more time.
Defense Tree
Recovery : This will help surviving for longer.
Tough Skin : Take less damage from le monsters.
Bladed Armor : Why you hitting yourself?
Veteran Scars : Health, just to get you tip you to that tanky level.
Juggernaut : More health, cause you know, why

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I max Q before E on evelynn, because Q now scales with Attack damage, making Q more consistent in damage.

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Core Items
Since my style of play is to farm my jungle while still ganking lanes, this item provides the most damage for an Eve to scale late game. This is your main Item, build Feral Flare and farm it into this, but don't get too focused on it, you have teammates that may need help.
This item, while providing lifesteal and sustain in the jungle along with great dueling potential, has an active that provides an easy kill, stealing their movement speed and a good chunk of their health. Due to it's attack speed that it provides along with the dueling potential, this item is a great pickup. Combining this item with Feral Flare will give you good damage.
This is a great overall tank item, a good pickup for any tank. The active provides a movement speed slow and a passive attack speed slow. Basically, combining this with a BOTRK means no one is escaping from your grasp. And you can duel about anyone.
Situational Items
This should be your main Magic Resist item. You can pick up a Spirit Visage but I believe that a Banshee's Veil is better in most situations.
This in combination with Feral flare and everything else give you a good amount of damage and a movement speed buff. It can be a good pick up, but having too much AD can be a problem with Eve. I believe having a tankier item would be better by this point. Nevertheless, can be good on eve if you need to carry hard.
People take this item for granted. It grants more health than a Randuin's Omen and grants a good amount of AD, a little more than a The Brutalizer. This item also slows Movement Speed with autoattacks. This item is an AD version of Rylai's Crystal Scepter and I think it's a great pickup.
Tons of damage. If you need to carry like, super hard, take this item and tell your team to hop on your back.

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Normally, I would start at blue buff, to wolves, wraiths, Red buff, then double golems. By now, Wraiths would be back up, and now is to make your decisions to sneak in to gank a lane, or got to wraiths and keep farming until you see a good opportunity to gank and help your team.
Depending on if you're grabbing a Feral Flare or a Spirit of the Elder Lizard is going to depict how you play.
Feral Flare= Farm your jungle when possible, play a little more passive, but still gank. Grab your wraiths or wight or wolves whenever you can.
Spirit of the Elder Lizard= Focus on helping your team, camping lanes, or taking objectives. Farm jungle when not doing any of these three.

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Difficulty: Hard
You're stealthed for most of the game, and this guy is ****ing blind. But he can still see you. To win this, make sure to use your W AFTER he slows you with Cripple. He offers great dueling and a good engage for his team. He can counter jungle you, and be scared of him. If you can get ahead of him early, you can possibly outscale him and win the jungle.
Difficulty: Really Hard
The bug is getting popular, and for good reason. He's a great example of a carry jungler and it's really hard to win this because of that. Like I said, Eve is weak to bursty, high damage junglers, such as Kha'Zix. If it's possible to set him behind and farm the jungles to outscale him with your Feral Flare, then you can win.
Difficulty: Hard
MAH BOI. If you read my guide on Wukong, you know how devastatingly powerful he is, both in Top lane and Jungle. He provides great dueling potential, high damage, high damage ratios, and one of the greatest teamfight abilities in the game, Cyclone. He is a weak early game champion, and you have more consistent damage early. Take advantage of that, or he's going to carry. However, it's possible to outscale with a Feral Flare.
Difficulty: Really Hard
Feral Flare brought the attentions of many champions such as Xin Zhao or Nocturne, however, there was one perticular champion that rose to the top of the leaderboards. Yup.
Mister Yi. Once he fully gets his Feral Flare, the game is done. He becomes so strong, it's almost impossible to win unless he isn't already fed and you focus him. He has consistent and very high damage. He can carry any team late game. be afraid.
Difficulty: Moderately Hard
If our little Spider Queen locks you up with a Cocoon, you're done. Basically, you guys are on par, except she can get tankier, do more damage, and has CC. What you have over her is consistent damage. Take advantage of that and outscale her.
Difficulty: Moderate
The king of sustain. He can duel you and win, and he's going to farm feral flare most likely. If you play smart, you can win this easy. Dodge his Dark Flight and try to peel him off carries in teamfights. Try to take advantage around mid game.
Difficulty: Moderate
This is all about who gets ahead first. Whoever grabs the first few kills does a little better. But once again, due to Feral Flare, you outscale him. He can lock you up and delete you if he's even a little more fed than you, and he has his team to back him up. But due to recent nerfs, you should be able to win against him.

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This way of playing Evelynn basically consists of farming, becoming tanky, and do tons of damage by autoattacking and using your Hate Spikes. Doing this allows you to soak up damage from your team and still take out their carries. She offers consistent damage and is a great pickup for any team. She is one of my favorite junglers and I hope you understand my way of playing her, and have fun with the way you destroy everyone :)