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Ezreal Build Guide by Drakkiron

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkiron

It's All Skill! (ADC/Mid) {Matchups}

Drakkiron Last updated on December 8, 2016
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Ezreal is a champion who is often overlooked or seen as weak or annoying, which some may agree that he is. But a more clarified look at him and those who play him, one may say that he's just a very mobile AD Carry. Now, in Season 6, a new meta of marksmen has arisen. The builds I have created are the current meta builds that Ezreal players will play.

Who am I?

Now, I'm going to show you the ups and downs of playing Ezreal.

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Pros and Cons

- The most versatile Marksman
- Many ways to build
- Has strong poke with Mystic Shot
- Great burst as a Mid or Marksman
- Easiest to reposition with
- Arguably the most rewarding ADC/Mid when mastered.
- Fun as hell
- You belong in a museum!
- All Skillshots
- Squishy
- High skillcap
- Hard to master
- Hard to catch up when behind
- Getting caught without Arcane Shift normally means death
- Mistaken for a lady

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best Summoner Spell for Ezreal, no questions asked. While providing a great escape/gapclosing tool along with your Arcane Shift. Grab it always.

Taking Heal as a Marksman is a necessity. While it offers a great way to simply restore you and your partner's health and potentially saving them, it also offers movement speed to outrun an enemy or even catch up to an enemy. There's no reason you shouldn't take this as a Marksman.

Grabbing barrier means one of two things: 1. You hate summoner spell heal and want to live in season 3 again or 2. You're playing mid against a bursty assassin. Barrier is one of the go-to's as a mid lane Ezreal, as you don't do too much damage early and want to focus on farming and not dying.

Another go-to on AP Ezreal Mid. Exhaust might honestly be better than barrier in most cases with the decreased damage and movement speed. This allows you to not die and hit your skillshots better. Recommended to pick this up in most matchups.

The last really viable spell on Ezreal Mid. Allows for better kill pressure early and has the potential of getting you fed. However, early game Ezreal is only good if you poke them down and proc Thunderlords. Ignite can secure you a kill.

SivHD made this popular with AP Ezreal. Offers nothing in lane, but hell, if you're good at aiming your Trueshot Barrage, go for it.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Very basic rune page, nothing much to it. Make edits to your desires (lifesteal quints, cdr, etc)

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Thunderlord's Decree vs. Fervor of Battle , which is better?

At the moment, Fervor of Battle provides a lot more damage than Thunderlords. Especially in sustained fights where all your abilities proc Fervor as a low cooldown poke champion. A fast ulti, some mystic shots, maybe an essence flux ina mid game teamfight, say around level 13, all of your autoattack and Q damage is buffed by a good extra 50 ish damage. The longer the fight, the better.

Thunderlord's Decree ? 20 damage early with a 3 proc and 100+ damage late game with a 15 second cooldown, where as at level 18 [Fervor of Battle] can reach to a maximum of 112 damage PER AUTO AND MYSTIC SHOT with 8 stacks of Fervor up.

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Rising Spell Force : Passive. This is your attack speed steroid. Each enemy hit with one of your abilities grants you a stack of attack speed up to 5. This wears out over time, however, refreshes if Ezreal lands an ability before the time is up. You generally want to stack this where attack speed is necessary; before fights, pushing towers, etc.

Mystic Shot : Q. Your main and most used ability will be your Mystic Shot. You shoot a bolt from your gauntlet that does physical damage and procs any on-hit effects. This is where most of your damage comes from. Combine with Trinity Force, your Mystic Shot hits like a truck. And, it's always good to check bushes with instead of your face. Use this to poke and fight.

Essence Flux : W. This ability shoots a wave of energy which may only hit champions. Landing this on an enemy champion will do damage which stacks off of Ability Power. Hitting an ally champion will grant them increased attack speed, and will also proc your Rising Spell Force. As an AP Mid, this is your main damage output, and is generally what you want to max first. As a Marksman, the only use you can really do with it is really mediocre. You may Arcane Shift or Flash in to your Essence Flux to hit yourself with it, and grant yourself more increased attack speed. But, it generally isn't worth the mana.

Arcane Shift : E. Arcane Shift is your most important ability. Ezreal teleports to a nearby location and shoots the closest enemy with a homing missile. This is basically your second flash, and in all cases do you want to max this second. Arcane Shift is one of the best abilities in the game for basically being a second flash, and as an AP Mid laner, this also does quite a large amount of damage. This doesn't mean Arcane Shift in to every fight you get in to, no, that's suicide. Always save it until you need it. This is what determines a GOOD Ezreal from a BAD Ezreal.

Trueshot Barrage : R. This is your ultimate; a global nuke. You can use your ultimate to teamfight, snipe enemies, clear waves, or combine with with your combo to assassinate enemies. This ability procs your Rising Spell Force, so using it before a fight to get your passive stacks is recommended. Another good tool for your ult is stealing objectives such as Dragon and Baron Nashor . Don't be afraid to use it, as it's on a relatively low cooldown.

Sequence for Marksman
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Sequence for AP Mid
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Now I'm going to talk about the many items you may buy on Ezreal, starting with the most important item of all. (NOTE, I know something is wrong with this section, but I can not figure out what it is. Sorry.)

Tons of Damage! The great Trinity Force is Ezreal's main item for most marksman builds. It offers him decent damage and all around good stats, but most importantly, greatly increased damage on his Mystic Shot. The Phage built in to trinity Force grants Ezreal increased movement speed when damage is applied, which means kiting is made even easier, not to mention the decent amount of AD and some health added. And, of course, the Zeal is the least important in the TriForce, but it certainly is great to have.

Blade of the Ruined King is a great item on Ezreal, but it is argued that Essence Reaver may now be a better item. Let me tell you, they are both good.
Blade of the Ruined King gives about 25 damage and a huge increase on attack speed, as well as lifesteal with an active that steals movements speed and health from a target. This makes it a great kiting ability. This item also has a passive which does percent physical damage each auto-attack. This passive can proc off of your Mystic Shot as well. This item is more for attack speed oriented Ezreal players. Fits in to all Marksman Ezreal builds, however.

What many people believe to be the most core item on every AD Carry, Last Whisper grants 40 attack damage, and your physical damage cuts through 30% of enemy armor. This item allows you to shred tanks and bypass most armor an enemy player has obtained. You will see a noticeable amount of gained damage. For Ezreal, this item is core. You will need it in every AD Carry build to do the maximum damage to the enemy team.

Infinity Edge is the go-to core item for most AD Carries at the moment, and it isn't half bad on Ezreal. It is more for auto-attack oriented Ezreal players so you may get as many critical auto-attacks as possible, so AD Caster/Blue Ezreal can't make as much use of it as the AD Carry build. It is a great item to pick up either way.

A new core pick-up in 5.22 for the Machine Gun build, Essence Reaver is the item that allows you to obtain 45% CDR in the most effective way possible. With this item along with Trinity Force, you are allowed to rapidly fire abilities and get mana from critical strikes from basic attacks.

Manamune is the core item for Blue Ezreal. It offers decent damage when stacked with more mana and once it is fully charged, Muramana is created. Use the Muramana toggle when in any fights against enemy champions, but remember once that's done, turn it back off, as it wastes a ton of mana.

Guardian Angel is the most used defensive item for AD Carries, as it offers a second chance at life after death. With Ezreal, dying in a fight with GA is generally not a problem because as soon as you revive, oyu can Arcane Shift away, as long as you aren't CC'd. The armor and magic resist stats it gives are also nice.

Another defensive item. This would be better than Guardian Angel in the case of of a deadly CC ability or an ability that could otherwise catch you out, for example: Death Sentence, Rocket Grab, or Dark Binding. Heavy AP abilities are also a reason to pick this up; Javelin Toss, Summon: Tibbers, or Chum the Waters for examples.

Another Blue Ezreal item. It offers mana, a Sheen proc with an additional slow, armor, and cooldown reduction. Some argue over whether this is a better item than Trinity Force for the Blue build, and i'll say this right now, Iceborn Gauntlet offers more utility and better uses for a Blue Ezreal, but not as much damage. Choose wisely.

The new Black Cleaver is actually a good item on Ezreal. With a whopping 20% cooldown and fantastic armor pen to go with it, he absolutely destroys tanks with this item right now. The 40 damage and 400 health add to both his damage and his defense. This is a great pickup any time after your last whisper.


The attack speed oriented Ezreal boots. The argument of which boots are better for him rages on today. Berserker's Greaves grant good attack speed for a decent price. Pick this up for Trinity Carry build.

Changed to give 15% cooldown reduction to fit in with most builds and the Sorcery Mastery. These boots are better on Trinity Caster Ezreal or Blue Ezreal, so pick them up!

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Pictures/Videos (More to be added)

Here is the original Championship Spotlight, however, it is 3 years old. Watch for the tips, don't mind the runes/masteries/build, as they are all outdated.


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Ezreal, a truly underrated AD Carry and even more as a Mid laner. I hope you all have seen the power of Ezreal and his capabilities. This guide was designed to help you, and I want to see the arcane power fluctuating over the rift. Thank you for reading my guide on the Prodigal Explorer, Ezreal.

I will be adding more to this guide when I can, because it does feel a bit lacking for a full on Ezreal guide. So I will look to improve it.

If you would like to read my other guide, click here.