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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Moardace

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moardace

Moardace's Guide: So you want to be a Mordekaiser

Moardace Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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22/06/2011 - Changed the build once more, due to spell vamp nerf. Got rid of wills. It is still viable, but an ignite on morde would pretty much cancel out any healing from wills. Also added a 4th build that is 4 Competitive play only. do not try this in solo que.

20/06/2011 - Changed the Core Build to just Lichbane and Rabandans. And put in a more detailed explanation of items and when to get them.

20/06/2011 - After watching Team Xan vs Solo Mid, watching there morde, I have devised a 2nd similar build that is focused on being with a ranked team (where you know CC is not your job and can count on mia's gank, etc.)

18/06/2011 - Completely Revamped the whole build. I think this is the best morde build to date. I've also scrapped the 2 other builds, since in competitive play heavy ad/ap teams are rare and are usually balanced, if you do face one, I have faith in your common sense to adjust accordingly.

16/06/2011 - Since you guys have been *****ing/complaining about warmogs I have switched it out for FM, and Randuins in the first 2 builds. The builds still follow same pattern (balance team/AD heavy Team/AP heavy Team) The last build has warmogs, In order to get threw to their squishy ap nukes, you need the health. Or you will get blasted away.

15/06/2011 - Realised that since mordes shield is strongest mid game, better to build a counter to your lane then build health. Then into warmogs

15/06/2011 - Decided since CC is mordes biggest weakness, I would replace abyssmal septer with Veil (this increase's his effective health by 600, giving him a shield from cc as well.)

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Q: Mordes AP ratios SUCK!!! Why would you build him AP!!!

A: Well, his AP ratios are not the best (0.4, 0.2, 0.6) however you need to keep in mind, these are all AOE spells, on very low cooldown. If these ratios were higher he would be unstoppable. If you try AP builds you will notice a increase in damage and see the Difference

Q: Morde is a tank....and due to his shield you shouldn't get health items its a waste!!

A: No, Morde is a bruiser/AP caster/ DPS soak. He has 0 Abilities to keep someone alive. I would not advise stacking health on morde, anything above 3500 is just silly. I like to have it hover 3000. Why? Because you need to be in melee range to do damage. You need that health to not get blasted away from the enemy teams carry s. You need both Armor/MR and Health.

Q: Why should I choose your build?

A: Because if you want to be an effective off tank. You have to be a threat, you have to deal damage and make the enemy team focus you. Other morde builds can simply be ignored. This one can not, because if they do, you will rip threw them.

Q: How big is your ****?

A: bigger than yours, queer.

Q: Lich bane has mana...why would you get that?

A: Yes the mana it useless, the MR, Movement speed, ap, are not useless. Also the effect it gives, turns your Q Into a nuke. dealing 1k+ damage every 3 secs....wowzer..

Q: Why do you have no health regen!! FAIL!!!!!

A: The only reason you would need health regen is from abilities costing health. This is only a factor early game. Since when you have 2000 or more HP the damage of his abilities is not noticeable. But early game you can hurt your self from spamming abilities...whats the cure? Don't spam ****ing abilities. lol

Q: Spell Vamp on Morde?????

A: Hell yah, spell vamp on morde. I wouldn't choose this build if your facing a heavy Stun team. But if the team has only 1 or 2 stuns I think it rocks. Try it out, you'll see.

Q: Your core build is Just 2 Item?? ....FAIL!!

A: Yes, Rabandans and Lich bane turn morde into a serious dps threat. Thats it, you justt need those 2 items. However, DO NOT RUSH THESE ITEMS!!! I build situational items first and save the core build till later game.

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This Build Requires More Skill To Play Then Straight Tank Morde! Does not mean It's worse

First let me ask everyone....Is morde a tank?? ....the only real anwser is....Not Really...

Let me explain, Morde by definition is a bruiser, so in other words he is a AP melee caster/Dps Soak. He has 0 abilities to help team mates survive (forget about his w....thats not going to help.)

However if you want to play him as a tank, the only way is this build.. Why? because if the enemy team does not focus you, they will die. Any pure tank build can be ignored. Even the tank/AP builds can be ignored....Not this one...

Now instantly you become a tank...why? because you have aggro!!!! The enemy team looks at who is killing them and says...holy ****, morde has to die. Therefore by the time you are dead....your team has succesfully destroyed them, if you even die at all.

Why is this build different....the answer is Lich Bane!!! this goes so well with his Q ( Mace of Spades), it stacks. since their both on next hit effects....End game you will do 1k or more damage every 2-3 secs with just one spell......holy ****...yah the enemy team better focus your *** or their dead.

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Pros / Cons

(You know you should be feared, when you have a spike to literally Rape people with)

These are the pro/cons to this build


-******ed Burst/Sustained seriously...
-Still hard as **** to take down
-The enemy team has to focus you, making you a real tank.
-Very Good Movement on field, (movement with Ghost and Flash)

-You have a Great deal of optional items to best suit your opposing team( do they have cc? do we have cc? Whats their burst like? Etc.


-Not as Tough as straight Tank builds
- ....can't think of anything

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4 Sample Builds

The builds at the top are sample builds, you can mix and match your own with the optional items, based on the team comp you have, and are facing. (this will get better with time)

The First Build is the one most Used, and my Favourite

The First one Is for a well balanced team, and it's the build I normally strive for. Since most GOOD teams are well balanced.

The Second one Is for Heavy AD Teams, you get these in solo que {tyrn, yi, cait, and Gp all on one team}

The Third Build Is for Heavy AP Teams, you get these in solo que, and sometimes in competitive play [Malz, Lux, Karthus, and Brand all on one team.)

The Forth Build is for Ranked play, and should not be try'd in solo que.

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Core Build/Optional Items

The core build consists of:

1: Boots (I recommend Mercury's Treads, but Sorcerer's Shoes, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity are also Viable)
2: Rabadon's Deathcap (The pure AP it gives is just too good)
3: Lich Bane (I usually GG it at this point)

So You have to base your options


For Heavy AD/AA Teams:

Randuin's Omen - Great if your team has little CC, or your are the main tank.
Thornmail - Watch Yi kill himself lol, too funny
Frozen Heart - Great Armor, and the CDR is great as well

For Heavy CC/AP Teams:
Banshee's Veil - Heavy CC team? Build this, makes it harder to iniate on you
Force of Nature - Just raw MR, the health regen is nice as well
Abyssal Mask - Great item, Good MR and helps your DPS
Quicksilver Sash - Great item, Good Mr and gets rid of ALL debufss (ww's ult, malz ult, vlads ult, ignite, you name it)

Viable Options for Morde

Frozen Mallet- (Health, And CC, also gives 20 ad which helps Q slightly)
Rylai's Crystal Scepter -(Health, More CC, gives AP)
Hextech Gunblade- Another great item on morde, I think this is good if your team does not benefit from spell vamp, otherwise Wills is better
Warmog's Armor- If the enemy Team has been fed, or they have alot of burst/cc. Your going to need this item.

My Favorite Items on Morde

Will of the Ancients -Great item, I choose this over hextech because its helps the whole team. Also if you get paired with a vlad/brand or anyone who uses spell vamp, the auras stack if you each build one (110ap, and 40% spell vamp for 2100 gold).

Guardian Angel -Armor and MR is nice, and a Free get out of jail free card. Late game you will be so hard to kill. Once you do go down, you revive. Also many many times, I will save my summoner spells for when I go down, when I revive I flash/ghost and get away, too funny.

Aegis of the Legion - More Armor and More MR with some health. Helps whole team, also pretty cheap. If you have a support or Tank on your team, they may also build one, the auras stack. giving roughly the same Mitigation as Gaurdian Angel.

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Which Items Do I Pick!!!

You have to Evaluate YOUR TEAM and the ENEMY TEAM

If your game matches one of the criteria (it will probably match 1 or 2 of them.) Build one or 2 of the items listed, not all of them.

If they are heavy on CC {Especially Stuns}...

Build: Mercury's Treads, Banshee's Veil, Quicksilver Sash

If they are Heavy True Damage Teams {Ie Vayne etc.)

Build: Will of the Ancients, Frozen Mallet, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Warmog's Armor

If Your team is low On CC....

Build: Frozen Mallet, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Hextech Gunblade, Randuin's Omen

If Your team has alot of AP Champions (Especially Vlad/Brand)..

Build: Will of the Ancients

If your enemy team has alot of crit happy Champs (Ie Tyrn)..

Build: Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen

If your team has a bunch of squishys on it..

Build: Will of the Ancients, Aegis of the Legion

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Summoner Spells

I know people are going to vote bad on this build just because I don't have Ignite.

I have played with Ignite and Ghost for many many games with morde...then I realised....wait..what does Ignite do.....well it goes with my ult really well so they don't just run off....the dots will kill them. many times has a dam kat, or corki got away with 20hp...? exactly.

think about Siphon of Destruction does more damage then Ignite...also has about the same range.
so..if they are going to run off with no health. Flash/ Siphon of Destruction boom there dead, I win.


oh dam their trying to gank me or I need to run. Flash/ Ghost cya.

Try it, takes a little adjusting but its soooo much better.

If your stubborn or Disagree, still use my build, just replace one with ignite.

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These are all Built towards Late Game Mitigation Stats I HIGHLY recommend using this runes when using this build.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Defense
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

movement speed is so CRUCIAL!!!! whats morde weakness? LACK OF CC!!!

You don't need CC nearly as much if you run faster then everyone.

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What Tree is best for Mr. Mordekaiser?

Utility This is simply the best for 90% of the morde builds out there, including this one.

Defence is also semi-viable

Of course you put enough into Offence to grab MPEN

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Quick Tips

-Try to position yourself to hit minions and champions in early laning when harassing.

-If they have no jungle/roamer just push the lane right up to their tower, why not? less gold for them (you can also zone out, but that requires more skill. But is much better since you deny xp and gold)

-If they do have a jungle/roamer buy ****ing sight christ seriously do it. With Flash and Ghost, you are dam near impossible to gank.

-early game don't be scared to buy a few health pots.

-Save your ult, wait till a enemy is almost dead, then pop it. Or use it on a tank to save your *** if your team is running.

-Grab a solo lane, even a 2v1 lane if you have a jungle.

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Skill Sequence


since by the time you have lich bane you should almost have ether Q or W level 3 or 4 it doesn't matter. I prefer Q because of the raw damage. W is good too, gives you range and more utility.

so... Mace of Spades Q? or Creeping Death W?

Mace of Spades for better early and mid game damage to champions which means more potential kills

Creeping Death for more utility, range, defense.

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A Game In A Nutshell

1:Start with Doran's Shield, or with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion.

2:Grab A Solo lane, if possible.

3:Try to stay in lane as long as possible, when you come back upgrade boots, grab a Health Potion if you want.

4:Farm your lane more, gank Mid if its open and if you have your lane pushed back. When you go back, buy a counter to your lane (MR or ARMOR if you have enough start working towards one of the builds up top (I suggest Gaurdian Angel Next)

5: More of same, when you go back starting working towards Aegis of the Legion or one of the situational Items listed..

By now laning should almost be over. Just play the game effectively and work towards one of the builds up top, or your own custom one based on my situational items (once you get comfortable with morde)

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Am I Legit?

You tell me...

(keep in mind, all of my ranked games are from 5v5 solo ranked....we all know the idiots we get for team mates in there..)

I know I know, your thinking

OMG You only have a little over 100 ranked wins!!! Amount of games does not necessarly show skill. You can have really bad players that have played 1000+ games.

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Words are Cheap...Your Right...So Watch and Learn

Laning From Levels 1-7

This is the same game from the above video, nothing special just a random 5v5 unranked. My team mates were quite bad, except anivia.
(Notice how once I get Lich Bane I GG it...I would of got MF in 2 shots too lol you'll see)

Now yes, I was facing scrubs. I made mistakes, I didn't last hit or zone out (hard to zone out vayne...I didn't want to last hit and take damage) Just showing how just having rabadans and lich bane turns you into a NIGHTMARE...

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Please try this build a few times before you vote badly of it. Just remember, your still pretty tough, but not as much as a straight tank build Play smart, don't feed. Get kills, and enjoy.