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Sona Build Guide by PhoenixianSlayer

Support Money, Power, Elo: Sona Support

By PhoenixianSlayer | Updated on June 26, 2019

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Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Emergency Response
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Money, Power, Elo: Sona Support

By PhoenixianSlayer
Yo, PhoenixianSlayer here with another support guide. While I normally do more off-meta picks or builds, I decided to do a guide on my current favorite Sona build. Also, congrats on finding this guide out of the many guides (most duplicative) for Sona on this site.

What makes this build different than other builds is the Kleptomancy keystone. I prefer it because it helps Sona bring late game early by buying items way quicker than other supports or laners. You can protect everyone better with the extra items instead of just one person with other builds. Also, this build gives much more sustain with potions and free wards. Kleptomancy just makes all your supporting tasks much easier.
Has good sustain throughout the game
Can make a carry almost invincible
A safe pick in teamfight
A professional at harassment
Good at helping a team disengage or chase
Can dodge enemy spells very easily
Has a limited range of effective attack
Is vulnerable to most people with a dash
Can't 1v1 early
High mana consumption throughout the game
Invisible Junglers can usually get close to you and take you
.... out almost instantly

Sona is a powerful support because she has both damage and healing. With Sona, you don't have to choose between damage and heals because her heal and damage both scale with AP. In addition, her spells are targeted, so all her damage (both aura empowered autos and her q) will always hit whether they dodge or not. She also has heals that are targeted so they will hit. Finally, she has AOE speed boosts, shielding, and auto attack empowerment. However, she is squishy because she is a mage. In team fights or against assassins, being targeted can mean instant death. Sona on her own is not a threat until late-game. However, she can escape if she survives the initial burst. What Sona lacks in own impact she has in team buffing and team fight extending. She can take an unfavorable teamfight and extend it until they can win.

Passive: Power Chord
Power Chord has two different effects. Her basic abilities give her auras that give her allies buffs. Her Q gives enhances the next auto. Her W gives a shield. Her E gives Movement Speed. In addition, after 3 abilities her next auto has an additional effect plus extra damage. Her Q increases the damage even more. Her W decreases the target champ's damage. Her E slows the enemy champ.

First: Hymn of Valor
The spell hits up to 2 enemies with tracking bolts of magic. It prioritizes champs.

Second: Aria of Perseverance
Heals the lowest health ally in range.

Third: Song of Celerity
Gives her Movement Speed and for a flat time and is extended up to double the amount if she doesn't take damage.

Ultimate: Crescendo
A wide skillshot is fired out in a target direction stunning everyone hit by it.


Row 1: Kleptomancy
Kleptomancy gives you 5 gold for the first two basic attacks landed on a champion after an ability. The reason I prefer this keystone is because it gives you additional gold for what you would be normally doing on this champ. Sona only has one damaging spell, so she is required to auto to efficiently stack Frostfang. This just makes the poke more economically efficient. The extra gold turns into items which turn into AP which then turns into damage and damage reduction that is lost by not using Summon Aery (which is what everyone else is using). The 10 gold per engage might not sound like much, but you can easily get 600-800 gold throughout the match due to amble opportunity since your job is to poke them as much as possible. Due note that if you auto a minion, which you shouldn't be doing too much, you lose the 5 gold for autoing a champ. For example, if you auto champ -> minion -> champ, you only get five gold since the second auto was on a minion.

Row 2: Magical Footwear/Perfect Timing
Magical Footwear gives you free boots at 12 mins and you get them 45 secs earlier for each takedown you accumulate before they are distributed. The boots are a free 300 gold and if you play safe, there should be no need for them during the 12 mins you need to wait for them. They also give you a bonus 10 MS. Perfect Timing gives you a Stopwatch at 10 mins. This should only be needed if you have a Fizz or other quickly snowballing burst champ. I would only use this rune for a Fizz specifically due to his skill that gives his invincibility (even from towers!) AND gives him mobility. The majority of the other burst assassins can be dealt with through skill (except a late-game Veigar that is FED).

Row 3: Biscuit Delivery
Considering the frequency of spell use and the lack of Manaflow Band, Biscuit Delivery is necessary. Biscuit Delivery gives you a biscuit that restores 15% mana and health every 3 mins for the first 12 mins of the game. This gives you lots of sustain in lane allowing for more aggressive play in the early stages since you can heal up any damage you take and add regain mana. You probably will use only 2 in laning phase, but the other two are good gold or helpful later in the game (determined by how much you need the inventory space).

Row 4: Cosmic Insight
To be frank, this is the only good rune in this row. This rune gives 5% CDR on everything. Really nice for the Active Items and Summoner Spells that you will be using a lot. Its also nice that it decreases ability cooldowns, even if its a small decrease. However, it does allow for 45% CDR which is unique to this rune.


Row 1: Revitalize
Since one of Sona's most important roles is healing allies, it makes sense to have Revitalize. It increases heals and shields by 5% and doubles the bonus on people that are below 40% health. The bonus is really good mid to late game when you have massive heals due to your massive AP and maxed W.

Row 2: Conditioning/Bone Plating
Conditioning and Bone Plating are both good options to add some tankiness to squishy Sona. Conditioning adds a small amount of armor and magic resist with an additional 5% added on. Bone Plating decreases damage by 30-60 for the next 3 instances of damage after taking damage for 1.5 secs. At face value, the Bone Plating seems more appealing. However, this rune can be baited out with poke. I would take Bone Plating against an all-in support ( Thresh/ Nautilus) and Conditioning against a poke support ( Lux/ Morgana). Bone Plating will soak about 100 damage to make it easier to survive an all-in while Conditioning will decrease the poke you take making it easier to heal it back up with your Aria of Perseverance.

Spellthief's Edge
While Sona has less attack spells than most champs taking this item, her attack spells are high ranged making it easy to poke. In addition, she has a good auto attack range. She can easily stack a Frostfang in 7-8 mins. Any other items is a less reliable income source that can't be proc'd as frequently as Frostfang.

Archangel's Staff
Since Sona is a late game champ with heals, she has no qualms with stack items like Archangel's Staff. It guarantees that you will never run out of mana with the cost refund and the massive mana pool. In addition, it adds a lot of AP and a shield based on current mana when its finished( Seraph's Embrace). It gives you both massive offense and massive defense. Its a really good core item.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Most people avoid Mejai's Soulstealer due to the instability of the AP you get from it. Being careless can cost you 50AP. The nice thing about Sona is that she is super safe and should rarely ever die. With this build, you have heals ( Aria of Perseverance, shields ( Aria of Perseverance and Seraph's Embrace), MS boosts ( Mobility Boots and Song of Celerity, and slows ( Twin Shadows). In addition, if you do die, getting stacks is easy with your auras. Since it gives you a Rabadon's Deathcap's worth of AP and 10% MS consistently for 1400 gold, there is no reason to use this in a game that you aren't hard losing.

Boots of Mobility
Standard issue boots for support. Allows for easy engage and disengage. In addition, since you are way faster than most champs, you are pretty safe from most people killing you. The one catch is that you lose a lot of speed when entering combat, so you have to stall until you can get the boots to kick back in when disengaging.

Ardent Censer
This item boosts your healing and shielding through two method, raw AP and healing/shielding boosting. This item also gives extra attack speed to champs that are shielded. This item is good in comps with lots of AD bruisers/marksmen.

Athene's Unholy Grail
This item increases your healing by the amount of damage you dealt before healing or shielding someone. It can add up to 250 extra healing to a Aria of Perseverance target or to another target who is in your aura but not the lowest person (since the aura range is smaller than your Aria of Perseverance range). This is due to the aura not having a travel time while the Aria itself does.

Twin Shadows
This is one of my favorite items to build on AP Sona. It gives you a long range slow that is super easy to hit. It gives a good amount of AP and MS and can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensively to set up kills either by short range use or tracking with longe range use and defensively to escape or scout in preparation for objective taking. Simply put, Twin Shadows is a super versatile item that is super easy to use.

This item is vital in high-healing comps. Champs like Dr. Mundo or Soraka are a good enough reason to get this. Depending on the elo, this might need to be a third item. This is preferably 4th to give you the supportive edge that Ardent Censer or Athene's Unholy Grail provide, but in lower elos, no one really understands the importance of Greivous Wounds so you will need to prioritize it for them in those cases. This is unfortunate because Morellonomicon is the most expensive item that offers Greivous Wounds and the only item where its parts don't offer Greivous Wounds. Thornmail and Mortal Reminder offer much cheaper solutions in Bramble Vest or Executioner's Calling, so try and convince your allies to buy those items in between their core so you don't have to invest in this item early on since it just hurts your chances in the end compared to the other items you want to get.[/color]

Lich Bane
This item is best bought when you team is coming up short in team fights and has good engage. It will increase your DPS by a lot hopefully giving the closing damage to allow you to win teamfight.

This item functions similar to Lich Bane used to add a lot of damage into team fights. It lots of base damage, and gets a stack for every spell used near Sona. It can hold 100 stacks and when activated gives stacks equal to the item's base stacks times the percentage of how close you were to stacking the item (if you have 90 stacks, you get 90% of the item's stats as the bonus). Since Sona spams so many spells, its easy to stack, and while the burst of AP and MS lasts only 5 secs, it will increase your healing and spell damage massively for that time period. Its really handy when boosting a hard carry like a Darius or Jax.

Flash is great for securing kills or protecting yourself Super useful and a staple for most builds.

The idea of this build is to create constant pressure by always attacking the opponents. Teleport allows you to get back a lot faster to keep that pressure up. In mid and late game, This allows you to make plays to take towers unexpectedly or emergency support anywhere.

Exhaust makes it easier to kills opponents by adding a slow and damage reduction. While both Sona's kit and the build offer a slow, Sona needs her blue chord for peel early so that the kill can be achieved assuming they stick around. Exhaust can be used to simplify killing a carry, whether an ADC early on or the hard carry later. They will get slowed and their damage halved. Troublesome champs will be a lot less dangerous when they are under the effects of Exhaust.

Heal is Emergency health and speed for you and your ADC. At least one person should have Heal in the bottom lane, and since it gives you a way to help your ADC escape in the early game, you should always have it.

When playing Sona, you want to poke whenever you can/have a support item stack. Generally you want to go for Hymn of Valor into two auto attacks whenever possible. This will net you either 43 or 76 gold with max support item stacks. Do this safely though, you don't want to get all-in or seriously damaged. When healing or protecting your ADC after some poke, follow up with some autos kiting backward. However, only do this if you feel it is safe to do so. Kiting something like a Draven is a bad idea since his DPA (Damage Per Auto) is MUCH higher than yours. The same concept can be applied to a Song of Celerity proc, although you generally use this to escape in lane from something that can kill you, so you're a lot less likely to want to try to kite if you're trying to escape death.
Sona is champ that can dish damage and live to tell the tale. She is super strong right now and can be a real asset in a team fight with all her buffs and debuffs. She is an amazing support and great in almost any matchup.

"With perfect tempo."
Warding - Under Construction Back to Top
Working on a map for my next update :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author PhoenixianSlayer
PhoenixianSlayer Sona Guide

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Money, Power, Elo: Sona Support
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