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Alistar Build Guide by Spectralunicorn1

Moo-tastic support!

Moo-tastic support!

Updated on June 8, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spectralunicorn1 Build Guide By Spectralunicorn1 2,468 Views 0 Comments
2,468 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Spectralunicorn1 Alistar Build Guide By Spectralunicorn1 Updated on June 8, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Oh hai. It's me again. I love support, and love myself a tank support. Alistar by far is one of the best tank supports, and worthy of the 8/10 I give him.
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Alistar has a good basic armor stat, along with his resist. He needs the bonus armor from the runes. His magic resist isn't that important, so it can be switched out with even MORE armor!

Overall, the runes are really up to you! I'm fairly new to alistar, so you could most likely do better with runes. But I still know the basics.
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Alistar needs gold. He also needs to be tanky. So, by giving him the bonus gold on a minion death, and the mana regen, you'll give him the normal support treatment. You do need to be tanky, so gonig into the defensive tree will help in his crusade to tanking blows to the hooves!
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This build fits the normal tank supports, and alistar, is a tank support. Some items worth investing into are, Banner of Command, Thornmail, Frostborn Gauntlet, And a Mikael's crucible. These will give the basic tank stats, and some additional effects!

Now, lets talk about the Banner of Command.
This item is a good item, giving AP, Magic resist, and Health. It also allows a minion to become more powerful, and resistant to magic damage. This works extremely well for an alistar looking to split push, or just push in general. (Try to use it on the cannon minion!)

The Frostborn Gauntlet is also a very good item. It gives bonus damage to a basic attack after using an ability (125 base AD.) and gives and AoE slow and DoT damage.

A frozen mallet? This item for the pushing alistar is confusing yes, but still needs to be explained. It gives a slow with each basic attack ,gives AD, and health! This allows alistar to have the slow from the gauntlet, and the slow from this item! Alistar is lacking in CC. With just two moves, which offer cc, and an ultimate, great for teamfights.
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Alistar can pressure lanes very well. So teleport allows him to not only press a lane, but also allow him to get back to lane. Alistar can be great for the role as a roaming support. He (in my opinion) is a better roaming support than bard! The wondering caretaker! He has a bit more cc, tankiness, and a non-troll player base!
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Pros / Cons


-Crazy tanky.
-Underplayed champion! Which means less supports and adcs will know how to play against you!
-Great cycling!


-Weak early game.
-Mana thristy!
-Cannot provide milk. :(
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Team Work

Alistar can engage like no other support. He has the sustain to stay in battle, take no damage with his ultimate. His presence is undeniable, and he's just a menace to the enemy team during a teamfight. He can stun the whole team with his Q, and pick out their carry with his W. His E, although, isn't as useful as his other abilities.
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Unique Skills

Alistar has the ability to not only attract female cows, but also cooperate with his team like no other champion. His Q makes for a great gank intro, and his W is just a big "Nope" to their support, or to a flash. (And to a homosexual bull.)
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Him farming? That's crazy. The most farming he'll ever do will be eating the grass his owner plants for him.
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So uh, this is it. I loved typing this guide, and loving being on here! Honestly, I cannot wait to write my next guide.

Anyways, cya later!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spectralunicorn1
Spectralunicorn1 Alistar Guide
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Moo-tastic support!

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