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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathrave

Mordekaiser - Pain and Suffering, Tank/Ap

Deathrave Last updated on February 9, 2011
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Welcome to Deathrave's guide to a godly mordekaiser.
This guide will show you how to use Morde succesfully, aswell as show you what item's to use in a variety of situations.
There are many other Morde builds, and most likely some very similar. However i have seen alot of Morde's lately, and quite frankly im sick of seeing how alot of them play. So for all of you who are a bit confused, i hope this will help.
Enjoy ; )

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(This parts for newer players XD )
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
Disable = Abilities that impare you, slow, stun etc.
Hybrid = Combining defense with damage.
Iron man = Mordekaiser's passive ability,

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Pros / Cons of this build

Great for early/mid game ganking.
Amazing tank.
All in all an amazing champ.
Great for minion farming.

No disables, aswell as very vulnarable to them.
Low damage output late game.

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Runes, Masteries, and summoner skills.

Hybrid Build Runes (Also what is displayed as the main runes)
The runes chosen are great for how this build is composed. Considering it is a hybrid build. The magic pen and CD reduction work great for early/mid game ganking.
The dodge runes combine well with the masteries, and if they are purchased, which will be discussed further in the guide.
Pure tank build ruins
Change your Marks to
Keep the others the same.

Note** I keep the CD reduction to help you raise your iron man quicker.

Summoner Skills
On a 5s match i go with and ... Although if you are still getting used to morde and seem to die alot, get instead of .

In a 3s go with and or .

Note** goes great with


I prefer these masteries for maximum survivability along with some good damage.

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Items Tank/AP Build

1. I personally always start with a . I find it provides awsome survivability and will last you quite awhile. However, if you do not want the shield start working on your boots, grab along with three s.

2. I always get my boots right after getting doran's shield. I always go with . However if you are against a team with ALOT of disables, it wouldnt hurt to get .

3. This is where you will need to know the opposing teams line-up. Although i tend to focus on who i am specifaclly laning against. If you are laning against an AD and an AP champ, go with . The health regen helps ALOT considering all of Morde's abilities require a bit of health to use. If however you are against only AD champs, grab a , then get your .

4. Your next item will be or . Whichever item you did not get first you get second.

5. At this point in the game you will must judge whether or not you need to be a harder tank or want more dps. If you are wanting to tank harder, get your .

6. Your next item will be if you got Warmogs first. If you wanted the dps rather then defense. You will get this before Warmog's.

7. Finally, you will get your . Get then , tden finish it off. However in most games, it will not last long enough for you to get this item.

NOTE: Often times, Can be purchased instead of . However i prefer the thornmail.

Remember*** Sell that only after having gotten one other item besides boots. Try to sell it only if you need to make room, or if selling it will get you your next item.

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How To Play As Mordekaiser. More specifically, with this guide.

Early game (Typically 1-8)
Follow the skill sequence, its very important to the use of this build.

Minion Farming: Cast on yourself then immediately activate and wack the nearest minion. once their health has been damaged a bit finish em off with your most important skill early game,

Solo Laning -If you are soloing against a RANGED whether its a caster or AD champ. You are going to constantly cast
on the enemy and back away to avoid getting hit. Try and aim towards them while hitting as many minions as possible.

If you are soloing against a Melee, you are going to do basicly the same tactic, however also making sure if they seem to be approaching you, activate and give them a wack with that aswell.

Remember* Always try to hit as many minions as possible, keeping your Ironman shield up as much as possible.

Taking top or bottom? -Everyone's first question is always, hmm... who should i lane with? Well with mordekaiser you are safe to lane with virtually anyone. Although your best ally is a champ with a disable considering that is Mordekaiser's only real flaw IMO.

Your tactics in fighting these two other champs will be the same as you would if you were soloing as explained above. However, when you are trying to go for the gank with your ally, you are expected to rush in first, make sure you have a full iron man shield before doing so.

Midgame -
By level 9 your should be at max. Before the game progress's into mid/late game, this ability will do an amazing ammount of damage while giving you your shield, plus you can spam it pretty damn well! Utilize this ability. Always aim for large crowds. During mid game is when all the ganking begins. ALWAYS be there for the team fights, you are an excellent ally to have, do not let your champion go to waste.
Between team fights, assuming your team won, if your team was to badly damaged and most are going back to heal rather than take a tower, begin to run around farming as many minions as you can while you have the chance to get them without being harassed by the enemy, or even your own allies! ; )

NOTE***** Mordekaiser's ultimate is a very powerful ability. Now i have heard many mixed opinions on how it should be used. Generally, you will save it until an enemy chamion is going to die so you can get their ghost which will increase our damage out put by a landslide. And is an all around helpful ally. However,it emergency cases, do not hesitate to use it DEFENSIVELY. If you are close to death pop it on an enemy champ for a nice heal. Remember to stay in range to receive your heals though. Try to save it for kills. But it can come in handy.
NOTE********* Dont forget you can control your ghost by pressing alt+rightclick and he will attack or move where ever you want him/her too.

Late Game-
At this point, you are not putting out the highest amount of damage, however, if you farmed up enough and got yourself enough ganks, you will be an amazing ally to have. Morde is also a great champion to have tank turrets. If you want to back door, grab an AD champ to go with you, tank the turret, and hit any minions that come by with your siphon and throw your shield up.

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Items Pure Tankage (Build #2)

This build is assuming its an evenly spread out team in terms of AD and AP enemies.

1. Again you are going to get . I would not suggest getting anything but this right off the bat.

2. We all love our boots. Choosing our boots can be tricky. By default go with . However if there is an excessive ammount of disables, go ahead and get .

2. This is where it all once again, varies on who you are laning against, but i try to get first. If you are against two AD champions go with .

3. If you got next get . If you got next get .

4. Next comes

5. If you need more armor, get yourself a sexy if you need more magic resist go with a

6. Finally, your last item will always be .

Remember*** Sell that only after having gotten one other item besides boots. Try to sell it only if you need to make room, or if selling it will get you your next item.