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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nyoike

Mordekaiser, the Heavy Metal Slaughter-Tank

Nyoike Last updated on March 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 8

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Mordekaiser, The Master of Metal

"This whole... living thing is highly overrated."
~ Mordekaiser

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This guide will not hold your hand and tell you how to play Mordekaiser. It will give you the items/runes/masteries/etc. that I use and possibly give some helpful tips on his spells.

This build has not been thoroughly tested in 5v5's I mostly play Morde 3v3's, feed back will be helpful and I will try to play more 5v5's as Morde.

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Change Log

3/27/2011: Added another picture of an epic win and posted a link to a video of it
2/23/2011: Build published

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To Do List

  • Get together a section with helpful tips about the spells
  • Get a picture of all my Morde wins
  • Try this build out more in 5v5s

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 - Most of your damage is magic, why not remove some of the enemy's magic resist?
Greater Seal of Vitality x9 - More health is always welcome.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x9 - You're tanking, CDR is a nice addition, esp. since it helps keep your shield up.
Greater Quintessence of Health x3 - More health is always welcome.

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  • Cripple - Longer duration on Exhaust and also makes it reduce their armor and magic resist
  • Resistance - More Magic Resist, always nice to have
  • Hardiness - More Armor, always nice to have
  • Evasion - More Dodge chance, always nice to have
  • Defensive Mastery - Reduced damage from minions = easier farming early game
  • Nimbleness - Extra movement speed on a dodge, always very nice
  • Harden Skin - 2 reduced physical damage, very handy
  • Veteran's Scars - Extra health, always welcome
  • Tenacity - 4% reduced damage from all sources, extremely helpful

  • Perseverence - increased health regen, very nice esp. after Force of Nature
  • Haste - Increased duration of Ghost and move even faster, very nice
  • Awareness - Increased experience, awesome sauce

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Starting Item

I personally chose to always start with a Regrowth Pendant. The health regen. it provides will allow you to stay in lane longer and also keep you from completely killing yourself from using your abilities. I choose this over Doran's Shield because this provides more health regen. and it builds into Force of Nature.

Core Items

Sunfire Cape Force of Nature
Your most powerful item, and the first item you are going to get is your Sunfire Cape. Yes, you already do a lot of AoE damage, but this makes it so much easier to farm minions and also causes quite a bit of damage to enemies during team fights.

After you get your Sunfire Cape, you will want to pick up boots. You are a giant in a metal suit, I have 3 words for you, "You...are...slow". If the there is any AD enemies at all, you will want Ninja Tabi. However, if the entire enemy team is magic damage, get Mercury's Treads.

Once you have your boots you want to get your Force of Nature, it gives you quite a bit more health regen. and also increases your movement speed, making you more mobile.

Situational Items

Depending on the game, your team, and the enemy's team, the other items you will want are completely situational.

If the enemy is:

*Note that if there is 1 heavy AD champion on the enemy's team ( Tryndamere for example, you will want to take Thornmail, I tend to get it most games.)*

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Skill Sequence

You always are going to want to be able to get your shield up as fast as you can, in other words Siphon of Destruction is your priority for getting maxed first. Then, since you are tanking, you will want to get Creeping Death up second since it increases your magic resist and armor, plus does AoE damage.


What to get and when:

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ghost are the summoner spells I always go with.

Other possibilities:

  • Clairvoyance Nice for preventing ganks and checking neutral monster camps, but not the best choice for Morde.
  • Cleanse Remove all stuns/snares/slow/etc. and reduce future ones? Hot dog! Just not my personal preference when I play Morde.
  • Flash Not the best summoner spell for Morde, but not really horrible for him. Not any where near the top of my list to take.
  • Heal An extra heal is always nice. I choose to not take it mostly because it is a fairly long cool down and I find more use out of others.
  • Ignite Complements your Ult very, VERY nicely. I don't take this mostly because I'd rather slow them and be able to pop one more spell and guarentee my kill instead of trusting it to Ignite. (too many times where the enemy has like 5 HP left have happened to me)

What not to take:

  • Clarity No mana to fill back up, why would you ever take this?
  • Fortify You want to kill the enemies turrets, not turn yours invincible.
  • Rally Maybe if you had the mastery for it, but you don't and even then it wouldn't be the best.
  • Revive Why plan on dying?
  • Smite You're tanking, not jungling.
  • Teleport You don't need to get back to your lane THAT fast, plus you should barely even need to leave it in the first place.

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In conclusion, Morde is a very nice tank, esp. when there are enemy minions around for you to keep your shield up on. You can also do quite a number on the enemy, even though you are tanking.

A little proof of how well this build works when you know how to play Morde:Yi with a score of 3/14/3, Karth with a score of 8/8/4, and me with a score of 3/4/9, against an extremely fed Fid, and I somehow managed to carry us to victory.

Since some people don't like the fact that I won a game after our Yi totally fed, here is more proof:If you want to see this game in action click here.

I went 19/0/7 using this exact build:

It worked so well that the enemy Teemo kept saying that I was hacking and that he was an Admin and was going to ban me.

Enjoy playing as The Heavy Metal Slaughter-Tank!