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League of Legends Build Guide Author peluconus01

Mordekaiser, the heavy tank

peluconus01 Last updated on April 29, 2011
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First of all, I want to say that I'm spanish, so my english may be a little bad (or very bad), but if you don't understand something, I will do my best to explain myself better.

That is the first build I make, so if you want, you can post any way to improve it.

This is how I play as Mordekaiser, and I don't want to force you to play exactly like me. It's just an advice, so if you don't want to follow this guide, you aren't force to do it.

Welcome to my Mordekaiser's build. You may think "haha he's a noob, he hasn't got any ap", but i think Mordekaiser is a Tank, just a TANK. If you want a Mordekaiser full-AP build, look for another build. This is how I play Mordekaiser, and it works to me very good. Maybe in early game Mordekaiser doesn't go very well, but in mid and late game, you will have an almost immortal tank who regenerates hp every sec.

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I review my guide every day, please don't think that this guide is not actualized.

-Change in Team Work: Mordekaiser in mid lane, possible but not recommended in this build
-Change in runes.
-Style change: links and images included(@foshkey)
-Change in Summoner's spells: all spells added to explain my decision.

-Change in masteries, from haste to archaic knowledge(@speedolphins).
-More details in items(@speedolphins).
-More details in Summoner spells.

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Pros / Cons


-Great tank in mid and late game.
-Can turn the teamfight from 5vs5 to 6vs4.
-Can kill an helpless champ with Siphon of Destruction or Children of the Grave.
-Almost impossible to kill in mid and late game.


-Squishy in early game without Iron Man.
-He may be focus.
-He will not kill so much.

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These are the runes that i think will serve more, because you want to be a tank with hp regeneration. Yoy may choose another runes, but in this way (hp reg, hp, maybe armor or magic resist, but I don't prefer, I said just hp reg and hp).

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Masteries and Summoner Spells


9/21/0. The masteries are in the same way, hp reg and hp, all in defense but some in offense to reduce cooldowns for farming with Siphon of Destruction.

Summoner Spells:

Ignite is what you need for catching champs with Children of the Grave if you want to kill a champ before he cures himself. This spell is completly necessary if you want the champ's soul when you are fighting alone versus 1 or more enemies.

You need Ghost to escape from the combat or to reach it more quickly, or even for catch an helpless champ.

Possible spells:

Exhaust: For cathcing the enemy, if you don't like Ghost
Teleport: If you are always so tired of return to lane from the base, or if you like so much this spell. I still prefer Ghost, anyway...
Flash: As well as Ghost or Exhaust, good for catching the enemy who is trying to escape.
Fortify: Remember that you are the tank, and you can take this if you want. Well, you should do...

NEVER choose this spells:

- Heal: You have enough hp and hp reg for choose this spell.
- Clairvoyance: Useless on you, let other champions like Lux to choose this spell (same with Rally)
- Clarity: You DON'T use mana, so it completly useless and stupid to take this spell.
- Smite: Mordekaiser is not a jungle champ, don't waste your spell's site in this.
- Revive: If you choose this spell, whoever the champ you choose, you are shouting to everyone that you are a noob.

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( ; )

Doran's shield.

Good for hp, hp reg and armor. May be you think "It's better buying a Regrowth Pendant, or buying a Rejuvenation Bead and some Health Potions". But I think it's an error. Buying a Regrowth Pendant will only save 25 gold, and Rejuvenation Bead it's useless for the rest of the build. If you don't want Doran's Shield, just buy it and sell it later, for buying other things or if you don't have much money.

Mercury's treads.

Good for every tank, and better if there are slowers, fearers, nukers, etc. in the other team.

Warmog's armor.

It's very important, 'cause it will give you hp and hp reg, just what you want. Always try to start with the Giant's Belt, but if you haven't enough money, buy the Regrowth Pendant and the Ruby Crystal.

Force of nature.

As Warmog's Armor, it will give you hp reg every sec, and also some magic resist and movement speed. It's very good, especially if there are spells casters in the other team. Start this with Regrowth Pendants.

Sunfire cape.

Good in any way, just for deal 40 dmg per sec to all enemies arround you, and it will give you hp and armor. Try to start this with the Giant's Belt.

Frozen Mallet.

Hp and some AD, but it gives to you a good pasive: Physical attacks reduce your target's movement speed. Good for teamfights, and for catching a champ for Children of the Grave.

If you don't like the Doran's Shield, sell it and buy one of this options:


If there aren't any spells casters in the other team, buy this. good for protect you from physical attacks. Start this with the Chain Vest.

Randuin's Omen.

With the new patch, this item is, if possible, better than before. With this, your enemies aren't going to be able to escape from you anymore. Armor; health and hp reg; very good passives: 5% CD, and 20% chance of reducing movement speed of the enemy is attacking you; and very good active: Slows the MS and AS to all enemies around you by 35% for 2 sec + 0,5 sec for every 100 Armor of MResist.

Try to start this with the Heart of Gold and, if you buy this before than any of other item above and you have a site, buy the Warden's Mail.

Note: It's important to buy some Health Potions, because you will be squishy in early game.

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Skill Sequence

The first skill you need for Iron Man and for farming is Siphon of Destruction. It will give you extra hp and some gold for buying soon.

The second skill is Creeping Death. It will give you (or your allies) magic resist and armor, and it will give some points for Iron Man.

I choose Mace of Spades in second level because when you want to kill someone, this skill is very good (damage, and more damage if he is alone), but you don't have to take it very soon. It's better to take some points for extra hp with Creeping Death.

Children of the Grave is one of the best ultimate skills in the game, because it can turn the combat from 5vs5 to 6vs4 (or 3vs3 to 4vs2, but i don't like to play Mordekaiser in 3vs3).
You just only need to kill your victim, and for that you have Ignite or a team behind you, and they will kill your target if you cannot (It's rare, but possible).

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Team Work

Mordekaiser can go mid lane, but in my opinion he is more useful with a spells caster or with a healer, because in mid lane Mordekaiser will find a champ with distance attack. He will survive, but he won't kill, because when you go near the champ, he will attack you from the distance. He can kill in mid lane when the champ before you is noob or if he has melee attack like Mordekaiser.

You are a tank , so in teamfights you have to go ahead. If you have a healer in your team, go with him/her, and buy Spirit Visage instead of Frozen Mallet or instead of Thornmail. If you cannot go with the healer, follow the normal instructions.

Mordekaiser, because of his pasive Iron Man, it's better fighting with minions arround him, so if you can do, wait for minions and then use Siphon of Destruction including the enemy champ, then Creeping Death and then Mace of Spades on the enemy champ.

Don't care using Children of the Grave to push back the enemy, or to steal a kill :)

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Finally, I want to say this guide may not be the best (well, I'm sure), but if you think is useful or if you want to say something about it, please say in comments or vote. Thanks in advance,

Peluconus01, at your disposal. =]