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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by DwTs

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DwTs

Mundo - The running tank!

DwTs Last updated on September 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my mundo guide,and i hope it will be of use for you guys.So let's get started should we?

Me and my first game with Mundo:

At my first game with Mundo i was playing him more like damage dealer than,tank which now i will never do again.Mundo is not bad at damage dealing even when he is TANK!He has Masochismwhich gives him lot of damage for a little health.But at all you will have so much health regen thath you won't even see the diffrence!So as i sayed,you shoud play him as tank!

Why shoud i play him as tank?

Okay smart guy let's see his skills.
1.His Adrenaline Rush give him 0.3% of his maximum health per second!This is 1/5 of Force of Nature!
2.His Burning Agony gives him lot of cc which is needed for every tank.Combined with Mercury's Treads and Juggernaut you will be hardly slowed or stunned.
3.His Sadism regenerates 20/40/60% of your maximum health!Also let's not forget the nice movement speed it gives you so you can chase someone or run out.

Why shoud i buy and play Mundo?

Okay nice question!I'll give you some reasons.
1.He is only 1350 IP (585 RP),which is very low.
2.He is one of the best tanks if you know how to play him!
3.Third but not last,cuz Mundo goes whereveer he pleases lol!

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Pros / Cons

-Very hard to kill if you follow this build.
-If you build him Atma's Impaler you will have some nice damage and even chance to critical strike!
-Can tank for lot of time,if he takes a little break to use his Sadism
-Very hard to catch because of his Infected Cleaver
-Mundo goes wherever he pleases.

-Countered very easy by some spells like Ignite,items like Morelo's Evil Tome and champions like Miss Fortune, Katarina and Varus.
-Can get baited and it is hard to run out if you don't have your Sadism or Ghost.
-Countered hard by Teemo or Warwick if played with items "on-hit effect"

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Summoner Spells

For mundo i prefer to pick Ghost and Ignite but here is some info about the other Summoner Spells.

Exhaust Is also a good choise for Dr. Mundo,if you are gonna face somebody like Master Yi or your bot lane want to get Clairvoyance.

Heal Is also very good choise for Mundo because combined with Summoner's Resolve you will get even 10% more heal from it.Also if your AD carry want to go for Ignite,you can pick it.

Flash Even after the nerf it is still good spell,but i don't think it is better than Ghost.You may pick it but i suggest ussing Ghost

Clairvoyance - NO,you are not the support!

Clarity - Dr. Mundo need mana? - NO!

Surge - Even when it gives good amount of atack speed and ability power,in my oppinion it is ussles.

Revive - This spell is not bad,it have saved me lot of games from loosing.I just die pop out the spell and i can defend once more xD.Not bad,but it has very long cd so i prefer not to use it anymore.

Promote - No,NEVER!

Teleport - Not bad option of summoner spell,it can be used for ganking,escaping,defending so it can be picked,but i prefer my Ghost and Ignite xD

Smite - Only if jungling!Don't even think about picking it on top lane!

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We want our mundo to take less damage don't we?At all you are gonna tank all thath damage you can for your team!Thath's why you will need all the defense you can get.

I take Resitstance or Hardiness complaining versus who i play.One of it should stay to 2/3 and the other should go to 3/3

Durability I take to level 4/4 for the bonus health and Veterans Scars for the bonus 30 health in early game.

Vigor Also goes to 3/3 for it's bonus 3 health regen which are preaty nice in the early game,and will help you stay more on your lane.

I take Enlightenment to 3/3 for it's 8.1% cdr on level 18,which is preaty nice for 3 points!

Honor Guard i take to 2/3 because i want to save a point for Summoner's Wrath which will improve both of your Ghost and Ignite

For a finall mastery in the Defense i take Juggernaut for the bonus health and cc which are awsome for 1 point!

In Utility i take Good Hands to 3/3 for it's -10% time spend dead which is good in the late game,and can even prevent a loose!

I also level Improved Recall ,because we don't need Summoner's Insight or Expanded Mind isn't thath right?

The last 4 points i spend on Swiftness which gives us 2% movement speed.This is with 0.5% more than a Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed,which is preaty nice for us.

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Okay here comes the tricky part.What runes should we pick for our Dr. Mundo?

I prefer to use Greater Mark of Armor,because of it's good early game armor,which is nice when you are playing versus champions like Renekton, Gankplank, Riven and other like them which have mostly AD source of damage.

I reccomend to pick Greater Seal of Health,for the nice hp on the early game,which will also give you some hp regen from your Adrenaline Rush.At all you don't wanna die at 1 burst of some champions like Darius or Renekton do you?

For glyphs i pick Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist which give us good magic resist for those bad-*** AP carry's in the end game.At all you don't want them to hit you for true damage eh?

For Quintessence i pick Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because it givess you this nasty 6% movement speed!Combined with Swiftness which gives you 2% more movement speed,you will have 8% bonus speed from level 1!

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As every champion you need items.They give you those stats which you need,but don't forget thath the best stat is which the team can benefit most.

As i said in the begining of the guide mundo has his skill Burning Agony which makes him hard to get stunned or slowed.Combined with Juggernaut and Mercury's Treads you will be the epic tank!

Heart of Gold Is good item for him because it gives you those 250 HP for only 825 gold!Let's not forget the bonus 5 gold on 10 seconds,which is 1 gold bonus on every 2 seconds!Preaty nice item,which will give some more gold.Also it is part of our build Randuin's Omen.

Sunfire Cape is awsome for Dr. Mundo!Combined with Burning Agony you will also deal aoe damage which is very good for teamfights.Also the armor and health are very nice.

Warmog's Armor give us the health we need to become tanky enought to survive those teamfgihts (Or die at least die trying xD),and also this good health regen!Also let's not forget the bonus we get from our passive + the final bonus thath the item stacks and you will get 35 health and 1 health regen per kill or assist!It stack's 10 times so you will get 350 health and 10 health regen in the maximum stack.(It also stack's with your passive xD)

Randuin's Omen - Very nice item.Nice passive which will slow those who try to chase you (You are Dr. Mundo you go wherever you please!) and the active is very very nice for teamfights.I mean it is like Exhaust,and it last even longer because you will have nice armor + mr.

Your fifth item should be Force of Nature.Great item for Mundo which give him even more movement speed,nice magic resist,health regen and regen from your % of maximum health!Just like your Adrenaline Rush,but much more better!

Last item could be one of these:

Aegis of LegionSome damage,armor and magic resist which are nice for thath cost of the item and let's not forget the aura which you will give to your team!But if your support like Taric or Sona want to build it let them build it and take something else.

Guardian Angel is very good item,but it has long cd.You may take it as last item if you need some more resists.

Atma's Impaler Even after the nerf it is very good for Dr. Mundo,you may build it because you have a nice hp and it will give you some damage.Combined with Masochism You will have loadsa damage!

Spirit Visage can be very good at early game,but if you build it you should sell it at late game,because there are plenty of better items.It benefits with your Sadism,which is preaty nice,and it has very low price.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer to level my Infected Cleaver(because you can use it to catch fleeing enemys or slow them and run!)first than my Burning Agony,but if you go jungle you should level more Burning Agony.

You should level your spells Sadism > Infected Cleaver > Burning Agony > Masochism.

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Farming with Mundo isn't hard.You can easy push the lane with Burning Agony and you can get creeps in range with your Infected Cleaver.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you are gonna jungle with Dr. Mundo you should get rid of your Ignite and take Smite.You should level your Burning Agony at level 1 and max it at level 9.
-Start at wraiths (ask mid for help and bot for cover from drake bot side)and say mid to pull your red buff.After red buff you should go and take the golems and try to gank level 2 at bot lane(Before this say your bot lane not to push so you can have the maximum chance of getting the first blood fast)If the gank fails you can go and try mid lane and after it > wolfs > wraiths > golems > Base.

Tip:Mundo is good in counter jungling Wraiths and Wolfs.He can do it fast because of his Burning Agony but be careful because you may get caught and this is never good xD.

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I'd like to thank you,and i hope i have helped you with playing this awsome champion.I know there are a lot of bad grammar in this guide,but my English is not perfect.If you have crics,please let me know at the comments or at PM.

Again thanks and don't forget thath Dr. Mundo goes wherever he pleases!