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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Rickovelicus

Mundo's AB...J? A Mundo Jungling Guide.

Mundo's AB...J? A Mundo Jungling Guide.

Updated on January 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rickovelicus Build Guide By Rickovelicus 12 5 72,582 Views 41 Comments
12 5 72,582 Views 41 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rickovelicus Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Rickovelicus Updated on January 17, 2012
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Mundo jungles as he pleases.

Mundo's Always Be... Jungling? not Included

Hello everyone, I am Rickovelicus, and I will explain you my way of playing Dr. Mundo in the way only he could please.

So I am not the first person ever to come up with the idea to jungle with Mundo, but everyone has to do something silly once in a while right? And really, we all know Mundo should be seen more often, he's too much fun to play not to be out there.

So ofcourse I play Mundo as an Offtank-ish character, as he is kind of meant to be, I couldn't see him full tank or full DPS, he would be too weak either of those 2 ways.

So let me start with explaining you.

Please don't troll vote, this is my first guide and I would LOVE to get some support, recommendations and tips on making the guide better.
Do not completely follow this guide, take your own choices and pick your own items that fit your playstyle aswell.
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Who should play Mundo?

You will be wanting to play Dr. Mundo if you like to have alot of fun, and make people go like WTF just happened?!

Do not expect to be a carry for the team though, your role will be the Offtank role, meaning:
You have to try to run up to the carry and take their carry out as soon as possible, but you will also need to soak up alot of stuns and damage, there is still the word ''tank'' in your role.
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Pros and Cons, because even Mundo can't always do what he pleases.

- He can clear the jungle fairly well
- Can do tons of damage
- Can take quite a beating
- Can escape and kite VERY easily
- Can do Dragon fairly easily and soon with his Ult.
- It's fun to see your enemies die to your cleavers
- You will Jungle as you please

- Not as fast as most junglers
- His sustain isn't as good as it COULD be (will be better in the Volibear patch) As also explained by Adonikam in his Mundo guide.
- Could be counter-jungled easily
- Your enemies WILL have ignite
- If you don't like talking in third person, don't pick him
- People might blame you, ragequit or queuedodge because they will think you will troll.
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Why these Runes?

I do not recommend Jungling without Runes, or even without lower-level runes (which you shouldn't buy really, waste of IP) because it is too risky.

For my Marks I get Marks of Desolation greater Mark of Desolation, why you ask? Because you will need the Armor Penetration to kill the creeps easier, it would be possible to get Marks of Alacrity if you really want it, but you would lack some Armor Penetration.

For my Seals I take Seals of Resilience , these runes are just so bloody good! Don't underestimate how a little bit of Armor can safe you a whole world of trouble, especially in the jungle. I would've said you could've taken Seals of Evasion instead, but they will be removed soon.

For my Glyphs I get Glyphs of Shielding , basicly for the same reasons as for the Armor Seals, getting Armor and Magic Resist will safe you alot of trouble, and since your going to be an offtank anyways you will need to be able to soak up some damage.

For my Quintessences I personally get Quintessence of Fortitude , because Mundo needs his Health to use his abilities, you could exchange these for Quintessence for Desolation greater Quintessence of Desolation, this is entirely up to you.
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So I take my 24/6/0 Mastery tree because I feel Mundo can use the little bit of extra damage that you will want as an Offtank jungler, you can go ?/21/? ofcourse to be more tanky, either way it will be fine.

The main thing I wanted out of the 24/6/0 Tree was the extra % damage, the lifesteal to increase your sustainability and the extra crit, you will make some nice crits later in the game after you get Atma's Impaler
Ofcourse in the Defensive tree I want the decreased Minion damaged, increased Armor and the 10 extra gold on Smite, you might say why take the one point for Smite? Well maybe 10 Gold might not seem like alot, but sometimes it will save you alot of time that you could've used being out ganking or jungling while you were waiting for you item. If you want to you can ofcourse put that 1 point into something else, as I keep saying, it's up to you.
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So I start out with my Vampiric Scepter and my first point Masochism in and head out to the Wolves, ofcourse focusing the big one first, then I head up to the Wraiths, smite the blue one and take my 2nd skill, my cleaver. Then I clear the wraiths and head up to golems, after the golems go back to your base, buy armor and a health pot and go to blue, you can choose to either keep blue or give it to your mid lane (this is my prefered option) you don't really need blue yourself as your cooldowns aren't that big and it will help your mid lane (taking it is a mage-like champion) hugely! After blue go to wolves OR gank, a gank at that stage isn't bad if bot or top is overextending. After ganking of wolves go wraiths, and decide weither you CAN do red or if you wouldn't survive that.

For people that don't like reading:

- Wolves
- Wraiths
- Double Golem
port back to base
- Blue Buff
- Wolves OR Gank
- Wraiths (after wolves ofcourse)
- Double Golem OR Red Buff
- (If you picked Red, go gank)

As suggested in the comments by: keeperofstars:
- Red Buff (Lizard Elder)
- Double Golem
- Wraiths
- Wolves
- Blue Buff

This has great potentional and is faster, but leaves you at less health to gank, but can secure faster and easier kills if executed correctly. To start this route take Cloth Armor and 5 healing potions.

I feel this route works the best on Mundo, because he isn't the best jungler at all, as should be expected,and it is just a great route, do make sure you have someone waiting for a Wraith steal or Blue steal though, as you are quite vurnable to a counter-Jungle.

This route is still the same with the current jungle.
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Ganking and Warding


So this is also a very important chapter, as Mundo is obviously not the best Ganker in the game, so you need to think 2 steps ahead before you rush to your top/mid/bot lane and gank.

First steps to take in consideration is:

- Step 0: Keep jungling to stay at level.

- Step 1: Can I gank? If yes proceed to step 2 otherwise return to step 0
- Step 2: Does the lane need a gank? If yes proceed to step 3, otherwise return to step 0
- Step 3: Has the enemy warded themselves for potential ganks? If not, proceed, otherwise return to step 1 or 2

There is ofcourse much more to take into account, like: Where is the enemy jungler? And could he counter-jungle while I am ganking? Should you counter-jungle? Should you get dragon? and a whole bunch of other stuff you have to think about before doing.

So when you are ganking, make sure you can hit your Infected cleaver very often, otherwise your gank will most likely fail because the target got away, and make sure to ping or type before ganking, or tell the people on your Skype or Teamspeak to get ready for a gank!
Also, always gank with the Red Buff if possible, you will need it to be able to slow the enemy down hugely.

And remember: You aren't there to take all the kills, if your laners get kills it will be more of an advantage for their laning game than if you get the kills while jungling.


So now I will explain this image to anyone inexperienced with the game winning items called wards:

1: These 2 spots are your main warding priority, this will let you see that the enemy is either taking Dragon or Baron Nashor, or if they are passing by for a gank or such.
2: These are LANE-SAVING wards, these wards will make your laners quite happy if you could put them up for their lane, because it will give that extra protection against an enemy jungler.
3: These are known in my book as either Jungle-Invasion or Jungle-Defence wards, you want to make sure to place these at the Blue buff, Red buff and any possible way the enemy could get into your jungle, this will make sure your jungle won't be stolen, or that you can steal the jungle from the enemy way easier!
4: The game-changing ward: So everyone probably knows the little bush near Baron Nashor, and you probably got ganked enough out there by now to know it is a suicidal facecheck bush, this is why you place a ward there to make sure you won't get Aced because you all went to facecheck this bush, and sometimes it will give you the upper hand in a teamfight.
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In this section I will explain to the best of my abilities why I took these following items starting with your main items:

- I start out with a Vampiric Scepter, because it will give you the sustain you need to survive the Jungle early on.

- I get armor and 1 or 2 healing pots just to have a good start on blue and be more able to gank with full health.

- I get Boots of Speed after for that boost of speed you need to make your ganks better, because your Cleaver won't do everything for you.

- After that I complete my Wriggle's Lantern, this Item is just freaking awesome, great Lifesteal, free wards and it's like a second form of smite, just don't relie on it because it is a CHANCE on hit effect, sometimes it might never seem to happen and sometimes you could kill Baron in 10 seconds, depends on your luck.

After this point you can get a bit more creative with your build, look at your team, what items they have, and look at the enemy team and figure what you should pick to be valuable to your team.

- Then my get my Mercury's Treads, these are very important boots, you will want to get these in most situations, you could exchange these for boots to your personal preference but Mundo is vurnable to stuns, and you get a little bit of Magic resist to deal with those pesky Mages.

- Then I get my Spirit Visage, now alot of people might disagree with this, but it is a good item for Mundo, extra healing, a bunch or health, Magic Resist and most importantly, Cooldown reduction, cooldown reduction on Mundo is just so awesome, because you can kite people more easily with your Cleaver that way, and your Low-Cooldown ultimate even has a shorter cooldown.

- From this part you will start building your real tanky part of the build, because after Spirit Visage I get Warmog's Armor, this item is also awesome for Mundo, more Health = More Health regen for Mundo, and with the amount of health you will get from this, you will be able to take quite a beating.

- After Warmog's I get Atma's Impaler, why? Because it is a VERY good offtank item, armor, crit and 2% of your already much life added to Attack damage? Yes please!

- My last item is Force of Nature, I can't explain you enough how much I love this item, it has magic resist, even MORE Health regen, and Movement speed, which will make you basicly invincible, as long as you won't get stunned, you will be able to run away quickly enough with your ult, ghost and this all together.

Items to consider:

- This is a great Magic Resist item against any CC, see this as a cleanse, if not a secondary clease, though this item is quite situational

- This is also an awesome situational item, it give great protection against anything AD, and it gives you even more health and health regen, just what you need!

- This is an item which is way too underused, it is great against those pesky little AD carries and just makes it easier for you to do your job, kill the enemy carry.

- This is the most situational item yet, this is if you feel a need for speed and you know the enemy team is silly enough not to focus you or if they are already losing badly, though I wouldn't recommend it personally.

- Also a great anti-AD item, sadly though it gives you Mana and Mundo doesn't really need Mana, and you don't need the slow on it since you have your cleaver which you can spam alot.

- This item could be quite good with Mundo, whenever you die you get revived (5 Minute cooldown) and you will be able to do some damage, just don't get caught off-guard with this item though, because if your alone fighting against 5 people, you will still get your *** handed to you. It is also a great item against any incoming damage.

- Get this item if your main Tank or Support doesn't have it, it is too good of an item not to have it, it will give your whole team an advantage in teamfights, but I would rather let my main Tank or Support in my team wear this one.

- You could get this item instead of your Force of Nature if you feel you don't need the movement speed and health regen, and instead want some Anti-CC, this could help you greatly in killing the enemy Carries because you will have an easier time getting to them.

- As mentioned in my comments this was recommended, and thinking about it isn't really a bad item, increased armor, health and an AOE damaging passive which will be great in a long teamfight!

If you gotten so far that you have this full build, then first
congratulations, now what you should do is buy Elixer obviously, and possibly replace Wriggle's with another DPS or tank item, depending on the situation you are in.

Do not always take these items! There are alot of situational items, especially since you WANT to soak some damage, check what their team consists of, if they are full of AD, don't buy Force of Nature and buy a Thornmail or Randuin's Omen for example! Put your own creativity into this item build.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ofcourse always get your Ultimate whenever you can, because it will safe your life ALOT of times, or even help you get kills, it is a great Tower-diving ability, but be careful, it does NOT make you unvurnable

So since you're going to jungle, I advice you to start with Masochism, why you might ask? Because for the amount of health it costs you, it give you enough Attack damage to regain health of the cost of using the spell, because you have a Vampiric Scepter, I max this skill first because you will be amazed at the damage it can deal.

Secondly I max Infected Cleaver, Mundo's signature ability, this has a great slow, and great damage (for anyone stupid enough not to buy Magic Resist) you can take away big chucks of health with this skill, you can kite as one of the best of them, and slow people that are trying to escape your wrath, also what is great is the health you get back from this. When using this for ganks, make sure to have a good aim, and not hit any minions as you will just have failed your gank greatly. I see this skill kind of as Mundo's version of Olaf's axe.

As last I max Burning Agony, this usually gets me killed more than granting me any kills, the health cost on it is quite big, and it wouldn't help you at jungling, do activate it in teamfights when you have enough health though, because over a longer period of time it will be noticable
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Summoner Spells


Ghost is an awesome summoner spell, it let's you escape whenever you want or chase whenever you want, the downside to it is getting stunned.


Smite is the best Summoner spell for well.... Junglers! You shouldn't jungle without Smite, too much chance of getting your precious buffs stolen by smarter enemy junglers with a smite on them.

So for my Summoner Spells I get Ghost and Smite, Smite obviously being for Jungling, you seriously need it as a jungler, even if you can kill the creeps without a problem, take it, it will stop your buffs from being stolen.

My personal preference is to get Ghost as my 2nd Summoner ability on Mundo because it will give you ALOT of escapability and chasing power, I could aslo recommend the following:


this spell is still way to awesome to be true, it doesn't feel to me as if they nerfed it.

since Cleanse will now also remove ignite and Exhaust this will save you ALOT, because ignite is Mundo's arch nemesis, and getting rid of it will be awesome.

I'm not a big fan of it, but if you have trouble jungling, or you want to get a few bait kills, have fun and try it out!

The rest of the summoner spells are either not worth mentioning or too experimental for Jungle Mundo.
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Team Work the last but most important Chapter.

As a Jungler your job is to make sure your top and bot lanes can get pushed far enough, or helping them with getting kills as someone once mentioned: ''A laner's job isn't to win the lane, it is to farm alot of minions and possibly get a kill on the enemy.''

Also one of the most important jobs of a jungler is warding the map, make sure you ward sight ward every possible place you can.

Give your mage and/or support Blue Buffs! This can't be stressed enough, if your mage or support has the blue buff this is a HUGE advantage to your team, because they can push or support endlessly as long as they have the buff.

If you are playing all by yourself, remember to PING before you gank, it will let your team mates know you are ganking, but DO NOT GANK if you don't know where half of the enemy team is, they might just be behind you.
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Updates & Patch Notes

Sejuani Patch Notes
Dr. Mundo

* General
o Base attack speed increased to .625 from 0.595
o Attack speed per level increased to 2.8 from 2.5
o Magic resist per level increased to 1.25 from .75
* Burning Agony health cost reduced to 10/15/20/25/30 from 20/25/30/35/40
* Sadism ultimate cooldown reduced to 65 from 75

Overal this is a very good buff to jungling and Offtank Mundo, this might even mean I might change my recommended Items a bit to focus more on Armor, since you will have more than enough Magic Resist.
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Summary & Special Thanks

This is how I personally play Mundo at the moment, let me know how you get on with this idea, show me some support by telling me what I could improve on, do what you please, good luck on owning the enemy team and be wary!


I will update the Guide with some pretty Pictures and a video of my jungling route as soon as possible.

Special Thanks to:
jhoijhoi for her awesome guides and tips on how to make a guide!
Check out her guides and awesomeness here: jhoijhoi's Mobafire page!
Everyone I play League of Legends often with!

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