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Yorick Build Guide by MurphQ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MurphQ

MurphQ - Yorick [Jungle]

MurphQ Last updated on June 1, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 12

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Welcome to "Yorick [Jungle]"

Hey Mobafire-community,

this is a guide about Yorick as a jungler. I will try to keep the guide as easy as possible, but i will give you enough information to win the game.

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Update - 1.2

changed the skillsequence

Update - 1.1

changed Runes *forgot the Quintessence

Update - 1.0

+add Summoner Spells
+add Skill Sequence
+add Masteries
+add Itembuild
+add chapter: Patch Notes
+add chapter: Pro's & Con's
+add chapter: Welcome to "Yorick [Jungle]"
+add chapter: Masteries
+add chapter: Runes
+add chapter: Items
+add chapter: Summoner Spells
+add chapter: Jungle & Ganks
+add chapter: Wardplay
+add chapter: Support

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Patch Notes

- Darius Patch (23.5.2012)

    • No changes to Yorick

- Hecarim Patch (16.4.2012)

    • No changes to Yorick

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Pro' & Con's


+ Strong tank bruiser
+ Great jungle sustain
+ Different jungle routes


- isn't the fastest jungler
- depends on blue buff

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How to Yorick

First of all I will give you an overview about his passive and his abilities.

Unholy Covenant (Passive):
Yorick's takes 5% reduced damage and his basic attacks deal 5% more damage for each summon that is active. Meanwhile, Yorick's ghouls have 35% of Yorick's Attack Damage and Health.

Omen of War (Q):
Yorick's next attack will deal bonus physical damage and summon a Spectral Ghoul that deals additional damage and moves faster than Yorick's other ghouls. While the Spectral Ghoul is alive, Yorick moves faster as well.
Yorick's next attack will deal 30/60/90/120/150 (+20% physical damage) and summon a Spectral Ghoul for up to 5 seconds.

The Spectral Ghoul deals 8/16/24/32/40 additional damage per hit and moves 15/20/25/30/35% faster. While the ghoul is active, Yorick moves 15/20/25/30/35% faster as well.

Cost - 40 Mana

Omen of Pestilence (W):
Yorick summons a Decaying Ghoul that arrives with a violent explosion, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. While the Decaying Ghoul remains alive, nearby enemies continue to be slowed.
Yorick summons a Decaying Ghoul that arrives with a violent explosion, dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+100% ability power) and slowing nearby enemies by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds. While the Decaying Ghoul remains alive, nearby enemies continue to be slowed by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% for up to 5 seconds.

Cost - 40/45/50/55/60 Mana

Omen of Famine (E):
Yorick steals life from his target and summons a Ravenous Ghoul that heals Yorick for the damage it deals.
Yorick deals 55/85/115/145/175 (+100% physical damage) and heals for up to 40% of the damage dealt. A Ravenous Ghoul is summoned behind his target, which heals Yorick for the damage it deals and lasts up to 5 seconds.

Cost - 55/60/65/70/75 Mana

Omen of Death (R):
Yorick conjures a revenant in the image of one of his allies. If his ally dies while its revenant is alive, the revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them and give them time to enact vengeance.
Yorick conjures a revenant in the image of a target allied champion. Revenants deal 45/60/75% of target ally's Attack Damage. If his ally dies while its revenant is alive, the revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them for up to 10 seconds.

Cost - 100 Mana

After we checked all his abilities lets summ up everything.
We start with Omen of War. This ability is a great choice to deal instant damage on your target and it's always a good choice in every teamfight situation.
Omen of Pestilence is good way to start herras your enemy or starting a teamfight. Don't forget the fact, that you can check brushes and get vision.

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Summoner Spells

Let's check which spells are useful and which one doesn't even viable.

+ You can give easy the second blue to your ap caster
+ You will never go out of mana
+ good sustain in the jungle, when you get invaded and your blue was stolen
- No help for strong ganks

+ Nice bait spell
+ A good spell to sustain in every teamifight
- useless in jungle phase
- no help for strong ganks

+ extra damage is always good!
+ extra dmg for ganks
- useless for jungle phase

- not strong enough for every game situation

+ epic troll ;)
- useless for ganks
- useless in teamfights

- useless for ganks
- useless for jungling
- no help in teamfights

- no help in teamfights

+ a good way to do a surprising gank
+ a good way to escape your enemies

+ a creative, but really difficult for ganks
- no help in teamfights
- no extra damage
- no help in jungle

+ strongest spell for ganks
+ a good help to reduce the damage of an enemy

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Now we check the masteries and runes. I will show you 3 ways how you can play Yorick in the Jungle.

Offensive Bruiser

• Masteries:21/0/9
*the offensive build gives you so much burst damage in Ganks in the early and mid game. The problem is, if you get focused in Ganks and your teammate is far away from the situation you can die quickly. So be prepaid and only do safe moves.

Offtank Bruiser

• Masteries:9/12/9
*The Offtank Bruiser choice is my personal favorite, because you can do strong Counterjungle-moves and you got enought damage in Ganks at lvl 4. The only think what could be a problem is your junglespeed. For examble: A "good" Jungler knows, that Yorick is not the fastest Jungler so he will take Shyvana and he will counterjungle you at minute 3. In this situation you had to spend so many time to protect your monstercamps and don't get any time for ganks. So be prepared !


• Masteries:0/21/9
*This masterietree is also viable and if you ask me the safest way with Yorick, but you should watch that you gank a lane with a champion who deals so many burst, because of this build your early ganks at lvl 4 & 5 wouldn't be so strong like the other choices before.

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After you choose a masterietree I will show you the runepage to handle the jungle!

3x Greater Mark of Alacrity
6x Greater Mark of Strength
9x Greater Seal of Resilience
9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity

+14 armor
+12 physical damage
+11% Attack speed

With these runes you should handle everything. The armor is good to sustain in the jungle and don't get to much damage in ganks. The extra physical damage gives you enough damaga to get a kill. The attack speed is to handle your biggest problem your junglespeed. 11% should be enough to handle against other Champions and don't get outplayed by your enemies.

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In this chapter I explain you the itembuild.

Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads

Trinity Force

Warmog's Armor

Atma's Impaler

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Wriggle's Lantern is a great item for all ad jungler and with the free ward you can invade there jungle or safe your jungle or a lane. The extra armor gives you more sustain in the jungle and upgrade your offtank position.

Mercury's Treads is important for every offtank/fulltank build and will makes you stronger in teamfights.

Trinity Force is a "MUST HAVE" on Yorick. All your power get an upgrade and the passive combined with a good combination of your abilities and auto attacks
*** The Combination: W -> Auto attack -> E -> Auto attack -> Q -> Auto attack

Warmog's Armor is one of the strongest items for a tankbuild and give you so many sustain in all teamfights!

Atma's Impaler combined with Warmog's Armor you get such a damage bust and you will also get more armor for you.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is your final item and after you activate it you will be the strongest fighter in the hole game. It doesn't matter if you chase 1 vs 2 or go in teamfight. with all this 6 items you will win every game!

!A good advice:Don't take these 6 items in every game. You had to choose always the best and you also can choose Guardian Angel instead of Warmog's Armor. With these items you will be really strong but a good player always choose his items to handle his position.

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Jungle and Ganks

Ok guys, after we check all abilities and knows which runes and items we need. Now we go to important stuff. In this chapter I will give you important tips to handle the jungle and doing good ganks.

First of all we start with the first item for the best start on your jungle route. You can choose between the safe way or you play aggressive and try to counter jungle your enemies.

Safe way:
+ 5x
1. You start Blue buff and you should activate your first health potion
2. After blue you go to wolves and after that you kill the wraights camp.
3. Now you should watch if your team need a early gank start with red, if not you can go to golems and than do red.

Aggressive way:
+ 2x + 1x Sight Ward

1. You go in the enemy jungle and ward there red
2. You start with blue buff and than wolfs
3. After wolves you go to the enemy golems and steal only the big one
4. Than you go to red and try to steal it

You should always looking for ganks and try to be annoying on lanes, but never forget to level up in the time between. How your ganks get usefull? - That's how you do it:

1. First of all you looking for a lane where a gank needed. You can see that when one lane is really pushed to your tower.

2. After you choose your target you go in position. Your position depends how strong your gank is. The strongest ganks let the enemy no chance to escape one way so look for some ways where he can run away and escape your ganks.

3. Now you found your position and start the gank. Watch out that your team mate on that lane be ready and got enough health and mana to help you. You start with Omen of Pestilence to slow your target, than you throw your Omen of Famine on him and harras him. Your Omen of War should always use between your auto attacks to get an extra auto attack with extra damage.

*4. If you choose Exhaust as summoner spell you can use that spell if your enemy used flash to escape. If you landing Exhaust in the right moment you can still do damage on him and he only wasted his flash. Exhaust is also a good choice if you want a gank a fed enemy and activate Exhaust at the beginning of the gank. All his damage will reduced and you can handle the damage output.

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This last chapter is not about Yorick jungle. This chapter will help you in any game and you should know these wardposition on every position.

First I'll show you positions for wards to safe your lanes:
These positions are good to safe your own jungle when you see, that your enemies want to invade you:

If you want play aggressive you should put a ward on these positons to see if you invade your enemy jungler or steal a buff:

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I hope you liked the jungleguide about Yorick and maybe he is a viable jungler for you.
If you liked this guy and my work you can support me and summarize your opinion about the Guide.

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