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Nautilus Build Guide by Priceybabe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Priceybabe

Naughty Nautilus in the Jungle

Priceybabe Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there, I'm Priceybabe and I've been playing for a little under a year and have enjoyed many champions. One of the most enjoyable and satisfying has to be good old Nautilus. From tanking leblanc, ashe and Lux for a solid minute trying to take a tower, to ganking top with Shyvana. Nautilus can do everything. He can escape, initiate, tank, damage, gank and even counterjungle (albiet, not pre lvl 5)

This is my guide to Nautilus Jungle and I build him as an AP Tank. I take advantage of the ganking phase with high damage and slows and transition into an immortal tank with enough damage to severely cripple the enemy carry while keeping them CC'd the entire time.

IF you want to carry with your ridiculous damage go play ashe (haha) or graves. If you want to be an immortal juggernaut full of cc and damage enough to warrant you being targeted, play Nautilus. You will get a lot of assists, not the best ks in the game, though Dredge line ks is amazing.

Nautilus can and should save his allies when he can, don't lose that killing streak your carry has.


Full credit goes to dbug87 for that lolworthy picture. He had the idea, i did the copy-pasting :P

His build helped me create mine so kudos to you dbug87

I'd love some comments and opinions, always open to change :)

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Positive and Negative

    Great CC
    Is a tank that MUST be attacked by the enemy team
    Oh so Tanky
    Surpisingly mobile
    Great Escape
    Can save team-mates from certain death
    Fair amount of damage
    Towers are merely a play-thing
    Can punish anyone for being out of position
    Awesome Ganker
    Has a chaos space marine skin.

    Slow jungling early
    Has decently long cooldowns
    Can go oom if attention is not payed

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Mastered Masteries

The following Masteries are to allow you to jungle for longer, gank faster and tank late game. You're a jungling tank, remember that.

I take Summoner's Resolve for the extra gold every time I smite, if you need to back early due to counter-jungling or an early gank this may have given you enough gold for your next item, as well as earning you a lot of gold on during your game.

Resistance and Hardiness are obvious choices for a tank, and helps with early jungling

Tough Skin will allow you to sustain in jungle longer and unlocks Bladed Armor

Durability gives you some nice health and helps with tanking, also benefits your shield so you can get every dot swings in.

Enlightenment is for the CD reduction, as Naut has fairly long CD's and relies on them, this is fairly crucial.

Honor Guard , you're a tank.

Juggernaut for the naut is as damage is to carry

Summoner's Insight has saved my life, love it when flash comes off CD exactly when you need it. It also has offensive capabilities, making the correct flash Dredge Line will earn you a kill.

Expanded Mind is so you can sustain your damage for longer

Swiftness , Naut is really slow so this is important

Runic Affinity will help you jungle for longer with blue buff and enable more ganks with red.

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Ridiculous Runes

Attack speed increases your jungling speed allowing for faster ganks, faster levelling and faster gold. You'll do more damage as you'll get more swings off with your Titan's Wrath up.

This will help greatly with jungling, the armor will protect you from a lot of the monsters attacks and will help you gank as you'll have more health. This is also usefull for late game, as you are a tank you want to be resistant to attacks, this helps

For the same reason as the armor seals, but to protect from mages and another ap users. You usually won't take much magic damage until mid-late game, here the MR per level glyphs have become more beneficial.

As will be explained later, Nautilus scales extremely well with health, giving him a greater shield and more damage. This is also helps with jungling as you'll kill the mobs faster and have higher health for ganking. Higher health = more tankiness

Runes are completely up to you though, I just enjoy and succeed with these ones.

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Savage Summoners

Smite is very self-explanatory, it will speed up your jungling so much and will allow you to steal dragon, baron, blue and red buffs

Flash is my other choice for several reason

    It allows you to escape through walls
    It allows you to chase with an ult
    Chase with your dredge line, flash through minions to dredgle line them closer
    Generally live

Great for catching up, or keeping up with someone, i prefer flash however.
If you want to troll by running into a lane, healing the person initiating and then killing the enemies, flash is much better in my opinion.
could be useful for ganks, however you really have all the slows you need, more damage would be preferable
could be useful for ganks againe, but flash is much more beneficial
A possibility I have thought about, instead of flash you could get around the gank or protect an allie, you already have good escape with your abilities

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Smexy Spells

Nautilus has one of the most amazing kits for his uses. With the right damage behind it no one can escape and the satisfact of landing that Q compares to nothing.

Passive: Staggering Blow - Nautilus’ first basic attack against a target deals bonus physical damage and immobilizes the opponent briefly. Staggering Blow cannot trigger on the same target more than once every 12 seconds. This in conjunction with your Q and E will make the gank come off without a hitch, with that snare and added damage you will be laughing. This is very important for ganking and the added damage is very good for jungling.

Q: Dredge Line - Nautilus throws his anchor forward. If he hits an enemy, he'll drag himself to his target and his target to him. If he hits terrain, he'll drag himself to the terrain and the cooldown is reduced. This spell is amazing and pretty much the bread and butter, the defining spell of Nautilus. The satisfaction of this hitting the malzahar ulting your ryze is amazing. It can be used to get to terrain, the range is long enough that its faster than walking and can be used to escape ganks. It can be used to interrupt channeled spells and, when followed up by an auto attack, will leave the enemy defensless. It can be used to pull enemies out from their turrets and to pull them in towards yours.

W: Titan's Wrath - Nautilus places a shield on himself that absorbs additional damage based on his maximum health. While the shield is active, Nautilus' attacks deal damage over time to units around him. The tank, the damage and the reason you will be focused. This spell will scale with health, allowing you to have a larger shield, and therefore more time for your aoe dot. If they ignore it they will pay, its a lot of damage, especially in team fights and can be used to negate ults like Karthas' and ignite. It is fairly durable, it can take several tower hits with a giants belt or two.

E: Riptide - Nautilus slams the ground, causing the earth to ripple out in waves. Each wave deals damage and slows the targets hit. This slow decays over time. Multiple waves that hit the same target deal reduced damage. This is an amazing ability for clearing waves and for damage. After landing a Dredge line you can snare with an auto-attack and then E to slow their escape. It can also be used for escape by slowing the enemies, allowing you, or your friends, to escape.

R: Depth Charge - Nautilus launches a depth charge towards a target that picks up speed as it travels. This charge knocks up all enemies it encounters while traveling and explodes on impact, stunning the target and launching them into the air. The best bit is when they flash away, watching it follow that leblanc up her lane past the towers is worth a laugh or two. It can be used to CC and do a ton of damage, I've taken a talon to half health with it, that was before my shield dot and E. He died. It's amazing in teamfights, ult the malz who is in the back ulting your fizz, watch it knock everyone up and then destroy the malzahar, freeing your fizz and allowing your team to destroy the rest the entire time. Don't be afraid to use it to survive, if you can save your ashe with it, do it.

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Skill Priority and Your Utility

MAX FIRST : Titan's Wrath Is your highest damaging spell, and your sustain, this is the best spell to start with in your jungling route. I max it first as it does the most damage and makes you tanky enough to escape if you get counter-ganked. It is very important to know when to use it. In a gank you want to use it before you show yourself, so you get maximum attacks with its dot. In team fights you want it to be popped for when it will deal the most damage, if you carry is being attacked, pop it. They will either take massive damage and die, or turn around and focus you.

MAX SECOND : Riptide I take this at level two as it's the next best jungling tool and gives a slow for ganking. This ability does a heap of damage, especialy if they're running away from you, they will run through multiple charges of it. For ganking I would suggest using it the moment they are in range, whether you used Drege line or not. For team fights, get in the middle of the enemy team and use it for maximum damage.

MAX LAST : Dredge Line This is taken at lvl 3 or 4 depending. If you don't see a gank opening up at level 3, take your shield, if one of the lanes has an enemy at half health or lower ,take a point in your Q. This ability is maxed last as it does less damage than all the other spells and only 1 point is needed in it to achieve its desired purpose. For ganks you can do one of two things. If the enemy is up against your tower and you're coming from river, just walk up and E with your W up. If they are in the middle of the lane and you won't get to them before they get away, time your Q with their movement. Have your Titan's Wrathup just before you Dredge Line. Get an auto-attack off and then Riptide. In team fights it is even better.

On the OFFESNIVE: If you are at their tower and your team is behind you, go ahead and Dredge Line out a squishy, a carry or whoever. The enemy team will likely engage after this. Auto-attack the person you pulled and then E. If the enemy does Depth Charge the enemy furthest away and watch the CC. Your call on when to Titan's Wrath, you may need the shield as you're taking too much damage, or if they aren't touching you at all, do the damage.

On the DEFENSIVE: If you are at your tower its very simple. They will want their tank to initiate. Make their carry initiate. Pull the first possible carry into tower range once the enemy minions are gone and then auto-attack him. They will be snared and taking tower hits, if this person MUST die, then ult them, they will be knocked up taking huge damage with the tower hitting them as well. Dead. If they engage, shield and keep hitting, aim for the carry's, perhaps making a pull on someone who is hurting your carry.

If you have a friend retreating through the jungle you can walk to them and make yurself a wall between them and the enemies. Titan's Wrath and Depth Charge the furthest enemy. Then Riptide as they come close and then Dredge Line to a wall to get out. If this isn't going to save your allie, auto-attack all the enemies and Dredge Line any that sneak past you. You can possibly just walk out depending on the stage of the game. If not then it's ok, the carry lived to pwn another day.

Jungle fights around baron are the exact same as those attacking a tower, Dredge Line the carry and kill him asap.

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Interesting Items

This is a great start for Nautilus which will soon form your Philosopher's stone, this will be your sustain in jungle as your shield keeps you from taking damage. The gold per 5 will keep you getting items all through the game.

I go back to base when I have enough for and philosopher's stone

One you are at this stage early ganking will begin. You should be going for ganks where you can make or see one. Organise with your team-mates for them to fall back and bait and then engage with you. If nothing is available you should be farming or taking a gander into the enemy jungle. With 3 ranks in Titan's Wrath you can clear camps easily. Know where the enemy jungler started and be there to take his blue or red with your top, mid or bot lane. You should aim for the following items during this stage.

or depending on their composition and CC. Finally

This will give you some health, some speed and some good damage for your ganks. The slow is an added bonus and will make your abilities slow. A nice bonus

This is where the game starts getting serious. Hopefully you have a good lead after some good ganks and plenty of kills. Hopefully you were warding your jungle to stop counter-jungling and warding their buffs to know if they were stealing it. Map control is key.

Anyway, you need to be tankier, the next items make you god. Sell your gp5 items when it is necesarry, sell the Philosopher's stone first.

I usually build the warmog's first, the health is very good for your shield and therefore damage. The Frozen Heart and Force of Nature can come in any order, make sure you prioritize correctly! HOWEVER. If you are facing a team consisting of mostly ad, or mostly ap, you can skip the warmog's and go for the resistance item first. Completely acceptable and suggested if this is the case. The health from Rylai's Crystal Scepter will sustain you untill you get your resistance. Then you can grab your warmogs.

You can even skip warmogs until after the resistances, the item order is important, but flexible. I've merely found the Warmogs to be more effective.

And then the final item is yours to choose!
If you need more damage
If you need more Magic Resist
If you need more armor
Wait Zhonya's? As a tank? Are you legit? Yes. Ap is beautiful and that's the design of this last item, the added bonus is the armour, you can completely ignore the effect, in fact you should, unless you're blocking an ult. Karthas. The armour isn't terrible, and it'll get you over the 200 mark. I would suggest the Abyssal scepter is more beneficial though.

This will give you the AP and Tank you need to destroy people in game. Enjoy charging in like a juggernaut from hell, cc the carrys and destroy everything.

If you don't see Nautilus as an AP tank, more just a wall of CC I would look into replacing the Rylai's and the final item of choice with these

from the Heart of Gold
These two will give you health, mr and armour. Though I support the AP tank more. More utility, more damage, more threat.

Some other Items I have looked into, but ended up scratching were

This one took a bit long to build and left me slightly on the empty side on ganks. I felt that the Rylai's Crystal Scepter just did more for me.

Shurelya's Reverie This one was nice, gave some team support, the speed was good for chase and escape and I like CD reduction as Naut. The only reason I didn't keep it is that it either took from my damage or my resistances. I felt a net loss using it.

Has a lovely effect. For AD carries. I felt that if I was going to die, and when I did die, that the health I got back wasn't going to sustain me long enough to kill whoever killed me, or escape. And it didn't. It rarely actually saved me, and instead left me dead again and nobody wanted to target me. Seems slightly useless as a tank if people don't want to hit you because of that shiny ribbon around you. I also lost a decent amount of armour and CD reduction, deciding instead that the Frozen Heart was the better option.

Actually. This one really wanted to be in my build. I really wanted it. I just couldn't afford the loss in damage. If you feel your team has enough damage, and not enough survivability, throw this in as your last item, its really good.

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Tricks of the Trade - Jungle route.

Nautilus is an interesting character to jungle with. I'm going to go over a couple of the things you should know while in the jungle.

1. Start WOLVES or BLUE. For wolves, get your team to damage it and if you can get away with it don't use your shield. The cooldown is very long and you'll need it for blue. If you get the big wolf low and then tell your helper to back out, your auto-attack should kill the small ones with your passive, leaving the big one low enough to kill with auto-attakcs.

2. Get a leash on blue. Just do it, and ask for the top or bot lane to do some damage. They should back out at around 500 health so you can smite. I would suggest popping your shield immediatley and getting the dot rolling. This will leave you on full health and your shield off cd.

2. Your auto-attack. Switch from the big minion. Hit the small ones once each, then E, they'll all die and the big one will have little health left.

3. Wraiths. You're interesting you lot. Especially with the way the shield works and the aoe cleave. You have to be in front of ALL the wraiths for it to be effective, so take a look at this for maximum effect

This positioning will allow you to attack the blue wraith and hit two of the red ones with your cleave swings. One red will not take damage, you should hit it one with your w up, then back to the blue, ignoring the small ones. It should look like this

Your jungle route should be.

Wolves. Don't use shield, get your helper to get them all really low and back out.

Blue. Pop shield as soon as leash comes. Kill it, hit minions once each during this

Wraiths. Go to the position shown and use W, hit blue, hit small red minion outside range then keep hitting the blue one. Spam E

Then go to double golems. hit the small one once, pop shield and focus the big one. Use smite to do damage and return to wolves.

Continue this until you get enough gold for Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed or until you see a gank opportunity.

Return and get red, take minion camps in any order and gank when opportunity arrises. Do some counter jungling. Go ward their red and blue. Tak blue for the second and last time and after that give it to mid.

If you want an awesome combo, garunteed to destroy the enemy carry, ult them, as it knocks them into the air dredge line. The enemy will be pulled to you and it effectivley gives you a stun on your drege line, then you can auto-attack snare them. A Riptide with your Titan's Wrath will leave them either dead or about to die to either continued damage or an allies hits.

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Here are some screenshots of my wins, just took them today, 25 February, will add more later

If you have any to add, using my build, just send me a link, or add me in game Priceybabe.