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Nidalee Build Guide by oDivider

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oDivider

Nida'La'Mida - Owning your lane!

oDivider Last updated on June 1, 2013
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Hello everyone, oDivider here with my first guide.
so i would love you guys to give me feedback about this guide.

Please Be Aware:This is how i play nidalee, its a very agressive type of build.

Read This guide carefully, even though you might know the most of it.
Enjoy the guide

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Why Nida?!

Why Nidalee you ask?

in my opinion she is one of the best champions in the league.
she got 2 playstyles which keep her very fun and very Agressive!


-Has massive dmg with her spear
-you can use couger form to blink over walls
-High susstain cause of heal
-Very fun
-Many Playstyle options
-Great Pusher

-Q is hard to master
-She is not a good TeamFighter.
-Mana hungry in early game
-Leaping over walls is very hard
-Blinkers and Counter-Casters are Countering nidalee
-Failing Early game is result setting.

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I will now explain my rune choises, they are'nt standard Runes for an APC.
so thats why i think i justifacation is necesarry.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________Nidalee is a long range fighter who is leaning on her Javelin Toss ( Q ), because her scaling with ap isnt that high (0.65* your AP) the Mag.Pen is essential on nidalee. i chose flat Mag.Pen marks because it helps you owning you lane phase.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________Flat Magic Resist seal is very useful is early, which basically means owning the late game. i chose the flat magicresist seal because it does great againt any early APC that you will be up against in the early game.

i combine these seal with 4 mana reg. seals:i chose Mana Reg. because it gives you more sustain in lane. which let you surpass you enemy's CS (=Creep Score)and basically surpass them in the game.

7 Glyphs of Scaling AP: i chose these runes because they are very efficient in late game, each seal give you 0.17 ap per lvl ( at lvl 18 a champion woll get 3.06) which mean you'll get a sum of:21.42 AP which is not bad at all, plus your Rabadon's which will end up with 27.846 AP.
i added 2 glyphs of CDR: i chose these glyphs because i find the CDR (Cool Down Reduction) because the CD on your abilitys is pretty high and until you get DFG (Death Fire Grasp) you will benefit withsome CDR.

Quints of Flat AP: these choise is quite obvious, you would want an early game domination, these quint will deliver !

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in this chapter i will explain the reasoning behind the masteries.

offensive tree:

Tier 1:
1grants bonus ap after using ignite, geat for last hitting with Javelin Toss
4more CDR is always good.
4quite obvious, more ability power is great.
1Magic Pen. is essential!
2Extra DMG is always good.
3+6 ability power.
1+5% magic dmg for each basic attak.

4+5% ability power
1Increasing dmg output for low ealth enemys.


Defensive tree:

2+4 health life regen. pre 5 sec.


Utiliy Tree:

1grant shorter racall, which mean more time in lane.
33 mana reg per 5 sec
3+180 mana at lvl 18

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Playing Tips

tip no1.

The elemnt of surprise:
with nidalee you need the element of surprise to catch your enemy in sticky situations to secure your kills and carry the late game.

For Example: everytime you opponent in the mid lane push, you'll come from the river brush, you should try to hit with the Javelin Toss with maximum range (Nida's Spear does 250% more damage when she hits at the tip of the range, but thisis differantial, her Javelin Toss does extra damage for the greater distance) after hitting and your opponent is starting to flee, change to couger form use the Combo W > E > Q (Leap then AoE then a high dmg Basic attak) if the opponent survives there is no need to wait for you CD you would benefit from going back to human form and Javelin Toss you enemy's face ( even though its from close range ).

Sub-Subject: The elemnt of surprise 2.0:
If you roam ( which means go to other lane for a gank ) you would want allways to catch yu enemies by surprise, again try to spear from unknown places while maximising your damage output, this will scare your enemy into your hand! they will start running back, and you'll just , couger form W>E>Q and you got the kill.

Tip no2.
Maximazing the usage of the heal:
in early game the usage of the heal does not heal you for alot of hp, while this ability drinks a big amount of your mana, and has a big CD, so would like to use it i 2 ways:
Way no1: when you push your lane, you would want to use you Heal on your self to increase your attack spead ( or an allied champion attack speed ) so you can take down the turret faster.
Way no2: when your helf is low, and youre hit by and over time dmg ability/spell (For exmp: Ignite/Darius Bleed or Dravens passive) you would like to keep your heal to the time when your very close to dying, because if you will heal your self at the beggining of the OTD you will probably die.

Tip no3.
Sniping The Bastards:
when your enemy is low on health, he will probably try to recall next to his turret, so try to around the wall( yeah you should go into the jungle ) and Javelin Toss their face with maximum damage. ( For those who doesnt know the location of the enemy they could use Clairvoyance instead of the flash, so you would have vision on your enemy.)

Tip no4.
No one is ganking MY LANE! :
put your traps ( bushwhack= your W in human form ) in the middle of every river bush next to your lane. because when someone is stepping on the trap you'll get vision on them.

Sub-Subject: I can see you ! : everytime you put down a trap you get vision on that area for a split second, try to use it smart to avoide enemy engaing and to find your fleeing enemy in the jungle.

Notice*:the traps doesnt mean you shouldnt get wards. wards are a game changing matter use them wisely and you'll win.

Tip no5.
And what do we say to death?! NOT TODAY! :
everytime your enemy chases you, you would like to combine human form and couger form in the correct way.
you should stay in couger form for the most of your time, so you will be faster and will be able to leap to flee faster or to blink through small walls.
times to change to human form:
1. when you need a heal and your enemys are offsight
2. when an ally is coming you would like to heal your self, Javelin Toss your enemy for easier fight for your ally, and try to help him / run away.

Note:you should always run through bushes to benefit the most with nidalee's passive that grants her 15% momvent speed after getting in the brush, UNLESS: there is a Teemo on the enemy team.

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