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Nocturne Build Guide by bitpik

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bitpik

Nocturnal Nocturne (quick guide)

bitpik Last updated on August 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Honor Guard

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Patch 3.8

Since the huge patch of 3.8, i have changed all the builds by a relative dramatical amount.

First of all, the reason to why i took Bladed Armor on both jungle and toplane Nocturne was firstly because: Small camps were far more important back then, if you could instashove toplane then take wraiths/golems/wolves you would build a huge advantage toplane. Bladed Armor is mostly used for killing small camps, which you no longer need to do in jungle.

Legendary Armor is the worst mastery in the game, while Reinforced Armor is incredible when getting focused by the enemy ADC as of lategame. Good Hands can really change the outcome of a game when your deathtimer is close to 80 seconds.

I have seen a few Nocturne's build the reworked Wit's End, but i can safely say that it's even worse on him than the last one. Additionally, Maw of Malmortius got buffed.

Aegis of the Legion has always been one of the top priorities for junglers. On Nocturne it's pretty meh since he scales so well with hybrid damage/tankiness items and damage, especially since he won't protect his carries lategame. I have choosen to add it in though since it's A LOT stronger than Phage> Frozen Mallet if you are behind midgame.

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Hey, this is my nocturne guide. I am Diamond on EU west and here is proof that im a beast nocturne:

Koksei D panda the creator of the highest Lux guide. Duck david the creator of SUPER Dr. Mundo(yes it is a troll guide).

These are the stats from my last 7 days of Nocturne. All of these games are at diamond and two of them were against Fnatic Rekkles.

My average Kills/Deaths/Assists with Nocturne.

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Blade of the ruined king = OP ?

Yes. This is the best way to build nocturne before Blade of the Ruined King gets nerfed.

Blade of the Ruined King just gives too much sustain, burst and duelling power. Once you have Blade of the Ruined King as a toplane Nocturne you will literally one-shot carries. Its also very effective at taking early barons since with Ninja Tabi, Blade of the Ruined King and Madred's Razors you can almost solo it.

What about the buffed Blade of the Ruined King?

Even more op. However, since its AD got reduced i feel like Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is more viable.

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Armor penetration?

greater mark of armor penetration

Because you get a huge amount of base damage with Duskbringer. Additionally, they help Blade of the Ruined King. Ofcourse you get slightly more autoattack damage with AD and ofcourse you get more jungling speed with AS but in my opinion that doesnt really compare to the damage you deal to champions with Armor penetration.

We take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to better synergise with our armor penetration. I used to have armor penetration on both marks and quints but now i dont think its worth it since Blade of the Ruined King doesn't give as much AD as before.

The rest of the runes are all standard for most toplaners and junglers. Attack speed Glyphs dont make a big impact on your jungling speed since they only give 6% attack speed together. Shroud of Darkness gives 20% attack speed at its first level.

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Defense masteries? O_O


Now, i wish Nocturne could use Offensive masteries effectively, i really do. But while Offensive masteries are stronger midgame, they have nothing on defensive masteries during the early and later stages of the game. Nocturne's kill potential in lane is normally quite low unless your opponent makes huge mistakes so at this stage offensive masteries wont help you that much.


Defensive masteries however heavily benefit Nocturne because of his low sustain in both mana and health, Defense msateries simply lets him take damage in lane especially with Block . This goes for jungle Nocturne aswell. You are a melee character, and without defense you will be punished.


Utility masteries are useless on Nocturne since you need atleast 9 points in both offense and defense.

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What about Teleport and Ghost?

  • Because it doesn't really synergise with Nocturne's type of ganking, since he has a lot of roaming capability and element of surprise already with his Paranoia
  • At toplane Nocturne either All-ins or gets outharassed so i deeply prefer Ignite over Teleport. Ignite gives this gigantic boost in kill potential that toplane Nocturne needs.

  • Ghost is viable for Nocturne if you are confident in that you dont need Flash during all stages of the game.
  • Nocturne only has one form of direct gapcloser, Paranoia. While this is enough early- midgame it will be insanely hard to kill carries lategame if they have any sort of flash-like escape. Arcane flux and Rocket Jump are two examples. Since these carries will probably have Flash aswell, its very optimal to have two kinds of ways to instantly get to carries.
  • It does synergise well with his great chasing ability, but Duskbringer is enough most of the time.

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How to play Nocturne top vs a squishy ranged teemo *****, and more.

I always try to take wolves or wraiths at level 1 when im toplane. If you have Cloth Armor you should have 0 problems taking them. Here you can check on different champions and see how Nocturne tends to do against them. I will also add a few tips on most of the champions.


  • If you go even with Teemo in lane you will most definetaly out-do him at the later stages of the game.
  • A Doran's Blade Teemo will be close to impossible to kill unless he makes several huge mistakes.
  • You can All-in AP Teemo level 6+ if the lane is slightly pushed against you.
  • You can start Elixir of Fortitude if you would prefer so.

  • He has close to no harrass and kill potential on you, and his taunt is quite easy to block with Shroud of Darkness.
  • Killable level 9+ or earlier if he overextends.
  • You can freely roam and push against him and Paranoia makes it hard for him to use Stand United.

  • Garen is a lane bully who if he gets an advantage, will keep pressing his advantage against you. He is downright annoying to play against.
  • Dont you dare die the first 8 levels.
  • You will most definetaly out-do him lategame.

  • Akali is probably the hardest lane for Nocturne. She can easily bait out Shroud of Darkness and lay down thunder upon you.
  • You can start Null-Magic Mantle if they either have low jungle pressure, or an AP jungler.
  • She gets considerably stronger with her ultimate but before she gets stacks its quite underwhelming compared to yours.
  • Try and bait out Twilight Shroud, if its down you will be able to kill her in a straight-up fight. Your Unspeakable Horror will be useless if she is stealthed.
  • Get Hexdrinker before or after Phage.

  • Elise is similar to Teemo in that she will mostly try and keep her distance and harass you.
  • Shroud of Darkness is very easy to use against her predictable doings and animations.
  • Since her Q has quite a low cooldown, she will try and use it often in fights so use Shroud of Darkness as soon as she can hit you with her Spider Q. She will always want to use it at the start of the fight.
  • Start Elixir of Fortitude if you would prefer so.

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Red Elixir, and when to use it

Red Potion

You can start Red potion on Nocturne in cases where you need a ton of early sustain and kill potential. Two examples of champions Nocturne would like to build red potion against would be Teemo and Elise. Both of these will harass you heavily and the only way you will be able to beat them in lane is by going all-in.

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Jungle path

Keep in mind that jungling will be a lot harder without masteries and runes.

Normal jungle path


Wolves first because there is no reason to not take it before blue. Once you are done with wolves blue is about to spawn, and you have good time to start doing it. Atleast one of your lanes MUST help you with these(midlane). Wolves spawn at 1:40

Blue Golem is quite important for Nocturne since he greatly benefits from mana regeneration. Be sure to tell the two lanes closest to you to give smiteless, this will make your overall jungling speed much quicker. Since i dont go for an early Spirit Stone, i often take the first 3 blues for myself.

Red Lizard next if you received a smiteless blue buff pull(you should have). The reason to why i take this next and not wraiths is to use as many Smites as possible the first few minutes for jungling speed. Secondly you will be really mad if their jungler steals your red while you take wraiths.

Wraiths, and wolves again! Take wraiths directly after red and then head for Wolves that have spawned again. Afterwards there are no jungle camps to take so go back or gank a lane.

Some tips for jungling:
  • Always be busy with either Farming or putting pressure on the map. This means going back very often is far from optimal!
  • ¬†Adjust jungle route depending on situation. For example, if you want to gank toplane level 3-4 from blue side you can go Wraiths > Red > Wolves > Blue > toplane. You can use this if your blue buff gets stolen.
  • Since i dont get an early Spirit Stone in my build, i often take the first three blue buffs. This is less viable if your midlaner is very blue buff dependant ( Anivia or Swain).
  • Dont gank lanes you simply because you havent ganked them yet or lanes that are being dominated, gank lanes where you can make plays.

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VIdeo Section

XJ9 Has the highest hidden ELO on NA and he plays Nocturne and Vi almost exclusively.

You can check out his video section for VOD's.

More videos will be added.

JiiKim's video