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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Nocturne: HERES JOHNNY!!

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on March 27, 2011
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Well well well... Here we are with yet another guide from your resident mad crafter. I did something that I usually dont do. A new champ came out, and I bought him. I kept seeing guides that build on AS to give his passive more up time. I thought to my-self that building AS could take away from so much of his potential. I have some AS, but its not just AS.

Like my other guides, this is mind blowing. This guide has some AS, but its not focused on it. The purpose of this guide is farming, AoE dmg, and ganking. This guide will give a new look to this epic champ. This guide will show you the nastiness of what ArP and Crit dmg can do. If you want someone that is built to destroy upon ganking, this is it. If you want a champ that can clean up after a team fight, look no farther. If you want some that can cover the map to help gank or counter gank, try this.


If you enjoy ganking, this is the champ for you. And now I offer to you my vision of Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare. Waiting for the opportune moment, and let his darkness and hate consume the enemy. This guide brings his story to life. Welcome to my chaos. CRIT-URNE IS HERE

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Crit-urne

1. Intense farming power. I found a way to add onto his passive. I use an item that is so under-rated. is a great item when it comes to the power of this guide. With each crit, 50% of the dmg is dealt to nearby enemy units. This makes farming so much easier and allows for stronger lane pushes since there will be more than one minion wave pushing.

2. High mobility. This guide gives him high movement speed which makes him a deadly ganker. This build allows him to travel the maps with easy and helps him get his prey into range of his ult. The high mobility can also be used defensively to escape as well.

3. Insane ganking and burst power. With this build you can gank hard, bring down squishies, and clean up after those epic team fights. Take the bursting power of his crits+ = Double, Triple, and possibly Quadra kills.

Cons of Crit-turne

1. Extemely squishy. If you get ganked and CC'd, odds are you wont be eternal. He has a few things to help with survival, but they cant do much against a horde of CC and burst dmg.

2. Expensive build if you cant get the farming done. This is not a jungle build, but the jungle is the best way to get the items you need. Now if there is a jungler, or someone that is in the jungle between ganks, the items will be a lil difficult to get. The high mobility and farming power help you beat beat junglers and jungle farmers.

3. Is item dependant. This build can carry like and gank like , but you have to have the items. If you cant get most of these items you will struggle to help the team in fights and ganks.

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Summoner Spells & Masteries

This is my first ever offensive guide.


Tier 1 I take Cripple and Deadliness. I love the debuff from cripple, and since this is a crit dmg build, getting some crit chance passively is always good.

Tier 2 I get the full four points for attack speed. His passive is reduced by one second for each auto-attack so this is naturally a good mastery to take.

Tier 3 The 6 passive ArP is always nice. Allows for more dmg early game. I also get Burning Embers. This might be frowned upon, as only [unspeakable horror size=40] scales with AP, but it has a 100% AP ratio. So that extra 10 AP means there is a lil extra dmg. This is me we are talking about here so it works. I also get improved minion dmg. I take this since this is a farming build. The more dmg I can do to minions the better I can farm.

Tier 4 +3 extra dmg. When going full offensive, you must be able to deal as much dmg as you can.

Tier 5 Increased crit dmg. After this is crit dmg build.

Tier 6 I always try to take the bottom skill. Some people might say its a waste, but I enjoy this mastery.


Tier 1 Increased health and mana regen. Always good IMO. Great for anyone. I take one point in reduced death time just to get to Tier two

Tier 2 I take Bonus XP. This is key to this guide. Since you will be farming and jungling, you will want this since you are able to farm things quickly. Being able to effective farm and gank will give you a lvl advantage over the enemy.

Tier 3 I like Greed. Its not the best thing, but I like money lol.

Summoner Spells

and . I like these for the power they give when it comes to ganking or getting ganked. The slow with the debuff means insane burst dmg and the true dmg dot always helps get the job done.

Other to consider

for high mobility. This is a ganking champs dream spell. Someone about to out of sight and you have no TF, this can help you get to that champ before the Fog of War consumes them.

is another great spell. Again high mobility for gankers is always good.

is a personal pick. This is great for helping with that burst dmg. This is also great for pushing turrets and team fights.

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This is fairly simple.

Marks & Quints I like ArP for early game dmg. This makes farming easier IMO. Also, ganking is so much more fun when chunks of life are falling off your enemies.

Seals, Glyphs, & Quints I choose crit dmg. They might all be secondary, but these are great for helping in the burst dmg department.

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Skill Sequence

is one of your best farming tools. This is great for chasing too. As long as you land it. This is a skill shot, so please aim carefully if you are aiming for a champion.

I take this as my 3/5 skill at lvl 5 for its harassment/farming powers. Getting fed off minions is still fed.

is the one skill I only take one rank in. I know that the passive AS is desired, but I find that I use it for its protection purposes.

is what I choose to lvl over Shroud. I do this for the fear duration. I find that the extra time on the fear gives more a lil more... 'free dmg'. Now I do find this to be a good way to help shut down champs like and .

is by far my favorite ult in this game. It serves two purposes IMO.

1. It can force people off of turrets or out of a lane. Why? Fear of being ganked. It can also help if there are many wards on the map. This can help your team gank just as well as help you. Its not bad if you cant get a kill since it can be used to stop turret pushing, helping your team gank, lower enemy map awareness, and it can allow your mates to escape.

2. This is a single player nuke that can devastate the target. I also, since Im the mad crafter, use this to start team fights. But I only do this if my team is ready, or I know I can get in, deal dmg, and get out while my team cleans up.

Combat Sequence

> > > > and if you have to

Ganking Sequence

> > > > >

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Now for the real Chaos.

is underrated IMO. I find that this is by far one of the best farming tools out there. Add this to , and you can farm creep waves and jungle camps with ease. Easier farming means faster lvling which means more power against the enemy.

is the greatest thing for ganking champs. I usually dont use these normally, but I find that playing as a ganker, these are best to have. I prefer Twisted Treeline and these boots allow me to cross the map in vey little time. On Summoner's Rift, these can help me get lane to lane quickly.

is a favorite of mine for melee champs. The crit chance and ArP are great stats. Its active, which I have bound to the number 1 key, is a beastly bonus to this guide. With better crit chance more burst.

Now there is talk of this being a less than desirable item. I personally like this. More mobility, more AD, crit chance, AD, AP, and its passives are great when combined with his fear and burst power.

This is a great item for this guide. This is a powerful item when it comes to AS, mobility, and crit chance. You cant pick a better item for crit dmg builds.

is the round off item. There isnt much to say. Great AD and crit chance. Add the passive and you have the power to bring down almost anyone.

If you can finish this build, you have a total of 82% crit chance. Now add that to , and you are cleaning up creeps and destroying in team fights.

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Items: Starting items and build order

Starting items

and . Cheaper items that can help you with lane time. They give regen power so you can take a lil harassment.

Recall 1 and

Recall 2 and

Recall 3 and

Recall 4 and

Recall 5 and

Recall 6

Recall 7

Recall 8

Guide Top

Farming & Jungling

Simply put: + + =Gold.

Now Jungling is something that happens about lvl 6. Since this guide excels at Twisted Treeline, since there is not junglers on TT. You will want to visit all the creep camps and collect buffs. Wraith and Wolf buffs are godly with this guide. Lizard and dragon are always good to.

On Summoner's Rift however, junglers are popular and this can hinder your farming power. If you are lucky enough to not have a jungler on your team, take advantage of this. This is not a jungling guide from lvl 1. This guide is for jungling to farm gold and to gain lvls.

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Team Work

With this guide, you can start team fights. With the crit dmg and + you can have up to 1k crits on your target and deal 500 to everyone within . This will let you target tanks and still deal dmg to those around him.

Before you engage, make sure that your team is ready. You are squishy so dont let yourself get ahead of the team. This is a team game and though you might be a carry, you cant 1v5

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Tips and Tricks

First of all, use before rushing into a bush. This is like your own peronsal . It can save you from mant dangerous skills out there. Time it just right for big hitting skills. , , , and just to name a few.

Use your ult defensively. If you are push a turret or a lane and you know people are coming for you, pop your ult and bounce out. The high mobility will help you cover some ground and hopefully you will come out with no dmg or have the enemy chasing you away. This distraction can help your team set up a gank on those chasing you. Its a lovely way to use your ult and can bait the enemy to their doom.

Guide Top

How to Lane

Shadowfiji Ty for the idea.

As a laning Nocturne, you have great farming and harassing power. Through is passive and his Q ability, creep waves go down very fast. Now his Q is a skill shot so aim well. Try to hit as many targets as you can. This will allow for your passive to help you farm most, if not all, of the targets hit.

With his farming and harassing power, He can be in a solo lane. Just remember, in soloing or in a duo lane, do not commit early as you are very squishy. Now if you have someone that can CC, you can play a lil more aggressive. Having more than just your fear in lane is a powerful tool. , , and [ are epic when combined with your fear.

After LvL 6, you must be aware of the enemies. Be they are over-extended or retreating due to low health. You are a ganking champion. Do what you do best. Coordinate with the team and good things will happen. Also, after LvL 6, you can fairly easily glide through the jungle. Make sure to make a full sweep before you hit a lane again. About the time you go through, your ult should be close to being up.

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This is my first purely offensive guide. Think of this as a ganking . So much crit chance and dmg, along with insane mobility. The cost of this build might be a lil much, but with the right items and perfect timing, gold shouldnt be an issue.

Twisted Treeline is better suited for this guide. Easier to farm and with the high mobility, easy to get into ult range.

With devastating burst via crit dmg, you can bring down almost anyone. Just watch out for .