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Nocturne Build Guide by Nitrooble

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nitrooble

Nocturne, The Nightmare Jungle Off Tank

Nitrooble Last updated on November 11, 2011
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Welcome to my Nocturne guide! Here you will find Nocturne, The Nightmare of Jungle Off Tank.

Here you will find:
[*] A Nocturne Jungling Route
[*] How to play Nocturne/Off Tank/Tank
[*] Being a bad ***.
[*] How learning him can carry yourself in Solo Que
[*] Links to other guides to help you find DPS Nocturne.

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Pros / Cons

[*] An amazing ganker
[*] Has great survivability
[*] Has a long range ultimate that can help you get to a gank or fight.
[*] Fear
[*] Is flexible with builds
[*] Lol did I mention he's Nocturne

[*] Squishy early game
[*] Can be CC'd
[*] Can be counter jungled


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I use a 21/0/9 for my Nocturne. The reason behind this, is because with Atmogs, your survivability will be quite high, and this just helps me put out a little more damage. Remember, your playing him as an off tank if you're reading this guide. He can put out insane amount of damage with this!

You can also use 0/21/9 or 9/21/0, but personally I wouldn't use those. They just provide extra tankiness.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed x6 Greater Mark of Desolation x 3 Greater Mark of Armor x9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x2 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x1

I use these runes for:

  • To make my jungling route faster and safer
  • To have the end game magic resistance that is oh so great
  • To have good defences so I can tank better
  • 15% Attack Speed is awesome in the jungle and will make it faster
  • The tankiness from the glyphs and seals, plus the attack speed and some armor pen make it a good rune set.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is used for an escape ability, or to chase. Nocturne doesn't have great escape when in a fight so it is quite useful. With your Q, which will increase your movement speed, stacked with ghost will make for easy chases.

Smite is a must for any jungler. It is self explanatory.

Flash is another great ability that can be taken instead of Ghost. It yields the same results, although to a quick escape or chase, rather than running faster. Obviously :P

I wouldn't use any other summoner spells than these.

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This is Nocturne's passive. It is what makes him such a great jungler. This ability is so awesome. An area of effect ability that heals you for all targets hit, and his attacks reduce the cooldown of it, which makes attack speed runes awesome.

Nocturne's Q ability. It is a skill shot, and it leaves a trail making you faster and increased attack damage. If this hits an enemy, the enemy will leave a trail where they move. Such a great ability when you're good at it.

Nocturne's shield. A very awesome ability. It can also be used when a spell is coming at you, for example if Karthus or Cait decide to ulti you, you can pop your shield and it will block it. It also increases your attack speed, and double if it blocks something. A cool thing you can do is for example, say you are attacking a turret and you see a Cait trap on the ground, put your shield on and hit it, and then go back to the turret and you'll hit it faster.

A damage over time move that if the person does not leave the range they get feared. This move is great, and if you are leaning towards getting damage, you can level this instead of your shield. All personal preference.

This is what makes Nocturne such an amazing ganker. You cast it, the opponent can no longer has the sight range they have, and can no longer see his allies. Then when you're ready, click the person and he flies towards them and deals damage. A scary move. Ask the lane you are going to gank if they saw the enemy put any wards, if this is the case, you may be able to ulti in without them seeing.

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Creeping / Jungling

I only jungle with Nocturne. His ganking ability and the speed at which he does it is too hard to pass up. Here is the route I use:

Wolves > Wraiths > Golems > Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Golems > Red

If you see the enemy has no jungler, you can also take theirs as well if you want.

Wards. here are the best places to ward. You should be warding BARON and DRAGON. You will also put wards in other places.



Yellow= Need to be warded. Generally your allies will ward it.

Orange= If you have spare gold or wards, or if the opponent is taking the buffs, or if you want to gank them.

Jungle up around till the first 3 towers are down, then I would suggest start pushing lanes or if lanes are too pushed pick up the jungle. Always grab your buffs, or give to an ally.

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Farming with Nocturne is quite simple, especially as a jungler.

Up until the early - mid game is over. You should have about 80 CS and maybe more. Now you will start pushing/defending. The best way to farm is to line up your Duskbringer with all of the minions, this will take them to about half health, then you passive in 1 hit should take out 3, then just finish the rest off. It is super simple. If for some reason you decide to lane Nocturne, then just focus on last hitting up until your mid-late game starts!

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Against AP heavy team:
OR (If someone on your team doesn't have it *looks at support*)

Against AD heavy team:


Against CC heavy team:

You just want to be a pain in the ***:

and whatever you think makes you a pain in the ***

ALWAYS START WITH A and sell later, I usually sell for my last item.

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How to tank with Nocturne

Ok, so as a tank, your job is to keep people off your carries and get the damage on you so your carries can kill them all. You will want to ping or tell your allies who to focus. When this happens and you're all ready, pop your shield and ulti in and fear whoever you guys want killed first, or whoever you want CC'd. Once this is done you will want to be doing as much dps as you can while trying to keep everyone off your carries. Your damage will still be quite good, and so will your survivability. When your fear comes back up, fear the next person. Keep your Duskbringer and Shield up as much as you can.

If they are running away, pop your ghost and head after them. Once you're in range, hit your Duskbringer, now you have Ghost and the Duskbringer buff. Fear the person you're running for and watch him die.

Shroud of Darkness > Paranoia > Unspeakable Horror > Duskbringer

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How to off tank Nocturne

The goal of being an off tank is to increase your survivability and help your team do what they need to do. The best way to do this, is when your tank heads in, ulti and get in there. And then pretty much do what you do as tanking or dps. It is very similar to a off tank Udyr or something.

Wait for tank to initiate > Shroud of Darkness > Paranoia > Unspeakable Horror > Duskbringer

And remember , the more people you can hit with your Q the better.

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Nocturne is an incredible champion. He is a ban worthy champion, a great carry, and great for solo que. Personally, I think he is one of the best champs in game, and I used him in Season 1 and got myself out of elo hell.