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Ashe Build Guide by NoizeKill

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoizeKill

NoizeKill's Ashe

NoizeKill Last updated on June 19, 2012
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Hello, and welcome to my second guide, this time about one of the best ranged AD carries in the game, Ashe.
I hope you like it, please comment and vote. (maybe +Rep :D)

Have fun!

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Pros / Cons


- Cheap price
- Easy to learn
- Right Click = Win
- Great harrass with Volley
- Slow on her Volley and basic attacks, due to Frost Shot
- Stun on her Enchanted Crystal Arrow
- She has a total new look :D
- Her ultimate can fly across the whole map


- Squishy troughout the whole game
- Slow movement speed
- You need to get fed or the team is screwed (unless there is another AD Carry in your team)
- Her Hawkshot is completely useless early game

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

These runes will give me early game attack speed, useful for harrassment against my enemy, and so I can apply as much Frost Shots as possible. It is also useful for farming. It also gives me a little armor, that is pretty useful, as most of the time I play top lane (top lane??????? HAVE YOU GONE OUT OF YOUR MIND??? No, Ashe's a very viable pick for top lane, especially because she is ranged. Your opponents will not like you.), and it gives me magic resistance for mid/late game.

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24-6-0, you won't see this a lot, but it is very effective. If you want, you can also pick 21-9-0, or 21-0-9.

This setup gives me some early game attack damage, increasing with every level ( Deadliness ). It makes it also easier to last-hit minions, because of Executioner . The 10% Armor Penentration is just amazing. If you don't take that mastery while you can, you fail.

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As usual, start out with Boots of Speed and three Health Potions, after that get your Berserker's Greaves. It gives me more movement speed, which is really useful on Ashe as she is pretty slow. It also gives you a little attack speed, also useful for landing more Frost Shots, killing minions and killing champions of course.

Of course you need some sustain, so we are getting a Vampiric Scepter for some life steal.

Right now, we are going to need to deal some damage, so get a B. F. Sword, this item is VERY important for any AD Carry.

Now it is the time to get a very important item, The Brutalizer, it gives you attack damage, armor penentration and cooldown reduction. This is just a great item on any AD Carry, and you cna build it into a Youmuu's Ghostblade later, which is also awfully useful.

Our attack speed isn't high enough yet, so we're going to need a Phantom Dancer, this will also give you a higher movement speed, which is very useful for you, as yours is very low, I mean, really low. One of the lowest in the game actually

Now we can start doing some critical strikes, the Infinity Edge is a critical strike's best friend. Instead of doing a theoretical 210% damage (Standard Crit DMG + Mastery), you will now a theoretical 260% damage with a critical strike (could someone please give me the real amount of damage you do?).

Your enemies will probably stack some armor, so get a Last Whisper, or a The Black Cleaver, depending on your preferences, and the amount of armor they are stacking against you. If they aren't buying any armor at all, get either a The Bloodthirster, and after that another The Bloodthirster, or a Phantom Dancer, and a The Bloodthirster.

Other viable choices

Does the opponent have a huge amount of Crowd Control? This is the way to go.

Avarice Blade Even though you are already getting a Youmuu's Ghostblade, you can buy this early game if you have some cash troubles. The money it provides is great, and maybe you can get a Youmuu's Ghostblade even quicker if you want. I mean, it is a great item and its passives and active are really useful for chasing or finishing off an enemy champion/monster.

At max stacks, this item gives 110 AD. Only get this if you are having a great game, but watch out, you will get focused when you buy it.

This could actually have some potential, but I am not sure if it works with Frost Shot. (Anyone?)

I wouldn't get it if I were you, it makes your Q totally useless, unless it stacks (Anyone?), the HP and AD aren't bad, though.

It is a great item, 40 AD, 40 Armor, 40% AS and of course that passive, your basic attacks deal an extra 4% of the target's max health. If you are having troubles with Dr. Mundo or Vladimir, get this item.

This item is pretty good. It gives you magic resistance, attack speed and extra damage on your basic attacks. It also gives you temporarily more magic resistance whenever you deal a basic attack. Overall, this item isn't bad, but it is way better for champions like Warwick (< guide coming on him soon!).

Health, attack speed and 110 extra magic damage every four hits? Great! But this item is way better on Twisted Fate or Varus, combined with a Wit's End and a Madred's Bloodrazor, AD Twisted Fate and AP Varus will deal tons of damage with theur Stacked Deck and Blighted Quiver. But you are not Twisted Fate neither Varus, so don't get this item unless there are teamfights all the time.

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Great initiation, when you recall, you can get back and be sure your next attack will be a critical strike. Just plain great. Try to use this as often as possible.

Good early game, great mid game. Late game, the mana cost is close to unnoticable, and it is useful for the whole team. I max this second as Volley is just way more important.

Great spell, it also applies your current level of Frost Shot. It has a very short cooldown when maxed so abuse this spell as much as possible.

Not that useful, until late game. It is like a straight-line-sight ward. The extra money is pretty useful.

Your signature spell, this spell can change the whole game/teamfight. It has an AoE slow, and stuns the first champion it hits, the damage is also pretty nice, and it can also be used to "snipe" down an enemy, this ability has gotten me lots of kills.

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This is the end of my guide, of course it is not finished yet.

I hope you enjoyed it.