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Volibear Build Guide by Race

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Not some unBEARable build (Lane)

Race Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why This Champion / Why This Build

First off Volibear has the ability to Tank, Jungle (although not focused on as i see greater potential in lane) and deal a moderate amount of damage with . His ability to save allys life with a flip and slow can separate the Yogi's from the Boo-boo's and that skill we call that can add some serious bouncing on hit effect damage which make up for the lack of AD. Whats that? Oh yes, the passive. may i reFUR to that lonely island song? something in some pants... anyway. Yes the 2 minute cool down mini Dr. Mundo ult how that has saved me and baited many to their deaths. kicks in at less than 30% health to continually heal you for 30% of your max health over the next few seconds. It's self explanatory really.

The reason why I'm showing you this build is mainly because of the lack of decent builds out there (Don't get me started on Phreak ughh). Most of these builds tend to support an AP nature which is useless because of his low AP ratios on E and R. It limits users from really harnessing the power that is Frenzy.

Volibear can and will save your team by filling many roles when implemented with skill and has a great life saving passive. AP ratios tend to be useless and HP is always a win thus utilizing Frenzy (Yogi Bear Joke)

Overall Pros

- Fulfills Many roles (Jungle, Tank, Damage)
- Life saving / baiting passive
- Disruptive flip and AoE slow ( Great combo)
- Gains mass damage on his Frenzy when maxed
- Great chasing potential with a ->

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Ahh runes, the always boring part of the guide. Any who with runes, they're always going to be different when ranging from person to person. The above runes are your standard tanking and can be molded to work with any champion.

Greater Mark of Desolation - Again very standard with melee champs and will help bite through that armor (literally) with frenzy

- Your average tank runes i like them a lot for the early game but can be traded in for some health seals if need be.

- Same as up top standard tank runes.

Greater Quint of Fortitude - That extra early game health is awesome and helps out your Frenzy damage by about 10, small but effective.

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(Q) - Well who doesn't like and excellent charge down skill (which is faster than ghost) with the added bonus and a lesser singed flip. It really makes up for the low movement speed when rushing Warmog's. (Note: it only works when running AT an enemy don't use it to get from point A to point B). It also removes any channel skills the enemy team rely on such as a Malzahar

(W) - As mentioned this is your main ability and although it does come with a hefty cool down its still viable. If followed correctly your bite should have a bonus of about 700 health, just from stacking hp!.

(E) - Your AoE slow and has great synergy with your flip while also adding that extra damage in team fights. This skill also allows you to build your frenzy passive on escaping targets allowing your to lunge at them just before the effect wares off.

(R) - Your ult, and is an amazing ult when used and has a very short cool down even with 0% CDR. Adds that extra damage in team fights and can stop a whole team from pushing onto your tower by clearing minion waves in about 4 hits. Never be afraid to waste it it will be back by the time you need it.

Fighting Combo

- Firstly attack minions, getting your frenzy passive up, once you're ready pop your Q.
- If you manage to flip someone quickly slow then with your E. If you haven't got your stacks here's your chance, land 3 basic attacks and CHOMP!
- If they're ready to fight you pop your ult and ignite if needed and watch you get yourself 300 gold.

- Never be afraid to two on one when you have 2 Warmogs. they make you almost untouchable.
- Beware of their grievous wounds or ignites it can dull your passive but you will still be viable in a fight.
- Never be afraid to tower dive, its what the Tank is for.

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Depending on how confident you are with Volibear start with either the and a . This will allow you to make mistakes and take some damage.

If not always go with a it will give you an extra 20 damage on frenzy, some health regen and armor. But again, unless your confident you won't make a mistake, take the first choice.

By the time you come back you'll be wanting to buy a philosopher's stone which gives you extra gold, mana and health regen. Thus you will rarely run out of mana and gold income is good if you aren't getting kills or assists (unlikely). You should also have of aquired some unless you have money for . Health + Damage over speed.

Now you should be at that stage where you have your . *heavenly choir*. This will make you amazingly durable and the enemy team will be like "Oh F**k that!" when they see your health bar. If you wen't already on board thats 1270 health and 18% of that is ~250. Thats an extra ~250 damage of and since we're stacking thats then an extra 500 DAMAGE! and all you had to do was build a tank item!

Now here's your fork in the road but you will always buy this just need to know when. Depending on the team will we be buying that 2nd warmogs right away or should we throw in a ???. Heres what we have to contemplate.
- How much AP does their team have?
- Are they building Madreads ( yes i know some a weary of this, ill explain later)
- Am i running out of cooldowns, thus raging.
- or finally, am i being focused and have to utilize my passive.
All instances we have to take account for. It's up to you to chose.

Now here are our late game items all used to fill up those last few inventory slots and shall fit the occasion if need be. Now for an enemy team that:

Has Attack damage

You would like to buy either (or both) and . These both have great synergy with the above build. Atma's and your 5k hp? thats insane! and with thornmail will kill himself (the no skill bugger >:O)

Has Ability Power or using Madreads

You would be going for . This item will improve your movement speed and the passive is godly with the hp you're stacking! 0.35% of your max health in health regen per second. (Warning Math: 0.35% of 5,000 = 17.5 health per second.I hope :s)

Now on to , oh the item that can break you....pause, NOT! sure it does damage based on your max hp but that's why you build MR it does magic damage. Not to mention most players don't build this item because of its cost. By the time they realize what you've built you can already start some mage resistance before they can make 3800 gold. FoN = 2610 in comparison to Madreds = 3800. In the end you win.

Mixed team

If you get a dentally mixed team with a few hybrids go for the beautiful . Great defensive items to protect from Combat sides and with your passive and GA passive. My god, you are unkillable!.

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Item Cheat Sheet

General Build:

> > philosopher's stone > > > >

Vs'ing AP or a Madreds

> >

Vs'ing AD

> >

Mixture or Hybrids

> >

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells, best to last must i say? Well as you can see I've gone with Flash and Ignite. just for my personal preference because flash = Good Game Jarven. and Ignite takes out the op champs who rely on life steal and healing. ( , , .

Main Spells

- Great to initiate, run, position and get out of

- Takes out those OP champs as stated and gives you some extra damage.

- Great synergy with but pron to lots of CC


- You can bring this, great for baiting.. but...its SOOOO NOOOB.

- Only viable if solo top and he is fairly well at soloing. If needed i will make a solo top guide just give me a heads up.

Anything else, is just automatic Facepalm

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** Due to Ahri patch nerfing Volibears W (18% extra dmg from health from 20% extra dmg) and they nerfed warmogs health by 100. **

opinions - Not to harsh of nerf Volibear is still viable