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Shaco Build Guide by OdyGAMER

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OdyGAMER

Now you see me, now you don't!

OdyGAMER Last updated on March 22, 2015
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Fiddlesticks Counterjungling recommended. Catching him off guard while he's draining + Ignite = Easy Kill.
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This guide is still in progress. I'm trying to expand it and add more info although it's not a priority of mine. However, this doesn't mean that the current version of my guide is incorrect or out of date. It just isn't so much of an in-depth guide yet. It's also my first one so please no haterino. I suggest checking out my Jungle Rek'Sai guide until I finish this one.

wikipro's j0ker MECHANICS and Shaco - Behind Enemy Lines are both simply amazing Shaco guides, far more in-depth that this one will probably ever be.

IMPORTANT: Anything below this point is out of date (except for the Intro), as well as the champ matchups, but I'll update it for Season 5 as soon as possible. Still, feel free to check anything outdated but it should be taken with a grain of salt (if this is the proper expression >.<)

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Hello and welcome to my first and possibly only guide on MOBAFire. Note that I'm not a veteran at playing Shaco or LoL generally. This is just my opinion on how he should be played. He's my main champion so I think that I know what I'm talking about at least at a very basic level. I hope you will find this guide useful.

Shaco Champion Spotlgiht (not that good):

Also useful (by Redmercy --> Great LoL YouTuber):

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You are an AD melee champion who can either be an Assassin or a Split Pusher. An aggressive jungler who has a lot of Early Game potential. You gank and counterjungle a lot. You have various means of escaping. Your aim is to get your team fed with tour amazingly strong early ganks so that they can manage 4v5 situations later in the game while you split push destroying Structures like a bawss with the help of your clone.

Early Game

How to start (by wikipro):

Primary Aim: Ganking whenever possible.
Secondary Aim: (Counter)Jungling whenever not possible to gank.

Mid Game

Primary Aim: Drake Control.
Secondary Aim: Split Pushing.

Late Game

Primary Aim: Team Fighting when your teammates can't handle a 4v5.
Secondary Aim: Split Pushing / Backdooring.

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Purchase Order

*Most info can be displayed in the build above.*


Guardian Angel

Take GA if you die a lot or you think you will or if it's super-late game. Some Armor, MR and a "second life" can help a lot more that you think, especially in Team Fights.

Banshee's Veil

Banshee's is a good choice VS. heavily AP based champs or champs like Teemo and Blitz where spellshield will be put into good use.


Sunfire is great against AD casters and offers a nice wave clear passive complimenting your already amazing Split Pushing capabilities. It is always good to sell GA once it's passive is on CD and buy one of the other Items till it's over (for 5 mins) if you can afford to do so. You can also have none if you don't really need to (meaning you and your team are super-ahead).

Things to note

[*] If the majority of the enemy team has Armor / Magic Pen. it isn't worth buying Sunfire / Banshee's (ulness you really need the spellshield which won't be the case 9/10 games).

[*] When the GA passive procs it is always useful to sell it as long the CD lasts (5 mins) for Sunfire / Banshee's, if you can afford it of course.

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Escaping Tips

Deceive (Q): You can use your Q over terrain, of course, but there is this neat trick where you keep running towards one direction and then you Q at the completely opposite one. Keep switching between Deceiving to the direction you were running and to the opposite one in a random pattern to always confuse your enemies.

Jack in the Box (W): Use your W's fear. Plan ahead; place boxes in the path you are probably gonna take when running away from your enemies.

Hallucinate (Ultimate/R): Trick others by creating a clone and confusing them about who is the real one. You can also walk into a brush, use Ult and then stay in the brush, start backing and make your clone walk out of the brush towards anywhere you want. Just try to keep the enemy team away from the brush you are safely recalling in because you know it's not warded since you used your Red Trinket to check.

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The End

This is a Build Only guide. If you are a beginner at playing Shaco or LoL generally and want me to make a more In-Depth guide please tell me so. Also, if there is some sort of terminology you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask what it means. Finally, if you downvoted please tell me why so I can improve my guide.

[*] Check out wikipro's j0ker MECHANICS and Shaco - Behind Enemy Lines they are both simply amazing Shaco guides, far more in depth that this one.