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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhiteShadow1

Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Outdated)

WhiteShadow1 Last updated on May 17, 2017
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Threats to Twitch with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne You will destory her if she trys to trade with you. Your autos and E deal too much damage for her W and Q.
Teemo Easyer then ash.
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Twitch The Plague Rat

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Whiteshadow1's Twitch guide!

I main ADC and have been playing Adc since Season Three. I study a lot of the top adc's but if I had to list one that I spent the most time studying it would have to be Piglet from Skt 1 K

This guide is for those who want to learn how to play Twitch ADC and make people cry. You will learn tricks and techniques that Will give you the edge in the laneing phase.

I love Twitch from his passive, all the way to his funny taunts. If played to his full potential he will always come out on top of trades.

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Twitch Combo's and Tricks

Woah, did you see that damage?


Level 2
It is important you go into a bush or out of vision of the enemy before starting your stealth animation Q Ambush then go into attack range (or behind very risky if there support is any good) of the enemy adc (be aware of the enemy support and what she/he can do) then Open up with an Auto attack and kite to until they flash and E Contaminate to deal the max damage.

Level 4 (This is the core combo that will destory enemy adc's that do not know how to handle the pressure/damage)
By now you should have 2 points in E Contaminate. This is the most basic combo but hard to master. Just like lvl 2 you start your Q Ambush up the same but instead this is going to get tricky. You open up with an Auto and as soon as its registered the damage of your auto then throw your W Venom Cask down ontop of them to slow them and add more stacks and auto them until they flash and E Contaminate to deal max damage.

Level 6
Same as lvl 4 combo but you open up with your R Rat-ta-tat-tat

When you have blade
Like level 6 combo you will open up with your R Rat-ta-tat-tat + auto and throw down your W and then use the active of blade for an insane amount of burst damage and to also prevent them from excapeing without forceing a flash.


Rat-ta-tat-tat allows you to hit turrets without takeing damage back.
Twitch Auto attack range = 550
Rat-ta-tat-tat = + 300
This equals out to be 850
Turret range is 775.
850 - 775 = 75! attack range you have on the turrent wile your R Rat-ta-tat-tat is active.
!!!WARNING!!! Your R Rat-ta-tat-tat can not hit inhibitor or nexus.
but has a sight range of 1095. This means that if you are in your Q Ambush you will be seen within 1095 of a turret.

From the second you hit Q Ambush Twitch will start the stealth animation wich takes him 1.5 seconds. During that 1.5 seconds if you B Recall then you will recall in stealth. Maxed out Q Ambush will last for 8 seconds and you may recall 100% stealth.

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Pros / Cons

+ Deadly Venom allows you to win most trades
+ Ambush Invisibility
+ Spray and Pray is a auto attack steroid
+1 v 1 master
+ Venom Cask is the only skillshot

-Hard to master
-Can not two vs one
-Gap closer's will wreck your world if you do not have flash

-Requires medium to excellent mechanics to play to Twitch's full potential

Because twitch has no instant escape insept for flash he can not handle the 2 v 1 pressure from the bot lane without the pressure of your support

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I am not perfect at last hitting and i need help in last hitting so the extra Mastery in the offensive tree helps me last hit. I'm not saying that all twitch players should do this but as a main adc I always run this mastery page on all my adc

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*** In season 3 when i started everyone took two Greater Quintessence of Life Steal because it was a first item rush to see who could get the Infinity Edge faster. Well when Champions that had poke like and where very hot Infinity Edge became extremely hard to get because 3,800 gold takes a lot of farming and the poke champions made it hard. Because of this Vampiric Scepter was the big item for lane sustain then going into your Infinity Edge and that became the dominate build for ADC's in the bot lane.
In the Season 3 to Season 4 transition ADC got extremely harder with the new gold changes. ADC's where showing up to team fights with an B. F. Sword and Pickaxe crying because "they did no damage". Then when the Challenger series hit the Birth of the The Bloodthirster rush was born.
Because the new meta is to rush a The Bloodthirster the Life Steal runes were useless as soon as you went back with 800 gold.

R.I.P Life Steal Runes

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

E Contaminate allows you to win most of the early game trades against the enemy adc. The reason i take Q Ambush next is because of the utility of an escape that it provides. You should always be aware of where the enemy jungler is and if you take W Venom Cask you are asking to get ganked and to die.

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The spells i take for Adc are and Heal Flash. I use Heal and Flash both aggressively more then anything making it the best tool for me to get the early advantage turning it into a snowball.

Flash Is good for getting out of tight areas, fixing position, securing kills, dodging cc.

Barrier Is really nice if you are super aggressive in lane because it allows you to tank 2-3 auto attacks without effecting your actual health.

I have tried Ghost and it helps with preventing getting caught early game in laneing phase against all incoming ganks but it becomes useless in team fights and late game

Heal Got buffed amazingly here recently giving the critical edge in some EARLY fights.

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Ability Explaination

Deadly Venom
PASSIVE: Twitch's basic attacks apply a stack of Deadly Venom, dealing 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 true damage per second for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 6 times for a minimum of 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 and maximum of 72 / 144 / 216 / 288 total true damage over the duration.

ACTIVE: For 1.25 seconds, Twitch attempts to enter stealth, which may be delayed by up to 3 seconds if he takes damage before he goes invisible. While in stealth, Twitch gains 20% bonus movement speed.
When Twitch unstealths, he gains bonus attack speed for 5 seconds. Casting spells or attacking will end his stealth prematurely.

Venom Cask
ACTIVE: Twitch hurls a cask of venom at an area, infecting struck enemies with 2 stacks of Deadly Venom and slowing them for 3 seconds.

ACTIVE: Twitch expunges all nearby enemies afflicted by Deadly Venom, dealing physical damage equal to a base amount plus bonus damage for each stack of Deadly Venom on an enemy.

ACTIVE: For 7 seconds, Twitch gains bonus attack damage and 300 attack range. Additionally, each of his basic attacks will pierce enemies in an 850 length line, with each unit struck reducing the attack's damage by 20% down to a minimum of 40% damage.

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When you are pushed under your turret don't worry stay calm your a rat that can become invisible!.

It is the basic let the torrent hit the melee creeps twice, then auto to secure the creep gold.

When it comes to getting the Caster minions with only a dorans blade it gets really difficult and needs to be practiced before getting all of the last hits on casters.

To pull this off you need to be at least level 2.

When the minion wave clashes with the torrent and you clear out the melee creeps with the above strategy then you will W Venom Cask All of the Caster creeps then auto attacking once after the torrent hits a random caster minion. If you can not secure the gold then you will have to E Contaminate secure the minion but leaving 2 minions very low. The minion that the torrent focuses you need to attack the other torrent.

I will post a video explaining more in depth and slowing down how to perfect this stratgey

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Team Fighting


This chapter is very big and will be broke down into sections.

Your items
There items
Fight for Flight instincts kick in (this is where your elo does come into play)
Team fight is over

Team Fighting will get 100% difficult and triggers your inner "Fight or Flight" instincts due to instant pressure without a fast escape you must think very light on your toes. If this is your first time playing Twitch and you get dove. Your going to have a bad time. But do not fear i am here! I will guide you to the Tricks and Tips of how to improve your Twitch to a LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE!

You must think about how the fight will happen before it happens. As hard as this is to explain i will make a video explaining this. Rather then planning the entire team fight just plan on who is going to dive you, what they are going to dive you with, and what can you do to kill them.

1# RULE ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember this rule!!!! I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. When you are planning out how the team fight will go down and who will dive you (and they will dive you) NEVER EVER EVER! Plan on someone peeling for you. I do not care if you have duo qued with your twin brother and he is your support do not depend on anyone! YOU ARE ALONE.

Now lets go into the chapters.

Chapter 1 Preparation

Preparation is when you are in lane phase and you see how your team and there team is doing.
you should prepare to vs who ever is there top lane and who is there champion who can dive onto you like vi.

Chapter 2 Your items

You do not want to team fight with a Bilge water cutlass.

Chapter 3 There items

What actives do they have and can i still duel there ADC and Support or are they ahead of my current build?

Chapter 4 Planning

You have your items and you a ready to team fight. You need to pull up everyone's items on the enemy team and plan on how strong there dive potential is going to be onto you. What is going to be the worse of the punch and what can you dodge?
EX:If the enemy team had a Malphite and Jax that were doing ok - carrying then i would take a moment to plan out the dive potential. If i Flash Malphite's ultimate then that removes the nockup and 1/2 of the dive. Jax will leap onto Malphite trying to close the gap and close in on me so i will blade of the ruin king jax to prevent him from getting close. When i start auto attacking i will activate my Rat-Ta-Tat-tat and attack jax wile kiteing him he will active his Counter Strike preventing him from being auto attacked. I have a choice to either walk backwards out of stun range or switch my focus to malphite for a wile until the Counter strike goes on cooldown. after the counter strike comes off cool down i will switch my focus back to him because malphite can not catch me due. When jax recovers his speed from the blade of the ruin king active i will venom cask both jax and malphite so they are slowed to ensure that they can not get into melee range. When they are both low i will pop E Contaminate

Chapter 5 Stacking
This is getting close enough to your form of initiation (ex: xin zhao vi) that if they was to engage you would be there to follow up with damage.

Chapter 6 Fight for Flight instincts kick in
You will not remember anything when a Jax and Malphite actually dive you in 0.5 seconds and are throwing everything at you with thoughts of "i am going to kill you". In Chapter 4 i explained how to plan the team fight. The actually plan converting into doing must be natural or else you will collapse under pressure and just shut down mentally. You would be surprised how much mental thought goes into a team fight.

Chapter 7 Team fight is over
After blood has been spilled and your headache is gone there can only be 1 team winning and the game does not choose those who do not give there 100% so you must be prepare to turn on your friends, family, and what you thought was the truth is actually a lie your entire life. Seeing your ally's fallen in battle it takes a tole on your heart sometimes i like to take a moment of silent for those good soldiers who flashed the Caitlin ult for you. BUT ITS NOT OVER YET! YOU MADE IT THIS FAR YOU PASSED THE TOUGH PART. Time to look at what you can take from the enemy team. "Can i take a Torrent, dragon, baron, vision, enemy jungle, inhibitor."

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Like my guide?

If you liked me guide then hit that Green + button at the top! It inspires me to make more guides! Thank you so much for your support it means alot.

-I have been playing more then making guides-

I am making other guides! I am looking to help those who are sekeing help in champion mastery. If you gave my guide a Green +, then leave in the comment section of a champion that you would like to see me make a guide about and I will add it to my list!

Links to guides and ones that are finished!
Twitch Guide

Links to guides and ones that im working on!
Zed guide - Planning to make.
Jinx guide - after zed guide.
How to make a team! - In progression.

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Feel free to leave a comment or pm me!

If you want to leave a comment about what you think about this guide go right ahead!

And thank you for reading my guide.