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League of Legends Build Guide Author Absolute.0

Orianna, A Deadly Clockwork - Partial Draft

Absolute.0 Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Orianna Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Honor Guard

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About the Author (Yes, just like a book.)

Hi, I'm absolute.0. The author of AP Master Yi - The need to Know Guide and Lux's Q & A - Ask me anything Guide.

Currently placed at Silver1: Teemo's Scout with more than 1,000 wins on my Normal Queue.

This is my 3rd Guide here at Mobafire and i decided to write about Orianna.

The objective of this guide:
- For you to better understand Orianna.
- For me to learn from your comments ^^

I would really like to hear your comments at the end of reading more than up/down votes.
Gives me something better to think through
(Don't get me wrong though, not being hypocrite, I'd LOOOOVE some upvotes.)

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Who is Orianna?

Orianna's lore is one of my favorite among those lore out there.
Do look it up if you don't already know.

Here's a little synopsys (great, now i'm imitating movies.)

Corin Reveck loves her daughter, Orianna has talent for dancing but, she wanted something more.
Drawn by her facination to the League of Legends she set out to train herself and join them someday.

Things did not go as she planned.

One of her training leads her to her own demise.

Spoiler: Click to view

Driven by grief, Corin secluded himself from the others, obsessed himself with technology.
Still his outlet is not enough to fill the void left by his daughter's death. He still misses his beloved daughter which leads him to a decision.
He decided to build one. One that would complete the dream of his daughter, he then created


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Why her?

I think the question you gotta ask is, "Why not her?"
(yeah, I'm quoting Moose from Step Up: Revolution. Bite me.)

Orianna has a very unique play style, all revolves around The Ball which is what first caught my attention. Let's see....

Glorious Rising Pros
+Above average range.
+Partial Support.
+Can scout with Command: Attack.
+1 Shield in form of Command: Protect is a gem.
+1 Soft CC in form of Command: Dissonance is a rare gem.
+1 Hard CC in form of Command: Shockwave is an even rarer gem!!!
+All ability does damage!!! aaaaaaand...
+All ability does AOE damage!!!
+She can dance.

Tragic Downfall Cons
-Vulnerable to gap closer when the Ball is thrown.
-High learning curve due to her unique mechanism.
-Her skins ONLY looks nice but has no change in animation on abilities.

Now, seeing those pros and cons. What do you think? I think the pros very much makes up every cons right? i mean:

Con #1 can be avoided by learning positioning yourself, knowing the leash range and positioning the Ball.
Con #2 is something that obsoletes over time and practice.
Con #3... err.. well.. no remedy for that unless Riot says so. Just hope they release a nice Summer Skin. Just imagine.... Human Orianna in bikinis with a beach ball, with Frisbee for AA.

Anyways... hold that daydreaming and let's proceed to the next chapter, shall we?

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Even a robot needs to study Runes.

I did not put runes up there for a very practical reason.

You already have your standard AP Champion runes, are you really gonna make a new rune page, buy new runes, and arrange them just specially for her?

If you do then Continue reading.

I you decided you don't want hassle and will use your standard runes then skip this page because it won't have much impact on you.

These are rune that specialize in Offence, AD user benefits from these most.
There are also marks that grants ability power but they're only secondary runes in the Marks Category, But since this category is offence, MPen is a primary rune here.

The Defence runes, primary runes in this area are for tanks. Not saying that you can't buy them, just making it easier to categorize these runes... Mana Regen runes is a primary here which helps a lot with Orianna. They also have AP, AP per level and Flat Mana seals albeit being secondary. And note that, even though Seals are considered to be defence runes, Magic resist is just secondary in this section.

The Magic runes. The runes are AP Champions best friend!! whether Flat AP Runes or AP Per level Runes, this section will cover you. Magic resist is also a primary here.

This is the Utility runes. These runes provides most stat of everything.. whether you want AP, AD (no!! you don't want that!!!) move speed, mana, whatever.. one of these is equal or higher than 3 of any glyph, mark or seal.
Now. I don't believe that there's a FIXED way for ANY champion when it comes to runes.
Runes are subjective. It all depends on how you play.

If you're someone who's aggressive then playing Orianna you'll need:
- Flat AP runes
- Mana Regeneration
- Movement Speed

Or, if you are snowballing. Go for:
- AP per Level Runes
- Mana Regeneration
- Magic resist

In the end, It's all up to you really.

Me? I use:
- Flat AP Runes
- Magic penetration Runes
I put a section of my AP YI guide below in the spoiler to show the runes I use.
Spoiler: Click to view

I bought these runes long time ago, been using them for quite some time for all my AP Champs and have no plans at the moment to change them... ^^

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My masteries are quite simple, Just follow the side of the offence tree that is AP Friendly,

Please note that i also took Fury for increase attack speed which benefits my Clockwork Windup.
Durability for a bit health.
and Resistance since you're surely against AP in mid lane.
Lastly, Summoner's Insight for -15 sec on our Flash.


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Personally, I take:

Barrier for survivability, because Command: Protect should be use for your ally most of the time.
Flash for utility. early phase of the game Command: Dissonance just isn't good enough for escaping ganks. And it give you over-wall flexibility for chasing/escaping...

Another viable option is

Ignite, it's a good (too good) offensive spell that deals true DOT AND!!! reduces those pesky healing abilities your enemies might have. (Hi Swain!!)

Teleport is also a nice option, it allows you to gank other lane faster than your mid opponent can call "MIA!!!"

Spells that you DON'T need:

Clarity gives you mana regen. you need mana regen.. but we have Chalice of Harmony so we don't need Clarity and believe me, you'd still run out of mana even if you get this considering it's cooldown. Besides, who at level 30 still use this spell? right! no one...
( I did use this on Caitlyn when i feel like annoying my lane enemy, they just hate it when i'm an ADR yet i can almost spam my Piltover Peacemaker every 10 sec like an AD caster. hehehe. useless when laning is over though ahaha)

Ghost... I don't recommend this because you don't really need THAT much mobility.. you already have Command: Dissonance for speed boost and possibly movement runes so....

Heal uhh... heal can be countered by Ignite unlike Barrier so i suggest the latter. Unless you want to heal other than yourself... then go for it..

Guide Top

What does The Ball do?

As stated earlier, Orianna is a champion with very unique mechanism in terms of casting ability. All of her abilities revolves around The Ball, she has no abilities that comes from her DIRECTLY.

Clockwork Windup
This innate ability allows Orianna to also harass with her AA, not many AP Mid champion can do that. Abuse this!!! This also scales with 15% of your ability power so it's presence doesn't diminish over time. This, in conjunction with Spellsword will deal 20% of your ability power in every hit!!! Ok. 20% might not be that much but hey... "when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade." Besides, some other AP champions have useless innate so consider yourself lucky, (Don't glare at me LeBlanc, you know your passive sucks and has little utility.)

Think of it this way.
Attacking 3x at a single target will deal 60% of your ability power (not counting your attack damage and base damage of Clockwork Windup.

Command: Attack
This is your "Q" ability which allows you to move The Ball. This deals damage to all enemies it pass through but decreases by 10% for every enemy hit.
This is also your "Zoning" ability. If your opponent knows Orianna he'll be avoiding this ability because he knows standing near The Ball will be bad for him. I always imagine my Ball like a spiked ball or a floating blade, hurt anyone it touches when i move it.
Tip: The Ball travels slowly. Do not throw it too far only to have it move to other end of your leash range.

Tip: It's always better to throw the ball when your enemy is trying to last hit minion since it's easier to predict when he'll stop.

Tip: The ball provides vision (roughly 550 range) around itself. You can use it to check bushes or the other side of the wall.

Tip: It is important to know that The Ball has 850 throwing range and 1125 leash range. Which means you can out-range ANY AD champion's auto-attack-range and you also out-range most AP mid's ability cast range.
Spoiler: Click to view

Note: Maxing this ability allows you to move The ball more often (every 3 sec w/o CDR at max rank.) giving you more damage and flexibility on Ball positioning.

Command: Dissonance
This is your main damaging ability, max this first, no questions ask. Believe me.
This can also slow down/speed up your enemies/allies respectively. Very straight forward skill.
To better understand:
To your allies, the movement modifier is like Jayce's Acceleration Gate, to your enemies, it's like Singed's Mega Adhesive.
Tip: I can't think of a tip as of the moment because this ability is very straight forward in term of damaging opponents. If you have any tip regarding this ability please comment on it and I'll post it here. All credits will be given to you. Thank you.

Command: Protect
This is an ability that shields you or your ally for a substantial amount and it also leaves The Ball attach to your ally if you cast this on them.
Remember that it also deals damage as it pass any enemy.
Tip: When roaming with a teammate, always attach The Ball to him since he'll probably be ahead of you, so that your Command: Protect will go on cooldown and you can use it immediately when you encounter an enemy.

Tip: attach The Ball to initiator like Wukong in order to put the Ball in the middle of the enemy at the same time keeping the enemy in Wukong's ultimate AOE using Command: Shockwave. Just be wary of the leash range though (1125)

Note: Sometimes (very rare.) you might want to max this over Command: Attack, doing so will increase the shield amount and the damage to enemy it pass through but remember that the cooldown of this ability remains at 9 sec at all level.

Command: Shockwave
A make or break ultimate that let Orianna turn the tide of the battle!! (No Nami, not even your tidal wave can stop Ori.)
This ultimate flings every enemy inside it's range towards The Ball at a fixed distance.

Important: What do i mean by fixed distance? it means, if you're on the outer edge of The Ball you'll be fling and land in the middle.
But, if you happen to be at the center of it right on top of The Ball. You'll be thrown outward towards the edge instead.
Tip: When using Command: Shockwave for escaping an enemy chasing you, be sure to put the ball BEHIND him so he'll be thrown backward. If you activate Command: Shockwave with The Ball in front of him he'll be thrown closer to you instead.

Tip: This ability can stop channeling abilities like Katarina's Death Lotus. Save it for those champion if you're playing against them.

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Every girl loves to shop. Ori too!!!

In this section, i will explain why i build Orianna the way i build her. It might not be perfect, but i find it suits me. That's why i recommend these item.
I have heard some people said that Orianna can burst people down with her combo. Not true.
Orianna can take out a HUGE chunk of your enemies HP but she can't kill them in one All-Out combo, She has to continually move the ball around in a clash, AA to utilize her Clockwork Windup and move around herself to stay alive and repeat. Re-rinse, Rewind and remix.
My build focus on being a sustain damage mage, who can wreck havoc if left unattended.

This is the 1st item i build on Orianna,the magic resist is good against mid laners but that's not the reason behind this. If you have played Orianna even once you'll know just how fast she can run out of mana, the unique passive of Chalice of Harmony increases your regeneration the lower you mana gets, about 7.5 to 8.5 per sec when you drop to 10-15% of your mana pool.
NOTE: The only reason we buy this item is purely for mana regen only, I personally don't recommend rushing Athene's Unholy Grail. you can leave the Chalice of Harmony until later in game when you got other core items. Not saying you can't though. if you're still running out of mana (which you shouldn't.) then you probably should rush Athene's Unholy Grail.

Once you have your Chalice of Harmony purchased and you mana problem is therefore solved, This is the best shoes for Orianna, I do not recommend using Ionian Boots of Lucidity because Ori doesn't benefit from CDR as much as other champions do. Aim for Mpen for more damage.

this item was introduced to us at the start of S3 and i learned to love this on my sustain damage champ. This item does damage regardless of whether you're attacking Tanks, Support, ADCs or whatever. It simply deals Current HP % damage!!! since all of your skills are AOE, it makes Liandry's Torment hurt a lot of people in a clash. Also, Command: Dissonance impairs movement which make this item deals double damage. With ability power, HP and MPen on the side. Sweet!
NOTE: If for some miracle the enemies have no machos in their line-up, like Pantheon, Singed or Darius. If they're all very squishy, I suggest skip this item and go straight for Rabadon's Deathcap.

This is my complimentary build to Liandry's Torment, before i don't really build this on Ori since all her ability comes in AOE, this items slow will always be halve, but due to Liandry's Torment dealing double damage to movement impaired units, even 1% slow is good enough for it's purpose. Now even your Command: Attack and Command: Protect slows and hurt all the more due to Liandry's Torment passive. Plus it also give some HP, also nice.
NOTE: Not recommended if you decided to skip Liandry's Torment.

Every AP caster MUST HAVE THIS. This item increases you AP by a hefty amount. And the best is, this items unique passive increases your over all AP by 30%!!! every AP points you got in your mastery, runes and item will burgeon in size!! even Sona's and baron 's buff will be taken into account. o_O

Invisible text!

Debatable Items

Items I did not mention in my build is listed down here, some are good addition to the build, some i just don't like but could be added. think carefully if you want to replace some item in my build.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Rod of Ages: A nice item that makes you a bit tanky yet takes time to reach full potential, and expensive, which delays some of my core item. Abyssal Mask: Normally you wouldn't want this item because of it's Mres deduction range is quite small, but if you're against melee AP Carry like Diana or Fizz this can be a good defence/offence item. Deathfire Grasp: Not normally built on an AOE sustain mage. But cdr and ap addition is nice.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Mejai's Soulstealer: I love and hate this item, love it, because if you manage to stack 10 and above, they (the enemy) will be stunned (figuratively) at the damage you can dish out. Hate it, because it puts a "KILL ME!!" sign above your head (again, figuratively). Void Staff: Best item in my opinion to add if the game drags on, The Mpen will increase your damage output and makes Liandry's Torment DOT hurts more. Will of the Ancients: I've been thinking of adding this item in my build for a time now imagining with almost unlimited mana ( ) i can have almost unlimited HP regen with this, but... can't seem to insert it when playing.. IDK.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Zhonya's Hourglass: If you're being focused no matter how hard you try to distance yourself, you might want to buy this somewhere along the way. Twin Shadows: Mres, good. Move speed, nice. Active, Why would you need it? buy sight ward instead. It can be an offensive item though.... hmm... Lich Bane: Another item that i wish i could add to my inventory, gives a good burst to those foolish enough to get close to you. o_O
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Malady: nice synergy with Clockwork Windup, But i don't recommend building item with only your passive in mind.

Guide Top

The End.... For Now.

So, this is it. the partial draft to my guide.

Some of you will probably feel like it's a dead-end after the ITEM section, and it is.
But for reason i don't want to elaborate, i owe some people answers and the best course of action i can think of for the moment is to release this guide.

Please understand that this is only a partial draft, an unfinished guide i make.
gameplay and match-up section will be added once i got the time to do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Any suggestions is more than welcome.