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Orianna Build Guide by Dominion

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dominion

Orianna: AP Nuke - Support - Offtank

Dominion Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey, there! My name is Dominion and this is my guide to Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork. This is my first guide, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Orianna is an effective AP Support, as well as a mini-nuke, capable of disrupting team fights and helping escaping from a dangerous situation, as well as chasing an enemy champion.

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There once was a Piltovian man named Corin Reveck who had a daughter named Orianna, whom he loved more than anything else in the world. Though Orianna had incredible talent for dancing, she was deeply fascinated by the champions of the League of Legends. This fascination compelled her to begin training to become such a champion. It is unfortunate that her sheltered, wide-eyed naivete led her to take unnecessary and dangerous chances which ultimately led to her tragic demise. Orianna's death shattered Corin, driving him into deep depression and an obsession with techmaturgy. He could not stand the void his daughter's death left in his life, so he decided to build a replacement - one that would complete Orianna's dream of joining the League. What was created is the clockwork killing machine that Corin named after his daughter. Knowing that she was destined to be a champion and seeing the way the times were changing, he created The Ball as her pet and protector. This nearly symbiotic creation uses a different type of techmaturgy, relying more heavily on electricity than clockwork.

Orianna and The Ball now fight as Champions in the League of Legends, using her sometimes misguided morality as a compass. She tries in earnest to fit in with those around her. However, no matter how hard she tries, Orianna can never be human and there is always something unnerving and alien about her. Though she attempts social interaction with other champions in the League of Legends, there are few who can get past her exotic nature. To many, it's as if there's nothing inside, that Orianna is just a soulless clockwork shell - a dangerous and deadly one at that. However, all along she remains the perfect daughter in her father's eyes.

''Dance with me, my pet. Dance with me into oblivion.''

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+ Amazing early-game harass potential
+ Escape mechanism is better than ghost
+ Excellent chaser, or can help team chase
+ Command: Protect- explains itself
+ Ultimate ( Command: Shockwave) disrupts team fights
+ Efficient farmer because of passive, Clockwork Windup
+ Slows effectively with Command: Dissonance
+ Low cool-down on Command: Attack

- Mana-reliant early-game
- Very squishy early-mid game
- Not huge burst (such as Brand or Annie)
- Often focused in team-fights
- Doesn't scale as well as other champs late-game, especially past 60:00
- Item-dependent on mana/hp regeneration
- Not the easiest champ to get used to, hard to truly master

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With this mastery setup, I took 9/0/21 with a focus in offense (for burst) and utility (for support). The main points of this mastery setup are the cool-down effects with Presence of the Master , Sorcery, and Intelligence , as well as the mana increase/regeneration (which really helps early-game) from Expanded Mind , and Meditation .

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Mana
For runes, I went with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for reds, Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration for yellows, Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction blues, and Greater Quintessence of Mana quints.

I went with Magic Pen reds for early-game harass with Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance. It helps zone the enemy opponent, and keeps them under-farmed and under-leveled throughout the first 10-15 minutes of the game, until they get some sustainability. For the yellows, mana per second seemed ideal considering Orianna's low mana pool early-game. Orianna's Command: Attack is on low cool-down, even at the early levels (1-5) and is means of getting her ball around for harass, so how do you get more harass? Well, that's why I went with cool-down reduction blues. And finally, for the quints, the bottom line is that Orianna has a rough start. She is mana-dependent, and her harass game is completely dependent on her not running out on mana. Everything from her escape to her kill is mana-reliant, just like other casters. How do we solve a small mana pool? We add more to it. In this case, flat mana quints.

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Summoner Spells

Personally, I choose Clarity and Ignite. It's pretty self-explanatory, one to escape and one to stay in lane. However, you can choose other spells.

Viable choices:

Ignite is a good choice for playing aggressive, and getting farmed- fast. Ignite is a common choice among summoners, and if you set up your masteries to 10/0/20 with a point on Ignite for offense, you could get some early-game AP while ignite is on cool-down. Good spell for an aggressive Orianna.

Teleport is a good choice if you have to leave lane a lot, in a case like Vladimir when you can only harass and harass, yet his spell vamp stacking with his Transfusion just gives it right back to him. Also, if your team needs you ASAP- such as in a case like a team fight broke out in a different lane- you can use Teleport to get to them quickly.

If you're going to go full-out support, Clairvoyance is the right spell for you. Flash this every time you can, to increase map control, prevent ganks, and maybe even reverse them. If you suspect they're going for Baron, flash a Clairvoyance and you can easily see if they get it, or how far they are from taking it.

Non-viable choices:

You don't need ghost, because you have your Command: Dissonance. At level 5, your wonderful "w" skill speeds you up 40% for a few seconds, while slowing them down by 40% for a couple seconds. It might not seem like a lot, but trust me: it gets the job done. Also, it's cool-down isn't too long, either, so you can use it 2-5 times, depending on how long the chase is.

No... no need for it. It's usefulness fades away once you get Eleisa's Miracle, because of the massive regen you get for both health and mana just increases your sustainability both in lane and staying alive tenfold what it used to be.

No. Just, no.

If you trust your team, you wouldn't need this skill. I mean, unless your team is 4/5 melee DPS and you're the only ranged (which I wouldn't understand), you don't need this as a summoner spell.

You are not a jungler.

Never get this spell.

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Core items

You might be surprised, but this is all you need to build a decent, sustainable Orianna.

The Archangel's Staff is used to give you a huge amount of mana, a problem that I've probably said so much you're sick of it. The cure for low mana? The Archangel's Staff. Also, the Rod of Ages helps with that, too. Only, the difference is that the Rod of Ages gives you quite a bit of HP, good for mid-game sustainability. And of course, the Ionian Boots of Lucidity help with cool-down reduction for your Command: Attack.

However, let's face it... you can't use the same build over and over again, and expect to win every match. Sometimes, the other team has too much burst. Sometimes, the other team has too much cc. What do you do? You adapt. Look at some other builds below to get an idea of what you can build Orianna like!

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Ability Power/Sustainability

If you're going for an AP Nuke type of build, with a big chunk of health and mana- this is the build you should go.

Let's break it down, plain and simple into what each of these items are for:
  • Rod of Ages - Who can complain with +630 Health and +725 Mana? Not you, but the other team can. With this, your mana pool is virtually infinite.
  • Archangel's Staff - 1,400 Mana. That's too amazing to just let up. One-thousand, four-hundred.. I can't even- and with that, 3% is converted to Ability Power. And with that, for every ability you use, you gain 4 mana. The bonus mana cap? 1,000. So to recap, you can get an extra 2,400 Mana and 72 AP.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter - With an additional 500 hp to your already huge health pool, you also get +80 AP and the unique passive, a 15% slow on your spells. So, if your Command: Dissonance spell hits the target, and your spell is at level 5: they are slowed 55% percent. With that, you can run away, chase them, basically do anything!
  • Morello's Evil Tome - The main purpose of this item is not the additional AP, but the cool-down reduction and mana regen. The "Evil" Tome is doing you a whole lot of good, reducing your Command: Attack by another 20%, and fueling your huge mana pool with 12 mana per 5 sec. That may not seem like much, but when you're in the middle of a team fight- you'll see how it works out!
  • Mejai's Soulstealer - STACKS ON STACKS ON STACKS. This is the perfect item for this build. For one, given you had a smooth early-game, once you get this mid-game: you're set. You have decent AP from literally every other item, along with approximately 3,000 hp- give or take a couple hundred. What do you need now? PURE ABILITY POWER. This AP item gives you stacks, maxing 20 and potentially giving you 180 Ability Power and 15% cool-downs. Considering how easy it is to survive with so much hp and such good escape mechanisms, you're going to get that easily!
  • Sorcerer's Shoes - Typical movement speed item. +20 Magic pen to help through the mid-game, along with the more tanky ones.

This is, by far (and I will admit), a very expensive build. However, if you can farm right- and if it's a good match (as in they don't surrender), you can accomplish this and melt face with Orianna! This is, though, one of the more "advanced" builds- the output, however, is well worth the input!

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Sustainability/Support (Offtank support)

Typically, I wouldn't recommend this build because Orianna isn't exactly... the best tank, but I have pulled it off a couple of times (definitely not with ease, however).

shurelya's reverie

Confusing build it looks like, huh? Well, it works. Here's how:
  • The Frozen Heart increases your overall mana pool, lowers your cooldown, and slows opposing melee/attack speed DPS by 20%.
  • Mercury's Treads, basic tank/off-tank item. Lowers crowd control effects (on yourself), increases tenacity.
  • Rod of Ages- Again, part of the "core" build: whopping hp, mana, and AP.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass is an interesting item, really. What you want to do is use this to bait. With the hourglass, it's unique active is to put you in stasis (invincibility) for 2 seconds. However, you cannot attack- but you take no damage, either. For 2 seconds. What does this do? Well, your other items make you look like your hp pool is extremely small (compared to others), late-game. Use this to bait while your team waits in a bush, then use Command: Shockwave to send them all in the same place while they try to run.
  • The Abyssal Mask gives you ability power, lowers their magic resistance, and increases your magic resistance. Pretty much the only Magic Resist you're going to have! If the team is AP-based, however, replace this with a Force of Nature.
  • Shurelya's Reverie gives you some HP, some MP, and regeneration along with cool-down reduction. Another ideal item for Orianna gone tank mode!

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Very straightforward:

Yes, there are 2 Rabadon's Deathcaps. Why? Because they give you loads of AP. This is full AP Nuke, and you're a bit squishy. However, with a good team, you can get loads of kills. This is the build in which your capability of reaching 500-800 AP is completely possible. Yes, you have so much more AP- but that just means you need to play smarter. You're squishier, and you're not as sustainable. You dish out tons of damage, often leaking into 1k-1.5k, and sometimes even 2k on a full combo!

If you're really set on getting 1000+ AP, you'd need to stack Archangel's Staff and maybe a Rabadon's Deathcap here or there. Spam your skills, and if I'm correct- they stack on one another.

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Skill Sequences

Orianna's skills aren't the easiest to get a hang of. You're controlling a ball. One that tethers to you at a certain distance, and one that you can just leave there, call back, or re-locate. Here's how they work.
  • Clockwork: Windup- Passive that gives your melee attack more damage based on a certain percentage of your AP. This is especially useful early-game, for last-hitting minions.
  • Command: Attack- Your first and last skill. This is what takes a lot of getting used to, but it's extremely useful. You can use this to check and/or steal Baron , you can use this to check and/or steal Dragon , you can use this to slow (if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it's extremely versatile, and part of what makes Orianna so effective.
  • Command: Protect- The savior. I cannot tell you, literally, how many times I've ran when I was at 6 HP and this saved my life. After a blizcrank goes off and Rocket Grabs you, you're screwed... WELL, unless you're Orianna! Shield up and go Command: Dissonance, and you'll be fine (hopefully)!
  • Command: Dissonance- BURST BURST BURST. This, early-mid game is your bread and butter. BURST everywhere! Especially if you're dealing with a squishie, like Ashe or Teemo- you'll send them back to the base so much you'll be 2-4 levels over-leveled, over-farmed, and maybe even a kill or two!
  • Command: Shockwave The ultimate of all ultimates. In a team fight, you stick this in the middle of it and all the aggro goes away, plus they temporarily get stunned. You pop your Command: Dissonance, and next thing you know: they're 55% slowed and can't run anywhere, and can't hit anyone. Use this skill to trap them, or to beat them!
One v. One Situation
Unless they are half health and you're high on AP, I don't suggest you 1-1 with a melee dps too often (like Xin Zhao, or burst casters like Annie or Brand). However, if you do, the combo you use would be:

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -etc.

Basically, you Command: Attack, and if they try to run- pull them in with Command: Shockwave. They're still trying to run? Command: Dissonance, and auto attack (which is Clockwork Windup). If they try to hit you back, just Command: Protect and auto attack until you can re-cast Command: Attack then Command: Dissonance.
Team Fights

Your purpose in the team fight is to defend your carry, and disrupt the team as much as possible. You have cc's, so you're going to use them. Combo:

-> -> -> ->

In other words, you're first going to protect your carry with Command: Protect. Then, after that, you're going to slam your Command: Attack right in the middle of the team fight and immediately hit your ult (r), Command: Shockwave followed by Command: Dissonance to slow them. Auto attack ( Clockwork Windup), and when you can: cast Command: Protect either on your hard carry, or your tank.

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Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Orianna really is a fun champion to play once you get used to her! She's more challenging, so you never really get bored. Plus, she's one effective support/nuke. She's very underrated, undermined, and I never see her in games- try her, she's worth a shot! I hope you enjoyed my guide, any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks!