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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Orianna Build Guide by Marfiok7

Middle Orianna guide - We will kill your enemies !S11 GUIDE!

Middle Orianna guide - We will kill your enemies !S11 GUIDE!

Updated on December 23, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marfiok7 Build Guide By Marfiok7 6,634 Views 0 Comments
6,634 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Marfiok7 Orianna Build Guide By Marfiok7 Updated on December 23, 2020
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Runes: Standard - Sorcery + Domination

1 2 3 4 5
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Orianna guide - We will kill your enemies !S11 GUIDE!

By Marfiok7

We will kill your enemies !S11 GUIDE!

Welcome to my Orianna guide. This guide has been updated to fit the new season and new items. Orianna is still strong so let's abuse that. In this guide you will find:


- In the introduction you will get introduced to the guide, and you will also get loads of information about me and my experience with Orianna.

Pros and Cons

- In the pros and cons section i will be covering the pros of cons when playing Orianna
- I will be covering her weaknesses and her strenghts


- You will get introduced to the basics of Orianna's abilities.
- The skill maxing sequence will also be explained further here.
- Different combos depending on the game state

Summoner spells

- In the summoner spells section i will run over every viable summoner spells for Orianna
- I will go over when each summoner is optimal, and against which champions


- In This section i will go over why the Sorcery tree is so optimal for Orianna - I will also discussing 1.,2. and 3. tier runes and different combinations
- different 2. tree runes and combining them with 1. tree


- I will be discussing Luden's Tempest or Liandry's Anguish
- I will run through situational items
- I will showing examples of full builds and explaining them

Laning Phase

- I will be talking about basic laning fundamentels such as farming, poke and warding.
- i will be discussing what to do in different matchup


- I will be talking about the powerspikes Orianna has and how to utilize them.

Late game

- I will be discussing different late game fundamentals.
- Teamfighting basics and Orianna's role in teamfights


- In the conclusion i will be linking to different Orianna guides which i have found helpful.
- Saying my thanks

Hello, thanks for visting my guide!

I hope you find my guide easy to navigate through, I hope you learn plenty of stuff about Orianna, and most certainly i hope you'll have a great time and enjoy my guide!

I am Marfiok - I have been playing league since the end of season 4 and i have been primary playing Orianna and Syndra... Through the many years of playing League of Legends on and off i have achieved a total of 450k. mastery points on Orianna. I have been primarily been playing Orianna together with Syndra in the mid lane. I peaked in s10 at Platinum 1 89 LP and in general this guide will be for experienced players, in Low Diamond/Plat/High gold

Through 1000 of games played I always have found Orianna fascinating, both beacuse of her high scill cap and her extremely diverse kit and playstyle, you can always improve after everygame and learn from your past mistakes.

In this guide you will get some few tips and tricks for orianna, learn to play her to the fullest, get a full view of what it takes, to master: the lady of clockwork, and lastly learn about me, and my experience with her, i appreciate you, taking some time out of your day to read this and hope you'll enjoy your stay ;)

Please note that this is my way to play Orianna and it may differ from others.


- Always a viable pick

- High Damage and burst potential

- Easy laning and farming with passive

- Comeback potential from anywhere

- Strong shield (peel for allies)


- Susceptible to Ganks (No Escapes)

- Very Squishy

- Very Mana Dependent

- Long CD on only CC

- Though learning curve

Orianna's Strenghts

Orianna for some reason always seem to be one of the highest contested champions at every worlds. It's simply because she is a strong pick, no hard counters and reliable scaling, making her perfect in every meta.
Orianna is a mage that has great scaling, good ap ratios in her kit and burst potentiel in late game. This always makes a reliable damage dealer.
Orianna usually has a great time in lane: she has good waveclear, she can zone with her ball and easily farm with her passive making her laning phase great.
Orianna's ultimate Command: Shockwave is the ability which can alter any game, a 5 man Command: Shockwave can guarantee victory in any situation.
Orianna's "E" Command: Protect is a great way to peel for your allies, you can shield them, boosts them and Command: Shockwave them, this is great for when you are not the main carry.

Orianna's weaknesses
Orianna doesn't have any mobility, which of course makes her very easy to gank. Ganks can be fatal, if you don't have your Flash up.
Orianna is also very squishy, she has the second lowest armor at lvl 1, and her only type of resiliance is her shield, which you dont lvl up until later.
Orianna suffers from mana issues early on, because she so heavily rely on her abilitites. this is why Manaflow Band is essential on Orianna.
Orianna's ultimate Command: Shockwave has a very long cooldown, which requires you to know exactly when to use it.
Orianna's playstyle is so different from other champions, it makes her so much more dificult to master. and requires loads and loads of hard work to fully understand her.

Unlike every other champion Orianna's ability are all coming from the same spot, her ball. Orianna works different in the way that her "W" and "R" abilities will be located where her ball is. You can use your "Q" and "E" to move the ball.

Clockwork Windup

Passive Ability

Orianna's Attacks deal additional magic damage. This damage increases the more Orianna Attacks the same target.

Orianna's passive helps primarily in the laning phase, and can be usefull when trading with your opponent. It also helps you farm.

Orianna commands her Ball to fire toward a target location, dealing magic damage to targets along the way (deals less damage to subsequent targets). Her Ball remains at the target location after.

Orianna's "Q" is her bread and butter ability, this will be your main way to direct your ball and control it. Your "Q" is meant as a away to get the ball to your desired position. Orianna's "Q" also has great synergy with aery

Command: Attack

"Q" Ability

Command: Dissonance

"W" Ability

Orianna commands her Ball to release a pulse of energy, dealing magic damage around it. This leaves a field behind that speeds up allies and slows enemies.

Orianna's "W" is great for wave clearing together with your "Q". Your "W" is the main way to burst or do heavy dmg. The mark it leaves behind also boost you up and slows the enemies, which is great for when you are getting chased or when you chase.

Orianna commands her Ball to attach to an allied champion, Shielding them and dealing magic damage to any enemies it passes through on the way. Additionally, the Ball grants additional Armor and Magic Resist to the champion it is attached to.

Orianna's "E" shield herself or an ally and boosts MR and Armor. is your main way to survive burst or trades. This also redirects your ball to yourself, this also works well with aery. is also great for peeling for your allies

Command: Protect

"E" Ability

Command: Shockwave

Ultimate Ability

Orianna commands her Ball to unleash a shockwave, dealing magic damage and launching nearby enemies towards the Ball after a short delay.

Orianna's ultimate is your best chance of carrying your team. Generally Orianna has great teamfighting power, but this can turn any game around, there is nothing more satisfying than getting a 5-man ult

Ability sequence

What are your main choices of summoner spells? (cheatsheet build)
Why are these generally the most useful?
Are there any other options?
In what situations would you use the other options?

spoiler boxes with every champ that summoner is good against
Which runes do you usually take? (cheatsheet build)
Why do you take these runes?
Are there other options?
In what situations would you use the other options?
Which items should you start with?
Which items should you focus on acquiring early in the game?
Which items are core and should be bought every game?
Which items are situational? When should you buy those items?
What lane does this champion go in?
Are there any items / consumables important to this phase of the game?
What is your strategy for this phase of the game?
Do you stay safe and farm? Are you aggressive? Etc.
What should you pay attention to on the map?
What CS should you aim for?
Laning power spikes
4 item power spikes
full build power spikes
Where should you be? (Don’t be out of position!)
Are there any items / consumables important to this phase of the game?
What is your strategy for team fights? (Is it different?)
What objectives should you secure? (Baron, inhibitors, etc)
What things should you pay attention to on the map?

Different playstyle with tp
Extra resources (Videos, streams, etc)
Anybody you'd like to thank?
Thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marfiok7
Marfiok7 Orianna Guide
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Orianna guide - We will kill your enemies !S11 GUIDE!

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