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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pantheon Build Guide by Wildman264

AD Offtank Pantheon - Targon Hoplite Top

AD Offtank Pantheon - Targon Hoplite Top

Updated on May 21, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wildman264 Build Guide By Wildman264 19,236 Views 0 Comments
19,236 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wildman264 Pantheon Build Guide By Wildman264 Updated on May 21, 2015
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This is a guide I made for my main champion, Pantheon, the Artisan of War. In this guide i'll try to show you a nice way of playing Pantheon, focused on being a tank AD Caster. Hope you enjoy :)

Far above the clouds on Mount Targon resides a stalwart tribe of people known as the Rakkor who still revere combat and war as ultimate artforms. They remember the Runewars of Runeterra and know that the League of Legends can only repress the rising tides of violence for so long. Each member of the tribe is bred to be a disciplined and vicious warrior, preferring to battle soldiers of either the Noxian or Demacian armies only when outnumbered at least ten to one. Rakkor warriors are trained not only to be as lethal with their bare hands as the most capable martial artists, but also to fiercely wield the many relic-weapons of the tribe. Such treasures have been handed down from generation to generation, and have harnessed the mystical nature of Runeterra in their very cores. These relic-weapons are among the most dangerous in existence - and it comes as no surprise that they have found their way to the League of Legends in the hands of Pantheon.
This stone-faced warrior is a paragon of his people, his very existence is an anthem of exultation to the art of combat. Pantheon found it insulting that the people of Valoran would install an organization to replace war, complete with so-called champions, without including the Rakkor. Gathering the blessings of his tribe and armed with the relics of his ancestors, he has descended on the League to show the world a true warrior. He cares not who he fights, and cares nothing for the pageantry or prestige of a League champion, but lives only for the austere glory of battle. As long as Pantheon breathes, he thirsts for another foe to vanquish.

"I was hoping they had more reinforcements."
- Pantheon, standing amidst the pieces of a brutalized Noxian battalion.
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Summoner Spells / Runes / Masteries

For summoner spells I chose some typical top laning summoner spells. Teleport allows you to have both more sustain of your lane in early stages of a match and movement in late stages. Having both your ultimate and Teleport gives you on of the best global map movement and allows Pantheon players to roam around the map literally at any time!

For Runes I recommend some very basic and equilibrated ones, with both Armor and Magic.R. and Damage.

Masteries can be both 21 / 0 / 9 for more CD Reduction or 21 / 9 / 0 for more defensive purposes. But the masteries I recommend are the presented in the first part of the guide.
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Pros and Cons

  • Great Poke
  • Great Farming
  • Great map covering and movement
  • Very good early game
  • Great look ^^

  • Not very tank
  • Lacks mana
  • Win early game or you wont do s***
  • His late game his bad
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Skills Use

Passive Aegis Protection This passive will be very useful for tanking turrets and blocking basic attacks. It also blocks skills that count as basic attacks, such as Nasus Siphoning Strike or Shyvana Twin Bite. To gain this shield you only have to attack 4 times with skills or auto-attacks. I highly recommend to get the passive always before engaging your top lane opponent. Be aware that Siege Minions and Super Minions basic attacks cause your passive to be used.

Q Spear Shot This is the main skill of Pantheon, as he is a AD Caster. This is why my build focuses on 2 main points: Mana, to be able to use Spear Shot as much as you want and Cooldown Reduction, to be able to use it often. I recommend to rush Tear of the Goddess and use this skill to farm while you also gain mana stacks.

W Aegis of Zeonia This is the Pantheon only CC and it's usage is very important when engaging for obvious reasons. This skill is very important, you should always use your ultimate to start the teamfight and then use W to stun the ADC or the other carries of the opponent team.

E Heartseeker Strike This is a AoE skill that comes with an even important passive. When the opponent is below 15% health you will always critical hit him. Your Spear Shot will also critical hit, so, this is very important to emphasize Spear Shot!

R Grand Skyfall Finally we move on to Pantheon's ultimate skill. This skill can both work as a teleport, a engage ability, a damage source and a escaping method! Very nice skill use it wisely.
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First three levels farm simple, basic attacking or taking cs by Spear Shoting them. Once you get Tear of the Godess get as much farm as you can with Spear Shot to stack as much mana early on as you can. FARMING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AFTER BEING A TEAMPLAYER! ! ! Try to farm as much as you in both laning phase and after.
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Items Explanation

So, as I said before, I build Pantheon into being a AD Caster, spear shoting and poking. For those purposes my offensive core is based on AD, Mana and Cooldown Red..
I usually rush for a Tear of the Goddess so I can start stacking mana and have a great sustain early on and then I go for the rest of the build. My favourite items are Black Cleaver for starting and boots. For boots I usually take Ionia Boots of Lucidity but Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads. Even though Ionia Boots give you lots of CD Reduction the other two boots hel keeping you alive . I leave it to your own choice.

Once you complete Black Cleaver, Boots buy Manamune and then go for the defensive part of the build that will turn pantheon into a freaking unkillable war machine ^^.

For defense I usually recommend a bit of armor, a bit of magic resist and health or Guardian Angel. I've got both solutions to when playing against heavy AD or heavy AP teams.

Agains Heavy AD

+ Sunfire Aegis is a nice solution, and it might prove worth when farming. The bit of extra damage is probably not suficient to break the enemy team in a fight, but it is a little extra damage. Always good :)
+ Frozen Heart is a very good choice. Buy this if you didn't buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity. It'll be very helpful, it gives you CD Reduction and Mana (which combined with Manamune is very nice). The armor goes up by 100, but, it gives you no Health Points. Use this combined with an item which gives you Health, your you'll be still not tank enough.
+ Randuin's Omen a item which gives both health and armor, it has a passive which reduces attackers attack speed, this means weakened ADC.

Against Heavy AP

+ Banshee's Veil the passive shield proves to combine well with your own champion passive.
+ Spirit Visage is as good as Banshee's Veil, just that instead of a ability shield it gives cooldown reduction, which is used for more offensive purposes.
+ Maw of Malmortius is a Magic Resist offensive item, and it is to be used when wanting to cause damage to a squishy team.

Special Mentions!

+ Trinity Force not recommended, but still a nice offensive option
+ Infinity Edge Critical Hitting never was so fun, still it isn't the best to emphasize this build.
+ Warmog's Armor Nice combination with Frozen Heart. Using both items for better results :)
+ Guardian Angel The 6th item of the build, often used when you get focused a lot.
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Thanks and Update Log

So this is my guide for Pantheon - AD Caster, I hope you enjoy it. If you like the build leave a word so I can improve this guide. If you didn't like it, leave a word aswell saying why not and what could I improve.

This is a unfinished guide, and from learning I will be constantly improving it :)

Also I would like to thanks jhoijhoi for her guide on how to make guides :) It is very helpful.


21-05-2015 : Created
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